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Más Allá De Los Gritos! 90s U.S.-based Latino and Chicano Hardcore Punk bands special post. Part 2.

Note: Land And Freedom. The land belongs to those who work it with their own hands. 

Hello, les chaton.nes! We're back with the second part of our special post. For this entry, we'll feature Logical Nonsense, No Le$$, Tezacrifico and Ruido split, Tragátelo, Tras de Nada and Youth Against. Let's begin. 

Logical Nonsense - Deadtime LP


This impressive Santa Fe-based hardcore punk band existed between 1991 and 1998. During its lifetime, Logical Nonsense released two splits with 23 More Minutes (1991) and Grimple (1994), Deadtime LP (1993), Sound Pollution LP/CD (1995) and Expand The Hive LP/CD (1997). The band also participated to different compilations as well. Regarding the sound, Logical Nonsense played powerviolence with some crust and grindcore traces, as well as some mid-80s and early 90s NYHC influences. The lyrics are in english. As you may expect, the lyrics were highly political treating different issues such as nationalism, american mass hysteria, religion, war, different everyday struggles, among others. As other featured bands in the documentary, I didn't know this one before watching it. I'm not really sure if there are other local bands of the time that played like Logical Nonsense. Pretty cool. Finally, I'll only feature this record because of...well, reasons. If you really dig this band, we can in the near future feature their other works. It's up to you to make it happen. FFO classic powerviolence such as No Comment and Plutocracy. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

No Le$$ - Boxed In LP 

Speaking of Plutocracy, we have this band that was born from the ashes of that influential powerviolence band. No Le$$ existed between 1993 and 1998 and released a good bunch of material and collaborations to different hardcore punk and powerviolence-related compilations, including the legendaries Blllleeeeaaaauuurrrggghhhh!, Fiesta Comes Alive and El Guapo. There's also a compilation named Le$$on$ 93-98, released by Push Down And Turn Records in 2004, that reunites all the material ever recorded and released by No Le$$. Regarding the sound, it's pure powerviolence with some traces of grindcore. Simple as that. And how about the lyrics? Well, they were highly political but there were also other songs full of ironies and parodies. Pure 90s powerviolence style, papus and mamus. Even though this band wasn't as successful or influential as Plutocracy, only the true diehard powerviolence fans would know that this band has nothing to envy to their homologues of the time. And I think many modern powerviolence also pay tribute to this powerful 90s latino/chicano outfit. Finally, I'll only feature the Boxed In LP because it's the only record that I've got. Maybe in the near future this band will come back. Just maybe... Anyway, it's highly recommended. If you enjoyed the previous band, you'll love this one too. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Tragátelo - S/T and split with Kontra Attaque 


One of my favorite L.A.-based female-fronted hardcore punk bands is finally here. It featured members of Subsistencia, Los Crudos and Life's Halt. They only released one split with Kontra Attaque (1999, Subversive Rhymes) and their spectacular S/T (2003, Lengua Armada Records). Regarding the sound, they played highly-political hardcore punk, much like their homologues. Alongside with Sin Orden, Tragátelo was also one of the first bands that took the lessons and influences of the 90s latino and chicano hardcore punk to the newest generations of spanish-speaking hardcore bands, as well as the growing number of female-fronted bands around the world during the next decade. Their lyrics were in spanish and treated different topics such as feminism, social injustices, defense for indigenous causes, relationships between individuals, state and capitalism, among others. It's one of the best post-Los Crudos bands out there. Finally, we'll feature their both records. Note that the featured songs on the split with Kontra Attaque were later re-recorded for the S/T, so technically they only have one album. (Oh, Mindblown. Tell me more about it). Both records were ripped by our friend OSMX4 (Thank you, pal!), so the credits go to him. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Ruido / Tezacrifico split 


Originally for this entry, I'd only write about the almost enigmatic L.A.-based mexican hardcore punk band Tezacrifico but it was nearly impossible to get their only tape named To Stop Us You Must Kill Us (1994, Subversive Rhymes Records). Just like happened with Sbitch, Internet didn't help either and I couldn't get it. Our friend OSMX4 (Thank you, once again pal!) provided us their split with Ruido (1997, El Grito Records), another L.A.-based powerviolence outfit, that will also be featured on the next entry of this special post. Sadly, the split is ripped in two tracks and each one contains all the bands' songs in one file, respectively. Regarding the sound, Tezacrifico plays politically conscious hardcore punk with thrashcore and powerviolence influences and, their lyrics are both in spanish and english. The featured songs for this split have the particularity of being noisy and crazy as fuck. I really loved them. And, finally, Ruido, well, we already mentioned that they played powerviolence but we'll further write about them on the next entry. If we get a physical copy of both records, I'll upload them. Promised. This split is absolutely a must, though. Give it a try. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Tras De Nada - Tracks taken from the split with Insolentes and compilation tracks


