Thursday, May 12, 2016

Latin America Noise Vol. 1 compilation

Qué tranza, morr@s!. We're back. I have to admit that I've been a little busy dealing with some affaires in the real world and I don't have so much time. Sadly, this entry will be short but wholesome (Ay, qué rico. Papi!) Ehmmm...Well, you get the message. So, I found this amazing compilation thanks to our colombian friends of Noise or Die (N.O.D.) Records. It contains 64 (!) latinamerican bands and was published this year by Brutal Basarabia, a moldovan (!) record label.

The featured bandas are: Acidez, Anarchus, Bala Fría, Bio Crisis, Empire Of Lies, Habakm Nephyla, Thanatology, Zebú (Mexico), Agaglock, Arquivo Morto, Baga, Baixo Calão, Banni Conflict, Brain Dead, Cachorro da Duença, Cancho, Cleptomaniacos, CR13, Cruel Face, Destroy The Humans, Devastação Sob Terror, Disgrace Suicide, Grinding Reaction, Inferms, Instinct Of Suicide, Manger Cadavre?, Mufa, Obitto, Orrör, Os Capital, Peia Brava, Poluição Sonora Gratuita, Ressonância Mórfica, Rusga!, Skinlepsy, Trassas, Westernday (Brazil), Antro, Exacerbación (Costa Rica), Audiotrauma (Peru), Beatriz Carnicero (Uruguay), Bestiärio, Chulo, Grinding, Grita O Muere, Hellseek, Mohán, Perro Con Kancha, Pütchi (Colombia), Bömbärdeo, Dipsomanos, Dr. Zaius, Kubark, Misa Histérica (Chile), Fosa Común (Guatemala), Grieta, Herschell Crustofsky, Inhumation, Involución, Lxs Jugadxs, Murdered, Odioso Dios and SFC (Argentina). 

Regarding the sound, the grindcore style (including different variations like deathgrind, crustgrind, goregrind, mincecore and grindviolence) predominates, but we find other hardcore punk subgenres like metalcore, powerviolence, thrashcore, crossover thrash, crust punk (including our lovely neocrust) and d-beat.  Also, we find some bands with musical styles we're not really used to, for example, Acidez are related to the street punk movement, Bestiärio plays folk punk à la Gogol Bordello and Hellseek, Skinlepsy and Dipsomanos have huge thrash metal influences in their sound. 

Last but not least, as Brutal Basarabia says "The main purpose of this release is to support the underground extreme scene and specifically to put some light on the beauty of the Latin America undeground culture". As a curious fact, the artwork of this compilation was designed by Shuel (SFC and Lxs Jugadxs). Finally, the second volume will be published in the next weeks, so we'll be ready to review it when the time comes. 

Finally, if you click  on the image, you'll be redirected to Brutal Basarabia's official bandcamp account where you can download this amazing compilation for free or paying the right price you consider. Also, you can download other 3 amazing compilations the record label did. Check them out. Don't forget to support these incredible bands. They deserve it. We'll be back pretty soon with a great surprise. Stay tuned. Until the next time. Hugs and kisses!

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