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"What Is Crust? Baby, don't wash me. Don't wash me. No more" mini special post. 3 compilations featuring 90s crust-related bands

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Hola, hola, mis gatitxs lindxs. The year is finally ending. I've been a little bit busy because I'm preparing the last entries for the year, including the unwrapping of the special christmas gift (I hope you really enjoyed it) and our best picks of 2016. I've also prepared some additional entries for finishing this year with "golden brooch". So, we'll start with one of the aforementioned additional entries with this mini special post. 

Originally, the content of this post was supposed to appear in another 90s crust-related special post with our particular style, but I was getting informed compiling bands and organizing ideas and I concluded that it would be a monstrous special in the same vein as our succesful neocrust and blackened crust unofficial guide. I will probably reconsider the idea and reorganize this entry with additional information and transform it into a proper special post next year. We'll wait and see...

Now, after finishing our intriguing and particular modern american hardcore punk special, my 90s hardcore punk nostalgia arose, I've been sick of all the hideous political background of  2016 and I needed something to heal these mental wounds. The answer? 90s crust. At first, it was a strange move, but I cannot deny I love this particular style of hardcore punk, and, of course, is really popular and has a special place here in our blog. 

Finally, I chose 3 superb 90s crust-related compilations that also include other anarcho-punk, grindcore, powerviolence, d-beat and political hardcore punk bands for satisfying my particular craves for joy and inner peace. These collections were taken from Terminal Sound Nuisance blog (Merci, M. Le Romi Du Ménilmontant. Un beau travail comme d'hab, mon pote). When you click on each compilation's front cover, you'll be redirected to the original post with its respective download link. You can also check out some other anarcho-punk, crust, d-beat and hardcore punk-related posts. It's amazing his work, I highly recommend it. We have nothing more to say. Let's begin.

Endless Struggle: The Worst Of The 1 In 12 Club Vol.12/13 compilation

This is an impressive 2xLP compilation originally released in 1995 by 1 In 12 Club Records and this is also the twelfth chapter of The Worst Of The 1 In 12 Club compilation series. It also had a reissue as a CD in 2000. The record contains the following bands (most of them from the UK, except where its noted their procedence): Terminus, Disaffect, Sedition, One By One, Cluster Bomb Unit (Germany), Blitzkrieg, Sarcasm, Wat Tyler, Sore Throat, Oi Polloi, Voorhees, Ironside, Nailbomb, Wordbug, Decadence Within, Contropotere (Italy), DooM, Concrete Sox, Scraps (France), Virtual Reality, Hiatus (both from Belgium), Momido 7 (Germany), Beer Beast, Immortal Dead and Phobia (Sadly, not the amercian one).

This compilation was a benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross, the organization that advocates and fights for the rights of the political prisoners around the world, and the Zapatistas, the only succesful revolutionary social movement in Mexico that still does exist today. Also, this record remarks the importance of the fight held by the class struggle prisoners that have suffered the burden of the capitalist system. You can read a short writing of the actions of the ABC and you'll find a directory of some ABC's offices in the UK (You should update its content since it's a compilation released in the 90s and I'm not really sure if the adresses are correct today).

Regarding the sound, it's pretty diverse. We find crust, grindcore, anarcho-punk, melodic hardcore, crossover thrash, metalcore and thrashcore. I really enjoyed this compilation because we have different UK heavyweights from the eighties such as DooM, Concrete Sox, Sore Throat and Oi Polloi. Also, we have some of the best 90s US-influenced UK hardcore acts such as Voorhees (they make a superb cover to Negative Approach's anthem Whatever I Do), Ironside, Decadence Within and Nailbomb, as well as other less american-styled acts such as Disaffect, Sedition and One By One. The non-UK musical groups are also outstanding too with their respective style (Any record including Hiatus is a most. Period). And, last but not least, the other UK acts were a little bit obscure to me because I didn't know them before hearing this record but they did a fantastic work.

Finally, you should get this record. Absolutely good. Oh, and I almost forgot. Did you notice that there's a insert of the compilation featuring Protester from Switzerland but without tracks of them? Well, due to some pressing mistakes, they didn't make it. Instead, we've got Momido 7 from Germany, a really obscure act with an unknown track drawing influences from dark wave, noise and electronic music for creating a superb musical atmosphere. Also, Phobia (previously known as The Underdogs) isn't listed in the tracklist displayed on the back cover of the record. This is a really unknown act with a style reminiscent of the early punk rock sound. In fact, the included track is from 1976 (!). A really obscure protopunk song but not as great as you could imagine. I'm quiet fascinated with the oddities we're featuring here in the blog...Anyway, this record is highly recommended. Enjoy!

