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The unofficial guide to neocrust and blackened crust, Final part.

Note: We hope dis-cute kvlt kitty likes this post. 

We're fuckin' back. Hell yeah! After some (un)justified delays, we'll finish once and for all our lovely guide to this "hipster crust" madness. I have to admit it, I've enjoyed it a lot. And I have to say that I'm sorry if the purists of the crust punk subgenre are ripping off their shirts with the content of the special. Nah, fuck off. Lol. No, but seriously, it's been a pleasure sharing with you dis-kind of stuff. Obviously, these weird and complex crust punk subgenres will be back in the future. Sí que sí.

Now, I had some difficulties writing the last post of this infamous special because I had to cut off some bands and I'll try to focus more in blackened crust. Indeed, the first two entries didn't have much bands of this style (only a few ones with some black metal influences) and we have to please our kvlt kitty. Also, this entry will feature neocrust and blackened crust from Latin America. I hope you enjoyed all the hype behind this special and I'll be pleased if this unofficial guide works for you. 

Don't forget to visit the first two entries of the special ( and Also, I've fixed the broken links in the website and later this month we'll have our long-awaited change of image. In the next week, we'll work with a new format (we'll kind of) and if you remember the ancient blog, it will please you. Oh yeah. Let's get it on; Oooooooh baaaaaaabbbbbbyyyy, let's get it on; Sugar... Until the next time. Hugs and kisses.  

Iskra - Selected Works

An amazing compilation of  Iskra's first works (from 2003 to 2007), the most iconic blackened crust  outfit, released by Profane Existence in 2007. Iskra, whose name means "spark" in Russian, is a canadian blackened crust band formed back in 2003. This band was born from the ashes of Black Kronstadt and they coined the term blackened crust to describe their musical style. Today, they only say they play "anarchist black metal". Also, Iskra was one of the first bands to be associated with the RABM (Red Anarchist Black Metal) movement in contrast of the controversial and stupid fascist side of black metal.     

Regarding the sound, Iskra mixes pretty well crust punk and black metal. Indeed, they have influences of the best bands of each musical genre like Antisect, Amebix, Doom, Bathory, Mayhem and Darkthrone, among others. The lyrics have anticapitalist, antifascist and anarchist stances (common elements to the crust punk subgenre) and a dark, gloomy and misanthropic point of view (in the vein of the black metal subgenre).

On the other hand, this compilation has Iskra's first releases from 2003 to 2007: their amazing 2003 self-titled, songs from the split with Mankillsman (2003), one live performance in Montreal, Canada (2003), the superb The Terrorist Act EP (2005), and the songs from the split with Self Rule (2007). You'll notice that in the works before 2005, the band had two male vocalists. Since The Terrorist Act EP, they have an amazing female vocalist, one of the key elements the band is known for.

Finally, I highly recommend you this awesome band. When you click on the image, you'll be redirected to a mediafire link generated by the band itself. All artwork and lyrics are included. Also, you can visit their official website ( where you can download all their work. You should also check out their amazing Bureval LP and the remasterization of their self-titled LP. Good stuff. Enjoy!.

Gallhammer - Gloomy Lights!T5Qj2RoJ!_x4_gwdeRRsRlrbAguzpbj2tcuTURuCsRTkJC5nylz4
This is the amazing 2004 debut album of this monstrous japanese trio (at the time of the release). In the last 10 years, they have been subject of admiration for two reasons: 1) All the members of the band are females; and, 2) Their music perfectly blends black metal, doom metal and crust punk. Indeed, in their musical influences we can find traces of Amebix, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Venom, Burzum and Corrupted. Despite their crust punk influences, the band has said that they don't display a political stance unlike their blackened crust homologues.

Gloomy Lights was released by Goatsucker Records (Mexico), Hello From The Gutter Records (Japan) and Bestial Burst Records (Finland). It was such a blast that everyone in both underground punk and metal communities were talking about them. It had been so praised the succes of the band that even Darkthrone recommended Peaceville Records to sign a contract with them. They did it in 2006 and they released their second album Ill Innocence in 2007.

