Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special Final Part. Eeeexxxxtttrrreeeemmmeeee compilations including a special gift for you.


Oi! les chaton.ne.s! We're back with the final part of our modern american hardcore punk special post. We've explored different styles such as the so-called New Wave of American Hardcore, our recurrent subgenre itinerary (crust punk. d-beat, emo, powerviolence, grindcore, etc.), some "popular" hardcore bands that we didn't ever imagined to be featured here and, even some non-related hardcore punk musical genres as special guests in some compilations. 

Now, I must confess that this plethora of sounds has been interesting yet exciting but we love hyperviolent sounds. With those particular musical cravings, we do probably remark our most primitive and savage side of our complex personality and some people may not think that we're open to other musical forms. Well, fuck that shit and for this last entry we'll be exclusively focused on rabid, relentless and unmerciful displays of violent music for creating the perfect eeeexxxxtttrrreeeemmmeeee soundtrack for blowing your head up during a post-apocalyptic zombie warfare. Yeah, something like that. 

Finally, I hope you really enjoy this ambitious special post. In the near future, we'll feature more material of the different bands that appeared here, as well as other great musical groups that couldn't make it. Of course, we'll try to explore more musically bold experiences like the featured ones but don't worry, our main focus was, is and will always be hardcore punk and its variants. And, for this entry, we'll make shorter reviews as a prototype of a new format we could be exploring next year. I'm not sure right now what kind of style will be using but let's experiment for a while until we take a final decision. So, let's begin.

Basic Needs


A superb New England-based musical groups cassette compilation released in 2014 by Divergent Series, a Boston-based record label. This compilation contains the following bands: Sangus, Human Bodies, PanzerBastard, Sexcrement, Suffer On Acid, Living Void, In The Shit, Ramlord, Grue, World of Unmaking, Fórn and Morne. All of these bands explore different extreme musical styles such as grindcore, sludge, crust punk, post-metal, black metal and death metal, among others. I really enjoy the dark, gruesome and cryptic experimental musical approach of this record. Sadly, I don't have a digital copy of this compilation but you can click on the image and go to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to it and get it for a really good price. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Swollen Lungs   

A superb screamo and emoviolence 7" compilation released in 2014 by Swollen Lungs Records. It contains the following bands: Afterlife Kids, Daido Loori, Krupskaya, Kilgore Trout, Gas Up Yr Hearse!, Politess, Blue Friend, Laeirs, Wolf Shaped Clouds, Sohns, Coma Regalia, Yusuke, tdoafs (Canada), The Truth About Dreaming, Foxmoulder, Ostende (Argentina), Moholy Nagy (Peru), I'm Dead To Me, Adobe Homes, Carrion Spring and Angkor Wat (Peru). Most of these bands pay hoamge to the greatest musical groups in the subgenre such as Orchid, Jerome's Dream, Usurp Synapse, Neil Perry, Louise Cyphre, Raein, among many others. Here you will find heartbreaking aggressive music in a deeply emotional way. Don't miss out either the latin american featured bands. Click on the image and go to the official bandcamp where...well, you already know. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Swamp Comp - Swamp Fest 2016

Another outstanding screamo and emoviolence compilation that contains all of the bands that participated this year at the Swamp Fest in Richmond, Virginia. The featured bands are: Empty Vessels, Coma Regalia, GIF from God, Clean Girls, Flesh Born, Amygdala, Lull, Fetish Gear, Drugs Of Faith, Iwakura, Ostraca, Burn/Ward, Vein, The Heads Are Zeros, What Of Us, Truman, Pig Latin, Van Hagar, Weak Wrists, Samarra, Мятеж, Sea Of Storms, This Land Is Now Dead, Hash Cult, Supine and The Catalyst. You'll find the same musical approach of the previous compilation but there are two or three more experimental bands or closer to different subgenres such as mathcore and grindcore. Also, some featured tracks are exclusive to this collection. Click on the image and go to the official bandcamp for getting it. You can also check out the last year's fest compilation. It's cool too. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Secret Christmas Gift From La Mort D'Un.e. Moderniste For You

Ho Ho Ho, we finish this entry with a special gift I made for you. It includes 7 powerviolence and grindcore related compilations, including one released this year and another one that was already featured here as a bonus. Do you ever wonder which one is? Probably yes. I won't reveal you the compilation name titles, I'll only mention that some of the best american bands of our beloved hardcore punk subgenres are here such as Bloody Phoenix, Fissure, Sex Prisoner, Sordo, Vaccine, among many others. You wanted a review of each compilation? No problem, we'll "unwrap" the gift and make the review of each compilation on christmas day. But you can enjoy it right now, though. I won't make you wait until that day hahaha. Click on Drunk Santa's image for getting it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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