Once again, our friend OSMX4 (Thank you, for the third time, pal!) "saved the country" providing us the songs that this enigmatic yet impressive Chicago-based hardcore punk band recorded more than ten years ago. They formed in 1999 with a sound and lyrical content pretty similar to their homologues Los Crudos, Youth Against and Huasipungo. Their first official release was until 2007, when they shared a split with mexican hardcore punk band Insolentes (Southkore Records). The second official release were three songs for Ratas De Ciudad compilation, featuring other local latino hardcore punk bands. This compilation will also be present in our special post, so we'll write about it later. And, the most recent official release, is a song named Invasión. It's available in their official bandcamp account, which you can access here. I'm not really sure if the aforementioned song is just a teaser for a future release. Also, I'm not sure about the future of this band. Firstly, their last song was recorded and released in 2013, almost 4 years of inactivity since then. And, secondly, there's a disclaimer on their official bandcamp account, where they publicly announced the expulsion of their original bassist because he was implied in different sexual harrasment episodes since long time ago. So, I'm not sure if they already got another bassist or if its absence has also been a cause of their inactivity. Finally, you should check this band out. It's really cool. Click on the image for getting the file. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Youth Against! - La Revolución De Los De Abajo and Libertad Y Justicia Para Quién?


We successfully conclude this second part of the special post with this impressive Chicago-based hardcore punk band. Youth Against followed the same steps of Los Crudos and created a short, fast and ferocious political hardcore punk with some traces of crust punk, thrashcore and early 90s NYHC. Most of their lyrics are in spanish and treat different topics such as immigration and transborder struggles, racism, xenophobia, anarchism, indigenous people struggles, political and economic injustices, etc. Now, they only released two records Libertad Y Justicia Para Quién? (1995, Alarma Records) and La Revolución De Los De Abajo (1997, Alarma Records). They also contributed to Libérame compilation (already featured here in the blog). Originally, they were known as Youth Against Fascism but later changed it for Youth Against! before the release of their second album. Also, for this record, there was a line-up change with only Nuco (vocals) and Fernando (guitar, that later changed to drums) as original members. Fernando Esparza took the guitar, whilst "Betocore" took the bass. I'm not really sure when this musical group disbanded, but after that Nuco, Fernando and Esparza formed Pkadores, whilst "Betocore" joined Tras De Nada (and you already know what happened later). Finally, you should get the record of this band. It's one of the best U.S. latino and chicano hardcore punk outfits in the 90s. The file contains both records, as well as artwork, lyrics sheet (except for the first record), layout and inserts. All-in-one. I hope you enjoyed this second part of the special post and we'll be back tomorrow with more surprises. Oh yeah. Kisses and Hugs!

Más Allá De Los Gritos! 90s U.S.-based Latino and Chicano Hardcore Punk bands special post. Part 1.

Note: Constitution Is Dead.
Qué tranza, morrxs! We're back with the next special post I've been preparing since last week. You may already know that my hardcore and punk tastes involve mostly both 80s and 90s eras and I also wanted to further explore the impressive latino and chicano hardcore punk scene in the U.S. during the 90s. Some of these bands have already been here in different reviewed compilations such as Libérame. Go and check'em out once again for refreshing your memory.  

Now, I recently re-watched Más Allá de los Gritos (Beyond the Screams) documentary, released in 1999 by Lengua Armada Records (record label owned by Martin Sorrondeguy, also vocalist of Los Crudos and Limp Wrist), which perfectly describes the origins and rise of the latino and chicano hardcore scene in the U.S. There's also many references to different social and political issues such as neighborhood identity, transborder and immigration struggles (notably with the passing of the infamous Proposition 187), the NAFTA agreement and the rise of the Zapatista Army in Mexico, police brutality, xenophobia, racism and discrimination, among others, that deeply changed the vision of these bands. And, of course, how the D.I.Y ethic of this hardcore scene dealt with these topics. You can view the documentary here

I'll review the featured bands in the aforementioned documentary. I think the list is more than enough for having an idea how the latino and chicano hardcore bands developped these social and political issues, whilst they tried to preserve their cultural heritage (for example, singing in spanish) and recall the struggle of the immigrants and minorities in the country that many people within the scene completely ignored or didn't want to hear about. Sadly, this generated many discrimination towards these bands for their social and political agenda.  

Lastly, these bands inspired the rise of many spanish-speaking hardcore bands the next two decades and both their musical influence and political message alike, are still relevant today. That's why I used the same name for this special post. There will also be some extra special guests (both featured and non-featured in the documentary) that don't necessarily fit in this category but at least had a latin@ or chican@ as a member and/or treated social and political issues concerning the latino and chicano communities in the U.S.A. I hope you'll like it. We'll start with Subsistencia, Ricanstruction, Revolución X, Sbitch and Arma Contra Arma.

