Saturday, December 31, 2016

Celebrating Our 2nd Anniversary!: Res Gestae - Sus Ruinas, Mis Pasiones

Note: Today, 2 years ago (Well, technically we started on December 23 but we didn't celebrate nothing that day, so...) we started this humble project for difusing the hardcore punk subgenre. It started from the ashes of an extinct blog named La Vida Sin Música Es Un Error, which, against all odds, was pretty popular at the time. When I recklessly closed the ancient blog (I didn't even say goodbye), I was passing through a bad moment in my life. I stopped writing and refused going to concerts because of...well, many, many things. In 2014, I went to France and that changed my life for good. Indeed, I started to travel, knowing people, going to concerts and, for those beautiful strange yet remarkable moments in every wo/man's life, I also discovered that the spanish edition of Wikipedia had an excerpt of an ancient entry where I wrote about some influential colombian hardcore punk compilations. I could retrieve the information and that's why I also could complete our succesful colombian hardcore evolution special post. You can get it here. I didn't know if I were blessed or cursed, but it meant to me my inevitable return to this. Since then, I've felt a great satisfaction sharing with you, in my humble opinion, some of the best (both classic and recent) hardcore punk acts in all of its presentations (emo, grindcore, crust punk, powerviolence, thrashcore, etc.). Sometimes we've also featured other non-hardcore punk related musical genres such as post-punk and indie rock, as well as other experimental acts. Thank you so much for the support and the next year I'll start with some ambitious projects I've been working on. 2017 we'll be our year. For sure. Remember that this space is for you and only for you and don't forget to support your local hardcore scene. La mort d'un.e. moderniste wishes you a happy new year. Kisses and hugs!!vopyRbyZ!Al6843IvlfpavjiC8Ij_BwmSkmwevVzUudoHNPVlBv8

Hello, les! I recently bought the last record of this emblematic colombian hardcore punk. We mentioned it in our entry dedicated to their unofficial "discography CD-R", that compiles their works from 2001 to 2011 (you can get it here), and, it's finally in our hands completing in that way all of the material that Res Gestae ever recorded in their lifespan. Remember that we won't talk about their biography or their influence in the colombian hardcore scene because we already did it. We'll only talk about the record and some curious facts inside of it.

Now, the featured songs on this record were originally recorded in 2011, mixed in 2013, and it had its official release until february 2015! (Although it was leaked online between november and december 2014). Also, the band was already disbanded and briefly reunited for the record release concert. This record is the proof that the bands, even the most memorable and influential ones, have difficulties for releasing a record here in Colombia. It's still such a shame that the costs are overpriced and even some bands never have an opportunity for releasing something (at least in physic format). 

Regarding the sound, well, it has the remarkable style of Res Gestae: short, fast and vicious politically-charged hardcore punk drawing influences from powerviolence and crust punk. This record includes Minga (Originally featured in Colombia Hardcore 2013 compilation. We posted it here in our colombian hardcore evolution special post) and Monseñor Procurador, that during many years remained without an official release. It also contains two magnificent covers to Limp Wrist's I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore and Necesidad de Luchar's La Guerra Social Es Inevitable (featuring guest vocals from Susana Ballesteros, ex-vocalist of La Vendetta and Frente Urbano), that were really popular during Res Gestae's live performances. The other featured songs are all brand new and were the last material that the band ever recorded. And, last but not least, both Monseñor Procurador and Encierro had the additional guest guitars from Álvaro Vargas, who was the sound engineer of the record and is also the guitarist of Distracción HC. 

Finally, Sin Fronteras Discos released this record in both LP and CD formats. I present you the latter that comes with a beautiful digipack presentation featuring an excellent artwork, lyrics sheet, bands' bio, production details and a superb poster. I guess the LP featured the same characteristics. I think I don't have more to say, just download it. Click on the image for getting it with the artwork and everything else. Enjoy and until the next time. Happy new year, again. Kisses and Hugs!.  

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