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Sesiones En Negro (Black Sessions): Vudú, Yo Soy La Destrucción!, Abuso, El Maquinista, Richard Tex Tex, Pürga and Empatía

Note: I didn't know what kind of image I'd feature here. Sorry. 

Coucou, les! We're back with a special entry. This time, we'll feature a series of videos named Sesiones En Negro (Black Sessions in english), an audiovisual project made by Julián Baracaldo, a colombian filmmaker, who is registering some of the emerging bands from the local hardcore/punk scene (I know you wanted MOAR). So, as the name suggests, all the videos are in black and white and most of them have less than 10 minutes length. Also, some of the featured bands haven't recorded anything yet (including mines ha ha) but all of them have had at least 1 live performance. 

Now, this is the first I feature videos directly taken from YouTube (The source is obviously Mr. Baracaldo's channel). Likewise, I was thinking about doing so in previous entries but I'll remain faithful to our old-fashioned "written review and download links" format. So, this is probably the only special occasion for applying an exception to such rule but maybe, just maybe, in the near future I'd reconsider using again this audiovisual support. 

Lastly, don't forget to visit Julián Baracaldo's YouTube channel and find some other goodies out he's made lately, as well as being updated if a new Sesión En Negro appears. Also, I'll only add a very brief description of each band since I don't have much time. Enjoy and see you next time. Stay tuned for more upcoming surprises. With all that written, let's begin.    


Vudú is a d-beat and crust punk influenced-hardcore punk band from Bogotá D.C. with a duet of both female and male vocals and lyrics with both political and personal stances. They have auto-called their style as Punk Primitivo and also share members with thrashcore band Devenir (Rionegro/Bogotá D.C.) which has been featured here in the blog a few times before. Finally, they contributed some tracks to a compilation whose name I don't quite remember right now. I'l try to get it and feature it in the near future. I'll wait patiently for more news coming from this band. For Fans Of: Nausea, Detestation, Aus-Rotten (USA) and Makiladoras (Netherlands). Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Yo Soy La Destrucción!

This Bogotá D.C.-based hardcore punk band (from now on YSLD!) features members of different hardcore punk bands such as Deshuesadero (México), ZETA (Venezuela), Amenazas, Abuso, Pütchi and El Maquinista (Colombia). Unfortunately, they haven't recorded anything yet and the future of the band is uncertain since half of the formation is abroad and they seem to be outside for a long time...Regarding the sound, YSLD! has different crust punk and black metal influences reminiscent to classic neocrust and blackened crust outfits such as Fall Of Efrafa (UK), Downfall Of Gaia (Germany), Iskra (Canada), Asedio and Ictus (Spain), for naming a few. Also, in the same vein as these aforementioned acts, the band tend to mix both hyper fast music with slower and introspective interludes with lots of distortion and harmonic traits. Pretty neat. I hope to receive more news coming from this band, even if they change their line-up. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 



We've already mentioned this impressive outfit in the previous post when we reviewed V/A Silla Eléctrica - Punk Colombia 2018 compilation (You can refresh your memory by clicking here). So, it won't be necessary writing more about this band in this entry. I'd finally add that for this session there are some songs that weren't featured in the aforementioned collection and you should give it a try too. I really hope to see more material from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

El Maquinista 

This outstanding hardcore punk band features members of different local bands such as Strike, Vorágine and Yo Soy La Destrucción!, among others. Unlike the aforementioned acts, El Maquinista plays short, fast and loud hardcore punk with both metalcore and powerviolence influences. In fact, you can think of a weird mix of Gehenna, Weekend Nachos, Dropdead (USA) and Res Gestae (Colombia). I really like their musical execution and instrumentation which is overwhelming and visceral enough for throwing chairs from an 11th floor. Finally, they will recording their long-awaited EP soon since their second guitarist will be abroad during some time. I'll keep you updated with more news coming from this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Richard Tex Tex 

