Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Connections split series

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Coucou, les! We're back after long time. I've been absent because I was busy with some affaires in the real world. Also, I must confess that am not very inspired for writing lately but I recently found these three beloved and well-known splits in my digital musical library that were originally released by german record label Moments Of Collapse Records. Now, the first two splits were published in our ancient blog and, along other different compilations and splits, we made a little guide to screamo or skramz for the homies and underground fans. Basically, as the name suggests, the D.I.Y. spirit that nourish the hardcore punk scene doesn't know boundaries and since long time ago we've seen many collaborations from different bands around the world. Hence, this split series follow this principle and proves that we can create this kind of projects and establish "connections" with no material limits. Sadly, I've only got the .mp3 files because I still don't have the records. But don't worry, we'll get a physical copy soon and we'll update the links when the time comes. Promised. On the other hand, I was considering making a such entry but I rather introduce those records separately since I've got other special and unofficial guides posts in mind, so...who knows. It could happen. Maybe. Just maybe...Lastly, stay tuned because we've got more surprises. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, the link is in the Disclaimer section. With all that said, let's begin.  

Connections Pt. I!W5wklCiS!NxWimQfeMAHTV26-Xi9veqY0dCfHwgUruBdTiUKTrmw

This record was released in 2008 and was also the first official release of the record label. It contains 6 different bands from 6 different countries: Arse Moreira from Mexico, Eucalypt from Australia, Amalthea from Sweden, Orbit Cinta Benjamin from Malaysia, Dodeward from the Netherlands and Hiro from France. I remember when this record was out, I couldn't get a physical copy because I haven't enough money for getting it. An old good friend gave me the .mp3 files. I don't know how did he get them. Regarding the sound, we find different influences from screamo, emoviolence and posthardcore. Most of these bands were such a boom within the international hardcore/punk scene ten years ago, above all the featured non-european bands because no one ever imagined that these kind of sounds could ever be created outside the U.S. and Europe. Simply amazing. Finally, click on the image for downloading this out-of-sale album. You won't regret. If you can, get a physical copy. Just do it. It has a superb and top-notch artwork made by Sebastian Weiss and the vinyl disc is purple. There was also a vinyl, CD and tote bag bundle (limited only to 50 copies) but this is almost impossible to get. It's much easier to get a decent used copy of the original vinyl release, though. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Connections Pt. II!PlI3wQQI!WcRYVxvpSSn4EUKpdh66PHDg0kR1IPn_advoxccDBJY

Following the success of the first split, Moments of Collapse released in 2010 the second one with the same formula: 6 bands from 6 different countries. The featured bands are: Suis La Lune (Sweden), The Saddest Landscape (USA), Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking (The Netherlands), Kias Fansuri (Malaysia), Isaïah (Belgium) and Adorno (Portugal). The featured songs were previously unreleased at the time. Once again, Sebastian Weiss was behind the artwork and the vinyl disc was green. Also, this record included a poster with lyrics, artwork, words and statements from the bands concerning, how they think about D.I.Y., making music and in which way they are "connected" to these ethics. Regarding the sound, this record follows the same patron as the previous split. So, you'll know what to expect. Finally, click on the image for downloading this out-of-sale album. You should get this record. Just like the previous one, it's really amazing. If you're fans of the skramz revival movement, this is for you. Such a classic. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Connections Pt. III!exQVjT7T!H0CSIaWd8GEb8brLM92e2jh7Jjzx_OI5RDMRj5acsLM

We finally conclude this entry with the third, and most recent, part of the Connections split series. It was released in 2015 and contained, once again, 6 bands from 6 different countries: Sundowning (Germany), Reka (Russia), Maudlin (Belgium), Black Table (USA), I Not Dance (Austria) and Quantis (Malaysia). We had to wait 5 years for this next part. At some point, I even thought that it was really unlikely that Moments of Collapse would ever release it. But, fortunately, I was wrong. Nonetheless, the game rules changed a little bit. For example, regarding the sound, most of the bands explore different musical genres such as sludge, ambient, posthardcore, post-metal and even post-black metal. The only band near to the sound of the previous releases is Quantis. I Not Dance also started as a screamo outfit but their style in this release dramatically change. Now, I have to admit that the overall sound of the record is really amazing. I loved the new musical proposal of this record. These new sounds have been timidly explored here in the blog but we do hope in the near future feature more bands like these ones. I wonder how would be the next part of the Connections series if it's ever released...We'll just have to wait. Finally, click on the image for downloading this album. Unlike the previous parts, this one is more accesible. And, you should get this record, with its more experimental approach. Give it a try. You won't regret it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!        

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