Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Superpowers compilation cassette

Hola hola, les We're back with this unknown and impressive 90s american hardcore punk compilation. This cassette was released by Troubleman Unlimited Records in 1993. It contains the following 25 bands: Three Shades Of Dirty, Stick And Stones, Huasipungo, One Blood, Sleeper, Born Against, Policy Of Three (they appear here as Matter Of Fact), Avail, Greyhouse, Heroin, Struggle, Assück, Iconoclast, 1.6 band, Crashwagon, Moss Icon, Freak Beans, Rorschach, Hoonah, Crisis Of Faith, Chisel, Merel, Spork, Tsunami and Shudder To Think. There's also some weird unknown artist tracks with strange phone calls, random songs and even Master Yoda's speeching... 

Regarding the sound, we have political hardcore like Born Against, Struggle, Spork, Crisis of Faith, Huasipungo, as you may know one of the best latino/chicano hardcore punk outfits, One Blood, and Rorschach (all of these bands highly influential for both american and european hardcore punk bands alike of the time); some emo bands lilke Three Shades of Dirty (an acoustic project with members of The Hated), Stick And Stones, 1.6 band, Moss Icon, Merel, Policy of Three, Sleeper, Hoonah, Iconoclast, Greyhouse, and Heroin (one of the first american hardcore punk bands labeled as "chaotic emo" or "hardcore emo", influential for the screamo/skramz and emoviolence sound); melodic hardcore like Avail, Freak Beans and Crashwagon; Assück, one of the american grindcore godfathers in the 90s; and, last but not least, Chisel, Tsunami and Shudder To Think (one of the first emo bands in the late 80s), despite their hardcore punk roots, they explore other sounds closer to indie rock or alternative rock.

Now, some of the songs featured in this compilation aren't available elsewhere. Also, some are live performances in unknown places and even some other are demo versions, later remastered in their respective discography collection. And, of course, some well-known hits. That's why you'll notice some quality differences between one song and another but it's still audible and enjoyable. Pure 90s style, papus and mamus!  

Finally, you should get this compilation. I'm pretty amazed with its content. It's probably one of the best 90s hardcore punk I've ever heard. Great repertory and different styles. I'd recommend it like an 101 lesson. Obviously, there's even more absent bands that could fit here, but it's a great start. I also imagine this cassette as a personal mixtape of a random 90s hardcore punk kid. Click on the image and you'll be redirected to The Sound Of Indie website (they have some astonishing 90s hardcore punk content as well as other musical genres like indie rock and shoegaze. Go and check it out) where I got this marvelous cassette. Oh, I also forgot. The cassette came with an interesting 52-page booklet with lyrics and some other stuff related to. It's included on the file. Mandatory download. See you soon. Kisses and hugs!     

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