Sunday, January 29, 2017

"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special: Addenda.

Note: Bash the fash!!!
Hello, les gatitxs! We're back. I must confess that I haven't been so active because of, well, many reasons. So, I was looking for some records, and I recently found some mixtapes and compilations  that were supposed to appear in our modern american hardcore punk special but they couldn't make it. You can go and check it out once again for refreshing your memory. Finally, I've also been preparing some of the next big surprises that will be featured here in the blog. I hope they will please you. That being said, let's begin.

Lumpy Mixtape #1 and #2 impressive mixtapes released by Lumpy Records in 2013 (#1) and 2015 (#2). This record label is runned by Martin Meyer, AKA Lumpy, member of Lumpy And The Dumpers, an american hardcore/punk band. The featured bands are: Die Hausmiester, Mr. Wax, Lumpy And The Dumpers, Los Baraja, Billy Ford And The Thunderbirds, Van Morrison, Dem Scientist, Big Zit, Mongoloid, Kaka De Luxe (Spain), Totally Gay Cop, Blotter, The Defekts, Wompers, Kowabunga! Kid, Nuke Cult, The Gruberger Brothers, Trauma Harness, Grauzone, Shaved Women and Animal Teeth (#1), Psychic Forever, Liquids, Ausmuteants, Kids On Fire, Kelly And The Beachcombers, Joni Ekman, Corpse Gas, Bent Bolt And The Nuts, Rik And The Pigs, Colon On The Cob, Urochromes, Hoonbag Moonswag, Beefyknocker, Mystic Inane, Chuckleheads, Orange Soda, Z-Turds, Steve, Russian Top Gun, Wompers and The Purpletrator (#2). Regarding the sound, you'll find different punk rock subgenres such as traditional punk, garage rock, pop punk, synth punk, post punk, and, of course, hardcore punk. I must admit that variety of sounds make these two compilations something really special. For example, these pretty rare mixtapes not only contain some of the best modern american hardcore bands out there such as Mongoloids, Blotter (already featured in our special), Lumpy And The Dumpers and Liquids but also Kaka De Luxe, one of the most important and influential spanish punk rock bands, featuring members of different all-time classic musical groups such as Parálisis Permanente, La Mode, Paraíso, Alaska and Dinarama, among many others. Absolutely great. Finally, get these compilations. Click on each image for downloading them. The links were provided by Jimmy (Thank you so much, pal!), a YouTube user that has an interesting channel with some personal mixtapes sharing the same sensibilities of these compilations. Go and check'em out, they're punk as fuck. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Alive From Inside The Chapel Of Crimes cassette compilation An outstanding cassette compilation released by Anti-Fade fanzine in 2015. It contains the following Portland-based hardcore bands: MPK, CUM, Spetsnaz, Flexible Ammunition Belt, Steve, The Ointment, Franky and Chemos. Regarding the sound, we find noisy and chaotic hardcore punk, mostly with old-school, d-beat and protohardcore influences. There are also some garage rock influences too. So, you'll expect short, fast, loud and uncompromising hardcore punk the way we do fuckin' love it. And, of course, a modern american hardcore compilation cannot fully be completed without weird and experimental music samples, this time courtesy of The Ointment and Flexible Ammunition Belt. If you really dig some incredible modern american hardcore outfits such as GAG, OOZE and Glue, this compilation is a must for you. Also, remember that the featured bands are from Portland. Only the finest hardcore punk quality of the aforementioned city is here. Just recall the already featured Amputape Portland compilation. Fuck yes. Click on the image for downloading it. The link was provided by the dude from Terminal Escape blog (Thank you so much, pal!). All credits go to him. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Fair Warning: Detroit Hardcore compilation
An interesting compilation released by Lost Time Records in 2014. It contains the following Detroit-based hardcore bands: Vision Quest, True Love, Retribution, One By One, Freedom (already featured in our special post) and From Hell. As a curious fact, the name comes from Negative Approach's all-time classic song. Regarding the sound, you'll find modern hardcore punk drawing influences from youth crew, metalcore and thrashcore. I really liked the combination of these hardcore variants here. So, your cravings for violence and frenzy can be satisfied here. I also found interesting, obviously without leaving aside the superb work made by the other bands, the inclusion of From Hell because the spirit of Converge is in them. Pretty cool. Finally, get this album. If you enjoyed the prolific content of America's Hardcore compilation series in our special post, you'll definitely love this one. Click on the image for being redirected to the official bandcamp, where you can buy this record for a really good price. It's worth it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Easier Said Than Done (A Philadelphia Punk Comp)
A top-notch compilation released by Get To The Gig Records in 2014 and distributed by World Gone Mad Distro. It contains the following Philadelphia-based bands: The Stasi, New Crime, Dark Thoughts, Blank Spell, Fuck SS, Batworm, Haldol, Low Charge, Latex, Skin Graft, Stuck Pig, The Holidays, Bad Energy and Cool Life. Regarding the sound, you'll find old-school hardcore punk, protohardcore, traditional punk, both post punk and garage rock revivals, riot grrl, noise, grindcore and some other experimental music influences. I really dig its content, for example, Blank Spell, a female-fronted band featuring members of Cape Of Bats and Devil Master, whose style perfectly mix both hardcore punk and post punk alike, for creating an unique sound. The other bands also made an impressive work with their particular style. These bands are punk as fuck. Pretty outstanding I must say. Click on the image for being redirected to the official bandcamp account, where you can get this compilation for free or paying the price you consider right. Support these bands, don't forget it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Joy Boy Mix #1, #2 and #3!igwkXC4K!vNqh6H7H90JocmQcUMHEY2ZXxl7axODeHABGkBi6fSg
We finally conclude this post with these incredible mixtapes released by Omegas, a Montreal-based hardcore punk already featured here in our blog. It contains more than 40 different american and canadian bands such as Peacebreakers, S.H.I.T., Waste Management, Warthog, Crazy Spirit, CREEM, Omegas themselves, among many others, drawing influences from the so-called "New Wave Of American Hardcore", as well as other bands with post punk and garage rock sensibilities. So, you'll find both hardcore punk and post punk/garage rock revival bands alike. As you may remember, this duality was a common element in our special post because there were many compilations with this particularity. And, of course, you'll find some interesting surprises such as covers to Negative Approach's anthem Nothing and Morrissey's heartbreaking song Suedehead. The latter was made by an old good friend. Pretty touching. As a curious fact, Part Three of Joy Boy Mix would feature both The Rival Mob and Boston Strangler brand new and exclusive tracks. They even recorded them but, for a strange reason, didn't send them to Omegas. About this, Omegas wrote in the insert of the aforementioned mixtape the following: "(...) so they are about as cool as a dry handjob". Such a shame. Click on the image for getting all three mixtapes in one file. I think you'll enjoy it. It's pretty good. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