This band features members of different colombian hardcore/punk bands such as Cinco Sentidos (Ibagué) and Los Maricas (Bogotá D.C.). At some point, they also shared the same drummer with Yo Soy La Destrucción! (Bogotá D.C.) and ZETA (Venezuela) but he's currently abroad and I don't know which is the line-up right now. Regarding the sound, the band argues that they play "neo purista", a sort of pop punk revival paying homage to all-time classics such as NOFX, Lagwagon, Screeching Weasel, The Queers(USA), etc. I also detect some melodic hardcore traits of bands like Lifetime, Kill Your Idols (USA) and Satanic Surfers (Sweden), notably in the featured songs in this Sesión. Note that these tracks are absent in La Aparición de Richard Tex Tex EP (self-released, 2018), their debut album, and some of them are in the mysterious compilation mentioned above in Vudú's paragraph. Finally, visit their bandcamp by clicking here. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This is a hardcore punk band from Bogotá D.C. that's been in the game since some time ago. As far as I know, they only have released one self-titled EP in late december 2017. You can hear it by clicking here. Regarding the sound, Pürga has different hardcore and punk influences (notably old school latin american hardcore, UK82 and punk ibérico) even adding some crossover thrash and, surprisingly, rocksteady and ska elements into their repertory without losing the grip. A pretty interesting musical execution to be honest. If you enjoyed local acts such as NN Punk, Cadáver and Lupus, featured in V/A Fuerza Ingobernable I - Punk Colombia 2017 compilation (You can refresh your memory by clicking here), Pürga will surely please you. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Last but not least, I'll final-fuckin'-ly present to you my current band: Empatía.  In fact, we recorded this session last week and it was the perfect excuse to feature it here in the blog ha ha ha. I must admit it's a little bit weird reviewing my own band, however. Regarding the sound, for me this is a hardcore punk band with both screamo and emoviolence influences but we also put our own interpretation of post-rock, math rock, grindcore and black metal in some songs. And, yes, this means we put lots of melodic guitar chords, harsh vocals and blast beats. As a curious fact, many people has described our sound as either neocrust (notably recalling spanish bands such as Pulpita de Fruta or Das Plague) or even grindcore (someone said we played as Napalm Death (!)) but you can draw your own conclusions. Finally, we're about to record pretty soon our first EP, so I'll keep you updated when we finally release it. Hope you like it. See you next time. Kisses and hugs!

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V/A Silla Eléctrica - Punk Colombia 2018

V/A Silla Eléctrica - Punk Colombia 2018.
Label: Fuerza Ingobernable (Colombia). 
Featured bands: UZI, Reacción Violenta, Víctimas, Abuso, Raw Brigade, Amenazas, Pútrida Sociedad, Muro and Roxio.
Recorded at: Rat Trap Studios (Bogotá D.C., Colombia).
Sound engineer: Sergio González Rojas.
Format: Tape.
Country: Colombia.
Release date: August 2, 2018 (Digital edition), September, 2018 (Physical edition).

Coucou, les! We're back with a new entry. I'm still working on the content mentioned in the previous entry and don't have a date for publishing it. But I'll try to do it during this week. So in the meantime, I present to you this impressive colombian hardcore punk compilation whose physical edition will be released in september. Also, this compilation was recorded with a 4-track MT4X tape recorder with some brand new tracks (even some of them exclusive for this release, for example, Roxio and Muro tracks) and some others will be soon released on each band's upcoming records. Finally, this record was compiled by Fuerza Ingobernable, the most recent project of our colombian friends of Rat Trap collective that also released last year, along with Byllepest Distro (Norway), V/A Fuerza Ingobernable I - Punk Colombia 2017 (You can refresh your memory by clicking here). 

Now, from now on, a data sheet with some additional  information of the release will be present. This feature could also be applied to other kind of releases.  Also, for this record, I'll review each band individually since most of them are new (meaning this is their long-awaited debut) and there are some curious facts to remark. And, yes, there are some bands I've completely forgotten to write about as well ha ha. This is something I've been thinking about lately and could also be applied to other future reviews, except, for example, if there's a compilation with more than 15 bands ha ha. We'll see how will work. 