On the other hand, each member has a strange surname in the same fashion as the norwegian black metal godfathers (although they don't use corpse paint). Thus, "Vivian Slaughter" is their bassist and voice (also, she's the wife of Maniac, Mayhem's ex-vocalist), "Lisa Reaper" is on charge of the drums and backing vocals, and "Mika Penetrator", until 2010, was their guitarist and also provided backing vocals.

In 2011, they released their third album called The End. In this album, Mika is absent and the band continued as a bass-drums duo (like the first years of german powerviolence band Yacopsae).  This album also meant a musical shift because the blackened crust sound the band was known for was disappearing because there was more priority to a more slow-paced approach with more doom metal and sludge elements.

Finally, I recommend you this outstanding album. Some songs have stronger black metal influences than others but in general terms it's one of the best blackened crust albums out there. Enjoy!.
Darkthrone - The Cult Is Alive!etgAVSII!7Y9-GucGyRj0INA-s8ElEoc2Y1XusdGAgN90-wVmXps

When I started the blog, I never thought reviewing black metal bands. I have to admit that the forementioned controversial extreme metal subgenre pleases me in some way but I'm not a connoiseur or a trve kvlt fan. But I love the musical subgenres influenced by black metal like the blackened crust, the dark hardcore and the blackgaze (weird names, though). And continuing the hype behind this hipster crust madness, the works of Darkthrone in the last 10 years will fit perfectly on this special.

So everyone is wondering: Why Darkthrone is here? Why one of the most influential black metal bands is present on this weird crust punk subgenres' special? Well, as you should have read on the first entry of this special, since 2006 Darkthrone has been mixing their black metal formula with crust punk. And this disc is the first proof of this particular yet amazing musical shift.  As Fenriz himself says, Darkthrone is making something that in the nineties would have been "impossible" to do (well, this isn't so true at all but for the moment we'll leave it like this).

Regarding the sound, we find their iconic black metal style fused with the crust punk sound of bands like Amebix, Antisect, Deviated Instinct, and Hellbastard. Also, we can find some traces of hardcore punk classics like G.I.S.M. and Discharge. It's amazing the hardcore punk approach that Darkthrone gave in this record without forgetting their extreme metal roots. It's pretty similar to those metal punk bands around there and I should say that they're somehow a great influence to the blackened crust movement nowadays.

I know their die hard fans would say that these crust punk influenced works won't surpass their (Un)Holy Trinity (Transilvanian Hunger, A Blaze In The Northern Sky and Under A Funeral Moon) but we can't deny the marvelous work they have been making with this perfect symbiose of crust punk and black metal. Simply amazing. Also, Darkthrone in their last work, The Underground Resistance, has more speed metal and thrash metal influences leaving aside in some degree the crust punk mix.

On the other hand, if you're more interested in the black metal territory, you can look for the disc published in 2004 by Peaceville Records that Fenriz himself curated named Fenriz presents...The Old-School Black Metal. In this compilation, you will find the extreme metal bands and the first and second wave black metal bands that gave birth to this controversial yet amazing extreme metal subgenre.

Finally, I recommend you this excellent disc. Even if you're a purist of both black metal and crust punk subgenres, this work will really please you. Also, you can check their other crust punk influenced works (F.O.A.D., Dark Thrones and Black Flags and Circle The Wagons) that they're as impressive as The Cult Is Alive but personally I prefer this one above the others. You should download this record, you won't regret it. Enjoy!.

Dödsängel - Helgrind Demo 2009!HhRW2QQZ!RVrj5n7b4VHuBQqJBBTCklej6zdWYqMpaijWD1fpWC8
One particular aspect of the infinite subgenres influenced by black metal is that we can find solo projects more easily compared to other musical genres and/or subgenres. For exemple, it's pretty common finding atmospheric post-black metal and blackgaze projects following this tendance. But, for the effects of our special, we found an amazing canadian female-fronted blackened crust solo project that deserved a special treatment on our site.

The mastermind behind Dödsängel (I think is Angel of Death in swedish) is Trish, an ex-member of Skitliv and Nattefrost. This woman mixes pretty well crust punk, d-beat and black metal. In effect, we find influences of black metal and crust punk classics like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Amebix and Hellbastard as well as modern swedish crust punk/d-beat outfits like Skitsystem. One particular feature of this work is Trish's voice that resembles female-fronted crust punk classics like Nausea and Detestation. Top notch.

