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Más Allá De Los Gritos! 90s U.S.-based Latino and Chicano Hardcore Punk bands special post. Part 3.

Coucou, les chaton.nes! We're back with the third part of our latino and chicano hardcore punk special post. We'll feature Ruido, Kontra Attaque, Life's Halt and Sin Orden. Let's begin.

Ruido - Discography 1997 - 2000

Ruido was a L.A.-based powerviolence band that existed between 1997 and 2000. Not only was one of the most notorious latino and chicano hardcore punk bands, but also one key element for the development of the whole powerviolence subgenre in the 90s. So, if you're fans of the bands posted so far, as well as powerviolence icons such as Crossed Out, Infest, Charles Bronson and MK-Ultra, Ruido will please you too. Oh, and this band had spanish lyrics charged with social and political content. Finally, our friends from Old, Fast And Loud blog (Thank you, pals!) made this interesting unofficial discography disc. It contains different records such as Vete A La Chingada 7", tracks from splits with Tezacrifico (featured in the previous post), Fuck On The Beach and Insult, a live performance at KLXU radio and different comp tracks such as Bllleeeaaauuurrrrggghhh!!!, Reality #3 and #4, and Tomorrow Will Be Worse, amongst other records. I think this is a pretty good compilation for knowing this impressive powerviolence outfit. Click on the image for getting redirected to the original post where you can find additional information about this anthology and, of course, the download link. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Kontra Attaque - Luchas, Tragedias E Historias De Nuestra Gente!qxAHyTYB!Umt_U7kYt7sJ4McYKvA_KxhhTs05lAUsezqCcyEC-Xc

This is the first full-length album of this awesome L.A.-based political hardcore punk band. It was released in 1999 by El Grito Records. Kontraattaque also released different splits with Tragátelo (1999), Looking For An Answer from Spain (2002) and Migra Violenta from Argentina (2003), one demo K7 named Detrás De Un Sueño (1998) and their second and last full length album named Soldado, Tu Eres Pobre. No Defiendas A Los Ricos! (2001). After the split with Migra Violenta, Kontra Attaque ceased to exist. Regarding the sound, they played crude and ferocious politically-charged hardcore punk with crust, grindcore and thrashcore influences. And, as you may expect, the lyrics were in spanish and treated different topics such as immigration, transborder struggles, racism, xenophobia, indigenous people causes, anarchism, etc. Finally, I'll only post this record because I lost the other files. In the near future, I'll post them. Nonetheless, this is a great start for enjoying la sabrosura of this amazing L.A. powerhouse. Artwork, lyric sheet, layout and inserts are included in the file. All-in-one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Life's Halt - 1997 - 2003 Discography

Our friend from Blogged And Quartered blog (Thank you, pal!) made this outstanding discography containing all the material ever recorded by this amazing L.A.-based hardcore punk act. Life's Halt was born in 1997 and the next year they released We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore, their first and only album, which is one of the best late 90s hardcore records. Taking influences from youth crew, thrashcore, late 80s NYHC and, of course, Los Crudos, Life's Halt created short, fast and loud hardcore punk with both political and fun lyrics. It was also one of the bands leading the thrashcore revival and bandana thrash movement, notorious in the 00s decade. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to the original post where you can get additional information and the download link. This is the perfect soundtrack for open the muthafuckin' pit, as well as grinding the streets with your skateboard. One of my favorite thrashcore bands of all time. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Sin Orden - Demo, Somos La Mayoría, Brutalidad Juvenil and Arte, Cultura y Resistencia!GkQTwBTb!dJ7bP1pt-AGTA_WLVfWwUikL4B_2uSTvh-vN3dTG1es

We successfully conclude this third part of our special with the swan song of the 90s latino and chicano hardcore punk era and the beginning of bright future that had its influence in the next two decades: from Chicago, Sin Orden. This band was born in the late 90s and I think it is still active today. They appear in the end of Más Allá De Los Gritos documentary portrayed as the "promise" for the next generation of latino and chicano hardcore punk. And, undoubtedly, it is. Indeed, this band took the political stances and musical influence of the scene and inspired many spanish-speaker and latin american bands. Their politically-charged, vicious and uncomprising hardcore punk style is praised by many people within the international hardcore/punk community. Now, they have released so far a demo (1998), Brutalidad Juvenil (2000), splits with Bastard Sons Of Apocalypse (2006), Condenada (2007), Setiembreonce (2012) and Crucial Section (2014), Somos La Mayoría (2006), Love and Rage Japan Tour 2007 (2007), Arte, Resistencia And Cultura (2009) and recently Hay Llegado El Momento (2015). They also contributed to many compilations such as Histeria Vol. 1 and D.I.Y. or Die Vol. 1 (both already featured here in the blog), amongst many others. There's also a partial discography disc named Raíces de Resistencia, released in 2015 by french record label Les Nains Aussi, that contains the tracks taken from the demo, tracks taken from Histeria Vol.1 and Amargado De La Vida compilations and tracks tracks from Brutalidad Juvenil. Finally, I'll only feature the Demo, Somos La Mayoría, Brutalidad Juvenil and Arte, Cultura y Resistencia because I nearly lost their entire discography. Click on the image for downloading them. When we have the other records, we'll upload it. Promised. Highly recommended. I hope you really enjoyed this third part. We've still got more surprises before ending this special post. Fuck yeah. Until next time. Kisses and Hugs!

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