Sunday, January 29, 2017

"'Murica, fuck yeah!" Modern american hardcore punk special: Addenda.

Note: Bash the fash!!!
Hello, les gatitxs! We're back. I must confess that I haven't been so active because of, well, many reasons. So, I was looking for some records, and I recently found some mixtapes and compilations  that were supposed to appear in our modern american hardcore punk special but they couldn't make it. You can go and check it out once again for refreshing your memory. Finally, I've also been preparing some of the next big surprises that will be featured here in the blog. I hope they will please you. That being said, let's begin.

Lumpy Mixtape #1 and #2 impressive mixtapes released by Lumpy Records in 2013 (#1) and 2015 (#2). This record label is runned by Martin Meyer, AKA Lumpy, member of Lumpy And The Dumpers, an american hardcore/punk band. The featured bands are: Die Hausmiester, Mr. Wax, Lumpy And The Dumpers, Los Baraja, Billy Ford And The Thunderbirds, Van Morrison, Dem Scientist, Big Zit, Mongoloid, Kaka De Luxe (Spain), Totally Gay Cop, Blotter, The Defekts, Wompers, Kowabunga! Kid, Nuke Cult, The Gruberger Brothers, Trauma Harness, Grauzone, Shaved Women and Animal Teeth (#1), Psychic Forever, Liquids, Ausmuteants, Kids On Fire, Kelly And The Beachcombers, Joni Ekman, Corpse Gas, Bent Bolt And The Nuts, Rik And The Pigs, Colon On The Cob, Urochromes, Hoonbag Moonswag, Beefyknocker, Mystic Inane, Chuckleheads, Orange Soda, Z-Turds, Steve, Russian Top Gun, Wompers and The Purpletrator (#2). Regarding the sound, you'll find different punk rock subgenres such as traditional punk, garage rock, pop punk, synth punk, post punk, and, of course, hardcore punk. I must admit that variety of sounds make these two compilations something really special. For example, these pretty rare mixtapes not only contain some of the best modern american hardcore bands out there such as Mongoloids, Blotter (already featured in our special), Lumpy And The Dumpers and Liquids but also Kaka De Luxe, one of the most important and influential spanish punk rock bands, featuring members of different all-time classic musical groups such as Parálisis Permanente, La Mode, Paraíso, Alaska and Dinarama, among many others. Absolutely great. Finally, get these compilations. Click on each image for downloading them. The links were provided by Jimmy (Thank you so much, pal!), a YouTube user that has an interesting channel with some personal mixtapes sharing the same sensibilities of these compilations. Go and check'em out, they're punk as fuck. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Alive From Inside The Chapel Of Crimes cassette compilation An outstanding cassette compilation released by Anti-Fade fanzine in 2015. It contains the following Portland-based hardcore bands: MPK, CUM, Spetsnaz, Flexible Ammunition Belt, Steve, The Ointment, Franky and Chemos. Regarding the sound, we find noisy and chaotic hardcore punk, mostly with old-school, d-beat and protohardcore influences. There are also some garage rock influences too. So, you'll expect short, fast, loud and uncompromising hardcore punk the way we do fuckin' love it. And, of course, a modern american hardcore compilation cannot fully be completed without weird and experimental music samples, this time courtesy of The Ointment and Flexible Ammunition Belt. If you really dig some incredible modern american hardcore outfits such as GAG, OOZE and Glue, this compilation is a must for you. Also, remember that the featured bands are from Portland. Only the finest hardcore punk quality of the aforementioned city is here. Just recall the already featured Amputape Portland compilation. Fuck yes. Click on the image for downloading it. The link was provided by the dude from Terminal Escape blog (Thank you so much, pal!). All credits go to him. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Fair Warning: Detroit Hardcore compilation
An interesting compilation released by Lost Time Records in 2014. It contains the following Detroit-based hardcore bands: Vision Quest, True Love, Retribution, One By One, Freedom (already featured in our special post) and From Hell. As a curious fact, the name comes from Negative Approach's all-time classic song. Regarding the sound, you'll find modern hardcore punk drawing influences from youth crew, metalcore and thrashcore. I really liked the combination of these hardcore variants here. So, your cravings for violence and frenzy can be satisfied here. I also found interesting, obviously without leaving aside the superb work made by the other bands, the inclusion of From Hell because the spirit of Converge is in them. Pretty cool. Finally, get this album. If you enjoyed the prolific content of America's Hardcore compilation series in our special post, you'll definitely love this one. Click on the image for being redirected to the official bandcamp, where you can buy this record for a really good price. It's worth it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Easier Said Than Done (A Philadelphia Punk Comp)
A top-notch compilation released by Get To The Gig Records in 2014 and distributed by World Gone Mad Distro. It contains the following Philadelphia-based bands: The Stasi, New Crime, Dark Thoughts, Blank Spell, Fuck SS, Batworm, Haldol, Low Charge, Latex, Skin Graft, Stuck Pig, The Holidays, Bad Energy and Cool Life. Regarding the sound, you'll find old-school hardcore punk, protohardcore, traditional punk, both post punk and garage rock revivals, riot grrl, noise, grindcore and some other experimental music influences. I really dig its content, for example, Blank Spell, a female-fronted band featuring members of Cape Of Bats and Devil Master, whose style perfectly mix both hardcore punk and post punk alike, for creating an unique sound. The other bands also made an impressive work with their particular style. These bands are punk as fuck. Pretty outstanding I must say. Click on the image for being redirected to the official bandcamp account, where you can get this compilation for free or paying the price you consider right. Support these bands, don't forget it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Joy Boy Mix #1, #2 and #3!igwkXC4K!vNqh6H7H90JocmQcUMHEY2ZXxl7axODeHABGkBi6fSg
We finally conclude this post with these incredible mixtapes released by Omegas, a Montreal-based hardcore punk already featured here in our blog. It contains more than 40 different american and canadian bands such as Peacebreakers, S.H.I.T., Waste Management, Warthog, Crazy Spirit, CREEM, Omegas themselves, among many others, drawing influences from the so-called "New Wave Of American Hardcore", as well as other bands with post punk and garage rock sensibilities. So, you'll find both hardcore punk and post punk/garage rock revival bands alike. As you may remember, this duality was a common element in our special post because there were many compilations with this particularity. And, of course, you'll find some interesting surprises such as covers to Negative Approach's anthem Nothing and Morrissey's heartbreaking song Suedehead. The latter was made by an old good friend. Pretty touching. As a curious fact, Part Three of Joy Boy Mix would feature both The Rival Mob and Boston Strangler brand new and exclusive tracks. They even recorded them but, for a strange reason, didn't send them to Omegas. About this, Omegas wrote in the insert of the aforementioned mixtape the following: "(...) so they are about as cool as a dry handjob". Such a shame. Click on the image for getting all three mixtapes in one file. I think you'll enjoy it. It's pretty good. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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