Friday, May 27, 2016

The Nightmare Remains...In This Other Land - A French Hardcore Document compilation

For these days of pressure and unsatisfaction, I've found a cure: gargantuan dozes of smashing and relentless 90s hardcore punk. I know it's a little bit evident because we're really addict to that marvelous era but it was somehow necessary. Thus, you already know that we have a chronic musical dependancy to some European metalcore scenes (or metallic hardcore if you want to call it like that) like Bremen A.K.A. Northcore, Umeå or Flemish Belgium H8000, among others.!Whw0BJzA!Y_ENW14b0ZflojFSFU0yzsfB0izR1JLVcUKo63Y7I8YIn this blog we haven't explored so much the french hardcore punk scene. Actually, we've reviewed some 80s, 90s and modern hardcore punk bands, so this time around I'm going to show you this interesting compilation that reunites some of the best french metalcore bands of the 90s era. You will notice that some of the featured bands weren't so political compared to other local acts, but they had an amazing dark, negative, fatidic, pessimistic and clearly critic point of view that perfectly suits our mood in this moment. 

Now, the 12 featured bands are AWOL (Chartres de Bretagne), Children (Vic-Bigorre), Drowning (Ezanville), Hang Up, Headway (Toulouse), Primal Age (Saint-Marcel), Right For Life (Nantes), Stormcore, Underground Society (Rennes), Seekers Of The Truth, Trapped In Life and, the always controversial and provocative, Kickback (Paris).  All of the songs included in this compilation were previously unreleased and are unavailable somewhere else, except for the songs of Right For Life, Stormcore, Drowning, and Trapped In Life. 

Regarding the sound, all the bands have that exquisite 90s metallic hardcore taste. In effect, we can think of bands like Merauder, Madball, Breakdown, Sheer Terror, Unbroken, Gehenna, Integrity, Congress, Acme, among others. Also, some bands like AWOL and Drowning have huge death metal influences and some others like Hang Up and Headway have some particular traces of metalcore blended with posthardcore like Blindfold and Snapcase did in their time.

Last but not least, this record was released in 2xCD format by Overcome Records (Rennes) in 1998. David Mancilla, its owner, also played guitar for Stormcore. Also, the Rennes hardcore scene had the infamous KDS (Karate Dance Style) Crew, one of the first french moshing and karate dancing crews. You can read this interview with David Mancilla about the 90s french hardcore punk scene. ( Really cool.  Sadly, it's in french but maybe Google Chrome will translate it for you. 

This file was originally ripped by xstuck in the pastx (, one of the best blogs dedicated to the 90s hardcore punk era. All the credits go to its owners (Thank you, pals!). Also, the file contains all the original artwork, layout, contact information and lyrics (all of them are in english), except for Stormcore's songs because they didn't include the lyrics. You may notice that there's no information about Kickback. Why? I don't know. It's a shame because they make the amazing Breakdown cover that gave them their name and it also contains one of their most well-known anthems: Paris Most Wanted

You should download this record, it's pretty cool and it's an awesome document of one of the multiple aspects of the french hardcore punk scene in the 90s. Click on the image for downloading it. I hope you enjoyed it and until the next time. Hugs and kisses!.

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