City Limits - Down And Out In Toronto & Montreal compilation

Coucou, les! We're back with an interesting canadian modern hardcore punk compilation LP released back in 2011 by High Anxiety Records. As the name suggests, this compilation features Toronto and Montreal-based hardcore bands. The original LP version had an interesting way to distribute them: Side A, named "Tortreal", contains the following Toronto-based bands: Career Suicide, Bad Choice, Purity Control, Snakepit, Mature Situations, Mad Men, School Jerks, Brutal Youth, Molested Youth, Urban Blight, Total Trash and Burning Love; and, Side B, named "Mononto", contains the following Montreal-based bands: Slobs, Foreign Bodies, Inepsy, Castavets, Vile Intent, Naughty Girls, Dead Wife, Brazen Hell, Bogus Cause, Unruled and Omegas. There's also an american version released on cassette format in 2012 and distributed by No Idea Records. 

Regarding the sound, we find different hardcore punk styles: old school, crust punk (including the intriguing crust 'n roll variant), crossover thrash, thrashcore, and powerviolence. There are also some bands with more traditional punk, post punk, riot grrl and other experimental music sensibilities but without leaving aside the hardcore style. You'll find the sound of all of the featured bands similar to the new waves of both american and british hardcore posted so far here in the blog. 

Lastly, you should get this compilation. It's pretty outstanding and another good register of the impressive canadian hardcore/punk scene. I also think you won't find any other compilation containing different amazing local bands such as Career Suicide, Inepsy and Vile Intent. Nice. And, the link was provided by the blog Narrow Mind (Thank you, pals!). So, all credits go to them. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Zapata Vive La Lucha Sigue - EZLN Benefit compilation

Oi! les!, we're back with this impressive 90s hardcore punk compilation dedicated to one of, if not, the most successful and influential social movements in Latin America: L@s Zapatistas from Chiapas, Mexico. This record was edited in 1996 by someone in Germany. I guess it was Solidaridad Directa, a Berlin-based social group credited in the contact info. I don't exactly know if this is true or not. Anyways, the featured bands are: Day By Day, MVD (Mundus Vult Decipi), No Murder, WWK, Yacøpsæ, Y, GHL (Gemeiner Huf Lattich), Pink Flamingos, Ebola, Crude B.E. (Crude But Effective), Garbitch, Bizarre X (Germany), Enola Gay (France), Fleas And Lice (Netherlands), Unhinged, Hiatus (Belgium), Ebola and Quarantine (UK).!moAnwJgJ!PmmWbd6oSGh-bITaJWxwA3Q5bW0J5ip7Z_B26l3B0IQRegarding the sound, you'll only have some of the finest european hardcore punk bands in the 90s. Thus, we find top-notch crust punk, grindcore, powerviolence, emo and even some anarcho-punk influences. There are also some all brand-new and exclusive tracks (at the time) dedicated to Zapata and Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional - EZLN (Zapatist National Liberation Army), as well as some live performances and never heard before material.

Now, this compilation was released for celebrating the thirteenth anniversary of the Zapatist Movement. Hence, all proceeds were donated to EZLN. As a bonus, it contains a 40 page-booklet with detailed information about the history of the movement and their struggle against the opression and injustices that indigenous populations from the south of Mexico have suffered since long time ago. It's also remarkable the resistance that this group has held fighting against the state and capitalism obscure forces and they're also a role model for social organizations based under non-authoritarian and non-hierarchical principles. A new world is possible. And, there's an interview with their charismatic and influential spokesperson Subcomandante Marcos (even his true identity is revealed here! No, It's not true. I'm joking). 