Finally, don't forget to click on the image above, you'll be redirected to Fuerza Ingobernable's YouTube channel where you can listen to this record. When I get my physical copy, I'll immediately upload it. Also note that this compilation is just a humble register of what's going on within the colombian hardcore punk scene in 2018 so far. Indeed, there are lots of bands missing (including mines ha ha ha) that will eventually be featured here in the blog. The New Wave Of Colombian Hardcore (NWOCOHC) is each day a reality, huh? With all that written, let's begin. 


UZI is a female-fronted hardcore punk band featuring members of other hardcore punk and post-punk from Bogotá such as Final, Muro and Tumbas (already featured here in the blog). They also share their drummer with Abuso (another new band featured in the compilation). The band was formed early this year, have played some shows and recorded 4 tracks for this compilation, just before the start of Muro's second european tour in june. Regarding the sound, UZI has influences of both UK82 and early latin american hardcore punk with some eventual punk ibérico and post-punk feel in some guitar and bass chords. Both musical execution and instrumentation is pretty neat with short and fast-paced songs with angst-filled vocals dealing with some existential issues. They reminded me of US-based female-fronted latino/chicano hardcore punk acts such as Futura, Exótica and Tozcos, for naming a few. Finally, I expect more news coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Reacción Violenta

Reacción Violenta is a new hardcore punk band from Bogotá that has released so far one EP named Todo Sigue Igual. In fact, 4 of 6 tracks of that record are featured in this compilation with no apparent musical differences. Regarding the sound, Reacción Violenta plays short, fast and loud hardcore punk with both UK82 and d-beat influences but with the rabid and visceral latin american feel. And, yes, as you may expect, the music is short, fast and loud with some complex guitar chords and riffs. If you remember well local bands such as Primer Regimen (also featured here in the blog), this band will please you. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to their first EP. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Víctimas is an impressive outfit featuring members of different cities of the department of Antioquia (including Medellín). They have released so far one demo and are currently preparing a 3-way split with Dissocial (Medellín) and Bömbärdeo (Chile) and another split with Amenazas (Bogotá).  For this compilation there are some songs taken from the demo, as well as some others that will be featured in the aforementioned splits. Regarding the sound, Víctimas is your ideal d-beat tribute band with notorious influences mostly taken from the swedish and japanese scenes with short, fast and loud songs and lyrics dealing with issues like the apocalyptic nature of humanity after and before the imminent nuclear holocaust that will kill us all. Indeed, all-time classics such as Totalitär, Crude SS, Discard (Sweden), Frigora and Argue Damnation (Japan) will surely come to mind.  Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to this band. For fans of latin american disclones such as D.H.K. (Perú), B.E.T.O.E (Venezuelans exiled in Barcelona) and Bömbärdeo (Chile). Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Abuso is a recently formed hardcore punk band from Bogotá featuring ex-members of Deshuesadero (México) and Los Maricas (Bogotá) and current members of emerging local hardcore bands such as Yo Soy La Destrucción and UZI. They contributed 3 tracks to this compilation and are their first official recordings as a band. Regarding the sound, Abuso plays hardcore punk drawing influences from UK82, d-beat and early latin american hardcore punk (notably colombian and mexican). Just like UZI, some songs have bridges with a more traditional punk and post-punk feel but without losing the grip. I really like both their musical execution and instrumentation. And, last but not least, their lyrics, as the band describes, deal with "the quotidian abuses sieving above our humanity". Best description ever. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to their contributed tracks individually. I also expect more news coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Raw Brigade

