Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Two benefit compilations: UKHC For Change and K- Town Hardcore Fest 2020 tapes

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Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with another entry. Kinda short yet wholesome. The way you like it. Ok no ha ha. This entry was meant to be published last week-end but I had some logistical and technical issues so, I'm deeply sorry for that. Now, I'm still working on the next entries of our current special post "La Carencia" and, damn, it's getting longer than I expected. So, I think 1 or 2 of them will be published this week (if anything weird doesn't happen first, of course). I'll also publish some of your review submissions I had in stand-by because, yes, I'm a fucked-up mess ha ha. But don't worry I already have listened to them and they will be ready in the next few days. Finally, I'll leave these 2 recently released benefit compilations for good causes. Punk is love, Hardcore is a network of friends. Never forget that, les chaton.ne.s! Oh, and I almost forgot. On the Facebook group, I stated that an upcoming special announcement that surely will change this site (for good, of course) will be published soon. I guess this Friday will happen. Let's wait and see...With all that written, let's begin.  

UKHC For Change tape compilation (Benefit for Black Lives Matter funds in the UK and the US)

Featured bands: Attestor, Bodily Fluids, Frantic State, Gorge, Grove Street Families (BEST NAME EVER!), Ill-Informed, Kold War, Lawful Killing, Lenged Out, Malign UK, MANTLET C V H C, MTXS, Negative Measures, Never, Plead, Realm Of Torment, Reckless Harm, Revoked, Shallow Graves, Sterile, Stone Hand, Supress, The Annihilated, Vent, Afterburn and Regressions.

An outstanding UKHC compilation, which was curated by Nuclear Family Records and pre-released on digital format some weeks ago, to raise funds to help the current political struggle in the US (because of George Floyd's (R.I.P.) murder last month) and address solidarity against the continuous (and sadly growing) racial issues in the UK as well. Indeed, 50% of the proceeds will go to the UK Black Lives Matter fund, which is a coalition of black activists and organisers across the island (You can also make your direct donations here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ukblm-fund) and the resting half will go to Act Blue, who have set up a donation fund to split between + 70 community bail funds, mutual aid funds and racial justice organizers (You can also make your direct donations here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bail_funds_george_floyd). 

Now, some of the featured tracks are either brand new (hence exclusives to this release) or already released tracks from the participant bands. Some of them, for example, Never and Lawful Killing, have already been featured here in different NWOBHC-related entries but most of them were really méconnus to me, prior to listening to this record. Regarding the sound, the predominant one undoubtedly is metalcore, with some traces of the loved/hated 90s chugga-chugga-esque proto-beatdown formula, which really was (and surprisingly) popular in, you know, the good 'ol days of Stampin' Ground, Knuckledust, Ironside and Assert, among others. There also are a few exceptions with some bands exploring more d-beat-influenced and mid-tempo-oriented executions, some noise and even some industrial affinities that really reminded me of Type-O Negative's sound. Damn, those teenager years cannot be totally buried for good at all...Oh, and Lawful Killing does an incredible cover to Conflict's anthem The Ungovernable Force but entitled The Ungovernable Farce instead. Interesting tongue-in-cheek, I must add.  

Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to and donate for the good cause (if you can/want to). The pre-release of the tape (bundled with a customized T-shirt) already is sold out but you can support the cause anyways. Some of these musical outfits really caught my attention so, in the near future I'll be featuring them herein the blog. Do you wonder which ones are? Stay tuned then ha ha. Highly recommended. Enjoy!       

K-Town Hardcore Fest 2020 - COVID Staythefuckhome Edition (Benefit for Ungdomshuset) 

Featured bands: Bombardment (France), Chubby and the Gang, Gutter Knife, Rat Cage (UK), Teatromocracia (Costa Rica), Kohti Tuhoa (Finland), Jad (Poland), EGO (Germany), Apsurd (Serbia), Power Face, Kasshuve, Skrot, Leper, Anti-Metafor, Zyfilis, Nonplus, (Sweden), Glöm Allt, Big Mess, Gorilla Angreb, Junta (Denmark), UZI (Colombia), The Conscripts (Canada/US/Colombia), Adrenochrome, Warthog (US), Obsessió (Catalunya, Spain/Greece), Ruidosa Inmundicia (Austria/Chile), Seein' Red (!) (Netherlands), Nightmare (HOLY FUCK!!!) (Japan), Antídoto (Spain) and more. 

Last but not least, we finally conclude this entry with the more recent K-Town Hardcore Fest-related tape. As you may know, this is one of, if not, the most important hardcore and punk fests across the old continent. Every June of the year is held this event at Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Denmark but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be pushed until mid-September. Let's hope they can do it and not postpone it until next year like other big festivals like Ieper Hardcore (Belgium) and Cry Me A River (Germany) Fests already did. So, yeah, this record is benefit for the venue because, you know, No Ungdomshuset, No K-Towns! Keep in mind that, les chaton.ne.s!     

Now, unlike the previous year, I won't make a complete guide to the whole line-up because some of these bands already have been featured here in the blog (even some awarded with our seal of approval and featured in different best picks of the year lists) and I currently am busy in other entries. However, some of these bands also caught my attention and will be featured here in the near future. Promised. Regarding the sound, just like previous years, the d-beat side of things predominates. There are a few crust, grindcore, thrashcore, post-punk, oi! and even anarcho-punk exceptions as well. Finally, most of the featured tracks on the compilation already were previously released but there are too some unreleased ones such as Ruidosa Inmundicia, Seein' Red and Nightmare's tracks, for example. I wish I could be in Europe right now for watching these now all-time classic HC outfits live...Cela fait fendre mon coeur, les chaton.ne.s!...

Lastly, click on the image above for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to and donate for the good cause (if you can/want to). You can also buy a physical copy and other goodies as well here: (https://ktownhardcorefest.bigcartel.com/product/k-town-2020-total-support-package). Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!         

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MOAR records to look at this 2020. Some of our (un)official partners' catalog updates and some of your review submissions.

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Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with a brand new entry. As I've done with previous posts, I'll post some of our apparently ever increasing list of (un)official partners' catalog updates showing off what to look at on this decaying fucked-up decade. I guess we should sing along R.E.M's It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) while dancing over the charred remains of western civilzation's foundations, right? Ok, some wild wet dreams can easily arise these days...Anyways, this entry will be short yet wholesome, you know, the way you seem to love. Finally, I'll be back next week with the following parts of our current latin american screamo special post. I'll probably finishing it off in July because the list is increasing (notably bands from Chile and Argentina). Wow, this gettin' outta control, mate...With all that written, let's begin. 