Lastly, you should get this compilation. Not only for the brutal sonic madness displayed by the featured bands, but also the importance of the fight held by EZLN and their partisans. Click on the image for downloading this compilation with all the artwork, inserts, layout, lyrics and bands info. sheet, and, of course, the aforementioned 40-page booklet. All-in-one included. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time! Kisses and Hugs!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Endless Blockade For The Sushi Footer Part II: Your unofficial guide to 90s japanese hardcore punk

Kon'nichiwa konekos, we are back with the first special post of 2017!. Following the success of our unofficial guide to 80s japanese hardcore punk (if you want to refresh your memory, click here), I wanted to show you how the things were done within the japanese hardcore/punk scene in the 90s. Compared to other american and european scenes of the time, Japan was more focused on the crust punk and d-beat style due to the big influence of bands such as G.I.S.M., Zouo, Confuse, among others. But, as you may remember, there was also an explosion of US-influenced powerviolence, grindcore, crossover thrash and thrashcore bands following the steps of S.O.B., Gauze and Systematic Death. And, finally, there were also some emo/screamo, posthardcore and metalcore bands that started to gain popularity at the end of the decade. So, we'll feature some compilations containing some bands of the time exploring all of these different hardcore punk subgenres. I hope it will please you. I want to thank different blogs such as kyoukinonihon, Absolutely Hungly, Fugitive Equlibrium and One Track To Hell as well as YouTube channels such as JAPANDCRUSTPUNK and Simon B., for making this special post possible (Thank you, pals!). Don't forget to click on each compilation front cover for downloading them. And, some other 90s japanese hardcore punk compilations that won't be reviewed in this special post, will eventually be featured in the near future. Lastly, more surprises are coming next week, so stay tuned. Let's begin. 

Everybody Is Afraid Of Death!78p2iIjQ!H6UGON2nmDvjqsV4FM22ccIpsyyq1tx6RhVNYTXH3fw
A superb compilation released by Fast-One Records in 1990. It contains the following bands: Z, Beyond Description, D.O.N.D.O.N., S.D.S., Fuck Geez, Jhishink-Kajoh, Bullshit and Dooms Day. We find different styles such as crust punk, crossover thrash and thrashcore à la japonaise. There are also some bands exploring with noise. So, you'll expect references to Confuse, Gai, Gauze, Systematic Death and G.I.S.M.. I cannot be more pleased with the content of this compilation. All the featured bands are such a blast. We remark the inclusion of S.D.S. and Fuck Geez, two of the first japanese crust bands, and Beyond Description, one of the best hardcore punk bands ever. The other bands were a mystery for me because I didn't know them before hearing this record, and I must confess I'm really impressed. Finally, you may find the sound a little bit noisy and lo-fi, but I think those elements give a special charm. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Bondage Maniacs Vols. 2 and 3!rxZAVLSR!u4lm2jjbD3Haf4ACQhkRyzXvrmolDKutwkgUucY3opE
Two impressive compilations released by Bondage Maniac Records in 1991 (vol. 2) and 1992 (vol. 3). I'm not sure about the existence of the first volume. I haven't found yet information about it. I'd be thankful if you can help me out. The second volume contains the following bands: Damnable Excite Zombies, Cow Schiz, Beyond Description, War Cry, Scum Blast, Gloom, Beyond Tails, Disgusting Void, Beasted Front and G.J.P.B. On the other hand, the third volume contains the following bands: The Slang, Boulogne, Blind Justice, M.D.S., Despair, Back Rush, Condemned, Hot Milk, Headcase, Warsaw and Noukasuitai. Regarding the sound, we find crossover thrash, crust punk, grindcore and thrashcore with the finest japanese touch we do love. You'll only find short, fast and loud hardcore punk. Some of these tracks are the first material that these bands recorded. Lastly, I cannot say more about it. Just download it. Both compilations are contained in the same file. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Final Noise Attack Compilation EP!6kBQGRyQ!C5S5w-QXkB2DVng3XeZvrcoZ9xeiLs-VCGFVQDKW5as
An interesting compilation released in 1994 by MCR Records, one of the most important japanese record labels in the 90s. It contains the following bands: Defiance (No, not that hideous british street punk band), Reason Why, Condemend and Despair. Regarding the sound, all the featured bands have more crust punk influences in their sound, which was really popular within the japanese hardcore punk scene in the 90s. Although, I must say that there are also some traces of japanese crossover thrash, grindcore and thrashcore as well. Best mix ever, huh? Probably yes. I'm really impressed with the final result. This kind of compilations makes you fell in love with the japanese hardcore style. Not bad. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Tokyo Crusties Conp EP!zpYiUJjK!SSy0SkawiPfODUA2v3S6rfw5atDOF5WjN6OrPY37Tf8An outstanding compilation released in 1994 by D.I.Y. Records. It contains the following bands: Abraham Cross, Battle Of Disarm, Collapse Society and Crocodile Skink. Regarding the sound, as the name of the compilation suggests, it's pure crust punk. Your favorite all-time classic UK crust sound is here. Extreme Noise Terror, DooM and Extinction of Mankind would be proud of these bands. If you thought this compilation EP wasn't good enough, think twice because there are some d-beat, grindcore and, a very few, noise elements on it. This record is absolutely a must. Abraham Cross and Battle Of Disarm have been one of my favorite 90s japanese hardcore punk bands and the other two were a mystery for me but I really enjoyed them. They're pretty cool, too. I also loved the front cover, which is one of the best pieces of art ever created for a hardcore punk-related album. And, I also think that writing CONP instead of COMP was intentional. That creates a more punk feel. Fuck yeah. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Meaningful Consolidation!roIQ0QbR!By7gWE_nOo9WCHmvZU5AWtOzr6-IQoWjY9xhNf5_zfA