Finally, I highly recommend you this work. It's one of the best female-fronted blackened crust projects out there thanks to its lo-fi, raw and minimalist approach. It's pretty amazing. Enjoy!.

Cara Neir - Portals to a better, dead world

This the third album of an american blackened crust two-man project released in 2013 by Broken Limbs Records and Halo Of Flies Records. For a strange reason, this seems to me that this band is one of the more experimental and complex blackened crust out there. Indeed, they have black metal, neocrust, metalcore, crust punk, grindcore, screamo and posthardcore influences. They have an amazing instrumentation and their lyrics are abstract, complex and depressive as fuck. We could say they're an epic blackened crust version of Converge mixed with Ekkaia and Cloud Rat, for giving you an idea of their musical madness.

In their repertory we find four self-released discs: Part I and Part II (2009), Stagnant Perceptions (2011) and Sublimation Therapy (2012), two splits with Ramlord (2012) and Fleshborn (2014), this amazing disc (in my humble opinion, their best work) and a 4-way split with Horseback, Venowl, Njiqahdda. Also, Cara Neir, along with Dead To A Dying World and Ecocide, is one of the best and more representative bands in the crescent texan blackened crust scene nowadays.

Finally, if you click on the image, you'll be redirected to the Cara Neir's official bandcamp where you can download this amazing album, paying the right price or downloading it for free. Also, I recommend you to check their songs from the split with Ramlord and their first works. They're pretty amazing too. Enjoy!.

Dishammer - Vintage Addiction!LspAzA6R!usknmNlcSum7uVS_kqOKYpZF0P8hCa7pwwswFk4hAEQ

This is the first release of this amazing spanish blackened crust band released by Hell Headbangers in 2008. It features members of spanish crustgrind bands like Nashgul, Looking For An Answer and Machetazo. As you should have guessed, their name is composed by the Dis of Discharge and the hammer of Hellhammer, both influential bands for the hardcore punk, crust punk and d-beat subgenres and black metal subgenre, respectively.

Regarding the sound, you can imagine an orgy of Bathory, Discharge, Chaos UK, Mayhem, and Hellhammer in the depths of the second circle of hell. Their lyrics are about sex, bondage, werewolves, motorcycles, sexy women, violence, demons, extermination and more (pretty heavy metal, ha?). Also, in the insert you will find the "13 commandements of Dishammer" which include rejecting god's authority, adoring demons like Asmodeus and Astaroth, praising the music of Motörhead, Bathory and Discharge, turning crosses upside down, etc.

Finally, this is the CD version of  Vintage Addiction. The archive includes all the artwork, layout and inserts. The CD version shares the same artwork, layout and inserts of the vinyl version but the latter features a bondage woman pretty similar to Wendy O. Williams from Plasmatics on the Side A of the disc while the other side features a sex scene involving a nun. On the other hand, the tape version doesn't feature all the artwork of the CD and Vinyl versions, only the front and back cover, the photo of the band performing in live and the lyrics are reunited in one page. Highly recommended. Enjoy!.

Young And In The Way - I Am Not What I Am!S9IF2aaY!M55_8DxBz0uoOAH100F0CUVP1HAJ_Oe0AjQMSH52BPA

This is the first full-length and third record of this intriguing american blackened crust band. It was released by Atrum Cultus Records in 2011. Later, A389 Recordings re-released this record bundled with the Amen LP in 2012. Along with the belgian band Oathbreaker, Young And In The Way is one of the best and one of the most popular modern hardcore punk bands in the catalog of Deathwish Records that have blackened influences. 

Regarding the sound, Young And In The Way has crust punk and black metal influences combined with the musical structure and attitude of a modern hardcore punk band. You can imagine like a blackened version of the bastard son of Catharsis and Converge lost in a freezing and gloomy scandinavian forest. Their lyrics are abstract and complex pieces of decaying poetry for all the damned souls wandering helpless in what we call "life". 