1) Discos Enfermos (Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)  

Discos Enfermos is one of our recently added in (un)official partners. They've been in the game since almost a decade ago and have released different records, not only hardcore punk-related ones but also other stuff such as post-punk, oi! and more. Indeed, if you dig popular post-punk outfits from Barcelona such as Belgrado and SECT, among others, you definitely should know about this record label. Finally, I'll be putting some of their past releases in the next few months since I already announced in our podcast that an upcoming entry of the evolution of hardcore punk in the catalonian region is on the works. That's also the reason why I'll only review their records released this 2020 thus far. Let's see what we've got...

Fármaco (Argentina) - Hasta Que Valga La Pena Vivir EP 

In December 2019, this impressive d-beat hardcore punk band from Buenos Aires, Argentina released through Educación Cínica Records (Argentina) a 4-track demo. I recently discovered it and damn, this is too good. Indeed, their sound is the perfect mix of 80s japanese d-beat hardcore AKA Burning Spirit with the rage of 80s latin american hardcore bands led by womyn such as Soberanía Personal (Argentina). In fact, there's one cover to Líder, which was originally performed by that legendary musical outfit from El Cono Sur. There also is that mid-tempo-paced musical execution that modern hardcore bands tend to incorporate nowadays. Finally, this is just short and fast loud music with shredding dark-driven guitar riffs, precise drum beats and the powerful voice of an enraged womyn looking for her opportunity to burning everything down with neither remorse nor fear. Awesome. Another potential candidate for our best picks of 2020. Highly recommended. FOF: Exótica (USA), Forra (UK), UZI (Colombia) and, of course, Soberanía Personal. Enjoy! 

Aihotz (Basque Country, Spain) - El No Movimiento EP

Aihotz is a recently formed hardcore punk outfit from Bilbao and this is their debut EP. Featuring members from Serpiente, Motorastola and Bea, Aihotz has a particular interpretation with an unorthodox mix of G.I.S.M. (Japan) with Parálisis Permanente (Spain), filled with fast and precise mid-tempo-esque musical execution. The vocal style is filled with lots of effects such as reverb for creating thus an interesting hateful-charged echo that you could only hear when slamming an enormous door in the depths of hell. Nice. Finally, do not miss out this interesting 6-track EP. This is a little bit uncommon for Basque Country's modern punk standards, which is nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

2) Junko Records (Temuco, Chile)


This is another of our recently added in (un)official partners. Junko Records is relatively new since they have less than 3 years of existence and have released different hardcore punk records from Chile as well as some special tape editions of different bands such as The Coneheads (USA), Muro (Colombia) and Piñen (Catalunya, Spain), among others. I wanted to write about this record label since long time ago but you know, shit happens. Finally, let's see what we've got from them this 2020. 

Fuga (Chile) - Sin Frontera Sin Nación EP

This is apparently the debut EP from Fuga, a chilean hardcore punk band. Their sound is influenced by the d-beat side of things mostly with some eventual classic punk leanings in some guitar chords and the modern mid-tempo hardcore musical execution, which gradually has become the rule in recent years. This could be the chilean response to Destino Final (Spain) almost a decade after. Ok, no. But I think you get the whole idea behind this musical outfit. Their lyrics also are politically-charged with some references to abuse of power and authority, prisons, extrajudicial executions, and more delicate topics that seem to be daily bread here in different latin american countries...Finally, check this out. Absolutely nuts. FOF: Ajax (US), Muro (Colombia) and Orden Mundial (Spain). Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Sin Ritmo (Mexico / USA) - Sonidos Barbajanes cassette

This is also the debut EP from Sin Ritmo, a band whose members are from both Mexico and the US. Some of their members have also been involved in different musical projects such as Último Imperio, Zotz, Haiboku, Crico and more. Regarding the sound, Sin Ritmo is a living homage to the good ol' days of mexican hardcore punk in the 80s. Indeed, classic outifts such as Atóxxxico, Massacre 68, Xenophobia, Histeria and M.E.L.I. definitely come to mind. Also, some tracks have some garage rock and classical punk sensibilities with the modern mid-tempo-driven hardcore scheme we already are used to. Finally, you must listen to this. The 80s mexican lo-fi and rude hardcore punk formula never got better than this. Another potential candidate for our best picks of this year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

3) Disordera Records (Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia)

Our chaton.ne.s! from Disordera Records finally made an official bandcamp account where they are constanly updating it with raw, fresh and lo-fi hardcore punk from different colombian cities and small town (with some international guests as well). I've always been impressed by the huge amount of records they edit quite often. It really is sometimes kinda difficult to keep the trace ha ha. Finally, I'll only review some of the records that really caught my attention. I highly recommend you to visit the site (you can click on the image above for been redirected to it). There are lots, lots of good stuff. Let's se what we've got... 

Distrüst (El Salvador) / Disbrigade (Ecuador) / Disgarche (Argentina) and HH (Colombia) 4-way split 

A pretty interesting 4-way split featuring 4 crust and d-beat hardcore punk from different latin american countries. Firstly, we've got Distrüst from El Salvador. I have to admit that this is the first time ever I listen to a band like this one since I only knew salvadoran youth crew bands and nothing more. Their sound will really remind you of classic american crust outfits such as Misery and Disrupt mixed with the swedish savoir faire of bands like Wolfbrigade and Disfear. Cool. You can click here and listen to their available discography so far. Secondly, we have Disbrigade. Their name is an evident portmanteu of Discharge and Wolfbrigade. So, you could guess that their sound is heavily influenced by those legendary outfits and yes, you're right. However, there are some slight crossover thrash and metal punk elements as well with the iconic tupatutupa ethos, only made here in Latin America. Nice. You can click here for listening to their extensive and prolific discography, including one tribute to them. Yup, they're that important within the ecuadorian hardcore punk scene. Next, we've got Disgarche. Their name also is a portmanteau of Discharge and garche, an argentinian word for fuck. Best name ever. This band recently formed during these pandemic times as a response to the difficulties of rehearsing properly and performing live as a band. So, yeah, their lyrics deal about that inner struggle and other common topics for both crust and d-beat styles such as extinction of mankind and, for the first time ever, the psycological consequences of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can click here to listen to their available material so far. I highly recommend you their more recent LP entitled Sin Salir Sin Coger Sin Dormir. Great record. And, last but not least, we have HH (Hijueputa Humano) from Colombia. Not sure which city they're from. I also do not know much about them aside the fact this is their second official record (The first one is another 4-way split with Rawkrusher, Disparo Certero (Paraguay) and Öbsölescencia (Colombia). You can listen to it on Disordera Records' bandcamp). Their sound is pretty raw and lo-fi, sometimes teasing with mincecore but still retaining the dis musical execution of this superb 4-way split. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Destruye Y Destruye (Ecuador / Colombia) / Anger Blast (Colombia) split EP  

