Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Histeria compilations Vols. 1 and 2

Note: Salem Witch Trials, one of the first examples of "Mass Hysteria". In the picture, a young lady is depicted convulsing during the trial. Ah, dumb humans... 
Sup, homies! We're back. I had to delay the special I mentioned you last weekend because I'm having technical difficulties with some material. It will be published next week before the end of October. We'll work hard (oh yeah!) on it. So, we'll follow the same short entries format (apparently a succes) this week and we'll start with two superb compilations released by Lengua Armada Records (Martin Sorrondeguy's, vocalist of Los Crudos and Limp Wrist, record label): Histeria (which is the spanish word for Hysteria, one of the most common and fascinating psychological disorders. Yes, I'm crazy for saying that).  Oh, I almost forgot. We finally have a new image. Not as impressive as we originally conceived it but something is something. Now let's begin.

The first volume was released in 2002. It was available on LP format with a limited edition Red-colored vinyl pressing (only 200 copies). It contains the 9 following bands: Life's Halt, Limp Wrist, Sin Orden, Melee, Esperanza, Deathtreat (USA), Seein' Red (Netherlands), E-150 (Spain) and D.S.-13 (Sweden). From both volumes, this is my favorite one. It was one of my first international hardcore punk compilations ever and I don't know why it wasn't posted before. 

Regarding the sound, we have short, fast and loud straightforward hardcore punk the way we do fucking like it. These bands are associated to the thrashcore (or fastcore) subgenre. You should have already noticed that there are latino or chicano bands like Life's Halt, Sin Orden, Limp Wrist and Esperanza, following where Los Crudos left off. Also, we have Seein' Red (featuring ex-members of Lärm) and D.S.-13 (still active today and they played this year at K-Town Hardcore Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fuck, how could I have missed them?), two of the most important european thrashcore bands. 

E-150 (one of my favorite spanish hardcore punk bands) delight us with three superb songs, including the infamous Toreros After Olé cover Chicos De La Calle (this version, however, doesn't feature the hilarious The Simpsons spanish dub where Mr. Burns nags Don Mattingly for having long sideburns). Last but not least, Deathtreat and Melee have always been a mystery to me but they also have an impressive repertory. 

Finally, the second volume was released in 2003. It was also available on LP and had a limited edition Pink-colored vinyl pressing (I don't know the exact number of copies). It contains the 11 following bands: Tomorrow (Italy), I Quit! (Sweden), Amdi Petersens Armé (Denmark), Conga Fury (Japan), Fuerza X (Guatemala), Punch In The Face, Regress, Scholastic Deth (USA), Vitamin X (Netherlands; they're still active and I saw them last year in Paris. One of the best hardcore shows I've ever assisted to in my entire life!), Disidencia (Uruguay) and Bruce Banner (Brazil). It shares the same musical approach of the first volume, so I won't say more about it. Only I'll add that it's pretty amazing too and you shouldn't dismiss it. 

You should download these two records. Pretty intense and heavy thrashcore for bashing people in the circle pit! That's a relieving therapy for everything, including hysteria. Trust my medical prescription, I'm a punk doctor (LEL). Click on the image below for downloading the file containing both records. Highly recommended. See you next time. Kisses and hugs!!Do4W3QZQ!iUu3M7hsJTgL-p54fHeN5Zzs-D_26VPjgM0ZM0n4oA4

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