Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Petite pause café: Odio Sus Guerras compilation

Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! I must confess that I've had some difficulties with some material that will be featured in our US latino and chicano hardcore punk special post. We'll make our infamous petite pause café entries before retaking the planning but will complete it this week. Also, this is a good opportunity for showing you the most recent colombian hardcore punk compilation that will be released soon: Odio Sus Guerras

This compilation will have its vinyl pressing next month but it's already available for streaming right now. Once again, our beloved friend Esteban of Ruido Total Records made a fantastic work reuniting 22 hardcore punk bands from 10 different local cities.  I knew the existence of this compilation since January because I could see a physical copy of the test pressing but Esteban asked me to keep it secret until the right time comes. And, finally it's here.

Now, the featured bands are Mohán (Ibagué), Disratas (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Murraco (Cali), Nastiness (Bogotá), Hedor A Muerte (Santa Marta), T.P.N. (Bucaramanga), Demencia Libertaria (Bogotá), Crisiss (Manizales), Anti-Diktatur (Bogotá), Dexenfreno, Disneax (Medellín), Doomsday (Manizales), Die In Silence (Santa Marta), Días De Inmunda Anarkía - D.I.A.. (Cartagena), Comemierdas (Bogotá), Grinding (Medellín), Qué Ardan (Bogotá), Unión Kaos (Medellín), Falxo Positivo (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Amenazas (Bogotá) and Desempleadox (featuring members from Colombia, Spain and Indonesia).    

Regarding the sound, you'll find raw, fast and vicious hardcore punk drawing influences from different subgenres such as d-beat, crust punk, grindcore and, of course, punk medallo and latin american old school hardcore punk styles. I'm really pleased with the final result. There are many new bands whose sound is captivating and moving the scene lately. This is an excellent way to show the world some of these emerging projects. And, of course, some friends are involved in. Cool. 

Lastly, click on the image and you'll be redirected to the official bandcamp where you can download it for free or pay the price you consider right. When we get our physical copy, we'll immediately upload it. Promised. Congratulations to Esteban, all the production team and, of course, the featured bands for this amazing project. We do hope in the near future more compilations like this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs! 

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