Raw Brigade kick asses once again with their superb hardcore punk reminiscent to the old glories of the late 80s and early 90s NYHC scene. We have exceedingly featured them here in the blog (In fact, they have been featured in our colombian best picks of both 2016 and 2017. Cool, huh?) so, it isn't necessary to write more about them in this entry. They recently came back from their successful tour in the US (including their live performance at This Is Hardcore Fest) and kudos for that. So, for this compilation, they re-recorded 2 songs from their Kicking Your Face EP, 1 song from their demo '16 and 1 song from split with partners in crime Revival. The featured songs have a slight musical difference compared to their original releases with a more "raw" approach but without leaving aside their superb savoir faire. Absolutely nuts. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to their already released material (also available here in the blog). As always, I expect more releases from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Another band "from the house" makes their appearance contributing two superb brand new that follow their interesting "Ruido y Memoria" stance with swedish d-beat-influenced hardcore punk. These songs will eventually be featured in the aforementioned split with Víctimas. Just like the previous band, we've exceedingly featured them here in the blog so it isn't quite necessary write more about them in this entry. Finally, if you're in México don't miss out Amenazas' tour along with Armamento Fatal (San Francisco, US) during this month of august. I'll leave you the dates below but you can go to their official Facebook account and get more details. Just click here. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to their already released material (also available here in the blog). Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Another "band from the house" (also awarded in our colombian best picks of 2017) spreading the local hardcore punk reality worldwide. They just recently came back from their second european tour where they also played at K-Town Hardcore Fest, one of the biggest hardcore punk festivals in Europe (You can download a compilation featuring all the bands that participated to here). In fact, for this gig they released an exclusive and limited edition split with Zyfilis (A female-fronted swedish hardcore punk band) through Adult Crash (a danish record label). I'm still waiting for my physical edition, since it went out of stock quickly. When I get it, I'll upload it and review it for sure. So, for this compilation they only contributed 1 track (exclusive for this record), which reflects their top-notch style mixing different old schools of hardcore punk through the time (mostly american, scandinavian and japanese) but I think they have matured enough as musicians with a much cleaner and sharp musical execution and instrumentation. And, yes, they were featured in the july issue of Maximum Rock N' Roll (100% real, No fake). What else can you ask for?  Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their Byllepest Distro (Norway) official bandcamp account where you can listen to their already released material before the aforementioned split (also available here in the blog). Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Pútrida Sociedad

Pútrida Sociedad is a hardcore punk band from Bogotá playing since last year I think. I have no clue about this band and this is the first time I hear about it. So, for this compilation, the band only contributes 2 tracks and these are, apparently, the first official recordings. Regarding the sound, I must admit it is quite fantastic. Indeed, they draw influences from crust and d-beat (with some slight grindcore feel) with short, raw and dissonant songs. I dare to say this is the most "extreme" outfit featured in the compilation. Pretty nice. If you have dig (like me) other colombian hardcore punk compilations such as Colombia A Toda Mierda series or Odio Sus Guerras (already featured here in the blog), you'll surely dig Pútrida Sociedad. I also expect more news coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   


Note: Roxio Creator, I love you

We finish this entry with a brand new female-fronted hardcore punk which only contributed 1 track to this compilation. It features the main vocalist of Demencia Libertaria and both Muro's main guitarist and drummer. And I also think this is their first official release. Regarding the sound, they draw influences from UK82 and d-beat like other featured female-fronted bands such as UZI and Abuso but I think Roxio is a little more faster. I completely liked the aggressiveness displayed by this outfit. It reminded me somewhat of all-time classic female-fronted colombian hardcore punk outfits such as Fertil Miseria, Demencia Libertaria and Polikarpa Y Sus Viciosas but with a more modern approach. Finally, of course, I also expect more news coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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Pandemonium compilation series mini-special post Part 1: Spain, Italy and Brazil

Note: The end is near. Credits: Pandemonium - John Martin (Musée du Louvre, Paris - France)

Coucou, les! We're back after a long, long time. I've been trying to find some answers to existential mysteries, i.e. conspiracy theories about ice cream sales in summertime (my vacations are always productive ha ha!), working on some big surprises and special announcements as well. I also must confess these entries weren't planned nor conceived as such. Indeed, they magically appeared in my head while I was drinking cheap beer of doubtful origin (or at least in the label was written "belgian". Dunno...) in some isolated corner inside my house (No joking, true story). You must already know my anacronic musical tastes (Still stuck in the 80s and 90s, homies) and these compilations are simply perfect. 