An all-time classic compilation released in 1994 by Blurred Records, D.I.Y. Records, Forest Records, Icons Of Crust Records and Yasuo Records. It features the following bands: Iconoclast, Abraham Cross, S.D.S., Defiance, C.F.D.L., Anti-Authorize and Disclose. Regarding the sound, you'll find the best early 90s japanese crust punk, d-beat and grindcore bands.  The sound is a fast, noisy and brutal display of madness, with the special charming touch that only japanese hardcore punk bands can offer. Absolutely fantastic. This is one of my favorite japanese hardcore punk compilations of all time.  Most of the featured tracks are available in different records of each band prior to the release of this compilation, but there are some exclusives too. For example, C.F.D.L. tracks. One track of them is a live performance, whilst the second one is an intriguing cover to Blitz' 45 Revolution. Not bad. I think I mustn't say nothing more about this record, just get it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Far East Hardcore!ugwlRRiR!00omUCarvaS3SvYIfQAVPLvCmaNUZZS7p1nBzhn51GMA superb compilation released in 1995 by Slam Records and God's Pop Records. It contains the following bands: Envy, Brickbutt, GMF, Half Life, Nunchaku, Smelling Cunts, Switch Style, TJ MAXX, Wrench and Wrestling Crime Master. Regarding the sound, we find US-influenced hardcore punk, notably late-New York hardcore style, exploring different subgenres such as youth crew, metalcore and thrashcore. The same musical content of influential and classic NYHC compilations such as The Way It Is and Where The Wild Things Are (already featured in the blog) is here. I'm really impressed because these japanese bands sound like any other american or european musical group of the time. Also, this compilation has the first songs of Envy, with a style closer to the late-90's NYHC style. They would eventually change to their immersive post-rock influenced screamo style they're known for. And, the CD version of this record mistakenly includes Blind Justice, and not Envy, in the front cover of the album. It's a shame that Blind Justice didn't make it. It would have been such a blast. Finally, get this compilation. It's a little bit different of what we've posted so far and the proof that the japanese hardcore scene also had interest in the chugga chugga side of things. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Oita City Hardcore!Kt42XbSI!VlPUjv5Ry0n5rBBTQthfxuHJ6n2ujMaPVJor33WDiMg
An amazing compilation EP released in 1996 by MCR Records. It contains the following bands: Corrosion, Chaos, Carcass Grinder and Goddamn Bull. Regarding the sound, you'll find some of the finest japanese crust, grindcore and thrashcore. There's only short, fast, loud and always extreme music the way we fuckin' love it. Fuck yeah. Carcass Grinder has always been, along with Unholy Grave, one of my favorite japanese grindcore bands. Just like the last compilations, the other bands were a total mystery for me but I found them really touching. Japanese hardcore bands never stop amazing me. Finally, we find another fine piece of art with a crazy Mickey Mouse wearing punk outfits. Lärm did it first, though. Not bad, Japan. Not bad. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Grind The Faces Of Rockstars Vols. 1 and 2!m4wmgJqD!d8W72hP9kxPW8hWMzyEY5YDM4J1cRNj2b0CdCp0_JwATwo amazing japanese grindcore compilations released in 1995 (Vol. 1) and 1996 (Vol. 2). There's also a third volume but I don't have it and won't be featured here. The featured bands are: Impregnate Trichomonas, Carcass Grinder, Unholy Grave, Saprogenic Entrails, Voltifobia (Vol. 1), Demisor, Casket.K, Midget Fetish, Squash Bowels, Egofix, Bludge, Regurgitated Corpse, Psychoneurosis, Semendemon and Azrael (Vol. 2). These compilations reunite rehearsal and live recordings tracks. Regarding the sound, you'll find grindcore, grindcore and only grindcore. Most of the bands follow the goregrind style, but you'll also find deathgrind and noisecore bands. So, this could be the perfect campaign for musical destruction with violent, gory and sardonic references to dismemberments, body fluids, STDs and other not so friendly topics, except for Carcass Grinder and Unholy Grave that have more political lyrics. I'm always surprised with the enormous quantity of japanese bands I get to know everyday. All of them are amazing. If you love Carcass, this is the perfect record for you. Lastly, I must warn you that this is not recommended for politically correct people because some songs are, well, brutal and savage with controversial topics. Highly recommended. Enjoy!!38o2iKzZ!Ycu4K-zL5TMQPzsy1sB-LesnhZOhSGSyG6l-JH-IJHMPlatform. Compilation 