Subsistencia - Nuestra Tierra Anahuac

Subsistencia was a L.A.-based experimental hardcore band that only released in 1998, through XRF Xican@ Records and Films, their first and only full-length album named Nuestra Tierra Anahuac. There are also some compilations where this band participated to. Regarding the sound, the band played fast and straightforward hardcore punk with some anarcho punk influences. It also had traditional indigenous instruments and rhythms, as well as some ska and reggae moments. The lyrics are in spanish with both female and male vocals and deal with different topics such as feminism, zapatism, social struggle, political opression, economic injustices, spiritualism and personal revolution, among others. It's one of those bands whose sound is a little bit difficult to identify but it's a real pleasure to listen to. I really love their musical approach which is something different to what we're used to publish here in the blog. It still manages a superb hardcore punk spirit, though. Nothing else matters. In 1999, Lina, their female vocalist, left the band and joined Tragátelo, another impressive latino/chicano female-fronted hardcore punk outfit that will also be featured in this special post. I'm not really sure if Subsistencia is still active today without Lina. Finally, our friend of Fugitive Equilibrium blog ripped this CD. The credits go to its editor (Thanks, pal!). For a strange reason, lyrics sheet wasn't concieved for this record. There's only a manifesto of the band's projection. Nothing else. It's such a shame. However, if you speak spanish, you can understand the lyrics because the vocal style is clear. This record is absolutely a must. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Sbitch - s/t  


This impressive El Paso-based female-fronted hardcore band existed between 1998 and 2001. During their lifetime, they released 2 splits with P.U.S. from the UK (1998, Revolt Tapes/You're Not Normal Records) and Foilin' The Works (2000, Los Bandidos Records), Satisfy The Instinct LP (2001, Not On Label, self-released) and this s/t (200x, Not On Label, unreleased). Regarding the sound, Sbitch played short, fast and loud hardcore punk, the way we do fuckin' like it. There are also some traces of crust punk, d-beat and thrashcore. Just like their latino and chicano homologues, this band had political lyrics. I cannot further speak about this aspect because I must confess that getting information about this band was nearly impossible. Their records are really scarce and Internet doesn't help either. In fact, this s/t is incomplete because at least 2 or 3 songs are missing. Besides, there's little information about this record. It was given to a Discogs user, whose identity is also a mystery, by one of the band members (probably when the band didn't exist anymore). I don't know exactly how our anonymous collaborator (yes, he does exist) could get these mp3 files. Anyway, you should check this band out. It's powerful and full of passion. FFO female-fronted hardcore punk bands such as Ruidosa Inmundicia, Punch, Infect and Tørsö. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Arma Contra Arma - Let No One Deceive You


Both José Casas and Martin Sorrondeguy from Los Crudos were in this short-lived side-project. This is the only EP (1997, Lengua Armada Records) that this band ever released during its lifetime but there are also some compilations where they participated to. For this record, Martin took the drums, whilst José took the bass. I don't know the other projects of the other two band members (Victor, voice and Jaime, guitar). Regarding the sound, Arma Contra Arma played fast and agressive hardcore punk like Los Crudos with heavy influence of 80s mexican hardcore punk bands such as Atoxxxico and Solución Mortal. Also, their lyrics dealt with different social and political issues such as nationalism and immigration. I'm quite fascinated with the sound of this band. I didn't know it before watching the documentary that inspired this special post. If you dig other latino and chicano hardcore bands such as Los Crudos, Youth Against and Huasipungo, this is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Revolución X - S/T and Política Y Esparcimiento...


This is the discography of this awesome L.A.-based mexican hardcore punk band. During their lifetime, they only released two albums: S/T (1994, Inepsie Records, New Wave Records, Toxic Grafity Records and !Angrr! (France)) and Política Y Esparcimiento... (1995, Lengua Armada Records (USA)). Regarding the sound, just like their homologues, Revolucion X played short, fast and uncompromising hardcore punk, heavy influenced by early 80s mexican hardcore punk and some U.S. latino punk such as Los Olvidados. With irreverent and politically-charged lyrics, Revolucion X treated different topics such as zapatism, immigration, political corruption in different countries of Latin America such as Mexico and Brazil, critics to US trade embargo on Cuba, liberation of Puerto Rico and even references to a stuffed Julio Iglesias (yes, it truly hurts when someone criticize one of your spanish meme idols but life's pain, you y'all know, right?). Both discs were ripped by Carry On Screaming blog, so all credits go to its editor (Thanks, pal!). Click on the image and you'll get the material with artwork, lyrics sheet, inserts and layouts. All-in-one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Ricanstruction - Liberation Day   