This is the most recent split EP from two bands that already have been featured here in the blog. Firstly, Destruye y Destruye is a band from Ecuador, also featuring members from Colombia, and their sound is more akin to the swedish grindcore school. You can think of Nasum, Filthy Christians and G-Anx. I think their contributed tracks to this record are brand new but you can correct me if I'm wrong. Last but not least, we have Anger Blast whose mincecore-inspired sound is getting better release after release. On Disordera Records' bandcamp you can listen to their also recent split with Warprofit (Colombia) and their 4-way split with Terrörcult (Ecuador), Buitre (Peru) and Scort 10 (Colombia). You should definitely check'em out. Oh, and I almost forgot. Our friend Chulo made the artwork. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Timmy O' Toole / Primitivo split EP

This split EP is Timmy O' Toole's debut, a band from Pasto. And, yup, you guessed right. This is a reference to one of The Simpsons' episodes where Bart Simpson made a prank with a "real" boy named Timmy O' Toole stuck in the bottom of a well. If you watched the aforementioned episode, you know what happened next...Their sound is a mix of both powerviolence and grindcore and that's it. Puro pinche ruido. I really am not sure where the hell they took the sound samplers, probably from one of those hideous sunday matinee movies you often watch on national TV channels. And, last but not least, Primitivo still surprise us with their iconic grindcore style (for this record, a little bit more closer to goregrind) with less references to carranga than previous works but they use some weird and random sound samplers featuring some colombian street inhabitants (apparently addicted to drugs). As far as I remember, not even Despise You dared to do this ha ha. I really liked this and I hope you do it so. Highly recommended. Enjoy!        

El Eje Baretero D-beat Raw Punk compilation

Featured bands: Doomsday, Kabra, Crisiss (Manizales), Extinction (Armenia), Disratas, Violación, Ecos de Ruido (Santa Rosa de Cabal), Bala Perdida (Dosquebradas), Azfixxia and Narcolepsia (Pereira). 

Here in Colombia, there's a sub-region colloquially called Eje Cafetero where a good amount of the national coffee production is there. For this record, the word cafetero was replaced by the word baretero, which is a reference to bareta, a colombian word for a joint of marihuana. Ha ha ha. I love the creativity of these dudes. So, yeah, this is a compilation featuring crust, d-beat and hardcore punk bands from different cities of that region. The featured tracks are also available on the more recent releases from each band, for example, Azfixxia / Narcolepsia split or Doomsday's Sin Salida EP. I'm not sure if there's at least one brand new track exclusive to this track. Also remember that all these records are available on Disordera Records' bandcamp. Finally, listen to it. You'll enjoy it. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

4) Zegema Beach Records (Canada) 

In Wolves Clothing (USA) - It Eats Itself LP

In Wolves Clothing is a screamo / post-hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia. Their debut was in 2018 with a self-released self-titled EP and this year, Zegema Beach Records will release the physical edition of their more recent work, It Eats Itself LP. I must admit that I didn't know the band prior to the review submission of this record. I found it quite fantastic. Indeed, the music is a good mix of chaotic and melodic traits that will surely remind you of the good ol' days of Cease Upon The Capital and company. There also are some slight elements of post-black metal making this even more burtal than it really is. Oh, and by the way. All four members take the vocalist role adding in different tones. Nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Orphan Donor - Old Patterns LP

This is Jared Stimpfl's solo musical project who also was involved in different bands such as Secret Cutter and Oktober Skyline. After listening to this, I only can conclude one thing: this is pure gold. Indeed, the sound has a mix of screamo, emoviolence and metalcore with a sharp and aggressive black metal-infused musical instrumentation and execution. It really reminded me of different blackened acts such as Celeste (France) and Malevich (USA). The final result is unpredictable and brutiful music. This is something you'd listen to on a regular basis. Finally, click on the image above for listening to it. Definitely one of our candidates for the best picks list of 2020. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

 Stormlight - Natoma LP 

We finally conclude this entry with this superb LP made by two of the masterminds behind renowned modern screamo outfits such as Loma Prieta, Elle and Lord Snow, among others. Natoma is what most people would consider something like a concept album since it mixes different styles such as screamo, emoviolence, post-hardcore and mathcore with a pretty superb and solid musical execution. Indeed, it's fast, it's melodic, it's tight, sometimes it is not. Just listening to Farsick, the first track off, it really blew my mind away. Also, according to Dave Norman, founder and owner of Zegema Beach Records, Stormlight's first full-length album is the most challenging, immersive and cathartic releases in recent memory. This is a Zegema Beach Records exclusive release so, keep that in mind as well. Finally, click on the image above for listening to it. Definitely one of our candidates for the best picks list of 2020 and probably AOTY. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs! 

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"La Carencia": Screamo in Latin America special post. Introduction and Part 1: "The Mexican Emocalypse"

Esta tarde, mi bien, cuando te hablaba (Fragmento)
"[...] con sombras necias, con indicios vanos:
pues ya en líquido humor viste y tocaste
mi corazón deshecho entre tus manos". 
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz


Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with another entry. I'm sorry if I didn't update the site earlier but I haven't been really motivated at all these last few weeks. Too many things have passed too fast lately (and not good ones I must add). But, I recently have received some of your e-mails and private messages asking for new entries/updates. That's the reason why I must not be so absent nor silent. I thank you for that, les chaton.ne.s! For sure. 

So, this is the first part of our second special post of  2020: "La Carencia" (The Lack in spanish), which will try to contain an (un)official guide to the untold historical evolution of the screamo subgenre (mostly its emoviolence variant) in Latin America (Or at least I'd like to think of that ha ha). The name is taken from one of Alejandra Pizarnik's poems. Check her writings out. Pretty touching. Anyways, as you may know, this particular style [screamo] wasn't well explored since it's been highly misinterpreted as something else not related to the hardcore punk spectrum. Indeed, remember the backlash of the faux emo and screamo movement in the mid-00s with those frivolous, plastic and mediocre pop punk and post-hardcore outfits that caught the attention in the mainstream. Of course, this aspect wasn't an impediment to those underground bands, more akin to their respective D.I.Y. hardcore punk local communities, to explore and playing the real style. You know, the way it always was meant to be.

Now, for this special post, I'll feature some of the first and most recent screamo-related outfits from different countries such as Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Argentina. Thus, the longest entries will be the ones featuring the musical outfits from Argentina and Chile because they surprisingly are the mecca of screamo in the region (at least in number). Some other countries such as Mexico, Peru and Brazil haven't had too much bands compared to these territories from El Cono Sur but there's been one or two trump cards that could easily overshadow other acts from that aforementioned region. And, last but not least, the remaining countries are somewhat new to the trend since their respective hardcore punk circles never had a, let's say, "boom" of screamo outfits and in recent years some interesting outfits have unexpectingly arisen. This is notably the case for both Colombia and Costa Rica, for example.