An outstanding japanese emo (Hey, did you think that these kind of bands didn't even existed? I'm always here for blowing your mind, les :)) compilation released in 1997 by Never Shown Face Records. The featured bands are Wall, Envy, Swipe and Wise Up. Regarding the sound, the best 90s american and european emo and screamo influences are here.  As I always say in different japanese hardcore compilations reviews, I'm always pleased that these bands take to the next level all the influences on their sound. Now, Wall and Wise Up were unknown for me and I thought they were either american or european since their style wasn't really popular within the japanese hardcore scene until the late 90s. I really enjoyed them. Swipe has already been featured here when we reviewed Libérate! compilation and the featured song is pretty outstanding. I hope to get in the near future some of their records. And, last but not least, Envy has always been one of my favorite japanese screamo bands and I'm glad that they started to appear here in the blog. The featured song is different to the songs contained in Far East Hardcore compilation (also featured in this special post) because it's closer to screamo. This is the first blueprint of their monstrous sound trademark. Lastly, you should get this compilation. It's pretty rare and I must dare to say that is one of the best non-american and non-european 90s emo compilations ever released. It's a sweet pause for the sonic madness we've posted so far, but it will also rip your heart out with its passionate hardcore punk style. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

What Is Crust? What Is Melo-Core? Be Different Hardcore?!20ARHKpL!yWLdHJhiE5g_LsSRS6QZKtqba7lWSyO3l6lxjzMJjcQAn impressive compilation released in 1998 by Discilpline Records. It features the following bands: Love Storm, Barricade, Frigora, Forgot'n Flower, Disclose, The Addiction, C.O.S.A., Defiance, Kamui, Sunset Stompfeet, Argue Damnation, Carnage, Max Head Room and Bug State.  The title of this compilation makes reference to the different perspectives everyone was having after the explosion of the different hardcore punk subgenres in the 90s. Now, this compilation reunites some of the best japanese crust, d-beat and grindcore bands at the end of the decade. Hardcore was changing in the country and other more U.S.-influenced bands were gaining more popularity within the scene and getting international attention. Nonetheless, the featured bands in What Is Crust?... still proved that the classic japanese hardcore sound legacy was alive and could be more explored. In fact, the next decade also had different bands paying tribute to these bands. There's nothing more to remark about this record. I'd only add that Frigora and Argue Damnation drew influences from 80s scandinavian hardcore and they sung in swedish and finnish, respectively. Something really uncommon because most of the japanese bands had both japanese and english lyrics alike. Cool. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Six Weeks Omnibus Vol.1 - A Japanese Hardcore Compilation!X05WQZrY!dbGyFSfNySROp-uq-N8HOyP30tGZ3HPwc-Xekje9JXcWe finish this special post with an impressive japanese hardcore compilation released in 2003 by Six Weeks Records. This record label was one of the first american record labels that was more  aware of the international hardcore scene and made different compilations featuring them. The Omnibus compilation series were only the beginning of this quest for showing powerful non-american  hardcore bands around the world. And, they started with the sonic madness displayed by some crossover thrash, powerviolence, grindcore and thrashcore bands from the rising sun country. This compilation reunites two classic compilations released back in the 90s: Six Weeks Omnibus 8" (1995) and Violence - A Japanese Hardcore Compilation 8" Flexi (1998), (The 8" format was really popular in Japan during the 90s. Lots of records were released, including some featured in this special post, with this format. I wonder why...) both released by Six Weeks Records with the same purposes already mentioned. The featured bands are: The Gaia, Slight Slappers, Cement, Jack With Killer, Rose Rose, Zone, Ultimo Rausea, Toast, Senseless Apocalypse, Beyond Description, Real Reggae, Argue Damnation, No Think, Flash Gordon and One Size Fits All. Now, remember that most of these bands were gaining popularity and had a huge international projection, compared to other local outfits. Also, some of these musical groups contributed to the explosion of powerviolence bands, as well as the thrashcore revival at the time. Lastly, you should get this compilation. Its content is one of the best japanese hardcore punk material ever recorded. Maybe in the near future we'll come back with other Six Weeks Records compilations like this one. Maybe...Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Band profiles: Voorhees

Hello, les! We're back once again with the "almost complete" discography of one of the greatest UK Hardcore Punk bands in the 90s: Voorhees. I apologize because this week I didn't write any post but I'll try to compensate you my abscence with this. I'm sure you'll be more than satisfied. When we had our ancient blog, the band profiles-related posts were a huge success, so we'll revive this feature. Also, I tried to post it yesterday because it was Friday the 13th (what a coincidence) but I couldn't find the CD-R containing all the files (It's pretty old and I'm happy it still worked after all these years). Luckily, I found it this morning when I was looking for some hidden clothes in my closet (You'll never know what kind of secrets your closets hide. Clean and organize them periodically). Lastly, I'll leave you in one file all the material that Voorhees ever recorded in their active years as a band, except for the complete Peel Sessions record. I've only got one song named Oblivion and have unsuccessfully spent many years trying to get it. It's been an impossible task. If I ever get it someday, I'll post it for sure. With all of this said, let's begin.

Voorhees was born in 1991 from the ashes of different local hardcore bands such as The MacDonalds, Steadfast, Know Your Enemies, False Face, among others. This Durham-based outfit was also one of the first UK hardcore bands in the 90's that had more US hardcore influences in their sound. You may remember some mid and late 80's local hardcore legends such as Ripcord, Heresy and Intense Degree that started this trend but the recent generation of hardcore bands at the time made it more frequent and evident.

Unlike some of their local counterparts like Stampin' Ground and Knuckledust, Voorhees ignored the imperative metallic hardcore sound of the era and remained faithful to the old-school hardcore classic sound of SSD, DYS, Negative FX, Negative Approach and Void, among others. Hence, they developped a mean, relentless and uncompromising ferocious hardcore punk style. Some people argue that this sound also contributed to the thrashcore revival movement in the late 90s. Their lyrics treated both political and social issues (i.e. violence, drug abuse, murder, police corruption, conspiracy theories, etc.) but with a dark sense of humour and sarcastic touch. And, of course, some lyrics and imagery are references to different horror movies such as Jason Voorhees and Evil Dead, as well as some serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy (AKA the "Killer Clown").

With their first line-up (Ian, vocals; Sean and Daryl guitars; "Brownie", bass; and, "Gaz", drums), they recorded their flexi named Everybody's Good At Something...Except Us (it was recorded in 1991 but released in 1994. It was only limited to 50 copies and also served as a demo) and Pressure, the song that was featured in the Consolidation compilation (released in 1992 and already featured here in the blog). "Brownie" went missing one day. He was never seen again and was replaced by Paul.

Later, they recorded their first EP named Violent (released in 1993). All of these records were released through Armed With Anger, one of the most influential and important UK-based hardcore punk record labels of the time. Voorhees was gaining a name within the scene and also supported one of the first Slapshot's tours in the UK. They also recorded some songs for a Negative Approach tribute that sadly never saw the light. 