We successfully conclude this first part of the special post with this interesting puerto rican experimental hardcore band. This record was released by CBGB Records Ltd. in 1998. They also released Abu Jamal (2002, AWOL Records) and Love + Revolution (2004, Uprising Records). Why do we publish puerto rican bands in this post? As you may know, Puerto Rico has been occupied by the U.S. since more than 100 years ago. Yes, puerto ricans are also american citizens but they pay taxes to the union and don't have a vote in the U.S. congress. So, it's more apparent than real their "free association" to the U.S. and puerto ricans have tried to be truly independent. Now, Ricanstruction musical style is very different to their homologues' posted so far: they had a special mix of hardcore punk, heavy metal, hip-hop, salsa and reggae. Can you guess what kind of subgenre could spawn of this sound mix? Yes, you guessed it. Rapcore. They sound just like Rage Against The Machine and Gojira but more underground. Also, their lyrics were sung in english with heavy political stances such as situation of political prisoners, immigration, system failures, corruption, self-management, direct action, zapatism as well as other latin american liberation movements and, of course, the wished liberation of their beloved caribbean island. I'll only post their first album because it's the only one that I've got and their later releases are less hardcore punk-oriented. I really liked the concept. Rapcore can be underground too. Believe it or not. Highly recommended. Finally, I hope you really enjoyed this first part of the special post. We'll come back tommorow with more big surprises. Kisses and hugs! 

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Bordeaux Boredom #2


Oi! les chaton.ne.s! We're back with more french modern hardcore punk compilations. For this entry, we'll feature the second volume of  Bordeaux Boredom compilation series. We already uploaded the first volume when we made our recommendation list of different french hardcore bands in 2015. You can refresh your memory here. This compilation was released last year and contains the following bands: Shock, Slakteri, Diktat and Fraude. 

Regarding the sound, we find different hardcore punk styles. For example, Shock (already featured here in the blog) changed a little bit their style and are more old school-oriented with a modern touch. Think of canadian bands such as Career Suicide, School Jerks and Terminal State; Both Slakteri (their songs are in spanish) and Diktat have d-beat influences in the same vein as different scandinavian bands such as Disarm, Anti-Cimex and SOD; And, last but not least, Fraude is a female-fronted band with a musical style pretty close to american bands such as La Misma and Sad Boys. 

Lastly, you should get this compilation. If you enjoyed the first volume and want to explore more of the impressive bordelais hardcore punk scene, this is for you. Click on the image for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can get it for free or pay the right price you consider. Also, there's an additional link where you can get the artwork and lyrics sheet. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jours De Haine 7" EP Compilation


Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with Jours De Haine (Days Of Hate in french), a top-notch 7" EP compilation containing french hardcore punk bands, plus an international special guest, released last year by Build Me A Bomb Records (Lille, France). It features the following bands: Anxiety Attack, Sévices (Lille), Krigskade, Peur Panique (Paris), Shock (Bordeaux), and Wrong Decision (Belgium). 

Regarding the sound, all the featured bands play fast and straightforward hardcore punk, each one with a particular and personal touch. For example, Anxiety Attack and Sévices have both thrashcore and powerviolence elements; Shock plays short, fast and loud music in the same vein as D.S.13 and Vitamin X; Peur Panique (probably the best french modern powerviolence band ever) pays tribute to old-school powerviolence, drawing influences from Infest, Spazz and Man Is The Bastard; Krigskade (one of my favorite Paris-based hardcore bands) has an excellent mix of scandinavian d-beat and american hardcore punk with danish lyrics. Nothing to envy to the different new waves of british and american hardcore outfits out there, some of them already featured here in the blog; and, last but not least, the belgian guest plays like if it was a Boston-based hardcore band with a clear and precise musical execution. Pretty cool. 

Lastly, you should get this compilation. It's one of the best french modern hardcore punk compilations ever released. All the featured tracks are brand new and exclusive to this release, except for Peur Panique's track  because it was previously released on their last record Dernières Volontés. Also, both Krigskade and Peur Panique are already disbanded and this compilation is their last contribution ever. Click on the image above for downloading it. All the artwork, lyrics sheet, and inserts are included in the file. All-in-one. We do hope in the near future having more french modern hardcore punk-related material like this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time.

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Your Anti-Saint Valentine's day post 2nd edition: Three political hardcore punk compilations

Ah! L'amour...

Hello, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with our second edition of our infamous Anti-Saint Valentine's day post. Last year, we featured two superb powerviolence compilations with lyrics full of hate, hate, and more and more hate. If you want to refresh your memory, click here to get them. We also had to update the download links because the official bandcamp accounts containing them don't exist anymore. Now, for this edition, I changed a little bit the dynamic but the hate and resentment towards this romantic/courtly love shitty day still prevails. So, we'll feature one 80s and two 90s political hardcore punk compilations with anti-sexism, anti-war and anti-racism lyrics, among other important sociopolitical and economic topics. Lastly, I'd like to thank À la mémoire de... and It Follows blogs because they provided the download links (Thank you so much, pals!). All the credits go to their editors. Let's begin.