Finally, just like the previous special post, I won't dedicate a whole week to the special post. In fact, more varied entries will be published in the next few days. I also won't feature all the bands from the region because my researches made me realise there are at least more than 50 musical outfits in less than two decades. Wow, that's too much despite not being really popular the screamo side of things here in LATAM. And, I'd like to thank all the users from Twin Cities Screamo, El Movimiento de los Árboles, Screamo Latinoamérica and El Emo Está Muerto Facebook groups and El Basurero del Emo blog because most of the content of this special post was taken from those sites. Check'em out even though you're not used to la lengua de Cervantes. Oh, and I almost forgot. I decided to entitle this first part The Mexican Emocalypse because I saw it somewhere on some screamo forums on the Internet (probably one of the aforementioned sites) and I found quite charming the word play that reminded me of the Emo Apocalypse compilation (React With Protest (Germany), 2006) posted some months ago. Cool. With all that written, let's begin.  

Part 1: The Mexican Emocalypse

Just like some other countries in Latin America, Mexico experienced a short yet prolific screamo movement within its national hardcore/punk community since the early 2000s (from 2000 to 2003), starting off with some bands that were into the early stages of the subgenre as well as other experimental styles such as post-hardcore and mathcore. These "foundational" musical outfits had a really, really short existence and their so-called influence was only identified nearly twenty years after their dissolution by fans of the subgenre that like to role-playing as historians and have some serious fetishes with classifying, organizing and theorizing with waves, influences and more. Like me, for example ha ha ha.     

Secondly, from the mid 2000s to early 2010s (somewhere between 2004 and 2011 approximately) we have what we could entitle the "first wave" as such, which was characterized by the cross-pollination with the neocrust style. In fact, it's interesting to remark that a good number of crust punk-related bands had strong screamo influences and vice versa, so that it was easily to merge and confuse them in one whole thing. Some of these bands will also appear here as well. Likewise, the emoviolence component also was present albeit to a minor degree. This very unique, personal and experimental approach also gave to these bands the "trademark" sound they're known for. And, most of the band members from this period saw this ephemeral moment in life like their last breath for saying good-bye to hardcore punk and hello to "normal" life. What a good way to leave everything you love behind? I know that feel, wey...

Next, we have the "second wave" (from 2011 to 2017 approximately). I consider this wave like a transition period where screamo bands in the country are experimenting with other music genres and styles such as post-rock and math-rock mostly. Even though some of these bands don't sound as aggressive as the previous wave, they have enough power to make you feel sensations in a pretty, let's say, violent way. This short period also represents the last musical projects ever from some chavorucxs, belonging to the former wave, perfecting some of their previous works' formulas and thus saying good-bye to this fucked-up world.

Finally, we have the "third wave" (from 2017 to today), or the modern bands, that inherited the experimental and eclectic musical approach from the previous waves, notably the second one, since these bands are trying to break the mold experimenting with more styles, for example, shoegaze and post-black metal, leaving aside the chaos and violence of the original movement. Well, just a little bit. I know some "purists" out there would like to see the comeback of former glories of the scene but, you know, times are changing and this kind of music is rapidly evolving to something unthinkable 10 or 20 years ago. Time will tell if we happen to see the screamo heroic luchadorx we need but we don't deserve...En fin, with all that written, let's begin!  

"The origins" (2000-2004) 

Non Plus Ultra    

According to our friend from El Basurero del Emo blog, Non Plus Ultra was a band from Monterrey (some people argue that they were from Matamoros though) formed back in 2000 and was active at least 3 or 4 years more. This band is hence regarded by most of emo connoisseurs (Including myself. Ha!) as the first true screamo band in Mexico. They only recorded 8 unassorted tracks that surprisingly never made it onto an EP, LP, tape, compilation or whatever. Too bad. Regarding the sound, Non Plus Ultra drew influences from late-90s and early-00s screamo outfits from the US such as Orchid, Combat Wounded Veteran and Reversal of Man, for naming a few, although some tracks give the impression that the band at some point was somewhat interested in black metal, crust punk and metalcore styles. If you're into spaniard screamo outfits such as Gone With The Pain and Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!, well, Non Plus Ultra could catch your attention. Finally, click on the image above for downloading 4 out of the 8 tracks from this enigmatic band. The download link is a courtesy of El Basurero del Emo. The remaining songs are apparently lost in time and are really hard to get. I guess someone out there has it complete, right? right? RIGHT? I certainly hope so...Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Conspiración Alfa 5 

Conspiración Alfa 5 was a post-hardcore / mathcore sideproject to División Minúscula and Thermo, two mexican rock bands that were part of the mall emo / faux emo trend in the mid-00s, already described in the first paragraphs of this entry. How ironic life can be, right? This awesome musical outfit only released two EPs: El Efecto Venus (2002) and  Polvo De Oro (2004). Both records last less than 15 minutes long. Awesome. Technically speaking, this is not entirely an emo/screamo band but it does have influences enough for being included in here. Yup, I can be picky sometimes ha ha. Indeed, their sound reminded me of noisy post-hardcore like Drive Like Jehu and Unwound with some Swing Kids' air and the epic grindcore weirdness of bands like The Locust and Daughters. This is something that you could describe today as sass grind (Bands like Kodos, Wristmeetrazor, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, etc.) or something like that. I guess. Is this like a some sort of forgotten sass grind, unbeknownst to anyone? Finally, click on the image above for downloading this interesting musical outfit. Highly recommended. Wow. Enjoy!   


