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Chibchombian power in 2017 part 2: More colombian bands to keep an eye on

Note: Your "gods" have fallen. 

Coucou, les! We're back with more colombian modern hardcore punk bands. Due to the unexpected success of the previous entries, I've decided to introduce more bands from this forsaken paradise full of tropical anarchy. Lastly, since I don't have much time lately, this entry will be short yet wholesome (rico, papu!). Ejem...ok. Click on the images for getting redirected to each band's official bandcamp accounts. With all that said, let's begin.  

The Eyeless

An interesting female-fronted hardcore punk band from Manizales that has been playing since 2012. They have released so far: Sin Ojos EP (2014) and self-titled EP (2016), as well as some singles and compilation tracks. As of today, they're still working on their upcoming split with Cali-based hardcore punk band Murraco. Regarding the sound, The Eyeless has both modern hardcore punk and crust punk influences, in the same vein as From Ashes Rise and Tragedy. However, their vocalist has clean, melodic and intelligible voices and the musical structure and execution of their songs isn't as aggressive as you may think. Also, their lyrics are in both spanish and english with clever and complex structure dealing with different subjects like capitalism and religion, among others. Lastly, I found quite interesting this band because it's not your typical crust-influenced hardcore band. It's melodic, yes, but it's still powerful and their unique and personal touch will please you. We do hope more surprises from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Devenir is an impressive female-fronted hardcore punk band from Rionegro, Antioquia. They were also featured here in the blog when we posted Estamos en la Sima 2 and Nos Fumamos Todo compilations. They only have released one self-titled demo in 2015. Regarding the sound, Devenir has both thrashcore and powerviolence influences. You can think of different bands such as Ruidosa Inmundicia, Los Crudos, Migra Violenta, Dropdead, Punch, for naming a few. Their lyrics are in spanish and defy different aspects of our so-called "modern life". Sadly, they have recently disbanded, however they will play this weekend in Medellín. Will we ever see another record? We certainly hope so. There aren't female-fronted hardcore punk like this one in the country. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  
The Outsider

This is an impressive Bogota-based hardcore punk band that has been playing since 2013. They have released so far: From Steam To Ashes (2014) and ALMA/CALMA (2016). Regarding the sound, The Outsider has both modern melodic hardcore and post-rock influences. You can think of latin american bands such as Caminos (Chile), WRRN (Argentina) and Vestra (Colombia) that follow the same path. Despite this uncommon mix, this band has had a good reception within the local scene. Also, they have played some shows in Mexico and they were well received too. Now, their lyrics are complex, long and abstracts dealing with different personal issues. Lastly, check this band out. Its eclectic and well elaborated music will captivate you. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


This amazing Cali-based hardcore band has been playing since 2014 and has released so far: Caldera (2014), 1RR34L (2015) and Segunda Muerte (2016). Regarding the sound, MICO draws influences from screamo, metalcore, sludge, crust punk, grindcore, post-rock and dark ambient for creating an unique and personal style. Indeed, some songs have dark, gloomy, slow, atmospheric and introspective interludes, whilst that other songs unchain a frightening, fast as fuck, precise and complex music full of blast beats, screams and out of control noise. These faster moments reminded bands such as Converge and Full Of Hell. Absolutely top-notch. Lastly, check this band out. It's probably one of the few colombian hardcore bands with such an amazing musical approach. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


This is another outstanding hardcore punk band from Cali. They have only released one record last year named Plagas Modernas. Regarding the sound, this band has crust, grindcore, noise and powerviolence influences. You can think of different classics such as Disrupt, Assück, Agathocles, Hatred Surge and Endless Blockade, for naming a few. I was quite impressed with their sound, it's fast, brutal and envolving. Good musical instrumentation and execution. I recently discovered it, so it could have been one of our best picks of 2016. If you like local bands such as Chulo, Terco and Mongólico, ZEN/AKU is for you. We do hope more surprises from this band. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


This impressive crustgrind has released so far two splits: one with another great local crustgrind outfit named Estragos del Progreso (2016) and the other one with legendary peruvian crust act Dios Hastío (2017). Their sound reminded me great crust and grindcore classics such as Napalm Death, Assück, Disrupt, Phobia, Misery, Dystopia and Repulsion. Also, their lyrics are full of hate, pessimism, pain and despair criticizing everything that is alive, dead, buried or rotten. Despite not having a bassist, Destitute displays a brutal and exquisite display of nonsense violent music. Oh, I almost forgot. Along with Estragos del Progreso, they started a South American tour. If you're in Peru, Ecuador and Chile and want to know the dates, visit their official Facebook account here. I encourage you to support them, they're cool and their live performances are great. When we get physical copies of their releases, we'll immediately upload them. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Perro Con Kancha

Perro Con Kancha is an amazing grindviolence band from Bogotá that recently released their second album named Este Es Nuestro Estúpido Demo De Mierda. This is the follow-up of their first and successful demo Muy Galocho, Muy Perdido released 4 years ago. Also, they share drummer with other excellent local grindcore acts such as Nastiness and Mongólico. Regarding the sound, Perro Con Kancha has both grindcore and powerviolence influences. They play short, fast and loud music. Also, their lyrics are full of parodies, ironies and different pop culture references. I must admit that this band is one of the best local extreme hardcore punk bands today. Even though you don't understand what the fuck are they singing about, give it a try. They're punk as fuck. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Pütchi is one of the first "true" powerviolence bands in Colombia that started a litte bit more than ten years ago. Along with Chulo, Pütchi made the whole powerviolence subgenre a thing in the country because before them it was not so known and almost inexistent. Their influences have varied during their lifetime and have developped an outstanding fast, chaotic and precise sound. Even they have added sludge influences into their repertory, with more obscure and dense breakdowns as a complement of their violent music. As far as I know, they have released one 2012 Demo, one self-titled EP (2014), and one live session at Relámpago Bar in Bogotá (2017). Lastly, some of their members have told me that they're working with their first full-length album and wait to release it this year. We hope to get it soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Yes, they're finally here. I've been waiting for this since long time ago. Muro is a Bogotá-based hardcore punk band that features members of different local hardcore punk bands such as Final, Amenazas and Pütchi, among others. Also, some of them run both Rat Trap Records and Casa Rat Trap social center. On the other hand, Muro will release their first EP named Ataque Hardcore Punk through Byllepest Distro from Norway, which is also a candidate for our best picks of this year. Regarding the sound, Muro mixes the best elements of different old school hardcore punk bands for creating an unique and top-notch fast and ferocious hardcore punk. Thus, we detect influences from Black Flag, Necros (USA), Atoxxxico, Solución Mortal (Mexico), Dexconcierto, HP/HC (Colombia), Human Gas, Gauze (Japan), Colera (Brazil) and Mob 47 (Sweden). Lastly, when the record gets released, we'll immediately upload it. In the meantime, enjoy the preview available in Byllepest Distro's bandcamp account. Oh, I almost forgot. Their guitarist told me that they're planning to make an European tour in October, so if you want to help them booking some shows, you can contact them through Casa Rat Trap's official Facebook account here. You won't regret it. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!  

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