Now, these collections were released two years ago by Commodity Tapes (USA) and compiled some 80s and 90s hardcore punk, punk rock and post-punk bands around the globe, notably from Spain, Italy, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Ex-Yugoslavia, Mexico and the Philippines (!). I was lucky enough to find all these already sold-out compilations, except the chilean one (If someone has it, or at least the .mp3 files, I'd be thankful).  And, some bands of these countries have appeared in various entries here in the blog but there are a few surprises that, surprisingly, haven't been featured yet.

Finally, all the credits go to Terminal Escape blog since he ripped and uploaded his own copies that we'll be featured today (Thank you, pal!). Click on the images and you'll be redirected to his original entries. The other compilations will be uploaded later (probably next week) since I'm ripping yet each song individually because our "unknown helper" (Yup, s/he's still alive providing us some cool stuff as always) could get the .mp3 files but they're bundled in two tracks, both Side A and B of the original tapes. During this week, I'll also upload some entries I already made and some e-mail and FB requests. Stay tuned. Enjoy summer (while it lasts) and see you soon. With all that written, let's begin. 

Iberian Pandemonium

Featured bands: Cocadictos, IV Reich, MG-15, Ataque de Caspa, Larsen, Parálisis Permanente, Toreros After Olé, Esqueletos, Décima Víctima, La Broma de Ssatán, Espasmódicos, Máximo Volumen, Kangrena, Frenopaticss, Último Resorte, L'Odi Social, HHH, Attak, Código Neurótico, Las Vulpess, Eskorbuto, Eskoriatza, Zer-Bizio?, R.I.P., Vómito, MCD, BAP!, Escorbuto Crónico, Familia Real and Guerrilla Urbana. (The content of this tape reminded me somehow of Busca En La Basura!! Vol. 3 Punk Ibérico 1980 - 1983 (Bazofia'Zine (Spain), 1995) compilation. Hmmm...).

This compilation reunites most of the best hardcore punk, punk rock (we've exceedingly mentioned it before as punk ibérico) and post-punk from Iberian peninsula (except Portugal and Andorra). Also, if you know most of these bands, all the local hardcore/punk scenes inside the autonomous regions of Spain are represented here, i.e. Eskorbuto, R.I.P. (Euskadi (Basque Country)), HHH, L'Odi Social, Último Resorte (Catalunya), Toreros After Olé, Las Vulpess (Castilla), etc.

Regarding the sound, well, if you're from either Spain or Latin America you must already know the huge impact that punk ibérico had in our lives and I wouldn't need to write more about it. However, if you are not spanish speaker and live under a rock, these bands will remind you somewhat of classic UK punk and oi! acts such as Vice Squad, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, The Adicts, Blitz, Sham 69, etc.

On the other hand, you can also find excellent hardcore punk bands such as MG-15 (Undoubtedly the best spanish disclone ever conceived), HHH (Featuring here their early scandinavian d-beat hardcore influences), IV Reich, Último Resorte and L'Odi Social. If you remember well, we've already featured these bands when we reviewed Spanish HC (BC Tapes, 198x) and Thrash From Spain (Ripping Thrash, 1985). You can refresh your memory by clicking here and here (the entries are in spanish, though).

Last but not least, we have in here some post-punk representation with particular yet amazing exceptions such as Parálisis Permanente and Décima Víctima, two of the first and most remembered acts within "La Movida Madrileña", the first countercultural movement in Spain after the fall of Franco's regime. These bands draw influences from acts such as Joy Division, The Cure and Bauhaus, etc. managing a more goth-driven aesthetic as well but the iconic punk ibérico feel is also strong.

