Friday, October 21, 2016

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Oi! my babies. We continue our short entries format started last weekend with this not so short post. I've been busy preparing our newest special because I don't want to push it back anymore and it'll be published pretty soon. So, I was looking at our rich, vast and complex music library of our database and found out this superb compilation released in 1998 by El Grito Records. It contains the 8 following bands: Los Crudos, Huasipungo, Kontrattaque, Godstomper, Youth Against, Former Members Of Alfonsin (USA), Parades End (Canada) and Swipe (Japan).

This is one of the few 90s hardcore punk compilations that treated immigrant issues and violations on their human rights, a very complex and worldwide problem that still persists nowadays. Basically, this collection denounces Proposition 187, also known as Save Our State - SOS (Seriously? WTF!, dude/tte!), one of the most shameful and ignoble acts ever proposed in the United States. In 1994, the state of California started a ballot initiative due to the increasing concerns about the costs of providing services (including non-emergency health care, education, and others) to the "illegal" immigrants and their families.

This initiative had a huge succes that later was proposed as a referendum during the general elections of November. As expected, the result was 59% for the "Yes". Some other states of the Union, like Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado (ironically former Mexican territories), among others, followed this trend. Obviously, before, during and after the elections, many organizations, most of them Mexican American, were opposed to this initiative because it was xenophobic and discriminatory against ethnic minorities, especially those of Hispanic or Asian origin. 

Thanks to this proposition, the state of California had a severe and strict law enforcement that restrained services to "illegal" citizens, and, naturally, the abuse of power and other unlawful acts weren't absent. Some of these atrocious performances and the hazards that "illegal" immigrants have to confront, especially in the US/Mexico border, are contained in the booklet of this beautiful compilation. Sadly, this political discourse of blaming the "illegal" immigrants for the economic crisis is still recurrent today. 

Regarding the sound, we have some of the best examples of ferocious political hardcore punk in the 90s. Los Crudos and Huasipungo, recurrent guests in our website, show us some of their best repertory; Godstomper crushes the ears with their superb powerviolence; Kontrattaque has both crust and powerviolence influences alike; Parades End, Swipe, Former Members Of Alfonsin have emo and posthardcore influences with a notorious political conciousness; and, last but not least, Youth Against has some of the best 90s political hardcore punk influences, including Born Against and Los Crudos. 

Now, as you may have noticed, this compilation, with the exception of Swipe, reunites the best latino and/or chicano hardcore punk bands. Even though the latino community has also been considered as a "minority" within the american hardcore punk scene, it has had a huge influence on it. It's one of the few 90s hardcore punk compilations that reunites this kind of bands that have had a great impact within the hardcore/punk community. Without these bands, top-notch hispanic speaker hardcore outfits like  E-150, Migra Violenta or Sin Orden, among many others, wouldn't have existed.

Finally, you should get this amazing compilation. Click on the image for downloading it. The file contains the artwork, booklet and inserts. Sorry for extending a little bit this post but the issues contained in this compilation mustn't be left aside. Never. You shouldn't miss this 90s political hardcore jewel. And, always remember that la lucha continúa!. Never surrender!. Mandatory download. Kisses and hugs!

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