Ducto from San Luis Potosí (?) only released this record back in 2003 and rapidly dissapeared from the earth's surface afterwards. No one really knows where exactly this band came from or went on after their dissolution. It's one of those "one hit wonders" that we really need but we don't deserve. Regarding the sound, Ducto basically mixed different styles such as screamo, post-hardcore and metalcore (notably the mathcore variant). You can imagine like a mix of Refused (Sweden), Loxiran (Germany) and Norma Jean (USA) with short, fast and loud songs with really complex musical execution and instrumentation, thus creating something really unique of their own. This was also one of the few mexican screamo bands strictly singing in english. I think there wasn't another band like this one before. Nor after. Finally, click on the image for downloading Frecuencias Para Escenarios LP (2003), their only full-length album, which is a really not well-known and pretty rare artifact in mexican hardcore history. You'd probably recall Refused's swansong The Shape Of Punk To Come to some extent after listening to this. And, well, nothing could be more awesome than that. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

"First wave" (2004-2013)

El Sueño del Ranchero

El Sueño del Ranchero (from now on ESDR) was a short lived project from CDMX AKA Mexico City that only released one demo named Jerónimo! on CDr format (Existencia Records (Spain), 2004). Regarding the sound, ESDR played emoviolence with lots of grindcore and mathcore influences as well as adding in some experimental traits, jazz-esque interludes, overwhelming breakdowms, blast beats, feedbacks, static, noise and stuff for creating something really, I mean, really brutal of their own. Pretty much like Usurp Synapse did back in their (in)glorious days. I think this was one of the few mexican screamo/emoviolence bands to play like this for the first time ever. And probably the only one during many years...Unfortunately, this was the band's only release and they later changed their name to Arse Moreira and, well, they made their own history that will be told in the next paragraphs. Yeah. Finally, click on the image above for downloading this lost but not forgotten mexican screamo jewel. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


An enigmatic band from Tijuana that existed between 200x and 200x and only recorded one unreleased EP named Heroes Of Ghosts and one track named No Meat Youth, which was meant to be included on a compilation (Beelzebub surely knows which one) but, yes, you guessed right. Nothing happened. Their name is the surname of Luis Donaldo Colosio, a mexican politician who was assassinated during the presidential campaign in 1994. Regarding the sound, Colosio had an interesting mix of crust, screamo and hardcore punk that will surely remind you of gallician neocrust bands like SLS'3 and Das Plague, you know, the ones with more screamo influence than anything else in their region. Also, the lyrics were highly political  with different references to capitalism, abuse of power, veganism and more. Finally, click on the image above for downloading this hidden mexican hardcore jewel. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Katalina Paztrana

Katalina Paztrana (from now on KP) was a short-lived musical project from Manzanillo that existed between 2006 and 2008. They only released one demo in 2008 and nothing more.  Some of their members would eventually go on to form bands like Growing Pains and Satie in Tijuana. Regarding the sound, KP played straight-forward screamo with some neocrust and emoviolence affinities. Pretty much like a more lo-fi and darker version of Shikari (Netherlands) or Zann (Germany). Some tracks also were instrumental-only with acoustic guitar that could remind you of 90s french screamo bands such as Undone and Finger Print, for naming a few. I think this band was one of those interesting lost but not forgotten jewels from the MySpace era. Time flies by so dang fast...Finally, click on the image above for downloading this underrated demo. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Caos Villa

Caos Villa was a short-lived band from Puebla that existed in 2008 and only released one 2-track EP named Daltonismo (2008). And, that's it. They ceased to exist shortly after. Regarding the sound, they played screamo in the same vein as Orchid and Combat Wounded Veteran with some mathcore sensibilities like Converge or Norma Jean. The musical execution was kinda experimental because it had some interesting slower yet overwhelming interludes with crescendos, whispered words, screamed vocals, complex guitar chords, fast-paced drum techniques and stuff. Just like the previous musical group, Caos Villa was one of those "one hit wonders" from the MySpace era, you know, back in the days when we had social media and bandcamp on one hand. Qué viejxs estamos! Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account and listen to / download for free this. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Arcadhianonstabian is a band from Mazatlán (Fun fact: I was born in another city kinda near from there but in the north ha ha) that was formed back in 200x and was active until 2008. Their name is a word play meaning El Paraíso No Está Bien (Paradise Is Not Right in spanish). During their relatively short lifespan, they only self-released Del Olvido Al No Me Acuerdo LP (2007) and briefly reunited in 2018 for playing some shows in CDMX AKA Mexico City. There's also another LP featuring some unreleased tracks named El Paraíso No Está Bien (2007). This record in particular was unofficially released (and even bundled with their first LP in some bootleg tapes distributed somewhere out there) and originally, these 3 tracks would be released in a split with  both Zarathustra Has Been Killed In The 70s and Carlton Banks but this never happened. Regarding the sound, Arcadhianonstabian has screamo, emoviolence, crust punk, metalcore and post-rock influences mainly. Think of something like a mix of gallician neocrust (Ekkaia, Hongo, SL'S3, etc.) with japanese post-rock-influenced screamo (Envy and Heaven In Her Arms). Unlike other mexican hardcore bands at the time, Arcadhianonstabian's musical style was really complex usually with +3 minute long tracks, crescendos featuring both fast-paced execution and slow and introspective interludes, and screamed vocals with no particular lyrics at all. Also, their first LP is, in fact, a concept album describing how life is too short and ephemeral with track titles and voice samplers making references to mexican writers such as Juan Rulfo and Juan Sabines. As a curious fact, the name of their first LP is taken from Juan Carlos Rulfo's documentary about Apulco, his father's birthplace, where most of the population is full of elders and no one remembers him at all despite the fame of his book Pedro Páramo (Mandatory reading). Finally, click on the image above for downloading their entire discography. Let's wait if we see more material from this band sometime in the near future. I'm still waiting for them to finally come to Colombia because we already have invited them. Oops, spoiler alert...Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Zarathustra Has Been Killed In The 70s 

Zarathustra Has Been Killed In The 70s (from now on ZHBKIT70s) was a band from Monterrey and active from 200x to 2009. They only released one split with Vlado Petrik (Chile) (which was re-released as a 4-way split with the addition of The Short Blooming (Germany) and Spectres (USA) (Yehonala Tapes (Germany), 2007) and Manos A La Cintura, Palabras de Autotortura EP (ZHBKIT70s-self-released (?), 2007). There was a planned split with national partners in crime Arcadhianonstabian and Carlton Banks but this never happened for unknown reasons. Regarding the sound, ZHBKIT70s mixed screamo, emoviolence, post-rock and mathcore with a pretty interesting expertise of their own adding some eventual synth and electronica elements in their repertory for more...spicy hot extravaganza. And, citing our friend from El Basurero del Emo, ZHBKIT70s' musical style creates "[...]an atmosphere of anguish, despair and joy not frequently found in these kind of bands". Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp where you can listen to / download for free their digital-only discography (at least this the official one because some bootlegs are already available somewhere out there hi hi). Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Arse Moreira