Nobody Listens Anymore! 


This is an impressive flexi-disc compilation released in 1988 by Puro Pinche Ruido Records and Goatsucker Records, two mexican record labels. It contains the following bands: Fear Of God (Switzerland), Youth Crew (Belgium), Psycho Sin (USA), Chronical Diarrhoea (Germany), G.P.K. (Mexico), Filthy Christians (Sweden), Disharmonic Orchestra (Austria), Sound Pollution (Greece), E.N.E. (Netherlands) and Ruido De Rabia (Spain). 

Regarding the sound, we find the top-notch late-80s grindcore style. Some bands add their own interpretation with different additional musical influences such as crust punk, thrashcore, death metal and noise. You'll also expect lyrics fueled with hate, resentment, irony, anti-consummerism, anti-patriotic and other different kinds of sociopolitical topics. I'm really impressed with the inclusion of both well-known and not so well-known grindcore bands. For example, the existence of Sound Pollution, Disharmonic Orchestra, E.N.E., G.P.K. and Youth Crew were a mystery for me before hearing this record. I also liked the inclusion of Fear Of God, Filthy Christians and Ruido De Rabia because they are among my favorite grindcore bands of all time. Last but not least, both Psycho Sin and Chronical Diarrhoea really caught my attention because they have more traditional grindcore influences and reminded me UKHC classics such as Heresy, Ripcord and Electro Hippies. 

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's short, fast and loud. The audio quality isn't the best but this is a 80s grindcore record. Don't blame it. Possibly one of the best late-80s hardcore punk compilations ever released. The artwork, inserts, lyrics, bands info. and other visual material are included in the file. All-in-one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Die Human Race


A superb flexi-disc compilation released in 1997 by Skuld Releases (Germany) and Profane Existence (USA). Each side of the record contains different bands of each record label. Thus, Side A named "Skuld side" contains Acción Mutante, Luzifers Mob (Germany), Hiatus (Belgium) and Fleas And Lice (Netherlands); and, finally, Side B named "Profane side" contains three american bands: State Of Fear, Civil Disobedience and Assrash. 

Regarding the sound, all the bands have crust punk influences but we can identify anarcho-punk, grindcore and metalcore influences as well. The lyrics have that 90s political hardcore punk touch with many different sociopolitical and economic topics and issues. Now, as you may have noticed, this compilation have both american and european bands alike. The names of the european bands talk for themselves and we shouldn't speak further about them. Besides, as I've wrote before in other reviews, the pressence of Hiatus is always a success. About the american bands, I must admit that they were a mystery for me before hearing this record. Nonetheless, I'm really impressed because they perfectly retain the classic 90s american crust sound in the same vein as Disrupt, Destroy and Misery. Pretty cool. I must also add that Assrash really caught my attention because their style is a little bit different than their local counterparts. It's less brutal but still has a particular force to remark. Last but not least, Luzifers Mob makes an outstanding cover to Raw Power's song Raw Power. Really nice. 

Finally, you should get this compilation. Another impressive register of both classic 90s american and european crust sound that should be in your musical library. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Sign Language

We conclude this post with this amazing 90s political hardcore punk compilation. It was released by Allied Recordings in 1992.  It's divided in 3 7" inches each one with a different topic and content: The first disc named "Stop Racism" contains Scarecrow, Sawhorse, Seein' Red (Netherlands) and Political Asylum (UK); The second disc named "Stop Sexism" contains Spitboy (one of the best all-female hardcore punk bands in the 90s), 411, Christ On A Crutch and Suckerpunch; and, finally, the third and last disc named "Stop War" contains The Fixtures, Sleep, Econochrist and Jawbox. 

Regarding the sound, we have fast and precise bands such as Sawhorse, Econochrist, Spitboy, Christ On A Crutch and Seein' Red. On the other hand, I'm really impressed with the inclusion of Political Asylum, which is one of the first UK anarcho-punk bands in the 80s but the featured track is a little bit more pop-punk oriented. We could also say that Suckerpunch, 411 and Jawbox are more in the post-hardcore territory. Two bands that were a mystery for me are Scarecrow and The Fixtures. They aren't as fast and vicious than their other counterparts in this compilation but their more classical punk sensibilities (even with some pop punk traces) are pretty cool. Last but not least, Sleep is a very big surprise because their stoner rock influences are uncommon for this kind of compilations. Really neat. And, as you may have suggested, each band makes reference to the topic assigned in the discs.

