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The unofficial guide to "neocrust" and "blackened" crust, Part II.

Note: Punk Is Gagas

We're back once again with the second part of this "crust de salón" special, and we'll continue where we left off. I have to say that the site won't be totally translated to English, as we previously announced, because it has been a difficult task and it's not adequate doing it. Indeed, it's a waste of time and the entries are really complex to translate (no joking), so we'll continue writing in English and the posts, prior to 2016, will remain in Spanish. It's possible that some of these publications would come back in English because I have some plans of re-editing and re-arranging some of them but right now, we'll have all-new content. The past is the past. Sorry for the expectations. Let's begin with the second part of our "neocrust"/"blackened crust" special.

Downfall To Gaia / Kazan split!npp23JiS!TW-pOfbi2wF9AlJ-b5gMMTlfUY64a2SVnRr7tpwOpfY

This interesting split was released in 2009 by Sengaja Records, a japanese hardcore/punk label. Downfall of Gaia is a german band that blends crust punk, post metal, sludge, and even some traces of black metal, for creating their awesome dark, heavy and ambient sound. It's the perfect soundtrack to the decaying spectacle of everyday. A perfect mix close to Neurosis, Pelican or Fall of Efrafa. They have other works in their discography: Epos (2010), split with In The Hearts Of Emperors (2011) (These two works would be later compiled in a 2013 self-titled), Salvation In Darkness (2011), Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes (2012), Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay (2014). Since 2012, they're signed to Metal Blade Records and their sound is closer to the sludge and post metal subgenres, which it seems to be the "natural" consecuence to all of these "neocrust" bands. Kazan is a pretty unknown french band that has metalcore, posthardcore and screamo influences but they have some songs with an experimental approach similar to all these "neocrust" bands. I don't think they should be related to the latter category, but that doesn't mean that their music should be despised. They make a fantastic work. Finally, in their discography we find: a Demo (2006), a split with After The Taste (2008) and Maslow 0 (2010). I'm not really sure if this band is still active. Finally, you should download this split tape. It's the first work of both bands and they're amazing. The Downfall of Gaia's songs aren't too experimental or ambient like nowadays but it's the beginning of such particular sound. The artwork, lyrics' explanations and bands' informations are included in the file. All-In-One. Enjoy!

Blünt / Nagasaki Nightmare split

An outstanding split of two bands, Blünt, from Galicia, Spain and Nagasaki Nightmare, from Italy. This was one of the first "neocrust" records I knew long time ago. Blünt, as you may expect from their procedence region, was one of the best bands in the spanish "neocrust" explosion, twelve years ago. In fact, we should say this would be the perfect "neocrust" outfit: dark, misanthropic, anger-filled, depressive songs fueled with the rage of crustcore à la His Hero Is Gone. As you may remember, they had members of SL'S3 and Madame Germen and they also have an interesting self-titled released back in 2007. Nagasaki Nightmare is an interesting crust/d-beat band with some "neocrust" affinities in the vein of Tragedy, From Ashes Rise and Madame Germen. They have a self-titled (2006) and a split shared with Contrasto (2006), one of the most important italian crustcore bands of the last 15 years.  As you may have noticed, Nagasaki Nightmare shares the same musical and lyrical style as most of the featured "neocrust" bands so far. Their songs are in their native language and they're fantastic. Finally, I recommend you this amazing split. It contains, in my humble opinion, the best songs of each band. Enjoy!

