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Damaged City Fest 2017 - Some bands that caught our attention

Coucou, les! We're back! I must confess that I'm running out of ideas lately haha. I don't know what's wrong haha. But, don't worry, the next special post is almost done and more colombian modern hardcore punk bands, as well as some additional surprises, are coming. So, meanwhile, I'll present you some of the bands that caught our attention after performing at Damaged City Fest of this year. As you may know, this hardcore punk festival is celebrated anually in Washington D.C. and is one of the biggest ones in the U$A today.  It usually features some of the best outfits that are trend in the subgenre. There are also some international guests and other non-hardcore punk related groups performing as well. Lastly, this entry will also complement some of the american modern hardcore punk related entries we've done so far. Click on the images for getting redirected to their respectives bandcamp accounts and support them. It's worth it. With all that said, let's begin.


This amazing DC-based hardcore punk band has already got a name in the entire hardcore punk community today. They have an extensive discography and have released so far: self-titled 12" (Moonflower Records, 2009), Heaven Is Waiting 7" (React Records, 2010), Boots Of Faith 7" (Deranged Records, 2010), Voodoo Leather Cassette (Heartworm Press, 2012), Petal Pushing 7" (Painkiller Records, 2011), Flowerhead 7" (Youngblood Records, 2011), I Am Love 7" (Triple-B Records, 2011) and Electric Flower Circus LP (Moonflower Records, 2014), I Am Live (Photobooth Records), Sonic Bloom (Revelation Records, 2015) and  Electric Flower Cult (Lockin' Out Records, 2017), as well as some demos, a singles collection and live splits. Regarding the sound, Give has both melodic hardcore and posthardcore influences. You can think of different classics such as Dag Nasty, Lifetime, Into Another, Embrace, 3 and Fugazi, among others. Also, in more recent records, they also have implemented some alternative rock, psychedelic rock, funk and even grunge elements into their music. It's one of the most versatile and eclectic modern hardcore acts I've heard. Indeed, I was quite impressed and fascinated with their energy, nice lyrics and musical force. Even though I do prefer their early releases (above all the 7" singles), their latest record is such a blast. Good groovy music without losing the "core" touch. Pretty outstanding. Is a new "Revolution Summer" emerging with this band? Probably yes. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Another impressive DC-based straight edge hardcore punk band. They were already featured in the blog along with other local bands that appeared in the Red Line comp. If you want to refresh your memory, click here. They have released so far:  a demo (2013), self-titled (Trash King Productions, 2014), No Identity (Triple-B Records, 2015), self-titled cassette (Moshers Delight Records, 2015), The First Two Years (Refuse Records, 2016) and Hide From Reality (Triple-B Records, 2017), as well as some promo, single and compilation tracks. Regarding the sound, Protester pays tribute to different youth crew, including its respective 90s revival movement, classics such as Battery, Floorpunch, Chain of Strength, Bold and Sportswear. However, in their latest record, I even detect some d-beat, thrashcore and oi! influences in the same vein as New Wave Of British Hardcore - NWOBHC acts like The Flex, Violent Reaction and Arms Race. Pretty neat. You'll find in Protester tight, straightforward and uncompromising straight edge hardcore punk à l'old school, like it should always be. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


Speaking of Battery, they're back. This highly-influential straight edge hardcore punk outfit was formed in 1990 until 1998. During this time, they released 3 full-length albums (including Only The Diehard Remain, one of the best 90s hardcore albums ever released), different singles and EPs, as well as compilation tracks. This band contributed to the youth crew revival movement in the 90s, a time where the polticial, fun and DIY spirit of that style was fading out. In 2012, they briefly reunited for performing at some shows in the US and Europe. And, now in 2017, they are together again and have recently released My Last Breath, their new material in 17 years that still holds the flame!. Lastly, in their bandcamp account there's only one song of their newest album, but don't worry, this band will be re-featured here in the blog with their entire discography. Promised. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Holder's Scar

Holder's Scar is an outstanding hardcore band from Greensboro, North Carolina (Yup, both Catharsis and Crimethinc. collective HQ) and have released so far: World Fever cassette, Public Acid promo cassette (2016) and No Witness (2017). Regarding the sound, they perfectly mix both classic Boston hardcore and japanese d-beat, for creating a noisy, fast-paced and relentless ferocious sound attack. You can compare them with other american bands such as Nomad, Perdition, Ajax and Tørsö, among others, for getting an idea of what this band is capable of. When we made our infamous 'Murica Fuck Yeah! special post, we stressed that some kind of New Wave Of American Hardcore was happening because, during decades, it was very uncommon and even despised that american hardcore bands had notable d-beat influences. I'm glad that these so-called "(post-)modern times" don't forbid us these kind of erotic mixes. Pretty cool. I hope to get more notices from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy. 


