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Your Anti-Saint Valentine's day post 2nd edition: Three political hardcore punk compilations

Ah! L'amour...

Hello, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with our second edition of our infamous Anti-Saint Valentine's day post. Last year, we featured two superb powerviolence compilations with lyrics full of hate, hate, and more and more hate. If you want to refresh your memory, click here to get them. We also had to update the download links because the official bandcamp accounts containing them don't exist anymore. Now, for this edition, I changed a little bit the dynamic but the hate and resentment towards this romantic/courtly love shitty day still prevails. So, we'll feature one 80s and two 90s political hardcore punk compilations with anti-sexism, anti-war and anti-racism lyrics, among other important sociopolitical and economic topics. Lastly, I'd like to thank À la mémoire de... and It Follows blogs because they provided the download links (Thank you so much, pals!). All the credits go to their editors. Let's begin.

Nobody Listens Anymore! 


This is an impressive flexi-disc compilation released in 1988 by Puro Pinche Ruido Records and Goatsucker Records, two mexican record labels. It contains the following bands: Fear Of God (Switzerland), Youth Crew (Belgium), Psycho Sin (USA), Chronical Diarrhoea (Germany), G.P.K. (Mexico), Filthy Christians (Sweden), Disharmonic Orchestra (Austria), Sound Pollution (Greece), E.N.E. (Netherlands) and Ruido De Rabia (Spain). 

Regarding the sound, we find the top-notch late-80s grindcore style. Some bands add their own interpretation with different additional musical influences such as crust punk, thrashcore, death metal and noise. You'll also expect lyrics fueled with hate, resentment, irony, anti-consummerism, anti-patriotic and other different kinds of sociopolitical topics. I'm really impressed with the inclusion of both well-known and not so well-known grindcore bands. For example, the existence of Sound Pollution, Disharmonic Orchestra, E.N.E., G.P.K. and Youth Crew were a mystery for me before hearing this record. I also liked the inclusion of Fear Of God, Filthy Christians and Ruido De Rabia because they are among my favorite grindcore bands of all time. Last but not least, both Psycho Sin and Chronical Diarrhoea really caught my attention because they have more traditional grindcore influences and reminded me UKHC classics such as Heresy, Ripcord and Electro Hippies. 

Finally, you should get this compilation. It's short, fast and loud. The audio quality isn't the best but this is a 80s grindcore record. Don't blame it. Possibly one of the best late-80s hardcore punk compilations ever released. The artwork, inserts, lyrics, bands info. and other visual material are included in the file. All-in-one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Die Human Race


A superb flexi-disc compilation released in 1997 by Skuld Releases (Germany) and Profane Existence (USA). Each side of the record contains different bands of each record label. Thus, Side A named "Skuld side" contains Acción Mutante, Luzifers Mob (Germany), Hiatus (Belgium) and Fleas And Lice (Netherlands); and, finally, Side B named "Profane side" contains three american bands: State Of Fear, Civil Disobedience and Assrash. 

Regarding the sound, all the bands have crust punk influences but we can identify anarcho-punk, grindcore and metalcore influences as well. The lyrics have that 90s political hardcore punk touch with many different sociopolitical and economic topics and issues. Now, as you may have noticed, this compilation have both american and european bands alike. The names of the european bands talk for themselves and we shouldn't speak further about them. Besides, as I've wrote before in other reviews, the pressence of Hiatus is always a success. About the american bands, I must admit that they were a mystery for me before hearing this record. Nonetheless, I'm really impressed because they perfectly retain the classic 90s american crust sound in the same vein as Disrupt, Destroy and Misery. Pretty cool. I must also add that Assrash really caught my attention because their style is a little bit different than their local counterparts. It's less brutal but still has a particular force to remark. Last but not least, Luzifers Mob makes an outstanding cover to Raw Power's song Raw Power. Really nice. 

Finally, you should get this compilation. Another impressive register of both classic 90s american and european crust sound that should be in your musical library. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Sign Language

We conclude this post with this amazing 90s political hardcore punk compilation. It was released by Allied Recordings in 1992.  It's divided in 3 7" inches each one with a different topic and content: The first disc named "Stop Racism" contains Scarecrow, Sawhorse, Seein' Red (Netherlands) and Political Asylum (UK); The second disc named "Stop Sexism" contains Spitboy (one of the best all-female hardcore punk bands in the 90s), 411, Christ On A Crutch and Suckerpunch; and, finally, the third and last disc named "Stop War" contains The Fixtures, Sleep, Econochrist and Jawbox. 

Regarding the sound, we have fast and precise bands such as Sawhorse, Econochrist, Spitboy, Christ On A Crutch and Seein' Red. On the other hand, I'm really impressed with the inclusion of Political Asylum, which is one of the first UK anarcho-punk bands in the 80s but the featured track is a little bit more pop-punk oriented. We could also say that Suckerpunch, 411 and Jawbox are more in the post-hardcore territory. Two bands that were a mystery for me are Scarecrow and The Fixtures. They aren't as fast and vicious than their other counterparts in this compilation but their more classical punk sensibilities (even with some pop punk traces) are pretty cool. Last but not least, Sleep is a very big surprise because their stoner rock influences are uncommon for this kind of compilations. Really neat. And, as you may have suggested, each band makes reference to the topic assigned in the discs.

Lastly, you should get this record. It's pretty cool and you'll really enjoy it. The artwork, inserts, lyrics, bands info. and other visual material are included in the file. All-in-one. Oh, and I almost forgot. The presentation of the visual material is in the form of a booklet with different references to the treated topics in this record. You should read it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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