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Unwrapping The Secret Christmas Gift From La Mort D'Un.e. Moderniste For You!yxZCGIQK!KySE8LDIpKcRLBhjRsU0LQoFpJp0C5T0_4YcG4_hKNs 

Ho Ho Ho! Les gatitxs! Here's Drunk Santa with a special gift for you. You know why punk is still alive today? Powerviolence, ricuritas. Wait...What? You already opened it. You dirty little... Are you fuckin' serious? Why did not Roger the Elf tell me earlier? Stupid leader of the Union of Elves. Mama Claus, where are you? Where? Rudolph, bring your coke snorting nose here, you fuckin' chinese Bambi. No, no, no, I don't have an anger management problem, my gun does... ^?^*^*+``+`++`+ End of transmission...

Hey, les! What's wrong with Drunk Santa? Poor old guy...Anyway, we're back with the unwrapping of the special gift we made for you in the last entry of our modern american hardcore punk special post. If you haven't opened it, click here to get it and enjoy the magical powers of its content.  As I already announced you, in this entry we'll unwrap the gift and make the review of the records that were included on it. I hope you really enjoyed it. Oh, I almost forgot. I decided to post this entry on Christmas Eve, because, well...we could end like Drunk Santa in the photo tonight. Don't worry, we won't get violent as he does. He needs help. Drink responsibly tonight. Happy Holidays. Let's begin. 

USA Powerviolence Vol. 1

This compilation was already featured in our Anti-Saint Valentine's Day Post and you can read the original review here. Shortest review ever, huh?

Bitter Cold compilation 7" 

A rare compilation released in 2014 by Diseased Audio Records. It contains the following bands: Milorganaut, Lifes, Sick/Tired, Machismo, Mellow Harsher, Sea Of Shit, Scaphe and Gnawed. After years of trying to get this awesome compilation, I finally could thanks to our anonymous collaborator (No, s/he's not Roger The Elf). Here you will find the exquisite and vulgar display of powerviolence we love, as well as some experimental bands exploring different musical genres such as noise, drone, sludge and industrial music. The perfect mix for a Christmas day. Enjoy it.

Brutal Supremacy 2x7"

A really interesting powerviolence compilation released in 2011 by Painkiller Records. It contains the following 4 bands: Iron Lung, Mind Eraser, Hatred Surge and Scapegoat. This is another display of unmerciful and relentless hardcore punk that only powerviolence bands can offer. You'll find some erotic and lustful tunes of the grindviolence mix and  some classic old school powerviolence references. This is one of the best modern powerviolence compilations ever released. Trust me, your head will explode with this. Enjoy! 

Brutality In Seconds compilation LP

An outstanding compilation released in 2010 by Six Thought Records. It contains the following bands: Pleasant Valley, SFN, High Life, Nibiru, Sidetracked, Naw Dude, Doom Siren, Hatred Surge, Apathetic Ronald McDonald, Pretty Little Flower, Hassanchop, Dissent, Chestpain, Fuck Work, Gloam, Hod, Battle Rifle, Endless Demise, Mammoth Grinder, In Disgust, Blood Royale, TRL, Hummingbird Of Death, No Man's Slave, Self Loathing, Sodormorrhea, Kill The Client, Branch Davidian, Strains Of The Apocalypse and Full Blown AIDS. This is one of the first compilations containing grindviolence bands, the most forbidden, erotic and brutal mix ever. You'll find a reason to smash your christmas tree after hearing this. Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy! 

Communal Grave No.3

This the third volume of the amazing Communal Grave compilation series and was released by Dead Heroes Records, a Czech record label. It contains the following bands: Six Brew Bantha, The Kill (Canada), Sheeva Yoga (Czech Republic), Horsebastard (UK), Sickmark (Germany), Caged Grave (Australia), Sordo, Fissure, ACxDC (Love them or hate them. It's up to you) and Bloody Phoenix (USA). This is  one of the best modern powerviolence compilations because, as you have noticed, it has some american heavyweights. The non-US bands also make an outstanding work. This Is Madness. This Is Powerviolence. Fuck yeah. Enjoy!

To Live A Lie - Volume II 

This a compilation released in 2014 by To Live A Lie Records, one of the best powerviolence record labels. It contains the following bands: Lapse, Abuse., Rabid Pigs, Water Torture, Low Threat Profile, Terminal Crisis, Beartrap, Mad Dog, Congenital Death, Hummingbird Of Death, Grit, Bridge, Sick/Tired, Callous, Chest Pain, Vaccine, xSwampx, Sidetracked, Weekend Nachos, Scalped, Impulse, Vile Intent, False Light, Cheap Art, To The Point, Super Mutant, Street Pizza, Söft Dov and Slave. Since 6 years ago, the US has been breeding some of the best powerviolence acts worldwide and this record is the proof of it. You'll be stunned with the sonic fury displayed by this wonderful acts. All the imagined combinations of the subgenre are here with a modern touch. Enjoy!   

Wake Up The Dead - Volume One compilation 7"

We finish this entry with this superb american powerviolence compilations released in 2013 by Bad Teeth Recordings. It contains the following bands: Curmudgeon, To The Point, Sex Prisoner, Sucked Dry, Thick Skin and The Repos. Just like the previous compilations, this one features some of the best bands in the subgenre today. It's short, fast and loud as fuck. You can't beat it. Also, you'll find powerviolence in different presentations, including that intriguing mix of our beloved rabid subgenre with modern hardcore breakdowns. Cool. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs!

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