Friday, February 10, 2017

Hate / Love compilation

Coucou, les! We're back with the promised collection that I mentioned you in the previous post. This is supposed to be the definitive 80s italian hardcore punk compilation: the alpha and omega, the beginning and end, the matter and antimatter, all-in-one. With this record, you'll be experts in italian hardcore and will have more friends and lots of money. Hence, your life will dramatically experiment a new change. Oh yeah.!q1wymRJC!ITvrCcYA7sH7Z5n5BtyzrnCJhKM2jy1NQ5hbXl89XzgThis compilation was released in 2005 by Italia-based record labels LoveHate80, SOA Records and Valium Records. It was also available in both LP and CD (housed in a DVD case) formats with each pressing limited to only 500 copies, and both versions included a superb 48-page booklet with info on the featured bands. And, finally, the compilation is divided in two discs: the first one is named "Hate" containing the following bands: I Deny, Chain Reaction, Impact, Basta, Infezione, Kina, The Wops, Kobra, High Circle, EU's Arse, The Ride, Lager, Stinky Rats, Upset Noise, Rough, Dictratista, Raw Power, Last Call, Uart Punk, Shockin' TV, Atrox and I Refuse It!; the second one is named "Love" containing the following bands: Stigmathe, Rappresaglia, Underage, U.D.S., Negazione, Digos Goat, Nabat, Blaxfema, Bed Boys, Indigesti, Warfare?, Contr*azione (or simply Contrazione), Youngblood, F.C.A, Fallout, P.S.A., Stige, Fun and Triatura Limitata.  

Regarding the sound, well, we don't have to go further because you'll find the exquisite and top-notch musical execution of italian hardcore punk bands in the 80s: short, fast and loud as fuck. As you may remember, most of these bands have a more US-influenced sound but there are also some british hardcore punk, Oi! and anarcho-punk influences. This is the perfect soundtrack for eating your bowl of pasta (with your favorite toppings and sauce).

Now, you may have noticed that LoveHate80 participated in this project. So, what's the point with them? Well, alongside with F.O.A.D. Records, they also made the excellent documentary named Italian Punk Hardcore 1980-1989 which, as the name suggests, narrates the story and evolution of the hardcore punk subgenre in Italy in the 80s. It took more than ten years in the making and production started a little bit earlier when Hate / Love compilation was released. Some of the featured songs in the compilation are in the documentary. 

Lastly, you should get this record. I almost dared to say that this is the definitive 80s italian hardcore punk compilation but some legendary and influential bands are missing such as 5º Braccio, Wretched, Declino, Blue Vomit, C.C.M., etc. But, even with these scarcities, the editors made a fantastic work with this compilation. You can complement its content with the italian hardcore punk-related compilations we've posted so far. Click on the image for downloading this record. Sadly, the 48-page booklet is missing. Oh, and I almost forgot. You can visit F.O.A.D. Records' YouTube Channel where you can watch, with english subtitles, Italian Punk Hardcore 1980-1989 documentary. If you want to know some details about the italian hardcore movement in the 80s and many stories around it such as the U.S. tours of Raw Power, Negazione and Crash Box, the reaction of italian punks when Black Flag visited the country, the foundation of the legendary venue Virus in Milano, and why many people states that Torino had the best italian hardcore scene at the time, among many others. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs! 

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