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Mes lèvres innocentes: 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. Part 3.

Note: "Power is cursed. That's why I'm anarchist" Louise Michel, anarchist philosopher and Paris Commune (1871) heroine. 

Coucou, les! We're back with our third part of our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post. We'll feature here Anomie, Weep, Vanilla and Peu Être. Let's begin. 

Anomie - Discography 1994 - 1997!roZ0FYoT!7UPGWz5bAC4xFqEHa3CtuoR99DxCUTRmFu7xtjze0QE

Anomie was a band from Orléans that existed between 1994 and 1997. During their lifespan, they released self-titled cassette (1994, Ape Records (a short-lived record label runned by Kathleen, main vocalist of Anomie)), split with german band Peace of Mind (1995, World Upside Down / Ape Records), split with Peu Être (1995, Stonehenge Records / Ape Records / Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), self-titled LP (1997, Sarja Records / Anima Records) and some contributions to different hardcore punk compilations. Unlike other french emotional hardcore punk bands of their time, Anomie was female-fronted. Also, their drummer only was 14 years old (!). Really stunning. 

Regarding the sound, Anomie played an unique form of hardcore punk mixing different elements: screamed vocals, melodic yet powerful tunes, catchy basslines, slow and introspective interludes, fast-paced structure, top-notch musical instrumentation and politically-charged lyrics dealing with different subjects such as abortion, social revolution, poverty, mass media, law system, etc. in french (with one german exception). It wasn't the conventional pissed off and ultra violent french emo band you'd expect, but still had rage and passion. 

Finally, the featured discography disc disc was released in 2001 by Spurt Records and Boislève Records in CD format. There's also a cassette edition released by different malaysian record labels: Cactus Records, Stoneville Records and I've Come For Your Children. Sadly, this record doesn't feature everything that Anomie ever recorded because the split tracks with Peu Être and the two collaboration songs with Peace Of Mind (featured in the split with them) are missing. Everything else is here. Click on the image for getting this record. One of my favorite 90s hardcore punk bands of all time. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Weep - Demos and self-titled!rtZ3CZwR!mMcCITmlhS3jzDm78Rgk_zVWy6bGldT1wsUQk_Lq9s0

Weep was a short-lived band from Bordeaux and only released two demos (both recorded and self-released in 1994) and self-titled 7" (1996, Not on label. Probably also self-released). About their last record, Weep recorded it at Ape Studio, managed by Gilles, who played bass guitar and provided back vocals in Anomie. After the band's dissolution, I'm not sure if the members were involved with other musical projects. 

Regarding the sound, Weep managed the classic 90s french emo formula: high-pitched and screamed vocals, fast-paced and ferocious hardcore punk with some slow and introspective interludes. Even some demo tracks play indistinctly with these fast and slow-paced moments giving more priority to one aspect in some of them. Most of their lyrics dealt with different personal and political issues and were in english but there were notable exceptions. For example, in their second demo, we find some tracks in french that would later be featured in the 7" but in english. This trend of re-recording songs in different languages wasn't really common for this kind of bands. 

Finally, click on the image for getting everything that Weep ever recorded during their short lifespan.  You should try to listen to this pretty unknown and forgotten french hardcore punk jewel. I'm sure it will really please you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Vanilla - Some records!u1IFxaYA!sEt88df9VD-uVKfLiXefqOcxaOdzZsSiuln4Iiha9lo

Vanilla existed between 1992 and 2006, surprisingly the only 90s french emo band that survived more than a decade, and featured ex-members of Ivich and Symptom of Isaac. During their prolific lifespan, they released: demo (1994, Not on label), I Can't Stop Hating This Empty Space 7" (1995, Laissez-nous Jouer (France)), self-titled 12" (1996, Genet Records (Belgium)), Social Evening and French Divorce (1998, Conquer The World Records (USA)), Plays "Fantastique" (2001, Plastik Culture Records (France)), splits with El Vidal Sonido (1997) and There's A Light That Never Goes Out (2002), and, finally, Stories About Fallen Angels (2004, ???). 
Regarding the sound, Vanilla played "screamy" and fast-paced hardcore punk with some slow and introspective interlude just like their french homologues we've reviewed so far in this special post. However, after the release of their 12", the band musically evolved and was more centered with less aggressive sounds. With the 2001 release, which is completely instrumental, the post-hardcore formula arose and with their last record, they sounded more like those emo revival bands of the time such as Life At These Speeds and Wolves, among others. 

Finally, click on the image for getting everything that Vanilla ever recorded, except for the split tracks because I couldn't get them. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Peu Être - Some records!74J31BIZ!F9lRc43wuFUSXAsLe03CfHaV_Rg9lMQbzqUS_RLqSBY

We finally conclude this third part of our 90s french emotional hardcore punk special post with this superb Niort-based band. Peu Être existed between 1995 and 1998. During their lifespan, they released: splits with Undone (already featured here. 1996, Opal / Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), Anomie (1995, Stonehenge Records/Ape Records/Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), Robot-Monster (199x, ????. It's probably a bootleg), Carther Matha and Rachel (1997, Le Brun Le Roux Corporation), and two self-titled, one in 1995 (released through Le Brun Le Roux Corporation) and 2001, which contains the split tracks with Carther Matha and Rachel (released Pure Heart Records, Czech Republic). There's also a limited edition discography disc named Langue Et Civilisation Hardcore (199x, ???. It's probably a bootleg) containing most of Peu Être's early works re-recorded, unreleased material and alternative outtakes of different songs but I'm not really sure who did this. Nonetheless, it's fantastic.  

Regarding the sound, Peu Être played in the same way as other french emo bands of time such as Shatter The Myth and Sea Shepherd. So, you'll expect heart-ripping and touching "screamy" fast-paced hardcore punk with some introspective moments. The lyrics were in french and dealt with many different social and political issues such as capitalism, sexism, boredom and different modern life bullshit from a deep and personal perspective. 

Lastly, click on the image for getting everything that Peu Être ever recorded, including the whole splits with Anomie, Carther Matha and Rachel and Langue Et Civilisation Hardcore discography disc, however the latter doesn't contains the tracklisting. Don't forget to visit the second part of this special post for getting the split with Undone. And, even though the split with Robot-Monster is absent, Peu Être's tracks are here because they were originally taken from their demo. Highly recommended. We'll finish this week this special post because we have more surprises coming. I'm deeply sorry for my absence. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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