Shortly after the release of Violent, Voorhees changed their line-up with a more stable one. Michael replaced "Gaz" in the drums and Graeme joined the guitars. With this new line-up (Ian, vocals; Sean and Graeme guitars; Paul, bass; and, Michael, drums), they recorded the songs that were featured in their famous chef-d'œuvre Spilling Blood Without Reason (released in 1994 by Armed With Anger Records). This record is undoubtedly one of the best UK hardcore albums ever released, along with other classics such as Discharge's Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing and Extreme Noise Terror's Holocaust In Your Head.

Also, with this "classic" line-up (considered as such by many fans and music reviewers), Voorhees recorded songs for their split with Stalingrad (released in 1995. The front cover of Voorhees' side featured Newcastle United's Kevin Keagan, the favorite soccer team of the band). They also made an European tour in 1995 and in 1996 they toured for the first time the US. They shared stage with local monstrous acts such as Los Crudos, Hatebreed, 25 Ta Life, Dropdead, Charles Bronson, among others, and performed in different legendary venues like ABC NO RIO and CBGB'S.

Voorhees' fame was constantly growing as well as the tensions within the musical group. After the US tour, Sean quits the band. In 1997, What You See Is What You Get EP is released by Crust Records (this record features an impressive cover to Crucifucks' anthem Hinckley Had A Vision). Shortly after the release of this EP, Graeme leaves the band. And, the next year, Fireproof is released by Chainsaw Safety Records. This record featured two new guitarists: Atkinson and Richard. Shortly after, both Michael and Paul quit the band.

In 1999, Voorhees completely changed their line-up (Ian, vocals and only original member;  Atkinson and Richard, guitars; Andrew, bass; and Dave, drums). They recorded that year 13 (released by Armed With Anger Records and Six Weeks Records), which is regarded by many fans as their worst record. It's not that bad as you may think. Its sound is a little bit different with some modern metallic hardcore influences and it is not executed in the same way as the "classic" line-up recordings. Shortly after the release of this infamous record, Andrew was replaced by Steve and this is the last change ever in Voorhees' line-up.

Despite the critics, Voorhees continued with this "final" line-up performing and recording different albums. For example, they made splits with Devoid Of Faith (here Voorhees makes a superb cover to Suicidal Tendencies' cult classic Possessed To Skate), Kill Your Idols (both bands make two cover songs to each other), F-Minus, Out Cold, Radio Alice (the songs for this split were recorded in 2000 but were released posthumously in 2004) and Insult (here Voorhees makes 4 fantastic covers to DYS' different tracks, whilst the auto-called dutch "Emo Bashing Fastcore Pimps" make a cover to Cryptic Slaughter's classic Money Talks), recorded Bookburner, their last 7", and some songs for different compilations (most of them already featured here in the blog) and also made their last US Tours. In 2001, they recorded Crystal Lake's Legacy, which was more praised than 13 by their fans and the critics but it couldn't surpass the greatness of Spilling Blood Without Reason. Shortly after the release of their third and final full-length album, Voorhees was officially disbanded. Some of their members went on to perform with different hardcore bands such as Meatlocker, Walk The Plank, The Horror, The Sex Maniacs and Sick Fuckin' O, among others.

Last but not least, Voorhees reunited in 2004 for celebrating the tenth anniversary of their swansong with the "original" line-up, except for Paul who was working in the US at the time and was replaced by Steve. This show was played on a ferry boat on the Mersey River in Liverpool, UK.  Since then, Voorhees has eventually reunited for playing on some gigs. For example, an European tour was planned for April 2010 with the "classic" line-up, but the volcano ash cloud over Europe meant Paul and Graeme were stuck in the US. Sam from Sick-O filled in on bass to make sure the shows went ahead in Leeds, UK and Amsterdam, Netherlands. They also played in 2014 in Leeds, UK with some of the New Wave Of British Hardcore (NWOBHC) most representative acts such as DiE, The Flex, Violent Reaction and Mob Rules and last year in Berlin, Germany. (Gosh, how could I miss those live performances?). No one exactly knows if they'll make a full comeback with a new record. Their members haven't said any word about it but we'll keep you in touch if the things change in the near future.

Finally, click on the banner below for downloading all the material that Voorhees ever recorded, including two compilations: Smiling At Death (released in 1996 by Grand Theft Audio), which contains all the recordings made by both first and "classic" line-ups including some Spilling Blood Without Reason outtakes (some of these tracks have been featured in different re-editions of the record) as well as compilations tracks; and The Final Chapter (released in 2008 by Violent Change Records), which contains all the featured tracks in different splits with Radio Alice, Out Cold, Kill Your Idols and Bookburner 7". Remember that, as I mentioned you before, the Peel Sessions are incomplete and the track Oblivion is only featured. In fact, it's the only exclusive track because the others are available in different Voorhees' records. And, you'll also find the artwork, inserts, layouts and lyrics sheets of most of the records. Don't miss out the opportunity of having the almost complete discography of this influential 90's UK hardcore punk band. Many modern hardcore punk and thrashcore bands, including the New Wave Of British Hardcore (NWOBHC), have been touched by its brutal and magical charm. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs!!744mkDpI!TSfZYotsoHR-xClx7_M-Tv4g56a8IYqb2t6VeJsZJXA

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Migra Violenta - Discografía #1!ex5VTI4K!R2zaYyBBNNoYpscrMmacdUBleumw6v3FPTPIdhhPxioHola, hola, mis gatitxs! We're back and will feature this interesting partial discography CD of one of the best and most influential latin american hardcore punk bands in the last 15 years: Migra Violenta. I'm gonna translate you, with some minor changes, the band's bio contained in their official website, and later, I'll continue with the review:

"This band was born in 1999 when Daniel (vocalist, from Brazil) met Carolina (guitar, from Colombia) in Venezuela (at the time she was playing the guitar with @patía No). Later, they both moved to Argentina, met Juan Ruedy (bassist, who ran Difunde La Idea fanzine and La Resistencia distro) and Patricio (drums). With this line-up they released their first demo named No Te Calles, whose sound was more "melodic" than later releases, and also started to play difusing their message of self-management and independence. 