This is a superb metal punk outfit from D.C. This is a recently formed band, so they hadn't yet released an official album. However, they do have a bandcamp account where they uploaded an interesting live performance at The Black Cat last month. Regarding the sound, there are some influences from New Wave Of British Heavy Metal - NWOBHM, "speed metal", early black metal, crossover thrash, stenchcore and metalcore. Think of a mix of different bands such as Motörhead, Amebix, Celtic Frost, Toxic Holocaust, Ringworm and Bathory for getting an idea. Hence, you'll expect fast-paced music with dense and captivating metallic breakdowns. Lastly, I highly recommend this band. I'll wait for their first official work, either an EP or a full-length album. The metal punk thing is real, dude/tte.s.! Holy fuck...Enjoy!

Angel Du$t

This is a pretty outstanding hardcore band from Baltimore. It features members of different american modern hardcore bands such as Trapped Under Ice, Mindset, Praise and Turnstile. I remember I saw a live performance in Montréal, Canada, in 2013 when their excellent and surprisingly addictive first album Xtra Raw was released. I never imagined they'd become a successful international hardcore punk outfit. So, they have released so far Xtra Raw (React! Records, 2013),  A.D. (Reaper Records / React! Records, 2014), Stay (Photobooth Records, 2016) and Rock The Fuck On Forever (Pop Wig Records, 2016). Regarding the sound, this band plays fast-paced and straight-to-the point hardcore punk taking the best elements of 80's american hardcore punk, notably early New York and Boston styles, with an interesting modern touch. There are some melodic and "pop" moments as well. If you enjoy modern hardcore punk bands with a groovy execution such as Turnstile, Angel Du$t is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Profile is a recently formed Bay Area-based hardcore punk band. It features Lucy, vocalist of Primal Rite. They only have released I Watch You Disappear EP through React! Records last year. Regarding the sound, Profile is also a straight edge band paying tribute to all-time classics such as Judge, Chain Of Strength, SSD, Bold, Battery, Gorilla Biscuits and Side By Side, among others. Just like other modern bands such as Angel Du$t, Profile adds some dozes of melodic elements into their repertory but still manages a fast-paced and precise musical execution. Also, the lyrics have the same taste as your typical 80s straight edge hardcore punk band: personal yet sincere stances. And, this band could also be featured in our successful Not Just Boys Fun post, but I completely forgot to add it. My bad. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This impressive female-fronted hardcore punk from New York was featured in our successful Not Just Boys Fun post and is one of my favorite american hardcore bands today. When we made the aforementioned entry, they just have released their awesome first demo and a few months later, they released a new promo tape for their upcoming full-length album. By the way, this promo tape has more slow-paced moments and profound breakdowns, in the same vein as New York and Boston hardcore classics like Sheer Terror, Breakdown and DYS with a particular "punk" vibe. Personally, I prefer the demo because is faster but this record is still good and retains their passionate style. Not bad. I hope their debut album gets released before the end of the year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This awesome female-fronted hardcore punk from Richmond, Virginia, was also featured in our Not Just Boys Fun post. Also, this musical group mix both american hardcore punk and d-beat like Impalers, Cervix, Ajax and Tørsö, among many others. You can detect some japanese and swedish d-beat hardcore influences but executed in an american way. When we featured them, they only had available their 2015 demo. Now, they released in january their first self-titled 7" EP and it's awesome but they have a more refined and mature sound. However, despite the musical progression, Nosebleed still retains the fast-paced, raw and direct sound of their demo. We hope in the near future more surprises from this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Exit Order

Another outstanding Boston-based female-fronted hardcore punk band that was supposed to be featured in our Not Just Boys Fun post, but was dismissed for unknown reasons. However, this band appeared in our 5 modern american hardcore punk compilations post, contributing one track to Harsh and Hard Vol.1 comp. Go and check it out again. So, this band features members of other impressive local hardcore punk bands such as Chain Rank, Green Beret and Dame, among others, and have released so far: Demo (2013), self-titled (Side Two Records (USA), 2015) and recently Seed Of Hysteria (Side Two Records / La Vida Es Un Mus (Spain), 2017). Regarding the sound, Exit Order belongs to that new trend of american hardcore bands that have both 80s british and american hardcore punk influences in their repertory. You can imagine the sound of bands such as Jerry's Kids, The Partisans, Chaos UK and Gang Green mixed in one record. The result: short, fast-paced and straight to the point hardcore punk. Good instrumentation and execution with a particular and unique style. Finally, their more recent album is a potential candidate for our best picks of this year. SSD-beat is a real threat, les! Nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


