Tuesday, January 24, 2017

City Limits - Down And Out In Toronto & Montreal compilation


Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with an interesting canadian modern hardcore punk compilation LP released back in 2011 by High Anxiety Records. As the name suggests, this compilation features Toronto and Montreal-based hardcore bands. The original LP version had an interesting way to distribute them: Side A, named "Tortreal", contains the following Toronto-based bands: Career Suicide, Bad Choice, Purity Control, Snakepit, Mature Situations, Mad Men, School Jerks, Brutal Youth, Molested Youth, Urban Blight, Total Trash and Burning Love; and, Side B, named "Mononto", contains the following Montreal-based bands: Slobs, Foreign Bodies, Inepsy, Castavets, Vile Intent, Naughty Girls, Dead Wife, Brazen Hell, Bogus Cause, Unruled and Omegas. There's also an american version released on cassette format in 2012 and distributed by No Idea Records. 

Regarding the sound, we find different hardcore punk styles: old school, crust punk (including the intriguing crust 'n roll variant), crossover thrash, thrashcore, and powerviolence. There are also some bands with more traditional punk, post punk, riot grrl and other experimental music sensibilities but without leaving aside the hardcore style. You'll find the sound of all of the featured bands similar to the new waves of both american and british hardcore posted so far here in the blog. 

Lastly, you should get this compilation. It's pretty outstanding and another good register of the impressive canadian hardcore/punk scene. I also think you won't find any other compilation containing different amazing local bands such as Career Suicide, Inepsy and Vile Intent. Nice. And, the link was provided by the blog Narrow Mind (Thank you, pals!). So, all credits go to them. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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