Ictus / Okban split!qx4lWKgS!fBwib-U5J-Upf7-ehZH4m-xSu07QaP6jnDIui8tl8D4

Ictus is a galician "neocrust" band that plays a dark, heavy, and disonant hardcore punk inspired by bands like Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone with some post metal and metalcore influences. Nonetheless, Ictus had a special component that gave them their particular fame: the length of their songs. Indeed, most of their songs exceed the five minutes having multiples changes between melodic interludes and agressive breakdowns, accompanied with screamed voices and a complex instrumentation. This was one of the first crust punk bands receiving the label "epic crust" or simply "epicrust" (oh yes, another stupid name. when this madness will end?), due to the musical complexity behind their work. Enter to the dream theater of crust punk. Fuck yeah! Finally, our lovely japanese record label Long Legs Long Arms released their 2xCD discography that contains: the song of this split, the song of the split with This Thing Called Dying, their first full-length Hambrientos De Un Sol Distinto and their epic masterpiece Imperivm (a 39 minutes track released as a single. Amazing). Ôkban is an asturian hardcore punk band with heavy metalcore and screamo influences. You can imagine their sound between american crust punk bands like Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, german Northcore bands like Acme and Carol and french screamo bands like Fingerprint and Ananda. Also, they had deep lyrics and a pretty good musical structure. In this split, their songs don't have much crust punk influences. Along with Pulpita de Fruta and Ëbola, most people relates them to the horrid "emocrust" label (Not again with those stupid names! Aaaarrrggghh!). Finally, in their discography we find 3 albums: Crystal, Hiperestesia and La Llluvia No Cesará (their best work, in my opinion). They have reformed again and we hope to see some new material. I recommend you this split. It's one of my favorite "neocrust" splits. Enjoy!

Black Panda / Auktion split!3kxCAC4Z!RkRBvD8A4ri0z2TiP8CT5Z97mZaYSVEjUadFVCxUsBs

An excellent split EP of two "crust 'n roll" bands (Black Panda from Spain and Auktion from Sweden) released by Rust And Machine Records and Trabuc Records in 2008. Black Panda (featuring members of Madame Germen, Cop On Fire and Nashgul) was one of the galician "neocrust" bands that didn't have an experimental approach nor  tried to sound "epic". Unlike their national counterparts, they focused in another weird crust punk variation known as crust 'n roll. Indeed, they had some elements of "neocrust" mixed with some speed metal à la Motörhead. You can imagine Tragedy meets Inepsy. Even though their lyrics had some references to rage, rebellion and chaos, they also had a special attraction to gasoline, gambling, motors and races. Pretty awesome in my opinion. Finally, in their discography they have this split, another one with Holocaust In Your Head, one LP named Tanque De 98 Octanos (2007) and their more recent work A La Caza del U-666 (2013). Last but not least, Auktion was a swedish crust punk band with d-beat and rock 'n roll influences, sharing a similar sound reminiscent to Black Panda. They're from Umea, the 90s swedish hardcore punk mecca, and it's really interesting that they didn't try to resurrect the old glory of the hardcore punk sound of their hometown. The lyrics are in swedish but I suppose they're related to the common topics of the "crust 'n roll" movement. Finally, nowadays they're a defunct band and in their discography we can find: the Spader Ess tape, D-Beat R' and 'R Mayhem (one of the best crust 'n roll albums) and one split with Against The Empire. You should download and listen to this record. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Enjoy!.

Leadershit / Derrota split.!2shngQRI!PEApRGakOBA-93RIt0H8tKc24j2N8JUbRHMHW67ijDc

An amazing split of two spanish crustcore bands released by Trabuc Records and Be-Part.Records in 2007. Derrota is a valencian hardcore punk band sharing the same crust punk influences like most of the "neocrust" acts. Also, they have some sludge, stoner rock and post metal influences in their sound. Their style is a little bit far away from the predominant galician crust punk style because they're not so experimental nor so "screamy". In this split, they make two amazing covers to Disyouth and Misfits. Finally, in their discography we find: a self-titled (2005), two splits with Horrör and Ambulance (both released in 2006), a LP named Asko Infinito (2007) and their more recent work Guerra Civil (2013). Leadershit (featuring members of Ekkaia and Cop On Fire) is a galician hardcore punk that bloomed in the galician "neocrust" explosion we've been talking to. They only released a demo (2005) and a full-length self-titled (2006). Unlike most of their regional counterparts, Leadershit focused more on death metal and old school black metal than screamo or post rock. Their sound is really close to galician band Asedio (already featured in this "neocrust" and "blackened crust" special). Finally, I only have to say that you must download this record. If you don't like so much the screamyepicexperimentalyetmetallic approach of most of the galician "neocrust" bands, this is perfect for you. Enjoy!

