Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Nuestros Sueños...Sus Pesadillas compilation

Salut, les! We're back again with a superb compilation that contains different spanish-speaking hardcore/punk bands. It was originally released in 2002 by Deskontento Records (Spain) and Siempre Rebelde Distro (Venezuela) and features the following musical groups: Vitamina A, Resistencia Activa, El Sepulcro Punk, Punkora, Migra Violenta (Argentina), Necesidad De Luchar, Kärnvapen Attack, Estoiko, Estigiä (Spain), Doña Maldad, Los Dólares, @patía No (Venezuela), Sin Apoyo (Chile), Basquadé Inchalá (Uruguay), Resist And Exist and Fallas Del Sistema (USA).!24RVDbAD!m9vH5OyJtdDoWZHP_i7k120bRl-6TiL5Rs6I9zP8tkkRegarding the sound, we have politically-charged harcore punk exploring different musical styles such as crust punk, d-beat, anarcho-punk, thrashcore and melodic hardcore. There are 4 notable exceptions (Vitamina A, Resistencia Activa, El Sepulcro Punk and Punkora) because they have pop-punk influences. You can imagine popular south american pop-punk bands like 2 Minutos and A77aque with anarchist lyrics treating different subjects such as direct action or self-management. Even Sepulcro Punk has a ska-punk song. Frighteningly cool. 

Another band that surprised me is Basquadé Inchalá ("Get up, brother" in charrúa). I didn't know this band before hearing this record. Their style has different crust and hardcore punk influences and the featured tracks treat different problems such as homophobia and Palestina. I really enjoyed it. We also have to remark the popularity of the featured venezuelan bands because they had a huge impact within the latin american hardcore/punk scene ten years ago. Some of their most well-known tracks are here. And, of course, Migra Violenta and Sin Apoyo also had their moment in the last decade with their particular crust-influenced thrashcore style. They're among my favorite latin american hardcore punk bands of all-time. 

Last but not least, the spanish and american bands are already popular enough within the hardcore/punk scene that we don't need nothing new to remark. I'll only say that the featured tracks in this record are some of their most well-known tracks, including La Guerra Social Es Inevitable by Necesidad De Luchar (Pretty popular in the colombian hardcore scene thanks to the cover made by Res Gestae), Post-Nuclear HC by Kärnvapen Attack and Globalicemos La Resistencia by Fallas Del Sistema, among others. And, the only featured english-speaking band is Resist And Exist, one of the most influential american anarcho-punk bands in the mid-90s. Their featured tracks were taken from their album Dare To Struggle - Dare To Win! and are absolutely a must.

Finally, you should get this record. If you have enjoyed the spanish-speaking hardcore punk bands posted so far, get this one. You can also have two amazing latin american political hardcore punk compilations such as América Es Bella...Para Vivir Resistiendo and Sonidos Para Activar La Revolución (already featured here) as a reference. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs!

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