After the demo release, they changed the drummer and Rodrigo replaced him. Migra recorded the 6 tracks for the split with Cucsifae, another important outfit within the argentinian hardcore scene. In 2001, the band starts making tours in Argentina and Uruguay. Once again, the drummer is replaced by Alejo from Cucsifae and their first CD named HC Crust is recorded between may and april and was released later that year. In october, Mauro enters for taking the drums and they record 4 brand new tracks for the split with Disarm (Italy). Also, all the demo tracks and the tracks from the split with Cucsifae are put together for the split with Hydrophobia (Mexico).  

Lastly, before the ending of 2001, Alejo from Minoría Activa (one of the first and most influential argentinian hardcore bands) joins in the drums for recording their second CD named Superficial and make their first european tour in 2003. After playing in 11 countries and 54 shows, Alejo quits the band because he didn't have enough time. Later, Migra Violenta visits Chile in 2004 with Fredy, drummer of Insumisión, recorded 5 tracks for the split with Sick Terror (Brazil) and other 18 brand new tracks for their last record named Holocausto Capitalista, released in 2006".  

Now, regarding the sound, Migra Violenta was one of those south american politically-charged hardcore punk bands that perfectly blended crust punk with thrashcore. We find influences from different bands such as Dropdead, Coche Bomba, Capitalist Casualties, Los Crudos, E-150, Sin Dios, etc. They also contributed to the huge explosion of the successful spanish-speaking hardcore punk bands within the international hardcore punk community during the early and mid 00s.

On the other hand, this partial discography was released in 2014 by many latin american record labels and distros, including Bombas de Odio, La Resistencia Distro and Crust Or Die collective, among others. This edition contains all the remastered tracks taken from Migra Violenta's three full length albums (HC Crust, Superficial and Holocausto Capitalista) and a video containing a live performance in Chile. Sadly, this record neither contains the demo tracks, nor even the tracks from their splits with Cucsifae, Disarm and Sick Terror. Also, their studio live record in Paris (during their european tour in 2003) is still missing.

It does exist another discography named 1999-2002 Gritando Contra Todo, released in 2004 by Renacer Records (Peru), containing the demo tracks, tracks taken from HC Crust, and the tracks for the split with Cucsifae, Disarm and Kontrattaque (featuring some tracks taken from Superficial). We'll just have to wait until the second part of this edition for having the complete discography. And, last but not least, this record don't have any lyrics sheet nor the bands' bio. I know they're easy to find on the internet but they could have included them.

Finally, get this partial discography disc. Click on the image for getting the record with the artwork, inserts, layout and the live performance video. Also, if you're having trouble getting their full length albums, check this record out. It's worth it. It's been almost ten years that we don't have news about Migra Violenta. The last thing I knew is that Daniel is installed in Berlin, Germany since 2011 but I don't know if Carolina is still with him (Probably yes). We do hope they return in the near future. Highly recommended for fans of Ruidosa Inmundicia (Austria/Chile), Sin Apoyo (Chile) and Biófilo Panclasta (Argentina). Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs! 

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La Mort D'un(e) Moderniste presents: Best picks of 2016. Addenda: Chibchombian power in 2016.

Note: Nairo Quintana is one of our most beloved diehard fans. No joke.

Coucou, les! We're back with the first entry of 2017! Fuck yeah! It was about time, right? So, did you notice that colombian hardcore bands were absent in our best picks of 2016 post? Do you wonder why? The reason, well, I decided to post our best colombian picks of last year in a different entry. Since I'm autoexiled here in Colombia, I've seen different musical projects that have caught my attention and, of course, I want to share them with you. Just like the aforementioned best picks entry, we'll give a short review and the respective bandcamp account links for supporting these acts. Also, we'll feature a recent compilation that contains some cool bands from a distant colombian city. Lastly, we do hope more material and surprises from these bands during the course of this year. Let's begin. 

Histeria Colectiva I compilation

Our beloved friend Mr. Lesmes recommended us this superb Ipiales-based hardcore punk bands compilation. It was released in november by Ruidö Resiliencia Anti-Records, a new record label from the aforementioned city. It contains the following bands: Desstruidos, Revolver SS, Los Lixiviados, Estado Laico, Universal Dubwise, △N I T△, Pesticida SS, Kontrafobia, Zkizofrenikaz, LaCruelBelsen, Smebulock, Diserrör, Sarcasmoco, Ruido Vandálico, MxDxA, Holocausto Cannabis, Los Cadáveres and Pägäfäntä. 

Since the formation of the country, Nariño, the department where Ipiales is located, has always been somewhat distant in many aspects due to its geographical location. Concerning the local hardcore/punk scene, it's also been pretty mysterious for the country. In fact, it's a new scene compared to other local scenes such as Bogotá, Cali or Medellin, or even smaller cities like Manizales and Ibagué. Therefore, all of the featured bands were unknown for me, except for MxDxA.