Lastly, you should get this record. It's pretty cool and you'll really enjoy it. The artwork, inserts, lyrics, bands info. and other visual material are included in the file. All-in-one. Oh, and I almost forgot. The presentation of the visual material is in the form of a booklet with different references to the treated topics in this record. You should read it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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Hate / Love compilation

Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with the promised collection that I mentioned you in the previous post. This is supposed to be the definitive 80s italian hardcore punk compilation: the alpha and omega, the beginning and end, the matter and antimatter, all-in-one. With this record, you'll be experts in italian hardcore and will have more friends and lots of money. Hence, your life will dramatically experiment a new change. Oh yeah. 

https://mega.nz/#!q1wymRJC!ITvrCcYA7sH7Z5n5BtyzrnCJhKM2jy1NQ5hbXl89XzgThis compilation was released in 2005 by Italia-based record labels LoveHate80, SOA Records and Valium Records. It was also available in both LP and CD (housed in a DVD case) formats with each pressing limited to only 500 copies, and both versions included a superb 48-page booklet with info on the featured bands. And, finally, the compilation is divided in two discs: the first one is named "Hate" containing the following bands: I Deny, Chain Reaction, Impact, Basta, Infezione, Kina, The Wops, Kobra, High Circle, EU's Arse, The Ride, Lager, Stinky Rats, Upset Noise, Rough, Dictratista, Raw Power, Last Call, Uart Punk, Shockin' TV, Atrox and I Refuse It!; the second one is named "Love" containing the following bands: Stigmathe, Rappresaglia, Underage, U.D.S., Negazione, Digos Goat, Nabat, Blaxfema, Bed Boys, Indigesti, Warfare?, Contr*azione (or simply Contrazione), Youngblood, F.C.A, Fallout, P.S.A., Stige, Fun and Triatura Limitata.  

Regarding the sound, well, we don't have to go further because you'll find the exquisite and top-notch musical execution of italian hardcore punk bands in the 80s: short, fast and loud as fuck. As you may remember, most of these bands have a more US-influenced sound but there are also some british hardcore punk, Oi! and anarcho-punk influences. This is the perfect soundtrack for eating your bowl of pasta (with your favorite toppings and sauce).

Now, you may have noticed that LoveHate80 participated in this project. So, what's the point with them? Well, alongside with F.O.A.D. Records, they also made the excellent documentary named Italian Punk Hardcore 1980-1989 which, as the name suggests, narrates the story and evolution of the hardcore punk subgenre in Italy in the 80s. It took more than ten years in the making and production started a little bit earlier when Hate / Love compilation was released. Some of the featured songs in the compilation are in the documentary. 

Lastly, you should get this record. I almost dared to say that this is the definitive 80s italian hardcore punk compilation but some legendary and influential bands are missing such as 5º Braccio, Wretched, Declino, Blue Vomit, C.C.M., etc. But, even with these scarcities, the editors made a fantastic work with this compilation. You can complement its content with the italian hardcore punk-related compilations we've posted so far. Click on the image for downloading this record. Sadly, the 48-page booklet is missing. Oh, and I almost forgot. You can visit F.O.A.D. Records' YouTube Channel where you can watch, with english subtitles, Italian Punk Hardcore 1980-1989 documentary. If you want to know some details about the italian hardcore movement in the 80s and many stories around it such as the U.S. tours of Raw Power, Negazione and Crash Box, the reaction of italian punks when Black Flag visited the country, the foundation of the legendary venue Virus in Milano, and why many people states that Torino had the best italian hardcore scene at the time, among many others. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Punk In Italia CD Compilation

Hello, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with a humble 80s italian hardcore punk CD compilation I recently found. I didn't even know its existence and I was shocked. Oh yeah, papu.s/mamu.s. Just like that. You must already know that we're hopeless and nostalgic romantics obsessed with both 80s and 90s hardcore punk, obviously including the top-notch italian scene. Our anachronic tastes arise from time to time (most of the time, indeed) and I couldn't resist sharing with you this collection.  

https://mega.nz/#!SgYHTZ5b!HH_2Nglda6Wg1mL7d8-ofiwQI-DMppspXlPsJ4YEVYIPunk In Italia was released in 2005 by Toxic Records, a french record label, and contains the following bands: Declino, Crash Box, Indigesti, Wretched, Contr*azione (or simply Contrazione), EU's Arse, Blue Vomit, Peggio Punx, Rappresaglia, Contropotere, UART Punk, A.C.T.H, R.A.F. Punk, Underage, Infezione, I Refuse It!, Atrox, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers (or simply C.C.M.), Kina, Nerorgasmo, Crime Gang Bang, Fallout, Stalag 17, Nabat, Irah, Dioxina, Bloody Riot and Punk Sound Against (or simply P.S.A.).

Regarding the sound, you'll find good ol' short, fast and ferocious hardcore punk all'italiana. Most of these bands are more US-influenced, but we also find some british hardcore influences as well. Even some bands draw influences from oi! and anarcho-punk subgenres without leaving aside the frantic italian hardcore punk style. I've always thought that the italian hardcore scene has been one of the few european hardcore scenes that truly have taken their musical influences to the next level.

