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Mes lèvres innocentes: 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. Part 2.

Coucou, les! We're back with our second part of our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special. We'll feature Petit Printemps, Undone, Thrill Of Confusion and Shatter The Myth. Let's begin.

Petit Printemps - Demo + unreleased live tape!K4p3iTAT!zclgv_Ex5JJNE6kdURAV2naAF0f2YFdMr5VH_ZgmuLE

When I make this kind of special posts, I try to feature not only the most importants bands in the trend we're writing about but also unknown, even forgotten musical groups. This is the case for Petit Printemps, a short-lived emo project from Poitiers (?), whose importance has been blown away by winds of time. They only released one demo (1993, MOE'S Records) and there's also a tape with some live recordings (199x, self-released (?)).

Regarding the sound, Petit Printemps managed a, let's say, less aggressive style compared to their local homologues. Indeed, their sound was closer to early 90s american emo bands such as Hoover and Moss Icon, although they still had screamed vocals and a fast and precise musical execution with enough power for driving you nuts. And, the lyrics were in french with more personal traits. 

Lastly, click on the image for getting everything that Petit Printemps ever recorded during their short lifespan. For Fans Of cryptic mid-90s american emo bands such as Moonraker, Sinker, Don Martin Three and Plunger. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Undone - Complete works!jxQlDIoS!g5EX0onVZWhDRfiZ06Zk-Ab2mmv9lXX9gQYDqzRqT40

Undone (also known as Undøne) was a short-lived hardcore punk project with members of different local bands such as Finger Print, Ananda and Jasemine. During their lifespan, they only released a demo (1993, Not on label), s/t (1994, Stonehenge Records / Kleines Mädchen (France)), split with fellow bands Shatter The Myth (1994, Stonehenge Records) and Peu Être (1996, Opale / Le Brun Le Roux Corporation (France)), Dark Future (1995, Stonehenge Records / Kleines Mädchen), and The Other Side (1996, Stonehenge Records / Kleines Mädchen / Autosatisfaction (France)). And, they also contributed to different local and international hardcore compilations.

Regarding the sound, Undone played fast and precise hardcore punk highly influenced by both early 90s american hardcore and emo bands. Just like other emotional hardcore bands of their time, Undone could find a perfect point between fast and raged hardcore punk with some slow-paced interludes and politically-charged lyrics in english. Also, some songs had acoustic guitar intros, which gave a more unique and intime touch. This feature was also used by other of their local emo contemporaries.

Lastly, click on the image for getting everything Undone ever recorded. This band wasn't probably as famous as Finger Print or Anomie were but its sound and attitude is pretty amazing to remark. It's such a shame that there isn't an official discography disc yet. We do hope to see it in the near future. If you have already digged Finger Print and Co. style, you'll love this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Thrill Of Confusion - self-titled 7"!Lxp0HRpL!3uYTrmXtFlkk61PhIFdWAHQtChlqS-atjyjHR1xBJOU

Another cryptic yet amazing Paris-suburbia based emotional hardcore punk outfit. They only released this 7" in 1995 through Stonehenge Records and appeared in the mythic 90s french hardcore punk compilation Reconstruction (1994, Stonehenge Records / Ras L'Bol! fanzine), already featured here in the blog. It's one of the most unknown 90s french hardcore bands and I had to wait many years for getting this record.

Regarding the sound, you'll find the finest 90s french emo style we've posted so far: fast-paced hardcore punk with some slow and introspective moments. The lyrics were exclusively in english with abstract and personal points of view. You can find some hidden political messages in the lyrics. And, there's also a song written by a friend of the band named Valérie, whose lyrics tell the point of view of an unknown woman's struggle.

Lastly, click on the image for downloading this impressive 7". A pure 90s french hardcore punk lost jewel. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Shatter The Myth - Émotions (Discographie complète 1992-1994) CD-R!exRXRISQ!T8FEL1IIkTQv2yf4m9l3tJnFNi422EB_juxgITMvQvA

We conclude this second part with the complete discography of this superb 90s french emo band. They released this CD-R in 2003 through Vendetta Records and Autosatisfaction (Shatter The Myth's own record label). It contains everything that the band ever recorded: their first EP (1994, Autosatisfaction), split tracks with Undone (1994, Stonehenge Records), tracks that appeared in Reconstruction (1994, Stonehenge Records / Ras L'Bol! fanzine), XXX: Some Ideas Are Poisonous (1995, Ebullition Records), both of them already featured here in the blog, and Soutiennement Wolnitza (199x, ???) compilations, some live performances and inedit tracks, and a collaboration song with members of Abyss and Age, two of the greatest 90s german emocore bands, all of them with remastered sound.

Regarding the sound, Shatter The Myth played like 90s american emo bands such as Current, Policy Of Three and Frail. Their sound wasn't as aggressive as Finger Print or Ananda's but it had a particular and unique involving touch. For example, the vocal style was clean and intelligible and somehow resembling the falsetto of a heartbroken dying man. Also, the song lyrics were exclusively in french (with some exceptions) with different personal and political issues. And, yes, the band was vegan straight edge.  

Laslty, click on the image for getting this impressive complete discography disc. You'll find some surprises in the additional audio samples of some songs. Give a try. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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