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Chibchombian power in 2017: Some colombian bands to keep an eye on

Note: Why, Marianita? Why?

Coucou, les! Jaguar you? We're back with some colombian bands that have recently caught my attention. I've seen most of them in different live performances and must say that they're pretty brutal. I'm pretty amazed how the local colombian hardcore punk scene is resurrecting. Remember that we already chose some of the best outfits last year and you can check'em out again here. So, for this entry, we've picked some other bands that couldn't make it in our best picks of 2016 because, well, I'm a little bit distracted. Hahaha. Besides, there are many cool bands right now that deserve to be here and sometimes I forget to include them. Also, there are some other interesting projects that won't be featured here because new releases are "in the oven". These will appear pretty soon and some bands gladly asked me to not reveal nothing right now. We'll immediately update you when the right time comes. For sure. Finally, click on each band's photo for being directly redirected to each band's official bandcamp accounts. You can download their work for free or pay the right price you consider. I highly recommend you to support them. It's worth it. More surprises are coming so stay tuned. With all that said, let's begin. 

Final - Demo '16 + Muerte EP

Final is a hardcore punk band that's been rocking out the scene since a few years ago. It features members of other local hardcore and punk bands such as Secta, Mvro, Tumbas, Primer Régimen, among others. Their sound draws influences from both early 80s north and south american hardcore punk and 70s punk ibérico sound. You can compare them with bands like Ruleta Rusa, Secta and Generación Suicida for getting an idea. On the other hand, their lyrics are in spanish and fully charged with pessimism, boredom and resentment towards the bullshit we have to live in our so-called modern li(f)e. Pretty punk, huh? Finally, they have released one demo and an EP called Muerte through Rat Trap Records (Colombia). Personally, I rather the first demo over the EP because it's faster but both records are cool overall. We'll wait what more surprises bring this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Primer Régimen - No Futuro, No Solución EP

Primer Régimen is a recently formed hardcore punk band featuring members of different local hardcore and punk bands such as Final, Traición, Dead Hero and Secta, among others. Their sound is heavily influenced by UK82 hardcore punk style mixed with the early 80s south american hardcore punk special touch. And, as you can imagine, their lyrics are in spanish and filled with No Future stances. I dare to say they're PMS 84's criollo version because their sound is pretty similar, if not the same. Finally, they only have released  No Futuro, No Solución EP on digital format, through their bandcamp, and are looking for a record label to release it physically. Could you help them out? Highly recommended. Enjoy! (UPDATE 05/22/2017: We recently found out that Byllepest Distro (Norway) and Discos MMM (USA) will release this EP on physical format in Europe and North America, respectively. Congrats, homies!).

Raw Brigade - Demo '16

Do you recall Chain Of Strength's classic True 'Till Death lyrics: Has The Edge Gone Dull? Think twice because my papus of Raw Brigade still keep the faith. Their sound is heavily influenced by classic youth crew outfits such as Project X and Judge but I must admit that they have a considerable short, fast and loud musical execution, teasing in some moments with thrashcore. And, the lyrics are in english, something not so common within the local hardcore scene, dealing with different personal and social issues from straight edge perspective. Oh, and I almost forgot, they have Straight Ahead's My Problem cover. I never thought seeing a colombian hardcore punk band doing this. I can die in peace right now. I really hope hearing in the near future their full length debut album. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Política De Singularidad Cualquiera - S/T

This amazing local experimental hardcore punk band has recently released this impressive S/T. This is one of the most interesting bands I've been hearing lately. Their sound is a little bit difficult to identify because they blend different styles, for example, hardcore punk, crust punk, post rock, ambient and emo, for creating a pretty particular and unique melodic atmosphere with both slow-paced interludes and fast moments. At some point, I thought of different 90s hardcore and emo bands such as Shatter The Myth, Turning Point and Outspoken. Also, their lyrics are in spanish with quite abstract and personal content but with some political touches. Finally, this S/T has recently been released, so I can't wait to have a physical copy. This is by far one potential candidate for our best picks of this year. I hope to see more material from this amazing band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Reacción Al Silencio (RAS)

This an interesting hardcore punk band from Bogotá D.C. that have released so far Un Paso A La Vez EP (2014) and Arce De Primavera (2016), their first full length album. In their first EP, they had enormous influences from both old school and new school New York Hardcore with a special melodic and modern touch. They recalled me somehow some hardcore punk bands such as Colligere (Brazil) and Newborn (Hungary). However, with their more recent album, the band has a more refined and mature sound. The lyrics are in spanish with a complex and abstract structure dealing with different personal and inner issues but I detect some political consciousness within them. Well, at least the band has clear that hardcore is more than music and fashion. Neat. Finally, you should check'em out. They're quite good. A big surprise for me since I don't dig so much modern hardcore punk bands. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Corriendo is a Medellin-based band that plays indie emo with math rock influences. They have released Yvette Se Fue and Omelette du Fromage (2016). I think they also have another record but I don't quite remember which one is. Regarding the sound, Corriendo plays pretty intense music with slow-paced and introspective interludes, as well as a complex musical execution and instrumentation. They reminded me classic indie emo outfits such as Mineral and Cap 'N Jazz mixed with different math rock-influenced indie emo revival bands such as Owen, Totoro and Clever Girl. And, their lyrics are in spanish with short yet abstract and emotionally intense excerpts. A pretty good option for soothing the ears after long ultraviolent and relentless music sessions. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Murraco - S/T EP

Murraco is a Cali-based hardcore punk band that has only released one S/T EP. They're currently working in an upcoming split with Manizales-based hardcore punk band The Eyeless. Regarding the sound, Murraco plays fast and intense hardcore punk heavily influenced by both crust punk and thrashcore. You can detect the sound of different bands such as Los Crudos, E-150, His Hero Is Gone and Disrupt. And, their lyrics are in spanish with political and critical stances. For example, I found particularly interesting their song Ordoñez Crew from the aforementioned upcoming split, that compares many scenesters' attitudes with the political stances of the always-hated never-loved Alejandro Ordoñez, a colombian politician with both right-wing and conservative points of view. Pretty amazing. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Tumbas - S/T EP

Finally, we conclude this entry with a special guest. Tumbas is a female-fronted post-punk band that have recently released this amazing self-titled. As we made with Dame, we included exceptionally this band because it was born within the local hardcore punk scene. It features members of Final, Ximena! Tenemos Que Hablar and Bestiärio. Regarding the sound, you can think of different all-time classic german post-punk acts such as X-Mal Deutschland, EA80 and Fliehende Stürme mixed with early punk ibérico bands such as Parálisis Permanente, but sacrificing synthetizers opting for a more fast-paced and precise musical execution. Still, the band manages a gloomy and dark ambient, characteristic of post-punk subgenre. And, the lyrics are in spanish with deep and abstract stances. Pretty outstanding. This kind of bands are making post-punk a thing once again. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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