Remember when you read some paragraphs above that the mexican scene had a trump card capable of overshadowing any other screamo musical outfit in LATAM? Well, guess what? This is the one. The myth, the legend. Arse Moreira. During many years, this was the only screamo/emoviolence reference in the region. Why? Well, their sound was more akin to european outfits' such as Louise Cyphre, June Paik and Tristan Tzara (Germany) than any other band here in these lands of devaluated currency, corruption and empanadas in different presentations. Of course, the grind mathy fuzz element inherited from El Sueño del Ranchero was also prominent too. During their lifespan (2006-2008) they released Misspellings (split EP with Kidcrash (USA) (Denovali Records (Germany), 2007), split EP with Beneath Low Flying Planes (Discern Direction Records (Mexico (?), 2008), split EP with Resurrectionists (Germany) (React With Protest / Moments Of Collapse (Germany), (2010) and contributed tracks to Connections 6-way split  with Eucalypt (Australia), Amalthea (Sweden), Orbit Cinta Benjamin (Malaysia), Dodewaard (Netherlands) and Hiro (France) (Moments Of Collapse, 2008), Emo Apocalypse and Emo Annihilation compilations (React With Protest, 2006 and 2008 respectively). They also exceedingly toured Mexico and some cities in the US, despite the fact they never had an unique vocalist and changed it periodically. The band had planned some european, north american and japanese tours but were eventually cancelled due to their dissolution in 2008 and some members went on to form similar musical outfits such as Te Lloraría Un Puto Río and Jacques Cousteau afterwards. In 2013, Désordre Ordonné, God Athletics (Canada) and React With Protest (Germany) released Arse Moreira's discography tape with some extra goodies. Oh, I almost forgot. There's also an unreleased split with Loma Prieta that oficially never saw the light with two early alternate versions of Tela Blanca and Brown Eyes. These tracks were re-recorded and included on Connections 6-way split and Emo Annihilation compilation, respectively. Finally, click on the image above for downloading their discography tape plus the unreleased split with Loma Prieta as bonus. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Carlton Banks

Carlton Banks from Durango was active between 2007 and 2016 and never officially released a record during their lifespan except for only one track named Song For La Pandilla that was featured on Algunas Ideas Pueden Ser Peligrosas - Screamo Latinoamérica compilation (We already posted it some years ago back when we still wrote in spanish. If you'd like to check it out, click here and refresh your memory). And, yes, the band's name comes from the infamous character from Fresh Prince From Bel-Air TV show, which here in Latin América was known as El Príncipe del Rap with an unlikely success in the region. Regarding the sound, Carlton Banks, just like partners in crime ZHBKIT70s and Arcadhianonstabian, mixed screamo and neocrust. However, their musical instrumentation and execution was somewhat different and made something unique and personal of their own. Finally, in 2019, the band made a bandcamp account where they published Cuatro Metros De Nieve En Verano EP, which includes some unassorted and previously unreleased tracks recorded between 2008 and 2009 in two sessions. Of course, Song For La Pandilla is herein as well. In fact, you should keep in mind this track since it holds the ephemeral yet precious moment suspended in time that characterized the mindset behind this intriguing first wave of screamo in Mexico. Good anthem for dedicating it to your friends and saying to them "I love you despite you're a total asshole"...Hit two birds with one stone...Don't forget to click on the image above for being redirected to their official bandcamp account and delight yourselves with what could've been one of the most important EPs in the whole mexican hardcore punk spectrum. Such a bold statement but listen to it and you'll understand why. Just saying. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Growing Pains

Growing Pains was a short-lived musical project from Tijuana and only released one demo (2007). I think their name also comes from a TV show but I do not quite remember it at all right now. Remember when we made our (in)famous yet successful (un)official guide to neocrust / blackened crust some years ago? (You can refresh your memory by clicking here). Well, we remarked that some bands from Tijuana were heavily inspired by screamo-influenced neocrust musical outfits in the same vein as SLS'3, Madame Germen, Das Plague and Ekkaia (early years), among others. Growing Pains was part of that, let's say, also ephemeral and short-lived crust punk sub-scene. Pretty intense and dark-driven music. Finally, click on the image for downloading their only demo plus some unassorted and previously unreleased tracks and their split with Adobe Homes (US). On the latter record, I'd like to write something additional. Enzo from El Basurero del Emo blog mentioned me about its existence. While doing my research, I found that bel et bien both bands planned to release it on 7" format. This also meant the north american band's debut. However, Growing Pains broke up before this could happen and the split was released on tape format one year later. The mexicans did contribute a re-recorded version of La Arena, which is the first track off their demo and this edition in particular is slightly different with a much better sound quality and less time length. I couldn't find a physical copy, though. Sorry. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Another interesting screamo-influenced neocrust band from Tijuana that was featured in the last entry of our (in)famous yet successful (un)official guide to neocrust / blackened crust special post. You can click on the image above for getting redirected to that entry in particular for remembering this band as well as other ones (not necessarily screamo-driven, though). Go, les chaton.ne.s! Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Satie was a short-lived musical project from Tijuana also featuring members of Growing Pains and Maladie. This band only released two records: Envenenémonos Con Palabras Violentas y Poco Trascendentes EP (2009 (?)) and self-titled EP (Nuestra Lengua Records (México), 2010). Regarding the sound, Satie still retained the same neocrust ethos of their previous musical projects but with some additional sludge and even post-metal elements as well as more prominent and evident screamo and emoviolence sensibilites. The music is so well-done that's kinda difficult to determine where one influence starts and the other one ends. Nice. Also, the lyrics are pretty personal with very abstract stances arranged like if they were a mini-manifesto. Finally, thanks to our friend Enzo, I could retrieve their first EP. Their second one is really hard to get, however (The name doesn't help too much). So, if you know someone that could send us over a decent .mp3 file backup, we'd be really thankful. Don't forget to click on the image above for getting it. Artwork, layout, lyrics sheet and more are included in the file. Highly recommended. Enjoy!      

Te Lloraría Un Puto Río

Te Lloraría Un Puto Río (from now on TLUPR) was the next musical project following up Arse Moreira's demise in 2008. Their name means "I'd cry you a fucking river" in spanish. Best name ever. EVER. During their lifespan (2009-2016), they released a 4-way split with Beau Navire, Carrion Spring (USA) and The Dischord Of A Forgotten Sketch (Canada) (Désordre Ordonné (Canada) et al, 2009), split with Miischa (Friends For Life (USA) / La Flor Records (Peru), 2012), 3-way split with Mako and Arrows To Atoms (???, 2013) and a 5-way split with Commuovere (Canada), Fei Lung (USA), Eva Ras (Serbia) and Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness (Austria) (Confusion Specialist Records (Serbia), 2016). Regarding the sound, TLUPR played a little bit different than their previous musical project. Indeed, it still was screamo but with longer songs and more complex instrumentation while keeping somewhat the chaotic and violent vibes from past years. And, for the first time ever, lyrics were not only sung in both english and spanish but also french. Cool. Finally, click on the image above for downloading all their songs compiled in one file (Yeah, best bootleg ever :v). Their song Canción De Amor Sin Título is probably one of, if not, the best mexican screamo song ever written. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   


