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Migra Violenta - Discografía #1!ex5VTI4K!R2zaYyBBNNoYpscrMmacdUBleumw6v3FPTPIdhhPxioHola, hola, mis gatitxs! We're back and will feature this interesting partial discography CD of one of the best and most influential latin american hardcore punk bands in the last 15 years: Migra Violenta. I'm gonna translate you, with some minor changes, the band's bio contained in their official website, and later, I'll continue with the review:

"This band was born in 1999 when Daniel (vocalist, from Brazil) met Carolina (guitar, from Colombia) in Venezuela (at the time she was playing the guitar with @patía No). Later, they both moved to Argentina, met Juan Ruedy (bassist, who ran Difunde La Idea fanzine and La Resistencia distro) and Patricio (drums). With this line-up they released their first demo named No Te Calles, whose sound was more "melodic" than later releases, and also started to play difusing their message of self-management and independence. 

After the demo release, they changed the drummer and Rodrigo replaced him. Migra recorded the 6 tracks for the split with Cucsifae, another important outfit within the argentinian hardcore scene. In 2001, the band starts making tours in Argentina and Uruguay. Once again, the drummer is replaced by Alejo from Cucsifae and their first CD named HC Crust is recorded between may and april and was released later that year. In october, Mauro enters for taking the drums and they record 4 brand new tracks for the split with Disarm (Italy). Also, all the demo tracks and the tracks from the split with Cucsifae are put together for the split with Hydrophobia (Mexico).  

Lastly, before the ending of 2001, Alejo from Minoría Activa (one of the first and most influential argentinian hardcore bands) joins in the drums for recording their second CD named Superficial and make their first european tour in 2003. After playing in 11 countries and 54 shows, Alejo quits the band because he didn't have enough time. Later, Migra Violenta visits Chile in 2004 with Fredy, drummer of Insumisión, recorded 5 tracks for the split with Sick Terror (Brazil) and other 18 brand new tracks for their last record named Holocausto Capitalista, released in 2006".  

Now, regarding the sound, Migra Violenta was one of those south american politically-charged hardcore punk bands that perfectly blended crust punk with thrashcore. We find influences from different bands such as Dropdead, Coche Bomba, Capitalist Casualties, Los Crudos, E-150, Sin Dios, etc. They also contributed to the huge explosion of the successful spanish-speaking hardcore punk bands within the international hardcore punk community during the early and mid 00s.

On the other hand, this partial discography was released in 2014 by many latin american record labels and distros, including Bombas de Odio, La Resistencia Distro and Crust Or Die collective, among others. This edition contains all the remastered tracks taken from Migra Violenta's three full length albums (HC Crust, Superficial and Holocausto Capitalista) and a video containing a live performance in Chile. Sadly, this record neither contains the demo tracks, nor even the tracks from their splits with Cucsifae, Disarm and Sick Terror. Also, their studio live record in Paris (during their european tour in 2003) is still missing.

It does exist another discography named 1999-2002 Gritando Contra Todo, released in 2004 by Renacer Records (Peru), containing the demo tracks, tracks taken from HC Crust, and the tracks for the split with Cucsifae, Disarm and Kontrattaque (featuring some tracks taken from Superficial). We'll just have to wait until the second part of this edition for having the complete discography. And, last but not least, this record don't have any lyrics sheet nor the bands' bio. I know they're easy to find on the internet but they could have included them.

Finally, get this partial discography disc. Click on the image for getting the record with the artwork, inserts, layout and the live performance video. Also, if you're having trouble getting their full length albums, check this record out. It's worth it. It's been almost ten years that we don't have news about Migra Violenta. The last thing I knew is that Daniel is installed in Berlin, Germany since 2011 but I don't know if Carolina is still with him (Probably yes). We do hope they return in the near future. Highly recommended for fans of Ruidosa Inmundicia (Austria/Chile), Sin Apoyo (Chile) and Biófilo Panclasta (Argentina). Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs! 

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