Wednesday, June 1, 2016

100 Bands 7" Vol. 1!mohm2ISD!1eoJLzGTJnseT2NYsLpUto_BLAiu_sh1i5UmJp0CZYA

Hola, mis cachorrit@s dind@s. We're back once again with the small but wholesome entries (Oh yes. Give me more honey, sugarbear) Emmm, ok...This time, we'll return with a pretty cool compilation released in 2010 by NHDIYSTREC Records (Lyon, France). Our beloved friend Daniel AKA El Monster highly recommended it. Pille el EP que le había dicho. Brutal ese hp! (Gracias homie!). I know most of you have been missing some grindcore and powerviolence madness and I'll please once again those appetites for musical destruction. 

As the name suggests, the compilation includes 100 bands and the record length has less than 20 minutes!!!. Orale güey! Absolutely amazing. It shares the same spirit of Slap-A-Ham Records' Bllleeeeaaaauuurrrggghh!!! compilation series: Short, Fast and Loud songs in the way we do fucking love it. Hell yeah. Among the featured bands, we found all-time classics like Agathocles, Jesus Crost and Total Fucking Destruction. Also, I was surprised because it's included one song of Yacüzzi, an extinct colombian noisegrind project. So many memories...

Finally, click on the image and you'll download the file with the artwork, layouts, contact information and lyrics. Most of the bands are quite a mystery to me, except the forementioned ones, and I was really pleased with the final product. It's really cool to know new bands everyday. You'll find here pure bizarre tupa tupa madness, weird song samplers and a lo-fi production. Pure heavenly ecstasy. Also, each side of the 7" are separated as two .mp3 files because each song lasts less than 30 seconds and it's really difficult to extract each song individually. 

I hope you enjoyed this compilation. We'll be back pretty soon with more surprises. Hugs and kisses!.


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