Theraps was a short-lived band from CDMX and only released this split EP with Ciudad Del Cabo, an emo/post-hardcore band from Spain (Moments of Collapse Records (Germany) / Existencia Records (Spain), 2009). The latter also shared members with Enoch Ardon, which was one of the first and most important screamo/emoviolence bands from their native country in the mid-00s. I think I also should write about this scene in the near future...Sure, why not? Regarding the sound, Theraps followed the same path traced by Arse Moreira. I'm not sure if they also shared members because some parts really reminded me of El Sueño Del Ranchero's family tree. Who knows...Finally, click on the image above for downloading this interesting split. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    


Walle is a band from Tijuana featuring ex-members of Growing Pains, Maladie and Satie, among others.  They also have released so far: Vómito de Notas LP (2010), split with Nazareno El Violento, amexican grindcore band (2011), Walle/Guali/Buali/Igual y Güilo LP, ¿Qué obo, Dracoboy? LP (2013) and a live session in CDMX (AKA Mexico City) (2015). There are also some unassorted tracks that are supposed to be released sometime later on something. Time will tell...So, unlike their previous crust punk-influenced acts, Walle was more screamo-oriented with some complex emoviolence, post-hardcore and even math rock elements in their repertory. Later, from their second LP, the band would eventually add more in post-rock and spoken word influences into their interesting hardcore formula, pretty much like many other national counterparts did, i.e. Per Se or Aves but a little bit less aggressive. The music still is pretty amazing and well elaborated. Finally, click on the image above for listening to / downloading for free their whole discography. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    


Clamant was short-lived screamo band from Monterrey that only released one split with Gattaca from Czechia (AKA Czech Republic) (Pure Heart Records (Czech Republic), 2010). As a curious fact, their contributed track, Derrumbemos, to Algunas Ideas Son Peligrosas - Screamo Latinoamérica compilation was taken from this record.  Regarding the sound, Clamant had both screamo and neocrust, pretty much as other musical outfits at their time such as Maladie and Carlton Banks. Their musical instrumentation and execution was pretty superb with different slow and fast-paced moments with the same sensibilites of epic crust like Ictus (Gallicia, Spain) but more screamo-oriented. After this release, some of their members went on to form Le.Mat, which was, according to Arcadhianonstabian's main guitarist, the last of the original first wave screamo bands in Mexico. Interesting. Finally, click on the image above for downloading this great split. Highly recommended. Enjoy!       

Human Plague

Human Plague was another screamo-influenced neocrust band from Guadalajara that existed between 2010 and 2011. During their short-lived experience they only released El Aullido Del Viento; Los Oídos Sordos Del Hombre single EP (2010) and Y La Muerte Vendrá Con El Tiempo LP (2011). There's also another unassorted track on their official bandcamp account named Con La Soga Al Cuello (2011) but I think this was supposed to be included on an upcoming EP or LP or whatever but never happened. Regarding their sound, this band played neocrust in the same vein as gallician outfits such as Hongo and Madame Germen. However, they also added in some screamo, post-hardcore and post-punk elements to their repertory.  So, yeah, you'll find in here the dark, pessimistic and gloomy aura of these kind of this vaguely (un)popular crust variant. Awesome band. Finally, click on the image above for listening to / downloading for free their whole discography. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

"Second wave" (2011 - 2017) 

Photo source: Audiotree

Joliette is an experimental hardcore / post-hardcore band from Puebla that has been active since 2011. Even though they're not a screamo band per se, they do have certain influences to be regularly associated with this trend. And, dude/tte, this band is so damn good. They have released so far: Convertirse En Agua EP (2011), Voltean/Están Felices (2012), Principia LP (2013), splits with Zaga Zaga (2014), Lyed (USA), Life In Vacuum (Canada) (2015), Ataxico LP (2016), El Alphabiotista single, live split with Frameworks (2018) and more recently Luz Devora LP (2019). Regarding their sound, they brutifully mix different styles including screamo, black metal, sludge, and post-hardcore, among others, for creating something unique and of their own. Just listen to their more recent material (which also was one of our best picks of last year) and you'll get the whole thing. There are no words for describing this sonic madness. Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account to listen to / download for free their whole discography. You can listen to their musical evolution passing from, what we consider here in this entry, the "second" to "third" wave. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Per Se

Per Se from Mérida was a band formed back in 2011 and released one demo (2011), split EP with En Círculos (Mexico (?)), 3-way split with Junior Healy (USA) and Moholy Nagy (Peru), one contributed track to Algunas Ideas Pueden Ser Peligrosas compilation (2012) and Danzas De Máscaras single (2013). Unlike other mexican screamo bands, Per Se was more into post-rock and post-hardcore rather than emoviolence or neocrust. However, their music was still heartbreaking and violent enough for your ears craving for pinche ruido, holms. Their last single ever was a more mature approach to this experimental path they were tracing since their beginnings as a band but, sadly, they disbanded shortly after its release. I'm not sure what happened to their band members. Well, I think this another example of how ephemeral and short the mexican screamo scene is per se (no pun intended). Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account to listen to / download for free their whole discography. FOF: Joliette (Mexico) and Vientre (Colombia). Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Die Alone 

Die Alone was a short-lived band from CDMX (AKA Mexico City) that only released one demo (2012), one track that was supossed to be contributed to the second edition of Algunas Ideas Pueden Ser Peligrosas compilation but didn't happen, 3-way split with Desespoir (Chile) and Hongo (Gallicia, Spain) (2013) and split EP with Clan Trevi Andrade (Mexico) (2015). Regarding the sound, the band started with emoviolence and neocrust influences but later on they started to incorporate more prominent post-rock elements into their repertory, pretty much like other national counterparts such as Per Se and Walle. I think this musical shift could be a characteristic of the second wave of screamo bands in Mexico. I really dig their musical instrumentation and execution with an unique chaotic and violent vibe unlike other post-rock-influenced screamo bands out there. Indeed, this is neither as ethereal nor atmospheric as those musical outfits. Just cathartic aggressive tunes. Nice. Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account to listen to / download for free their whole discography. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   


Note: Do not confuse with the post-black metal band from the US.