Finally, this is the original version released back in 2011. It's a great band despite their popularity. It has a complex, noisy, fast and relentless sound that you'll want to smash the porcelain of your house, burn your neighbor's house and don't feel regret about it. Good stuff. Enjoy! 

Wolvhammer  - Black Marketeers Of World War III!C8gExTYZ!n-xin2U12lP67HSkZuD_NeBH5U9ra2NCRwnWp4-swWI

This is the first album of one of the most amazing and important hardcore punk bands related to the blackened crust movement. It was released by Init Records in 2010. Later, in 2011, this was re-released by Learning Curve Records in LP format with a 2-song bonus 7". In their discography we find: The Obsidians Plains LP (2011), Clawing Into Black Sun LP (2014), two splits with The Atlas Moth (2013) and Krieg (2014), and their more recent work Death Divisions EP. 

Regarding the sound, Wolvhammer has notorious crust punk and black metal influences. It's like a metalcore band with the formula of scandinavian black metal like Immortal and Burzum mixed with stenchcore like Hellbastard and Deviated Instinct. Also, we can find in later records some prominent sludge influences. Despite their sound, the band says that they play "Working Class Antichristian Blackened Sludge Punk", the best hardcore punk related subgenre ever (if it does really exist).

Finally, I highly recommend it. One of the best complex blackened crust bands I've ever heard in the last 6 years. We hope to have more material from this amazing american musical group. Go and download it. Enjoy!

Martyrdöd - In Extremis!bsoVQRKa!sdLNyYMTXa-MOkR840TZPne84IA11uwQKg2dKeS9PNc

This is the second album of this brutal swedish crust punk outfit. It was released by Havoc Records in 2005. In their discography we also find: a 2003 self-titled, a split with SundayMorningEinsteins (2004), Sekt LP (2009), Paranoia LP (2012) and their more recent work Eldopp (2014). They share the same guitarist with Skitsystem, so it's no surprise if you find musical similarities between these 2 bands. 

Regarding the sound, Martyrdöd displays a sonic fury of crust punk (like their swedish homologues Wolfbrigade, Disfear and Skitsystem) mixed with some influences of black metal and death metal. Some songs have a more complex instrumentation with slow-paced and mid-tempo interludes and some other songs have a relentless and rabid discharge of energy. Also, all of their lyrics are in swedish and criticizes every aspect of society and life in general in the vein of the crust punk subgenre.

Finally, I recommend this record. I know it's not their best work but this band has been a huge to all the blackened crust movement in the last 10 years, so imperatively you must know them. The artwork, layout and lyrics in swedish are included in the file. All-in-one. Give it a try. Enjoy!. 

Agrimonia - self-titled!mgQyBAJK!VFDh0UcUByV6LyFHhfA8lHAsGAg5KdXJr0fIyWB4Lb8
This is the first self-titled of this amazing female-fronted swedish blackened crust band. It was first released as a CD-R demo in 2008 by the band itself. Later, in that year, Skuld Records released the LP version in Germany. The next year, it was re-released in CD format by Inget Jävla Chafs and Detesta Records in Norway. Finally, Canadian record label Moshpit Tragedy re-released the content of this record as digital download with an extra song named The Plague. In their discography we also find: Host Of The Winged (2010) and Rites Of Separation (2013). 

Regarding the sound, Agrimonia has crust punk, neocrust, black metal, doom metal and even posthardcore influences. We can say it's like a primitive form of Fall Of Efrafa and Downfall Of Gaia with a less experimental approach but without leaving aside that relentless and rabid crust punk energy we love. Some songs also have slow-paced interludes and song length in the same vein of the countless epic crust outfits out there. 

Finally, I'll leave you the Moshpit Tragedy edition. All the artwork, layouts and lyrics are included. Highly recommended. Enjoy!. 

Dead To A Dying World - self-titled

This is the first album of this interesting texan blackened crust outfit. It was released in 2011 by Tofu Carnage Records and produced by Phillip Cope of Kylesa (one of the most important sludge/post-metal bands out there). Also the artwork and logo were designed by Brian Ward and Dave Dean, both members of Nux Vomica (already featured in this special). In their discography we also find their more recent album named Litany, released in 2015 by Alerta Antifascista Records.

