Friday, May 13, 2016

Emoviolence Generation Vol. 1

We're back with an amazing international screamo/emoviolence compilation released today (OMFG!) by Emoviolence Generation, a south african blog. We knew the existence of this collection thanks to our friends of the 90s SCREAMO/HC/EMO/INDIE-Rock Friends Facebook group page (the same guys/girls that curated the monstrous Heart Circle benefit compilation, which is already published in this blog). Sadly, like the previous post, this one will be short and wholesome (Mmm, papi) Ehmm...but don't worry will be back pretty soon. Let's begin.

The featured bands are Amygdala, Coma Regalia, .gif from god, letters to catalonia, plague walker, René Descartes, Rochester City Police Department, sleep//happening, Under A Sky So Blue, Vivre Sa Vie (USA), Belle Indifférence, Drei Affen, Témpano, UnaxManoxAlxCuello (Spain), Cady, Cassus, Komarov, Thisismenotthinkingofyou (UK), Concreto Morto (Brazil), Dierection, eaglehaslanded, Minaret (Russia), Einar Lune (Norway), Eva Ras (Serbia), Heiße (Canada), I am sorry (for the decline of civilisation) (Netherlands), kishote, Kobra Kahn (Germany), pepi rössler (Hungary), Piri Reis (Malaysia), ubiquity (Italy), Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness (Austria), Yotsuya Kaidan (Ukraine) and yubari gogo (Greece).  

Regarding the sound, all the bands have both screamo and emoviolence influences, paying tribute to all-time classics like Orchid, pg.99, Jerome's Dream, Saetia, June Paik, Louise Cyphre, In/Humanity, Palatka, Gone With The Pain, Tristan Tzara, etc. Also, some bands have post-rock, neocrust, blackened crust, northcore and indie rock influences. It's been awhile since we published compilations that feature screamo and emoviolence bands. I think the last ones were the forementioned Heart Circle, Algunas Ideas Pueden Ser Peligrosas and Todas Las Fronteras Son Imaginarias (I'm not really sure, but you can check them out anyway). 

Finally, you should download this compilation. It's fast, agressive, chaotic and touching. Don't forget that it features the most recent screamo and emoviolence bands playing the way it is. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can download it for free. Also, all the bands have a bandcamp account, you should check them out and support them. It's worth it and they deserve it. Let's make skramz and emoviolence a threat again! (WTF did I just say?). We do really hope a second volume. Really soon. Enjoy and until the next time. Hugs and kisses. 

UPDATE 02/14/2017: the official bandcamp has been removed, so we put the file as a download link. Enjoy. 

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