Now, I can tell some things about why this compilation will blow your mind. For example, Indigesti, Declino, Infezione, Rappresaglia and Wretched play fast enough like if it didn't exist a tomorrow; Kina are undoubtedly the italian Husker Dü with their melodic yet powerful style; Nabat seduces skinhead hordes with their particular Oi!-influenced style; CCM is simply amazing with their auto-called ultracore sound; and, Contr*azione and Contropotere, both have female and male vocal duets in the same way as many british anarcho-punk outfits, but retaining the savage spirit of italian hardcore punk. And, you'll see that some of the featured bands aren't so well-known but they're amazing.

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's one of the best 80s italian hardcore punk compilations out here, even though Raw Power and Negazione are absent. The featured bands don't have nothing to envy to these popular italian hardcore acts. Click on the image for downloading this compilation. Next friday we'll feature another italian hardcore-related surprise, so stay tuned. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!   

Monday, February 6, 2017

Poutine is life, Poutine is love. 90s canadian hardcore punk mini special post.

Pizza + Poutine? Oh you, ancient evil spirits. OOOOOOHHHHHHH YEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! Vve iz bëck (?) with a new mini special post about 90s canadian hardcore punk. Fuck yeah! Once again, I'm deeply sorry for my long absence but I was sick and demotivated for writing but I'm O.K. right now and back to the business. Now, since I've been featuring modern canadian hardcore punk bands, I've also wanted to show you how the things were done in the 90s. You must already know our obsession with 80s and 90s-related hardcore punk bands and Canada couldn't be missed out. Just like other american and european hardcore scenes of the time, we also saw an enormous quantity of bands exploring different subgenres such as crust punk, grindcore, emo and metalcore, among others. Some of these canadian bands also had an international recognition and their musical influence crossed borders i.e. Union of Uranus' sound was important for the development of screamo, neocrust and blackened crust alike. Lastly, we'll feature some compilations containing some 90s canadian hardcore punk bands. It's a shame that these records don't contain tracks from Breakwater, Chokehold, Shotmaker and One Eyed God Prophecy, other great local bands whose name speaks for themselves. All the links were provided by Abridged Pause Records, an independent canadian blog and record label, that has an extensive database with different local hardcore bands. Go and check it out. Let's begin!. 

Fuck The Commonwealth: 33 bands from Ontario and British Columbia that hate the Queen! 


This is an interesting compilation released in 1994 by Fans Of Bad Productions Records. It originally contained the following 22 bands: Kops For Christ, Ignatz, Blundermen, Dirty Bird, Mr. Nobody, Wad, Blowhard, Hockey Teeth, Minow, Whatever, The Queen Haters, Nothing To Lose, Insult To Injury, Benchwarmer, The Uniks, Giblet, M Blanket, The Dunderheads, Black Kronstadt, Goatboy, Splatterboys and Mexican Power Authority. 

The next year, a CD version was released with 11 extra bands, absent in the original LP/cassette release: Gus, Hoofrarump, Render Useless, Hudson Mack, Black Market Fruits, Floragore, Ache Hour Credo, Enfa/lak, Phallocracy, Union of Uranus, Lootbag, Swell Prod, and Submission Hold.  Also, this version didn't feature The Dunderheads' track and M Blanket's track is different. The original secret track was also removed.

Regarding the sound, we find different hardcore styles, for example, crust punk, metalcore, emo, posthardcore, melodic hardcore and powerviolence. The musical execution is pure 90s style, so you won't get lost when you hear the content of this compilation. It's remarkable the inclusion of Union of Uranus and Black Kronstadt, two of the biggest influences for both neocrust and blackened crust alike.

There's also Ache Hour Credo, a really interesting emo/screamo band that never got an official release and, even today, no one has dared to release an official discography CD/LP. Another impressive local hardcore band contained here is Mexican Power Authority, whose sound evokes different expressions of speed and violence. One of the best 90s powerviolence bands, for sure. And, finally, most of the other bands were a mystery for me (except for a few ones) but they made a great job.

Lastly, get this compilation. You'll find some exclusive and new tracks at the time, as well as some alternate versions, for example, Union of Uranus' Backhand is slower than the original release (And vastly inferior, imho. Nonetheless, give it a try). This is the CD version. Click on the image for downloading it. Highly recommended. And, don't forget: FUCK THE COMMONWEALTH!!! Enjoy!

