Friday, December 9, 2016

"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special Part 3: 3 Not Normal Tapes compilations

Hallo, les! We're back with the third part of our modern american hardcore punk special post. For this entry, I'm going to make something special, a little bit different. Well, not that different but at least I'll try to surprise you. Since long time ago, I've wanted to do a sort of "Record label profiles", not only for promoting their respective catalog but also for showing a trend or the activities of a local scene. 

Now, when I was making the unofficial guide to Holy Terror special post (which is surprisingly the most popular entry of 2016. Thank you, les I couldn't be more pleased), this idea was already conceived and it was technically materialized because most of the featured bands have released their respective material through Holy Terror Records. So, in the near future we'll make something more detailed and this entry will be our prototype of what this new section will be in our site. 

Lastly, I've found an interesting Chicago-based hardcore punk label that, since 2009, has promoted different local, national and even international bands. Like the previous post, we could see different non-hardcore punk related musical groups. Click on the image above for getting acces to their official bandcamp account where you can get their available catalog online. I highly encourage you to support this kind of record labels. It's worth it. Let's begin then. 

 Not Normal Presents: These Are The Voices In the Back Of Your Head!TgQAXZbC!gxXerTEK7WbkWe6iHvV-oNe5RvgH-MIhjFEAonetQB0

This is their first international compilation released in 2011. It contains the following bands: Ultratumbados, Libyans, Intifada, The State, Positive Noise, Rayos X, Raw Nerve, UX Vileheads, Timebombs, Renegades of Punk and Much Worse. All of these bands are american except for Renegades of Punk (Brazil) and UX Vileheads (Sweden). And, it was originally released as a cassette and has been out of print since long time ago.

Now, here we can find straightforward hardcore punk, notably influenced by the old school, but many bands explore different styles. For example, we have bands with both old school hardcore punk and traditional spanish punk influences alike like other similar american bands such as Generación Suicida and Ruleta Rusa, among others; some others play short, fast and loud hardcore punk drawing influences from the bandana thrash and thrashcore styles in the vein of all-time classics such as Life's Halt and What Happens Next?; and, of course, protohardcore influenced bands couldn't be missed out. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading it. If you want to, you can also visit their official bandcamp account where you can get this compilation for a good price. I highly reccomend this cassette. Enjoy!

Not Normal Presents: Welcome To 2013!HtRExTyK!qmt-L_GMsIHsjfNZmp6vy8sNctx_SsDeAA_Tkq4ASDU

Another impressive international compilation released in 2013. As the name suggests, it was one register of how the things were done within the hardcore/punk community at the time. The featured bands are: Hondartzako Hondakinak (France), Cülo, Adjustment To Society, Big Crux, OOZE, Haute Couture (France), Inservibles (Mexico), Tenement, Aspirina Infantil (Spain), Negative Degree, Brown Sugar, Porkeria, NASA Space Universe, Good Throb (UK), Bored Straight, Broken Prayer and Thee Nodes.  

Regarding the sound, just like the previous compilation, we find different styles of hardcore punk (old school (american, mexican and spanish styles), d-beat, posthardcore, thrashcore and emo) but there are also other bands with traditional punk, post punk, riot grrrl, noise and experimental influences. Some of these musical groups have already been featured here in our blog, so you must already know what you have in front of you. I really dig this compilation. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading it. As I suggested you with the previous compilation, you should buy it from Not Normal Tapes official bandcamp account. I highly recommend this record: it's fast, tight and punk as fuck. You won't regret it. Enjoy!

Not Normal Presents: Hardcore!v1JQhCZI!E5p06bjRYZB1gR87_QYvAGqrDEXRXhBL4fKKybCPALY

We finish this entry with the best modern hardcore punk compilation ever made in years. It was released digitally through their official bandcamp account last year. For some time, it was only available for streaming and last month it was completely removed. I'm not really sure why they did it but the page still does exist although it's empty. Maybe we'll see it once again in the near future? Well, I don't want to be skeptical about it...

The featured bands are: G.L.O.S.S., Pura Manía (Canada), Kowabunga Kid!, Dusk, Laffing Gas, Triage (Canada), Mülltüte (Germany), Mysterious Skin, Pure Disgust, Blank Spell, Heart Attack Jizzers, Siega (Spain), Cadenaxo (Mexico), In School, Urochromes, Quailbones and Mental Detention. This compilation also served as a sampler because most of the songs weren't available elsewhere at the time and they would eventually be featured in more recent releases, for example, G.L.O.S.S., Triage and Pure Disgust tracks. We also find some exclusive tracks that haven't been featured on different records aside this one, for example, Cadenaxo's track.

Regarding the sound, well, the name says it all: HARDCORE. Plain and simple. We find influences from different styles: old school, the "New Wave of American Hardcore" d-beat influenced formula, thrashcore, protohardcore, powerviolence, crust punk and, of course, two or three bands display a more experimental approach with post punk, noise and even country rock (Yes, the kind of music you're thinking of. I'm really surprised how far we've arrived) influences.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It contains some of the best modern hardcore punk bands today and some of them have already been featured here. Also, some of the best of 2016 picks are here, so I'm really sure you have already guessed who they are...Sometimes I'm a little bit predictable (LOL). Click on the image for downloading it. And, I'm sure you won't easily get this compilation somewhere else. Enjoy and until tomorrow. Kisses and hugs!

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