Finally, click on the image and download this tape. If you dig some of these 80s spanish hardcore and punk acts, this is for you. I personally recommend you the more hardcore-oriented bands (kinda obvious, right?) but I cannot hide my fascination with Parálisis Permanente and MCD, for example. And, yes, you guessed right, The Vulpess' track Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra, the most infamous spanish cover to The Stooges' all-time classic I Wanna Your Dog is here. In fact, most of spanish hardcore and punk compilations feature it. Despite having unconditional love for this song, I must state that the band had way better tracks (IMHO obviously)...Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Italian Pandemonium 

Featured bands:  Negazione, Peggio Pvnx, Impact, Pedago Party, Bloody Riot, Ice And The Iced, Stinky Rats, Stigmathe, Underage, Cani, Rappresaglia, Vox Rei, Nerorgasmo, Wretched, Bed Boys,  SIB, Nabat, Kina, Indigesti, Satan '81, Declino, Reig, High Circle, Nighters, Fallout and Last Call.

If you're an avid follower of the blog (I certainly hope so ha ha :( ), you must already know I'm in love with 80s italian hardcore punk. Indeed, I've exceedingly wrote about it and, of course, couldn't hide my everlasting admiration of this powerful scene since it truly has taken its musical influences to the next level. You can refresh your memory by clicking here, here, here and here. (Wow, that's a lot of content!).

Regarding the sound, we do not only find some of the best ferocious italian hardcore acts in the 80s but also some other great post-punk and more traditional punk bands. For example, for only naming a few, Pedago Party, a female-fronted band, somewhat reminded me of an italian version of Parálisis Permanente (Spain) (although their only self-titled released in 1990 is more alternative rock-oriented), Ice And The Iced and Satan '81 are both the italian versions of Ramones, Buzzcocks and Television, and, Vox Rei explores new wave territory.

There are also some underrated hardcore acts such as Bloody Riot and High Circle from Rome, whose luster was completely and unfairly overshadowed by other italian powerhouse acts such as Negazione and Raw Power, which, as you may already know, had more international recognition than any other local band. Also, everyone inside and outside Italy was talking more about the hardcore scenes in other cities such as Torino (Indigesti and Declino) and Milano (Wretched) rather than Rome. In fact, this local hardcore/punk scene hasn't received yet the recognition that truly deserves...

Finally, click on the image and download this superb collection. In spite of my notorious obsession with the hardcore bands (ha ha!), I completely dig this album. There are many hidden jewels you definitely should be aware of.  Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Brazilian Pandemonium

Featured bands: Inocentes, Os Replicantes, Ratos de Porão, Cobaias, Não Religião, Doutrina Decadente, As Mercenárias, Repressão X, Stuhizapfchen Von N, Psikoze, Virus 27, Armagedom, RDP, Hino Mortal, Garotos Podres, Lobotomia, 3-D, Dose Brutal, Grinders, Cólera, DZK, Espermogramix, Olho Seco, Kaos 64, Lixomania, Restos De Nada, Fogo Cruzado, Tropa Suicida and Auschwitz.

We finally conclude with this amazing compilations containing some of the best powerhouses of the first and biggest hardcore/punk scene in South America. Some of them speak by themselves and made their own history, for example, Ratos de Porão, Lobotomia, Armagedom, Cólera and Olho Seco, but this record also contains some other cryptic acts that not everyone is aware of. We've already wrote about this fascinating hardcore scene but in the near future we'll make a more profound analysis. Promised. You can refresh your memory by clicking here.  

Regarding the sound, it's pretty varied. For example, the featured hardcore bands have both british and american influences but most of them display more affinity to the scandinavian side of things (notably finnish bands such as Kaaos, Riistetyt and Terveet Kädet). In fact, there's a myth about the brazilian influence on the finnish hardcore scene. This is something many people believes in but I'll try to either confirm it or discard it with the already mentioned eventual post related to these carioca acts. Finally, there also some bands with a more traditional punk, oi! and post-punk-inspired sound, but some of them still play fast and precise enough like any other hardcore band of the time and could be easily labeled as such. In the meantime, I'll leave you the work to identify them (ha ha!). 

Finally, click on the image and get this record. Pretty neat content. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!