GO! 47 Canadian HC Bands


This compilation was released in 1997 by Fans Of Bad Productions Records. It contains the following 47 bands: Soy, Danko Jones, Acrid, Rubber Girlfriend, Daddy's Hands, Ulcer, Chitz, AK 47, 26 Letter Prison, Doomtown, Submission Hold, M Blanket, Never Too Late, Warface, Grade, Blundermen, Disassociate From Man, Render Useless, Goatboy, Spazmz, Swallowing Shit, One Eleven, Moral Panic, Moaning Lisas, Bombshelter, I Spy, Dillinger Mob, Pipebomb, Phallocracy, Third World Planet, Mexican Power Authority, Jonas, Kops For Christ, Black Market Fruits, Infect, Bound To Fail, Seized, Inertia Kills, Ignatz, Betty Ford, Propagandhi, Hard To Say, Holocron, Union Of Uranus, Ten Dead Men and Dirty Bird. Third World Planet and Hard to Say contributed two songs each, thus making this CD compilation feature 47 bands but 49 songs in total. The next year an 2xLP edition was released with three additional bands: Ex Dead Teenager, Hoodrat and Equation of State. Just like the CD version, the featured four songs of Third World Planet and Hard to Say are here, thus making this vinyl compilation feature 50 bands but 52 songs in total.

Regarding the sound, just like the previous compilation, we find different hardcore styles, for example, crust punk, metalcore, emo, posthardcore, melodic hardcore and powerviolence. But we also find grindcore. As you may expect, the musical execution is pure 90s canadian hardcore style. I'm glad this compilation contains both Ulcer and Acrid, two of the best canadian grindcore/powerviolence bands ever. The latter was also straight edge, pretty uncommon for the grindcore movement. There's also Grade, whose melodic yet powerful style gave them some success abroad, notably in the U.S., when they signed with Victory Records. You'll also note the inclusion of Propagandhi, a pretty popular political band. It hasn't been my cup of tea, but I cannot deny their influence. And, finally, most of the featured bands in the previous compilation are back, so you'll know what to listen to.

Lastly, get this compilation. It's pretty cool and I appreciate the effort of the record label for bringing us some of the best canadian hardcore bands in the 90s. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Group Therapy Explosion...


This compilation was released in 1996 by Slow To Burn Records. It contains the following bands: Gus, Halycon Days, Ache Hour Credo, Goatboy, Ten Dead Men, Hickey, Daddy's Hands, Pebble, Submission Hold, Dillinger Mob, Black Market Fruits, Benchwarmer, Ground Round, Hudson Mack, Offense A.D., The Republic Of Freedom Fighters and Render Useless.

Regarding the sound, we find mostly emo and posthardcore bands. These bands have nothing to envy to american and european emo bands of the time such as Hoover, Bob Tilton and Moss Icon, among others. Their style is really amazing and all the diehard fans of the original emo style, would certainly be pleased. For sure. Also, some of the featured tracks are exclusive and brand new, so you won't find them anywhere but here. I really enjoyed it.

Lastly, get this record. It's one of the few registers of the short-lived 90s emo scene in Canada. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Quebec Crusade For Auditive Savagery Proliferation


Ahhh! One of my favorite 90s canadian hardcore punk compilations is finally here. It was released by Doomsday Machine Records in 1994. This 7" EP contains the following bands: Immoral Squad, Apathetic Nations, Human Rats, Drift, The Fact Remains That, Human Greed, Global Holocaust and Shitfit. Regarding the sound, we find rabid and ferocious crust-influenced hardcore punk. We also find some slight varieties of grindcore, powerviolence and metalcore in here. So, the influence of different american crust-related groups such as Disrupt, Misery and Dropdead is here.

It's remarkable that Drift also had a huge impact within the screamo subgenre because its sound is closer to Union of Uranus and One Eyed God Prophecy's; Human Greed, Global Holocaust and Shitfit are perphaps the most well-known Montreal-based crustgrind outfits; Human Rats, Apathetic Nations, and The Fact Remains That are really unknown acts and I dare to say that their included tracks are exclusive for this record; and, last but not least, Immoral Squad has a split with Union Of Uranus and their style is pretty cool.

Lastly, get this compilation. It's absolutely a must. This is the only register I know that compiles the beginnings of the crust punk scene in Québec. For a strange reason, all of these acts sing in English, not in French. Interesting. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

The 49th Parallel


We conclude this mini special post with this superb compilation released in 1997 by Disillusion Records and Lake Eerie Hi-Fi Records. Old Glory Records also released a LP version of this compilation. The name of the record refers to the line that divides U.S.A. and Canada. It contains the following bands: Swallowing Shit, Karenza, Eliot Rosewater, Acrid, Submission Hold, Inept (Canada), Resin, Tho Ko Losi, MK Ultra, Three Studies For A Crucifixion, Gates Of Dawn, Still Life and Heautontimorumenus (USA).

Regarding the sound, we find metalcore, emo, screamo, grindcore and powerviolence. Its variety of styles make this record a pretty outstanding work. You'll find both political and poetic hardcore alike, ugly and beautiful tunes, all of them with the finest 90s style. Not bad. There are also some bands whose name speaks for themselves, and there are other bands not so well-known that will catch your attention.

Lastly, get this compilation. Pretty amazing. One of the best compilations that contains both american and canadian bands. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!