Friday, May 19, 2017

Es Mejor Solito Ke Contigo 4-way split, Discharge Tributo Colombia and Colombia A Toda Mierda Vol. 3

Note: Eh Eh Epa Colombia

Coucou, les!. We're back. As I mentioned you in the previous post, we'll review more modern colombian hardcore punk acts. This time, we'll feature two compilations and one 4 -way split sold by our friend Fisch3r (the mastermind behind Drugged Goat Kvlt Records and bands such as Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido and Satvrn Svnlight). Sadly, this post will be a little bit short because I don't have much inspiration lately haha. We'll feature more local surprises during the next weeks, so stay tuned. With all that said, let's rock.  

Es Mejor Solito Ke Contigo 4-way split!a8ZCEThT!TbPIoqKOPFLulhCBbJUmJWNzXsPl6loUQfqvnAS7P6w

A fabulous 4-way split produced and released early this year by Drugged Goat Kvlt Records, Disordera Records, Me Importa Un Culo Records (Haha best name ever), and Ruido Resiliencia Records. The artwork was made by Fisch3r (you can check his amazing works here and here).  This record contains 4 different one-man bands: Infernal Slut (Pereira), La Chusma (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Diserrör (Ipiales) and Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido (Bogotá D.C.). Regarding the sound, we find different styles: La Chusma and Diserrör have both crust punk and d-beat influences, Infernal Slut plays metal punk, pretty similar to japanese acts such as Doraïd and Parasite and, last but not least, Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido delight us once again with its experimental and obscure orgy of  sounds. Finally, I must admit that this record surprised me a lot. I really enjoyed it. A new potential candidate for our best picks of this year. Neat. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Discharge Tributo Colombia!GsAU3JiK!kNyZyUpFxLFpfCMRXMF3c5z-45sbgCUvgAESfNjCvFk

Oh yes, it's finally here. This is the first official colombian tribute to Discharge, one of the most influential hardcore punk bands ever, as well as the godfathers of the d-beat style. The artwork was also made by Fisch3r. I really loved the distorted Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing front cover. The featured bands are Exterminación (Medellín), Comemierdas (Bogotá), Eutanäsia (Bogotá), Cuerpos De Mentes (Medellín), CLOWN H.C. (Pereira), Milicia (Pereira), Contusiön (Cali), PesticidaSS (Pasto), Die In Silence (Santa Marta), Terror Nuclear (Medellín), La Chusma (Santa Rosa de Cabal), Crisiss (Manizales), Decantropía (Bogotá), Todo Por la Nariz (Bucaramanga) and Falxo Poxitivo (Santa Rosa de Cabal). Regarding the sound, we find different influences from crust punk, d-beat, crossover thrash and punk medallo (late 80s and early 90s colombian hardcore punk style) with a pretty raw and intense execution. Each band makes a cover and plays one or two additional songs. I must admit that, even though some covers aren't as sharp as the original versions, this is a fantastic work because is impregnated with a remarkable DIY spirit. Also, I wanted to hear some absent classics such as Decontrol, War's No Fairytale, The Possibility Of Life's Destruction, State Violence, State Control, and Protest And Survive but I'm pleased with the final result, though. Highly recommended for all the disclone fans out there. Enjoy! 

Colombia A Toda Mierda Vol. 3!SwJVwYKa!x9OdmHKHNe127QuFaIz-lpJSsOv2aZ5sBjMUjjRH3yI

We finally conclude this entry with the third part of Colombia A Toda Mierda compilation series. It was released early this year by Disordera Records. I'm not really sure how many versions were available but I saw green, yellow, grey and red front covers. I picked up one of the red ones. There were also different concerts around the country promoting it, as well as a limited edition t-shirt featuring the album's front cover and the list of the bands that contributed to the record. So, the 40 (!) featured bands are: Amure (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Exhumación (Medellín), PesticidaSS (Pasto), Mongólico (Bogotá), Colchón Viejo (Manizales), Die in Silence (Santa Marta), Murraco (Cali), Phonophobia (Armenia), Estragos del Progreso (Bogotá), Aasvöel (Ibagué), Anita (Ipiales), Sepulcro (Cienága), Dissocial (Medellín), Deteriöro (Bogotá), Rata (Bucaramanga), Rotten Roads (Cali), Csos Morbidos (Tunja), Amenazas (Bogotá), Devastación (Medallín), Distorsionados (Bogotá), M.D.A (Ipiales), Valium (Ibagué), A.P.H (Rionegro), Aokigahara (Pereira), Terco (Bogotá), Visaje (Soledad), Sthepen howkings (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Infernal slut (Pereira), Basta de Mierda (Cartago), Rape Abisal (Bogotá), Ruido Vandálico (Pasto), Moridero Eterno (Barranquilla), Inminent Impact (Bogotá), Holocausto Cannabis (Pasto), BPD 47 (Dosquebradas), Zarna (Bogotá), Warprofit (Manizales), Decantropía (Bogotá), Desahogo (Santa Rosa De Cabal) and Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido (Bogota). Regarding the sound, we have crust punk, d-beat, grindcore, powerviolence, crossover thrash, thrashcore and punk medallo style. So, if you already know this compilation series, you'll only find puro jijuepuerca ruido, manx here. The music is fast, vicious and dissonant, the way we do fuckin' love it. Pretty outstanding. Finally, I still owe you the second volume but when I get it, I'll immediately post it. For sure. Don't miss the opportunity of hearing this impressive colombian hardcore punk compilation. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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