Friday, December 2, 2016

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Hola, hola, mis gatitxs! We're fuckin' back for rocking your world with the complete discography of one of my favorite bands of all time, which is also one of the most important and influential spanish bands between 1995 and 2004. You should already know that within the hardcore punk community when we talk about discographies, we find most of the time incomplete collections. For example, Madrid-based record labels Don't Belong and Difusión Libertaria La Idea Records released in 2001 E-150's discography CD but this version lacked of many material, for example, the tracks included in the split with Intensity or their demo. This version fulfill these scarcities and I'll tell you right now why.

Now, E-150 Discografía Completa was released last year, on double LP format, by La Agonía de Vivir (Madrid), B-Core Disc and Black Sheep Records (Barcelona). It contains all the material ever recorded by E-150 (including alternate versions of different tracks, unreleased and never heard before material and their first and only demo) with remastered sound, lyrics, tracks info. and a collage of different flyers and photos from the band. Some of these flyers are from their successful USA tour (I don't exactly remember the year) where they shared stage with His Hero Is Gone, Catharsis, Sin Orden, Kill The Man Who Questions, Resist And Exist, Life's Halt, What Happens Next?, MK Ultra, and many other local cool as fuck bands!

Thus, we find: La Rabia Justifica Los Medios 7" EP (Tracks A1 - A8), tracks from Idiomes compilation (Tracks A9 - A10), tracks from the splits with Ivich (Tracks B1 - B4) and Unabomber (Tracks B5 - B7), tracks from Volume One compilation (B8 - B9), an unreleased track that was originally recorded in 1998 (Track B10), tracks from the split with Darkside Of Soul (Tracks C1 - C4), tracks from Histeria Vol. 1 compilation (Tracks C5 - C7), tracks from the split with Zanussi (Tracks C8 - C14) and Intensity (Tracks D1 - D6), unreleased and never heard before tracks that were recorded in 2007, including a Subterranean Kids cover (Tracks D7 - D11), tracks from the 1996 demo  (Tracks D12 - D17), track from No Fate Vol. III compilation (D18) and, finally, tracks from Hardcore Contra El Neoliberalismo compilation (Tracks D19 - D21), for a grand total of 55 tracks. Awesome. Also, some of the unreleased tracks were meant to appear in a split with Seein' Red but this never happened. 

Regarding the sound, E-150 played fast, relentless and ferocious hardcore punk, with traces of crust punk and thrashcore, drawing influences from Poison Idea, Discharge, HHH, Los Crudos, Sin Dios, Systematic Death, Gauze, Heresy, Subterranean Kids, Antidogmatikss, and Lärm, among others. Also, their lyrics were in spanish treating different political and social issues such as war, corruption, media lies, pro-choice, religion, neoliberal economy, violence and social injustice, etc.

Finally, you should get this collection. It contains all the material ever recorded by one of the most influential spanish hardcore punk bands in the last ten years. Our anonymous collaborator (Yes, he does exist. Believe it or not) gave us the file (directly taken from the LP) and we found the artwork in Villanova Punk Hardcore blog (Thank you so much, pal(s)!). Click on the image for downloading the file with everything. Mandatory download. Enjoy and until tomorrow. Kisses and hugs!

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