Saturday, January 21, 2017

Zapata Vive La Lucha Sigue - EZLN Benefit compilation

Oi! les!, we're back with this impressive 90s hardcore punk compilation dedicated to one of, if not, the most successful and influential social movements in Latin America: L@s Zapatistas from Chiapas, Mexico. This record was edited in 1996 by someone in Germany. I guess it was Solidaridad Directa, a Berlin-based social group credited in the contact info. I don't exactly know if this is true or not. Anyways, the featured bands are: Day By Day, MVD (Mundus Vult Decipi), No Murder, WWK, Yacøpsæ, Y, GHL (Gemeiner Huf Lattich), Pink Flamingos, Ebola, Crude B.E. (Crude But Effective), Garbitch, Bizarre X (Germany), Enola Gay (France), Fleas And Lice (Netherlands), Unhinged, Hiatus (Belgium), Ebola and Quarantine (UK).!moAnwJgJ!PmmWbd6oSGh-bITaJWxwA3Q5bW0J5ip7Z_B26l3B0IQRegarding the sound, you'll only have some of the finest european hardcore punk bands in the 90s. Thus, we find top-notch crust punk, grindcore, powerviolence, emo and even some anarcho-punk influences. There are also some all brand-new and exclusive tracks (at the time) dedicated to Zapata and Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional - EZLN (Zapatist National Liberation Army), as well as some live performances and never heard before material.

Now, this compilation was released for celebrating the thirteenth anniversary of the Zapatist Movement. Hence, all proceeds were donated to EZLN. As a bonus, it contains a 40 page-booklet with detailed information about the history of the movement and their struggle against the opression and injustices that indigenous populations from the south of Mexico have suffered since long time ago. It's also remarkable the resistance that this group has held fighting against the state and capitalism obscure forces and they're also a role model for social organizations based under non-authoritarian and non-hierarchical principles. A new world is possible. And, there's an interview with their charismatic and influential spokesperson Subcomandante Marcos (even his true identity is revealed here! No, It's not true. I'm joking). 

Lastly, you should get this compilation. Not only for the brutal sonic madness displayed by the featured bands, but also the importance of the fight held by EZLN and their partisans. Click on the image for downloading this compilation with all the artwork, inserts, layout, lyrics and bands info. sheet, and, of course, the aforementioned 40-page booklet. All-in-one included. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time! Kisses and Hugs!

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