Regarding their sound, Dead To A Dying World has crust punk, black metal and doom metal influences with the addition of a cello, which is interesting to their bittersweet musical repertory. Also, since the release of Litany, they have two vocalists (one male and the other female) and a member of the band plays the viola, in the same way as their homologues Ecocide. The lyrics are long, abstract and complex dealing with personal and political issues. 

Finally, when you click on the image, you'll be redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can download for free or pay the right price for this amazing record. Also, you can listen to and purchase Litany, which is far superior than their self-titled. Also, they'll be touring Europe in April, so go to see them live if you can. Highly recommended. Enjoy!.

Ecocide - self-titled

The first release of the last piece of the texan blackened crust "trinity". It was released in 2011 by three american record labels: Bad People Records, Burnt Bridges Records and Dead Profit Records. In their discography we also find their last release named When Will It End (2013). Also, Ecocide is female-fronted and has the sound of the violin. This isn't the first time a hardcore punk band uses this instrument, for example, crust bands like Cwill and Requiem or screamo bands like Portrait features its sound. 

Regarding the sound, as their local homologues, Ecocide has crust punk, doom metal, sludge and black metal influences. The lyrics are in the same vein of other neocrust/blackened crust bands with a depressive and fatidic approach criticizing the abusive human behaviour against the nature and the animals. Sadly, the band is no longer together and their last record was posthumously released. I don't know if their members went to form or to join other musical projects. 

Finally, when you click on the image, you'll be redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can download for free or pay the right price of this amazing record. Sadly, you can only listen their last release because there isn't a download option. I recommend you this band. Pretty awesome. Enjoy!. 

Welkin Dusk - Born Into A Dying World
This the second release and the first full-length of this amazing blackened crust band from Chicago. In their discography we also find a 2010 demo and a split with Ramlord (2013). They also participated in one of the two benefit compilations for the brazilian blog Crust Or Die (, one of the best blogs specialized in crust punk and its variations. We'll feature later the forementioned collections. 

Regarding the sound, Welkin Dusk has crust punk and black metal influences. Bands like Bathory, Mayhem, Tragedy, Remains of the Day and Catharsis comes to mind. Also, they have a strong antifascist and anticapitalist stance and an obvious despise to the NSBM movement, which is pretty cool and most of their songs expose these stances. I would say it's one of my favorite blackened crust bands thanks to their musical approach and their political view. 

Finally, I should recommend you this amazing band. I hope they surprise us soon with some new fresh material. When you click on the image, you'll be redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can download for free or pay the right price of this amazing record. Also, you should also check out their split with Ramlord. It's such a blast. You can get a listen to it here: Mandatory download. Enjoy!.

Seeds In Barren Fields / Macúla split!XxxSAbTK!seOoFC_7xoWqfYtzaDli_BU-vctFviQqUVK-Pwr9BPw

This is an amazing split of Seeds In Barren Fields from Sweden and Macúla from Brazil. This disc was released in 2014 by Existencia Muerta Records (Venezuela) and Tamer Of Crows (Brazil). 

Macúla features some members of extinct local bands like Choque Frontal, Lágrimas de Ódio and The Wooden Man. Also, they're involved with the Crust Or Die collective. Their sound has crust punk and black metal influences. We could say their sound is a mix of early Gorgoroth with His Hero Is Gone. The lyrics of the songs featured in this split have antifascist and anticapitalist stances. I don't know if this is their only official release. They also participated in the Crust Or Die benefit discs. 

Seeds In Barren Fields are also a blackened crust band, related to the Red Anarchist Black Metal (RABM) movement but they prefer to name their music simply as "anarchist black metal". In their discography we aslo find: Sounding The Siren Song In Vain (2011), Replaced By Static Death (2013), Let The Earth Be Silent After Ye (2015) and two other splits with Marnost (2012) and Peregrine (2010). They have a political stance similar to their brazilian homologues and in this split they make a marvelous cover to His Hero Is Gone's song Headless/Heartless.  

Finally, I should recommend you this amazing split. It's pretty awesome and features two of the best blackened crust bands nowadays. Mandatory download. Enjoy!. 

