Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special Part 1: This Is Austin, Not That Great compilation

Note: No one is cooler than Abe Lincoln riding a Grizzly. No one.

Hello, my cubsy-wubsy. We're back again presenting you the last special post of the year. These last three days I was deeply thinking about publishing it or not. That's why I didn't publish anything. And at some point of my complex and profound analysis, I wasn't really sure because it would take some time. Nonetheless, I finally decided to publish it. So, we've featured throughout the year some modern american hardcore punk bands that have been giving a new fresh air to their local scene in the last 6 or 7 years. Some people even talks about a New Wave of American Hardcore. We haven't seen such explosion since long time ago.

Now, we'll publish some compilations of different cities in the United States that somehow represent how the things are done in their local hardcore punk scene, i.e. L.A., Portland and Austin, among others. We'll also feature some compilations featuring d-beat, powerviolence, grindcore, crust punk and screamo bands, and there will be some others featuring post-punk and garage rock revival as a conplement to the hardcore punk bands. Each day we're exploring different non-hardcore punk related musical genres. Could it be a signal?...Mmm...And, this special will be a complement of our succesful entries (thank you once again, les Not Just Boys Fun and 5 modern hardcore punk compilations. Don't forget to revisit them. 

Finally, as I already announced you, we'll finish our december agenda with this special, some random entries I've prepared and our best of 2016 picks. Oh, and I almost forgot: No KKK, No Trump, No fascist USA. Fuck that shit. Let's begin. 
This Is Austin, Not That Great compilation 

An interesting compilation cassette released by False Form Records in 2012. It features different Austin-based hardcore punk bands such as Recide, Kurrakä, Brain Attack, Iron Youth, Suburban Void, Breakout, Blotter and Glue. As a curious fact, the name of the compilation is a This Is Boston, Not L.A. parody because it seems that everyone hates Austin (I don't know why) and it's also the name of one of the most important local hardcore punk fests. 

Regarding the sound, we have short, fast and loud hardcore punk with different old-school american hardcore punk influences, notably the Boston style. Even some bands tease with early thrashcore and powerviolence sound. Also, we find d-beat and noise influenced bands. And, this compilation served as a sampler because most of the featured tracks were previously available on different records of the bands at the time. The only exception are Brain Attack tracks because they were featured on their 2013 self-titled 7" and Suburban Void tracks aren't available on other records. And, there are two weird unknown tracks. I don't know where they came from.    

Finally, you should get this compilation. These bands are really cool. I saw Glue in October, here in Bogotá, and they were such a fucking blast. Really amazing performance. Click on the image for downloading it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until tomorrow! (Yes, really). Kisses and hugs!

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