Regarding the sound, you'll find different hardcore punk bands drawing influences from crust punk (including the loved and hated neocrust variant), d-beat, grindcore and powerviolence. There are also two bands with more traditional punk influences and there's another one with a more experimental approach. In general terms, the sound is fast, rabid and vicious the way we like it, with an impressive D.I.Y. spirit. Some songs sound higher and more well-produced than others. It could be a little bit annoying changing the sound volume each time but for me it really wasn't a problem. 

Finally, get this compilation. I really enjoyed it and I'm pleased that more cities in Colombia have interest in the hardcore punk subgenre and have started to produce their own material. We do hope more notices from these bands in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

MxDxA - self-titled

Continuing with the musical surprises from the south of Colombia, we couldn't be more impressed with this superb outfit. MxDxA was born in 2014 and the last year they released this monstrous s/t. The band draws influences from diffierent neocrust and blackened crust outfits such as Ekkaia, Fall Of Efrafa, Agonía, Ictus, Hongo, Iskra and Martyrdöd, among many others, for creating a dark and relentless hardcore attack. There aren't bands like this one in the country, so we do hope they continue surprising us with their repertory. As a curious fact, the front cover of the album features a blackened version of Nuestra Señora de Las Lajas, whose shrine is one of the most visited local places. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Coyote - Overconfidentii Vulgaris EP

This is the first self-released EP of this interesting Bogotá-based hardcore band. Coyote plays fast and tight modern metallic hardcore with different New York Hardcore influences such as Biohazard and Madball but with a highly political consciousness. Indeed, their lyrics are well elaborated and treat different social and cultural issues such as capitalism and consumerism, system education, social injustices, among others. They're also part of the new generation of local hardcore bands that advocate for creating a scene more politically active. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

Vorágine - V.E.I. 

Our beloved experimental hardcore punk outfit already had its debut here in our blog. In fact, they're among the 5 most viewed entries last year. We can't be more pleased with their unique style. You can check our review here.

Amenazas - self-titled
UPDATE 02/10/2018: We have made an ultimate and definite review of this marvelous record which can be viewed here.

Detërioro - self-titled demo

An outstanding hardcore punk outfit drawing influences from noise, d-beat, screamo and crust punk. We could say that this is a neocrust band. Yes, it certainly is. I really enjoyed their musical style: it's fast and well executed with abstract lyrics dealing with different personal and political issues. Did you think the emocrust menace is fake? Think twice. We do really hope a full-length album in the near future. It would be such a blast. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Mongólico - self-titled

A superb grindcore band featuring members of other amazing locals such as Chulo, Nastiness and Hätross. This is their debut album and I must admit that it's fantastic. We find some traces of death metal, sludge, crust punk and powerviolence in their sound, but the final execution is so rad that it wouldn't need any labels. It's only grindcore. Pure and simple. I'm really glad that these kind of projects are flourishing within the scene. For fans of Cripple Bastards, Insect Warfare, Agathocles and, of course, Chulo. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Chulo - self-titled (2016)
Speaking of Chulo, well, they're here. They have already been here in different grindcore and powerviolence related compilations. In fact, they're the colombian grindviolence ambassadors for the international hardcore/punk community. Once again, Chulo delight us with their powerful sound but this time with a more elaborated and well-produced work, where they perfectly blend their classic and modern grindcore and powerviolence influences. There are some moments where the sludge influences are more evident. Pretty outstanding. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Sin Regreso - Demo K7

A fantastic female-fronted hardcore punk band that surprise us with their superb demo. They draw influences from thrashcore, powerviolence and grindcore. The result? Short, fast and loud music the way we fucking like it with political lyrics. There's also a cover to Dropdead's song You Have A Voice. Absolutely amazing. I found really interesting their obsession with classic cartoons like Ed, Edd and Eddy. I would never see this cartoon in the same way after hearing Sin Regreso. We do hope their first full-length album soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Terco - Demo s/t K7
One of my favorite colombian hardcore punk releases in 2016 is here. Terco plays powerviolence in a pretty amazing way: short, fast and loud. The way it should always be. No musical experimentation, only nonsense ultraspeed madness. There's also some grindcore influences. Since long time ago, I didn't see a powerful band like this one. I think their sound has nothing to envy to other international and national grindcore and powerviolence acts. They will make their own path and this the perfect starting point. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Ø))) - I Gave Up Love And Happiness A Long Time Ago

Ø))), AKA Malparido, is an experimental noisecore band that simply blew my mind away. I cannot lie, this is one of the most bizarre and clever musical projects I heard in 2016. Their sound draws different influences from noise, dark ambient, drone and grindcore. There's fuzz, sound distorsion, and unorthodox musical execution, as well as some weird sound samples that only an outcast could really understand. And, of course, the weird and distorted cover to Nirvana's classic Come As You Are is a must. I'm really pleased with the final result and this would definitely be the soundtrack of my eventual immolation. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Satvrn Svnlight - split with Nastiness

We finish this entry with another amazing experimental grindcore band. If you thought Ø))), AKA Malparido, is amazingly weird as fuck, you should also check this band out. Satvrn Svnlight draws influences from noise, drone, dark ambient, sludge, black metal and grindcore for creating an atmosphere of oblivion and despair in a downward spiral of darkness. They label themselves as queercore stonerviolence, so you'll know what to expect after hearing this. I really enjoyed this musical project. Sadly, only the Satvrn Svnlight side of the spilt is available online. I couldn't get the Nastiness (an impressive local crustgrind act) side. When we get the full split, we'll undoubtedly post it here. Promised. Oh, and if you didn't notice, the artwork features a demonic Divino Niño Jesús. Cool, huh? Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!