Thursday, May 26, 2016

Latin America Noise Compilation Vol. 2

Hehehehey, ricuritas. I decided to make another entry for today (ZOMFG!) for showing you how much I love you. Awwwwww, really?...Well, no. Actually, we noticed that our friends from Brutal Basarabia released today the second volume of their amazing Latin America Noise compilation and I promised you to publish it once I knew its existence. And, hop là! There you go. 64 killer bands from the third world for pleasing our cravings of extreme music. Hell fuckin' yeah!

The featured bands are Açao Direta, Agrotoxico, Anmod, Ascoculto, Atos de Vingança, Avitación 101, B.E.T.O.E., Besthöven, Brutal Noise, Dead Cops, Desalmado, Destruye y Destruye, Deus Castiga, Disbrigade, Disforme, DxDxOx, Expurgo, Façada, Fat Killer Bastard, Gale, Godecay, Hierarchical Punishment, Homicide, Inanición, Iwokk, Japura Noise Project, Kaos 64, Krostah, Laboratorio de Mutaciones, Lacerate, Le Mars, Letall, Moncho Cabrera, Mortado, Nastiness, Noise Core,  Nosso Ódio Irá Atacar, Orden Criminal, Pésima Existencia, Pietà, Plague Rages, Pós-Guerra, Posterror, Rabujos, Richard Harrison, Ruinas, Send More Hate, Septic Agressor, Septimo Inferno, Shitfun, Sisa, Social Chaos, Sub Existência, Subcut, Supreme Gore Delicatessen, SxFxCx, Tanatopraxia, Terror Plan, Visão Vermelha, Worship No One, Xico Picadinho, Your Lies In Check, Yukaha and Zaherir.

Finally, you should download this amazing compilation. If you enjoyed the first volume, you'll dig this one. More high-quality latinamerican hardcore punk, crust, d-beat, grindcore and powerviolence for you. And you thought North America and Europe had the best bands? No del todo, güerit@!. Click on the image know what to do after that. We'll see you tomorrow with a new surprise. Stay Tuned. Enjoy! Hugs and Kisses!. 

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