I had the opportunity to see this impressive Austin-based hardcore punk band last year here in Bogotá, and I must confess that it was one of the most brutal and fun as fuck concerts I've participated to since my auto-exile in Colombia. This band was previously featured here in the blog in our infamous 'Murica Fuck Yeah! special post, contributing some tracks to This Is Austin, Not That Great comp. You can refresh your memory here. So, Glue has released so far: 2012 Demo, self-titled, Live @Frank Erwin Center (2013), Flowers Of Friendship (2015) and Discografía (2016), an limited edition discography tape distributed exclusively during their Central and South American Tour last year. Sadly, I couldn't get one physical copy. Regarding the sound, just like other local contemporaries, they mix both british and american hardcore punk. Think of all-time classics such as No Trend, Crucifucks, Black Flag, The Partisans and Disorder mixed in. Thus, their sound is fast-paced, angry and punk as fuck. Even sometimes they try to tease with thrashcore due to their musical execution. If you enjoyed american outfits such as GAG, OOZE and Exit Order, this is for you. Finally, I hope to see more releases from this band in the near future. "Everything is bigger in Texas", sure it is. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Hank Wood And  The Hammerheads

This superb New York City-based experimental hardcore punk outfit was already featured here in the blog in  5 modern american hardcore punk compilations special post, notably their contribution to Ground Zero NYC 2013 comp. They have released so far: self-titled (2011), split with NYC fellows Dawn Of Humans (2012), Go Home! (2012), Stay Home!! and Fatigue single (which is a Blitz' cover. 2014). As we remarked in 'Murica Fuck Yeah! special post, there are some american bands that have both garage rock and old school hardcore punk influences. Thus, HWATH belongs to this trend. Their sound still keeps a fast-paced execution, but they add different musical elements that are not so common to traditional NYHC acts, such as noise, lo-fi and synth punk. If you enjoyed different modern NYHC acts featured in Ground Zero NYC 2013 compilation such as Crazy Spirit and Dawn Of Humans, this is a good option for you as well. You'll find great musical instrumentation and execution. Pretty outstanding. Higly recommended. Enjoy!

Radiation Risks

This is an impressive Buffalo-based experimental hardcore punk outfit that I also had the opportunity to see early this year. The curious fact about this live performance is that, while they were returning from Brazil, they had to take a connection flight in Bogotá. However, they had to wait 8 hours before taking their flight and decided to play a show meanwhile. Awesome. So, they only have released so far two records: 2016 demo and Goodbye Money (2017). Regarding the sound, Radiation Risks is another of those bands that are trying to surpass hardcore punk's natural boundaries. Indeed, they add some garage rock, psychedelic rock, synth punk and even jazz elements to old school NYHC. And, they also have a saxophonist as permanent member. It's pretty interesting to hearing this instrument getting along with fast and loud hardcore punk guitars and drum beats. I was quite impressed with their not so orthodox musical instrumentation and execution, as well as their energic live performance. If you already dig Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, Dawn Of Humans and Crazy Spirit, Radiation Risks won't fail you. I dig these kind of bands that are taking traditional NYHC to next level, whilst retaining its iconic and outraged punk vibe. Simply brilliant. Highy recommended. Enjoy!   

Red Death

An excellent DC-based crossover thrash that appeared in our 5 modern american hardcore punk compilations post, notably contributing to the Red Line comp. They have released so far: Demo 2014, Permanent Exile (2015) and Deterrence (2016). Regarding the sound, they take the best elements of different crossover thrash acts such as The Accüsed, Nuclear Assault and Cryptic Slaughter, as well as other hardcore punk bands that have teased with this subgenre sometime in their lifetime, like Cro-Mags, Discharge and G.B.H. So, you'll expect fast and tight thrashy hardcore punk with perfect metallic dozes. This is a new dawn for the crossover thrash subgenre because it has remained somehow dormant within the american hardcore punk circles in recent years. If you're fan of Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, Red Death is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This outstanding DC-based hardore punk band has only released one demo in 2015. Along with another impressive local acts such as Stand Off, Pure Disgust, Stuck Pigs and Red Death, among many others, Kombat is making HarDCore a threat once again. Their sound is heavily inspired by different british and american hardcore punk acts. So, if you enjoyed this so-called New Wave Of American Hardcore with superb acts like Glue, Blotter, G.L.O.S.S. and Blank Spell, as well as the aforementioned DCHC outfits, this band will please your cravings for short, fast, and loud music. Finally, I hope to see really soon their full-length debut album. Meanwhile, rejoice yourselves with their heart-breaking and ear-rippin' demo. It's a cross between Reagan Youth and Mob 47. Amazing. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Concealed Blade

An astonishing Pittsburgh-based hardcore punk band that has recently released their s/t early this year through Beach Impediment Records. This album is some of the best hardcore punk released so far this year. A perfect mix between d-beat and american hardcore punk, notably Boston Hardcore style. You can think of different New Wave Of British Hardcore - NWOBHC bands like The Flex and Violent Reaction, as well as d-beat influenced american hardcore bands such as Sunshine Ward, Warthog, Gas Rag and Green Beret for getting an idea of the brutal and violent musical display of this band. This record is undoubtedly far superior to their amazing 2015 demo. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account, where you can get their 2015 demo, as well as 2015 and 2016 tour tapes. If you want to get their more recent work, you can do it through Beach Impediment Records' official bandcamp account clicking here. Another potential candidate for our best picks of this year. Still not convinced that SSD-Beat is a thing? Think twice. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


