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"From Norway with love: Norwegian hardcore punk in the 80s and 90s" special. Part 2

Note: Your typical norwegian people. Nothing to be afraid of, right?

Oi!, les! We're back with the second part of our 80s and 90s Norwegian hardcore punk special. Let's begin.

Akutt Innleggelse - The Tape

Akutt Innleggelse was a Nesodden-based hardcore punk band formed in 1982 and disbanded in 1985. During this period, they only released Echoes From The Asylum (1983) and this tape (1984). This was the first norwegian hardcore band that sung in english (the other local bands sung mostly in their native language) and they also got international praise thanks to their participation in multiple compilations like I Thrash, Therefore I Am, I'm Buck Naked, Cleanse The Bacteria (all of these have already been featured in our blog. Go and check'em out again) and World Class Punk (we'll post this one soon), among many others.

Regarding the sound, Akutt Innleggelse played fast and straightforward hardcore punk with both american and british influences alike, in the same vein as early finnish, spanish and mexican bands of the time. You can think of a mix of Beastie Boys (when they were a hardcore band), Olho Seco, Atoxxxico and Chaos UK, for getting an idea of the sound of this norwegian outfit. Unlike other early local bands, Akutt Innleggelse didn't have slow-paced interludes, special arrangements or complex instrumentation. Cool.

Finally, I only have their tape. It was released by Inferno Tapes Records and had two alternative front covers (the infamous green one and the "coolest" grey one that featured a catacomb). It's remarkable to say that this record featured tracks exclusively sung in norwegian, following the same trend as their local hardcore contemporaries. In fact, if the song lyrics of these norwegian hardcore bands were in english, they could make a more popular patch than those of Anti-Cimex. 

Oh, I almost forgot. When this band disbanded in 1985, the guitarist and vocalist formed the controversial punk rock act Turbonegro. Just a curious fact. Don't hesitate to download this amazing tape because it's one of the best norwegian hardcore punk records out there. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Angor Wat split with Bannlyst

Angor Wat existed between 1983 and 1988. Some of their members ran Knall fanzine and founded Knallsyndikatet Records, one of the first norwegian hardcore punk record labels. During their existence, they released Med Lov Skal Man Land Bygge (1983), their split with Bannlyst (1984), General Strike (1985) and Rest In Pieces (1987). And, they also participated in different norwegian hardcore compilations like Nå Eller Aldri and the Hurra For Norge series, among others.

Regarding the sound, Angor Wat played solid and fast hardcore punk like their local counterparts although with an experimental approach. In effect, their sound also had strong anarcho-punk influences and the result of this mélange was a dark, dense and thick powerful music. I dare to say that some songs give us the impression of an unique form of sludge. It's one of the best experimental hardcore bands I've ever heard. 

Finally, I couldn't get any record from them but in the last post we gave an external link where you can listen to their split with Bannlyst. And, here it is once again: It's pretty difficult to get their records and some of them are quite expensive. I hope one day having at least one disc of this great band. When that day comes, we'll upload them. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Kafka Prosess - Live performances '86 and '87

When Svart Framtid ceased to exist in 1984, its members went on to form 2 groups: Stengte Dører and Kafka Prosess. We'll talk right now about the latter. Kafka Prosess was active between 1984 and 1987 and they only shared one split with Disorder from UK (1986). There are also some other songs included in different norwegian hardcore compilations like Nå Eller Aldri and Lov & Orden, as well as other international collections like the Network Of Friends series. It does exist a "discography" released by Skuld Records in 2000 that compiles most of these tracks. 

Regarding the sound, Kafka Prosess took the best elements of the sound of Svart Framtid elevating it to the next level. So, you'll expect US-influenced norwegian hardcore just like their local counterparts So Much Hate. Their songs are fast, tight and impressively executed, sometimes teasing with the thrashcore subgenre. Also, their lyrics were political and sung in norwegian. It's impressive the way norwegian bands influenced one to each other, following the path created with their unique style. 

Finally, our friend from Music Not Noize blog (thank you once again, pal!) posted two incredible live performances in 1986 and 1987 at Ungdomshuset, the legendary squat in Copenhagen, Denmark (It still exists today and it's the place where the K-Town Hardcore Fest is celebrated each year). I prefered to present you these presentations because they're rare and I don't have any official release of Kafka Prosess. Thus, the 1986 presentation has a live version of Ingen Vits Å Gråte (originally released in Lov & Orden compilation), which is absent in the "discography", whilst the 1987 one features an impressive cover of 7 Seconds: Walk Together, Rock Together. It's a shame that these live performances have never had an official release. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Data Morgana - En Nasjon I Sorg

Data Morgana was a short-lived hardcore band from Oslo. They only released this record (1987) and a demo (1989). After the release of their demo, they disbanded and formed other local acts like Captain Responsible, 2:20, Sekunda Mannsværk, 49 Crash, among others. This was a band that was born at Blitz squat. In fact, they reunited in 2012 for playing in the concert that celebrated the 30th anniversary of the place.  

Regarding the sound, the band took the influences of the musical path taken by their local counterparts Betong Hysteria, Angor Wat, Kafka Prosess and So Much Hate. It sounded like a revitalizing memory refresher of the greatness that the norwegian hardcore scene had reached at that moment, as well as a prelude of the new school that would arise in the next decade. It's probably one of the last bands that perfectly retained the spirit of the classic norwegian hardcore sound. 

Finally, you should check this band out. If you really enjoyed all of the bands posted so far, this one will please you too. Personally, I prefer the demo over this record but it still fuckin' rocks. I really liked it. The file was originally uploaded by our friends from Crucified For Your Sins blog (thank you so much, pals!) but it was removed. Luckily, I had one copy and that's the one I present you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Life...But How To Live It? - First self-titled LP

We finish this part of the special with one of my favorite female-fronted hardcore punk bands. When we had the ancient blog, this amazing band was featured in a mini-series post featuring some female-fronted musical groups. Some of them will have its triumphal return. Life...But How To Live It? existed between 1988 and 1994 and released 7 records during its lifespan: Your Choice Live Series and this self-titled LP (1989), Day by Day LP and Green EP (1990), Burn EP (1991), Ugly LP (1992) and This Might Be My Second Last Beer: Live 02.04.94 Kampen Verksted (1994). This band was also born at Blitz squat and they participated in different compilations related to. After their dissolution in 1994, LBHTLI? briefly reunited in 2002 and 2008 for playing some benefit and celebration gigs for the place. There's also a rumor that at some point of its lifetime, this band refused making a contract with Warner Music Group for releasing a record.

Regarding the sound, LBHTLI? still retained some lessons of classic local acts like So Much Hate and Stengte Dører with a more modern approach. Not as agressive but still powerful. Great instrumentation, amazing introspective and political lyrics (sung in english, only a few in norwegian), fast and precise drum beats, complex and melodic guitar riffs, different tempos, innovative basslines and the unmatched voice of their female vocalist, are some elements that made this band unique. It could be categorized as posthardcore but we will just say it's hardcore punk, plain and simple. 

Finally, this the only record I have from them. I used to have the complete discography but it was lost years ago when I sold an old PC and didn't retrieve the hard disk data. Such a pity. This is the original 1989 release published by X-port Plater Records. It contains one Dicks Hate The Police cover, originally by The Dicks, and another one called For My Lover, originally recorded by Tracy Chapman (simply unbelievable but it's really deep, though). Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time! Kisses and hugs!             

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