Crust And Anguished Life

An excellent compilation curated by the two vocalists of Fuck Geez and SDS, two of the most influential japanese crust bands in the 90s, and released as a CD in 1993 by MCR Records. As a curious fact, this record label distributed in Japan the Tomorrow Will Be Worse powerviolence compilation series, released by Sound Pollution Records (And already featured here). The featured bands are: Disrupt, Destroy!, Deformed Conscience, Misery, Hell Spawn, Taste Of Fear (featuring ex-members from Born Against and Citizens Arrest), Dropdead (USA), Concrete Sox (UK), Unwise, C.F.D.L., SDS, Disclose, Gloom (Japan), Amen, Rytmihäiriö (Finland), Hiatus (Belgium) and Dischange (Sweden).

Regarding the sound, we find raw, rabid and relentless hardcore punk bands. All of the bands have crust influences in their music. For example, the featured american bands (some of them such as Dropdead and Disrupt are among my favorite bands ever) play different crust-influenced hardcore punk styles like powerviolence and grindcore (even some teasing with death metal) and some of them are the first exponents of the crust style in America at the time; Now, remember when I told you in our succesful japanese hardcore punk unofficial guide that the 90s had an explosion of crust and d-beat influenced bands? Well, here you'll find some of them. We must remark the inclusion of Disclose, the disclone by excellence and C.F.D.L. makes a superb cover to Siege's Conform. Also, the sound of these japanese bands is utterly amazing and has nothing to envy to their american and european counterparts; On the other hand, Sarcasm and Hiatus make a fantastic work with their outstanding style and the scandinavian bands make a fantastic work respecting their local influences for creating a monstrous sound; And, last but not least, Concrete Sox closes the compilation with a crusty crossover thrash song named Speak Japanese Or Die, which is a re-recording of their classic Speak Siberian Or Die, featured on their split with UK fellows Heresy, and a response to S.O.D's controversial song Speak English Or Die. This latter song has been regarded by many as a racist and xenophobe song because blames the immigrants for not speaking english properly, although the band has said in many interviews that the politically incorrect lyrics were never intended to be serious, just to piss people off.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's one of the best 90s hardcore punk compilations ever made and it's a first reference to enter to the wonderful world of crust of the time. If someone dares to ask me which is the perfect crust-related compilation, I'll undoubtedly recommend this one. It's pure gold. Go ahead and download it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


We finish this entry with this outstanding 90s hardcore compilation released in 1994 by Skuld Releases and Profane Existence. It features the following bands: Hellkrusher, One By One, Sedition, Disaffect, Health Hazard, Hellbastard, Corpus Vile, Zygote (featuring ex-members from Amebix), DooM, DIRT, Bleeding Rectum, Dread Messiah, Extinction Of Mankind (UK), Naytia (Greece), Luzifers Mob, Graue Zellen, ABC Diabolo, World Chaos, Accion Mutante, Just Kidding, Jobbykrust, Slimy Venereal Diseases, Acid Rain Dance (Germany), Angst (Norway), Anarcrust, Fleas And Lice (Netherlands), Hiatus, Brawl, Bad Influence, Unhinged, Neuthrone (Belgium), Misery, Dystopia (they make an outstanding cover to Rudimentary Peni's classic Cosmetic Plague), Masskontroll (USA), Counterblast, Warcollapse (Sweden) and Viktors Hofnarren (Switzerland).

Regarding the sound, well, here you'll truly find some of the best american and european crust bands. Some of their names speak for themselves. Also, we find some german metalcore bands such as Luzifers Mob, Graue Zellen and ABC Diabolo in the same vein as their local homologues of the time labeled as Northcore. And, there are also some bands with more sensibilities to both grindcore and death metal alike and, of course, some anarcho-punk feel can be found here.

Finally, get this superb compilation. I'm really pleased with the repertory and the final product. Oh, and I don't know if you didn't notice but there are no d-beat bands in here. And, most of these bands were already disbanded when this record was released. So, this the first time I see a compilation that serves as an overlook to the scene at the time and as an obituary. This is by far one of the best and rare 90s hardcore punk compilations featured here. It surprised me so much like the Superpowers compilation did when I discovered it. Highly recommended. See you this sunday for unwrapping the christmas gift. Kisses and hugs!

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