Aves is a screamo band from Puebla formed back in 2012. They only have released Caminos and II LPs (2014) and one split with Quiet Fear (USA) (2017). Unlike their post-rock-influenced screamo contemporaries such as Walle, Aves played more straightforward screamo with some additional post-hardcore, melodic hardcore, sludge and mathcore elements with very little post-rock influence (notably on their second record). Even some tracks give the impression that they also slightly tease with either grindcore or black metal. Pretty much like Joliette's most recent records. Well, sort of. In fact, Aves still managed to display a chaotic, violent and aggressive nature llike the "first wave" of screamo bands in their native country did. Their more recent record is by far their most aggressive and violent material to date. Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account to listen to / download for free their whole discography. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


This Monterrey-based musical outfit was born from the ashes of Alguna Vez Fui Ciego, a vegan straight edge metalcore band, and Clamant, already featured here in this entry, in 2012 and only released Diálogos de Sol y Luna EP (2013). Unlike their previous musical project, Le.Mat played screamo with some eventual emoviolence, mathcore, post-rock and post-hardcore elements. This eclectic savoir faire was filled with highly political stances and some litterary and philosophical references. Finally, the band did reunite briefly sometime in 2018 and released one split with Lord Snow (USA). This record is by far more emoviolence-oriented than their previous work but you can still detect Le.Mat's own signature musical execution. I'm not sure if they're still working on new material or they already are disbanded. Please let me know if you know something about their whereabouts. Don't forget to click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account in order to listen to / download for free their whole discography. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Bocanegra also was an ephemeral and short-lived hardcore band from Guadalajara that existed between 2012 and 2013. Featuring ex-members of Human Plague, Bocanegra perfected the cross-pollination of screamo and neocrust formula started with that musical project. You can imagine a mix of late-90s/early-00s screamo outfits such as Saetia and Off-Minor with His Hero Is Gone. There are also some slight elements of powerviolence and post-rock as well. Finally, they only released one self-titled on digital format. It was meant to be released on physical format (7") as well but, apparently, it never did happen. Don't forget to click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account in order to listen to / download for free their whole discography. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Jacques Cousteau

This apparently was the last musical project related to El Sueño del Ranchero's family tree. Jacques Cousteau, named after the celebrated french scientist who studied the sea and all forms of life in water, took the grind mathy jazz-esque fuzz that were the foundations of this intriguing mexicore ahnentafel. Indeed, the music is chaotic and violent with lots of improvisation, unpredictable tempo changes, and a more advanced and mature execution and instrumentation than previous works. Despite having some slight different vocal style, some chords and crescendos will absolutely remind you of Arse Moreira's top notch screamo/emoviolence savoir faire. And, unlike previous musical projects, there are more instrumental-only tracks and more lyrics in english, spanish and french than ever. Finally, click on the image above where you can listen to their available material: split with Monogatari, an experimental hardcore band from Mexico, (2014). (Note that this record has two editions, one on tape and another one on 7", and both have different tracks from each band. Great) and Frecuencia de Corte LP (2015), their only full-length album ever. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


90s is a two person band formed by ex members of mexican screamo padrinxs ZHBKIT70s. They only have released so far Desidia LP (Avandadoom Records (Mexico), 2017) and nothing else. Regarding their sound, they followed the same path traced by ZHBKIT70s but with less electric and synth elements. Also some additional influences from sludge, avant-garde, grindcore and even psychedelic rock genres were included. And, yes, screamo and emoviolence styles are prominent than ever leading thus to an outrageous, chaotic and violent music like the good ol' days. Ten years had to pass for perfecting the formula of the golden era of screamo in Mexico. I certainly hope to listen to more upcoming material from them im the near future. For sure. Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to 90s' record label official bandcamp account and delight yourselves with this amalgam of both classic and modern screamo picante. Highly recommended. Enjoy!       

"Third wave"(2017 - today)

My Mind Is A Birdcage

My Mind Is A Birdcage (from now on MMIAB) is a band from Monterrey formed back in 2017 and have released so far one demo (2017) and self-titled LP (2018). There's also one brand new track named Intro + (a) Temporal, available on their bandcamp, that was featured on the Endémico #4 live session at Magnánima in 2019. Regarding their sound, MMIAB mixes screamo with post-rock and post-hardcore for creating a chaotic yet melodic sound of their own. Pretty much like some of the bands from the second wave of mexican screamo like Per Se or Walle but a little bit more harsh and overwhelming. They also have some instrumental-only tracks with more slow-paced interludes to chill and relax the ears after listening to their sonic madness. Cool. Finally, click on the image above where you can listen to their current material. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Note: Do not confuse them with Padme from Turkey.

Pádme is a band from Zacatecas that only has released La Monotonía De Mi Ser LP (2017) and Constante En Suplicio A Orillas De Las Sombras LP (2019). Their sound is basically a mix of different sounds like screamo, melodic hardcore, post-hardcore and, more recently, post-rock and math rock. I have to admit that their more recent LP really caught my attention since it reminded me somewhat of Suis La Lune with their mesmerizing and ethereal ambient vibe. Holy fuck, I can't believe I missed out this last year. In fact, I got to know Pádme while writing this entry. Damn, it's getting difficult to get to know what's going on in LATAM lately. If you dig bands such as Quiet Fear (USA) Caminos (Chile) and Vientre (Colombia), this is for you. Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to their available material. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Graniza En La Casa del Árbol 

It's almost unknown the trend, or the experiment of mixing shoegaze with anything related to emo. This is something trying to happen since the 90s (I'll try to write about this in the near future) and most of these bands have either failed or done something else. Well, Graniza En La Casa Del Árbol with Puerto Escondido EP (Lazo Al Cuello Records (Mexico), 2018) tries to break the mould with their unique experimental approach mixing screamo, post-rock, post-hardcore and shoegaze. The final result is simply amazing. Indeed, while this is not creating at all the long-awaited chimerical spawn that we could label as emogaze (or something like that), we must definitely admit that this is something different with an unique aura and vibe that could make us dream of more bold and brave alchemical experiments to still defying hardcore punk's natural musical boundaries in new ways. Pretty neat. Finally, click on the image above where you can listen to their only record ever released. Too bad. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Lo Que Para Nosotrxs Fue LP (2019) is the debut album from this recently formed CDMX-based band.  I really liked their sound since they draw influences from different music genres and styles such as screamo, post-hardcore, pop punk, crust punk and even shoegaze. According to their band members, this concept album represents something special and unique for those who resist, stand together and feel strong. Of course, those who don't feel that strong are welcome in here too. Finally, click on the image above for being redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to this interesting brainstorm technique that, just like the previous musical outfit, clearly defies hardcore punk's natural musical boundaries. I hope to see more material coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


We finally conclude this entry with Satón, an impressive experimental hardcore band from CDMX. I had the opportunity to see them live performing last year alongside Quiet Fear (USA) and Viva Belgrado (Spain) and they definitely rocked. Indeed, their music is infused with screamo, melodic hardcore, sludge, post-hardcore post-black metal and post-rock influences for creating something really dark-oriented yet pristine ambient. If you dig bands like Joliette (Mexico) and Vientre (Colombia), yeah, you definitely must check this out. Pretty touching lyrics as well. Awesome.  Finally, click on the image above where you can listen to, Lleno de Hienas LP, their only record ever released thus far. I'll be aware of more upcoming releases from this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!