Saturday, April 30, 2016

V/A Estamos En La Sima 2. is back, fam! Once again, our beloved friends Andrés Lesmes (Amor y Rabia, Anti-Diktatur) and Esteban Meza (Sinnäciön, Dexconcierto, Infesto and Ruido Total Records) notified me of this marvelous colombian hardcore punk compilation. 

As you may have guessed, it's, let's say, the official continuation of the cult classic Estamos En La Sima compilation. We featured the latter in our, surprisingly popular, colombian hardcore punk special (You can check it out here: 

Since october 2015, I knew the existence of this compilation because Esteban (the mastermind behind this) and his son Daniel (AKA El Monster) told me about it. "Solo ruido, cuch@". Esteban also told me the experience of recording the songs featured in the compilation: "Dude, if you saw the kids' faces recording like we did it in the old days. They didn't know the analog format and were amazed demanding every little aspect of it. It was a blast". I would have had the same feeling if I was recording my songs like that. 

Regarding the sound, the featured bands are from the most recent Medellín hardcore punk generation and explore different hardcore punk subgenres like crust, grindcore, d-beat, thrashcore and, of course, the Punk Medallo style. We find Exhumación, Devastación, Sociedad Dekadente, Huora, A.P.H., Segregación, Mordaz, Destino, Terror Nuclear, Organismos, Kolapso Social, Triturer, Fabrikando Kaos, Devenir, P.D.T. and Ojo Vermelho.  

Each band has its particular style and all of them did an outstanding work. The lyrics are in spanish and deal with different social, political and economic issues. Also, most of the songs featured aren't available elsewhere (or at least I remarked that with the few bands that have an official bandcamp account). I really enjoyed the final result of this amazing compilation. I'm really pleased that the colombian hardcore punk community still releases collections like this one.

Finally, you need to download this superb work. Congratulations to Esteban, the crew behind the recording, production and distribution of the compilation and, of course, the bands featured on it. When you click on the image, you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can get this compilation for free or paying the right price. Also, get the physical copy if you can because its distribution already started!. I hope to get one too. Enjoy and see you until the next time. Hugs and kisses!.  

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