 Maladie - self-titled (2009)!W4A1jaqZ!EmnCIfQ322tKp_2IiYTTG0nYEmS26fwKQ9HYax3ip_M

Maladie was a short-lived mexican neocrust band. They only released two self-titleds: one in 2007 and the other in 2009. I chose to upload the one from 2009 because I thought that it is their best work. Originally, this was released by Great Plains Records, Ethospine Noise and Penguin Suit Records as a 12". Later that year, it was re-released by Nuestra Lengua Records Medical Abuse Records and Young Summer Records as a CD.

Regarding their sound, Maladie had neocrust and screamo influences in the same vein as Ekkaia, Madame Germen and SL'S3. Their lyrics have a special political and socioeconomic consciousness dealing with personal issues. Also, this band was part of that interesting latinamerican boom from 10 years ago imitating the sound of the galician neocrust bands. While these bands weren't so original at all, I have to admit that they made a fantastic work emulating the galician crust punk style.

Finally, this is the CD version not the 12" one. The file includes the artwork, layout and lyrics in spanish. All-in-one. If you really enjoyed the first part of this special, you won't regret this record. It's well elaborated and has a lot of passion. In some degree I like more this band than most of the galician neocrust bands. Enjoy!.

Agonía - En Ruinas + No Respiraremos El Aire Muerto demo!ysZX3YTK!zdvOkBnBUiHnprSCJbIT-fXs1i4lRrBSC-C_GSRy4ZY

This was another short-lived mexican neocrust band. As far as I know, they only released one full-length named En Ruinas (2005) and No Respiraremos El Aire Muerto (2010). The first record was released as a CD by several mexican record labels incuding Escucha! Records and Exabrupto Records. The demo I don't know if it was self-released or if any record label made it. I have both records since long time ago and I never knew more than I'm writing right now. 

In the same way as Maladie, Agonía had strong galician neocrust influences and after the demo they evolved to a blackened crust sound (but they didn't forget at all their original roots). Also, their lyrics had that dark, pessimistic and fatidic element in the same vein of the neocrust and blackened crust subgenres. Some songs of their demo were included in the benefit compilations for Crust Or Die.

Finally, when you click on the image, you'll download both records. It's one of my favorite mexican neocrust/blackened crust bands. Their style isn't as complex as the other neocrust/blackened crust bands featured in this special, but I have to admit that they have a special charm and you should check them out. Recommended. Enjoy!.

"Trastornos Compartidos"Folie À Trois / Amor Y Rabia split!a5RwmD6b!SYDQ7b1smaEzP_cTh_uSLMv9kuPBsM6MbzrRIDGDH10
We finish this special with this amazing split of Amor Y Rabia (neocrust from Colombia) and Folie À Trois (anarchist rap from Spain). It was released in 2012 as a CD by Subsistencia Crust Records, Talk Is Cheap Records, Maldito Sudaca Records, Producciones Rebeldes, Ramón Dis-cos (Colombia), Ediciones Tercer Mundo (Chile), Quien Calla Otorga (Argentina), Lost World (Costa Rica), The Shatertown (Francia) and the anarchist collective ABC Kreizbreizhkistan. 

About Folie À Trois, this is the first time we feature a rap band in this blog. In effect, I never thought this would be possible because I'm not familiarised with that kind of music. Nonetheless, I must say that this group makes a fantastic work with their songs filled with anarchist lyrics. I must admit they make it way better than a lot of anarchist hardcore and punk bands. Also, I don't know nothing of them, so this is the only material I have of them.  

On the other hand, Amor Y Rabia was already featured in this blog because they appeared on both Distort Colombia and Sonidos Muertos No. 1 compilations when we reviewed the evolution of hardcore punk in Colombia. This band has strong crust punk, d-beat, hardcore punk and emo influences and their lyrics have anarchist stances. In fact, they say they play "emo d-beat", a bold statement not so far from their reality.  They also have a split with colombian screamo band Incendiariat and they're already working on their next new album.  

Finally, all the artwork, inserts and layouts are included. The lyrics are in spanish but they have english and french translations. Also, the physic copies of this record featured 8 cards and a beautiful silkscreened cloth bag. The images of the forementioned items are included in the file. I highly recommend this amazing split. Hope you like it. Enjoy!