Alpinist / Masakari split!a9BAHIRR!B14QCnor4HLS9dOR5bJonwDqJYXn5IuvKWtFXy_PDfg

A monstrous split of these amazing bands. It was released in 2011 by Alerta Antifascista Records and Halo Of Flies Records. I think they are right now the most popular "neocrust" bands that don't sing in spanish. And I also know that these two bands deserve each one an entire post but the purpose of this special is only giving you some taste of all of these musical groups. Maybe, just maybe, these bands will have the place they deserve on this blog. Maybe, just maybe... Alpinist is a german band from Münster that fuses crust punk, metalcore and sludge for creating their iconic sound filled with dark and pessimistic lyrics. They classify their sound as "heavylowfastslowdark hardcore". Simply awesome. Most of their songs have german and english lyrics alike. It's an unconventional mix but it works perfect for them. Finally, in their discography they have: a demo (2007), one split with german "neocrust" band Finisterre (2008), their glorious LP Minus.Mensch (undoubtedly their best work), and Lichtlærm LP (2010). Also, as a matter of fact, both LPs were re-released in CD format by Southern Lord Records (2011). I'm not sure if these guys are still active but we hope see some new fresh material very soon. Finally, Masakari is an american band from Cleveland that has crust punk and sludge influences, both common elements to the "neocrust" standard. Their lyrics are well-written and with a complex structure, criticizing everything out there. Also, thanks to their musical influences, they have a complex structure with heavy and slow breakdowns and fast and short moments. You can imagine His Hero Is Gone under the effects of both cocaine and heroin. It's pretty amazing. Finally, in their discography they have: Eden Compromised LP (2009), The Profit Feeds LP (2010), XVII Sleep 7" (2011), 2 split EPs with Tempest and Grin And Bear It (2012) and Fight Back EP, the mythic Discharge's EP nicely covered by Masakari (2013). Also, they curated a compilation for Cvlt Nation's Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series (we have to say that Cvlt Nation is one of the best websites dedicated to underground music and it's been a great inspiration for us in this blog since long time ago).

You should download this sonic madness. It's pure gold. The artwork and the lyrics insert are in the file. Enjoy!
Finisterre / Geraniüm split!CwgUDTza!EqHphlYTl25zrFFdaZoP0LPrxk6zm0Qzo9TZUClUUeQ

Another amazing split whose bands should have deserved an exclusive post. This split was released in 2013 by Contraszt! Records, Rope or Guillotine Records and Root Of Evil Collective. Finisterre is a german band from the city of Köln (Cologne) and have in their discography so far: a self-titled (2008), a split EP with german monsters Alpinist (2008), Bitter Songs LP (2010), this split EP and Hexis LP (2013). Like other "neocrust" bands, Finisterre has crust punk influences in the vein of Tragedy, Wolfbrigade and From Ashes Rises accompanied with some slow interludes and fast breakdowns. Also, they have both female and male voices, which is amazing. Regarding their lyrics, they satisfy "neocrust" standards: dark, apathetic, dystopian and fateful poems. Last but not least, Geraniüm are from Strasbourg, France. In their discography we find: a split with Human Compost (2010), a Tour CD (2010), and a self-titled (2012). Once again, this band has the typical "neocrust" influences: Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Ekkaia, Perth Express, etc. and the same lyrical content: dark and apathetic. When I first heard them, I thought they were a spanish band and not a french one because their style isn't really common in France. It's a good band after all. Finally, I recommend this split if this "crust de salón" movement has intrigued you. Artwork and lyrics sheet included in the file. Enjoy!

Gattaca / Axidance split!C9ZkwbxJ!iDmKs0UEhqAc2eBr6niQR6NPk5_XmVkYNUz9cWq2Cjw
Finally, we finish this second part with this beautiful split released by They Live! Records in 2012. Gattaca is a czech female-fronted "neocrust" band. They have similar sound and aesthetics of bands like Tragedy, Fall Of Efrafa, Finisterre and Ekkaia. Their lyrics are in their native language and have a political content, for example, they advocate for both human and animal liberation. Finally, Axidance is a russian "blackened crust" (the first one so far in the special), with crust punk and old school black metal influences. You can imagine a mix of Tragedy and Bathory. Also, they have a complex musical structure and length of songs reminiscent to "epic crust". I must recommend this excelent split. The file contains the artwork and lyrics translated to english. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this second part of the special. Things we'll get heavier and more experimental in the next post. Ay ay ay! 'till next time!. 

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