This is an interesting female-fronted brazilian hardcore punk band. Along with Anarquía Vertical from Spain and Hero Dishonest from Finalnd, Futuro was one of the international special guests of this year. They have released so far: MMX (2011), self-titled 7" EP (2012), Não Somos os Primeiros, Não Seremos os Últimos EP (2013), Hábitos Ruins (2015) and A Torre Da Derrota (2017). Regarding the sound, Futuro is a really eclectic hardcore band because it incorporates different musical influences into their sound such as garage rock, post punk and posthardcore. Their music is mainly fast-paced but it also has some melodic traits. It's one of those bands whose sound is a little bit difficult to identify. They reminded me some female-fronted american hardcore punk bands such as La Misma. And, finally, their most recent record is such a delight to listen to. Clever lyrics and outstanding musical instrumentation and execution. I'll consider it for our best picks of 2017. Highly recommended. Enjoy!.

Anarquía Vertical

This is  an impressive Barcelona-based hardcore punk band that have only released two records so far: Guerra Higiénica (2015, with a reissue released next year) and Sistema Total De Liberación (2017).  Regarding the sound, Anarquía Vertical draws musical influences from classic 80s spanish hardcore punk outfits such as MG-15, IV Reich, Último Resorte, HHH, Antidogmatikss and G.R.B., among others, with a fast-paced, sharp and straightforward direction. I wanted to feature this band with another modern local hardcore bands but they participated to Damaged City Fest this year, so...they're here. If you've read my blog since we wrote in spanish, you must already know that two of my favorite 80s hardcore compilations are Spanish HC and Thrash From Spain, and Anarquía Vertical retains their spirit. Awesome. I couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Hero Dishonest

The last international guest is this amazing Helsinki-based hardcore outfit. Since 1999, they have been releasing records with a musical style different to the predominant d-beat school in their country. They have released so far: Pleasure/Disgust (2001), Juggernaut (2002), Climbing Up On The Way Down (2003), Let Your Poison Scream, split with Mukeka Di Rato from Brazil (2004), When The Shit Hits The Man (2006), Dangerous (2010), Alle Luja (2013), Kaikki Hajoaa (2014) and Lija Ja Teräs (2016). Regarding the sound, well, Hero Dishonest is one of those eclectic hardcore bands that mix different styles for creating an unique and personal style. They have mostly thrashcore influences, similar to revival bands of the subgenre such as Tear It Up, What Happenes Next? (USA), D.S.13 (Sweden), E-150 (Spain) and Discarga (Brazil), however, some songs have posthardcore influences with defying and variable musical structures but still retaining a fast-paced groove. I dare to say that sometimes they sound like Drive Like Jehu on steroids. Pretty cool band, even though your head could explode trying to fit this band in some hardcore subgenre. I really liked it, something different to traditional finnish hardcore we listen to. Outstanding. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Coke Bust

This is a pretty known straight edge hardcore band from D.C. Unlike other modern straight edge hardcore bands, Coke Bust plays fast and tight hardcore punk with thrashcore and powerviolence influences. Think of the thrashcore revival bands mentioned in the previous review above, as well as classic powerviolence bands such as In Disgust, Despise You and Iron Lung. It's one of the most powerful and exciting harDCore bands today. They have released a bunch of demos, splits, compilation tracks, EPs and LPs, remarking Confined LP (2013), which is one of the best modern powerviolence records released in the last ten years. There are also two compilation CDs named Confined/Anthology (Grave Mistake Records, 2014) and The Early Years (Carry The Weight Records, 2016) that reunite most of Coke Bust's works. Finally, check this band out. It's amazing. We do hope in the near future more material from this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Siamese Twins           
We finally conclude this entry with this impressive Boston-based all-female dream pop band. And, yes. Their name comes from The Cure's song. You know that we exceptionally post non-hardcore punk related groups and, since this band participated to a hardcore punk festival, well, why don't including it? Also, this musical group has a lot to show off. They have released so far: 2011 Demo, In A Box b/w Stutter single 7" (2012) and Still Corner LP (2014). Their sound is dark and moody, with an interesting melodic and bittersweet ethereal atmosphere. Even the band sometimes tease with goth rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock and post punk. You can think of bands such as The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins as a reference, although the band has its unique and personal touch. Oh, and I almost forgot, the lyrics are sad and pessimistic as fuck. Don't tell me that I didn't warn you. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs! 

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