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To Lie Is To Be Strong: 90s german hardcore punk. Part 2.

Note: Who's the boss here? Of course, it is I, David "el puto amo" Hasselhoff 

Coucou, les! We're back with the second part of our 90s german hardcore punk special post. I'm deeply sorry that I couldn't update it yesterday as I teased you on our Facebook group, but I had some issues when uploading the files. So, I already finished the gathering of all the records that will be featured in our special post. There are some unexpected surprises that weren't supposed to be here, but it's cool to find these kind of things during our researchs. On the other hand, it was nearly impossible to get some records that I wanted to feature right here. Due to some technical issues, I'll have to do it later (probably in our infamous Addenda posts. Promised). Finally, I've been calculating and there will be at least 4 or 5 entries but I'll try to finish it sooner before our summer vacations (Yup, I learnt malas mañas in Europe and I always have mandatory vacations haha). As always, you'll only find pure gold in here. With all that written, let's begin. 


This amazing musical group was born from the ashes of a local band named Violent Arrest, existed between 1991 and 1994 and has already been featured here in our blog. It's by far one of my favorite german hardcore punk bands of all time. They only released Jesus Was A Fuckin' Dick 7" (Equality Records/Homemade Records (Germany), 1991) and Complacency LP (Equality Records/ Homemade Records, 1994) and also contributing some tracks to different compilations, as well. Some of their members owned both Equality Records and Homemade Records, two german record labels, that promoted many local hardcore punk outfits in the 90s.

Regarding the sound, Abolition took the best elements of both late-80s and early-90s NYHC sound (you can think of bands like Bad Trip, Hell No, Downcast, Born Against and Rorschach, for naming a few) with clever, well-structured and politically-charged lyrics. These latter were sung in english (only a few in german) and treated different subjects such as religious hypocrisy, death penalty, animal rights, love and sexuality, prisons, among others.With the release of their only LP, Abolition slightly teased with emo and had a more complex musical structure and instrumentation but still kept their trademark sound.

Finally, when this musical group disbanded in 1994, the next year some of their members formed Stack, one of the best local powerviolence acts of their time. Click on the image above for downloading both records. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


One of the heavyweights of german hardcore punk is here. Hammerhead is probably the most well-known outfit of this time. Since their formation, they didn't stop playing (with a brief hiatus) and are still together, one of the few exceptions to the rule because most of the featured bands in the special post no longer exist. They have released the following records so far: split with Not The Same (1990), Resist 7" (1991),  Apocalypse Is Near 7" (1993), Stay Where The Pepper Grows LP (1993), live split with WWK (1994), Weißes Album LP (1998), Farbe / Color CD (2000), Bahn Frei! Für Liste 1 Sozialdemokraten 7" (2001) and Opa War In Ordnung 7" EP (2016) and contributed many tracks to different compilations, as well.

Regarding the sound, like other local groups of their time, Hammerhead also had late-80s NYHC influences in their sound. You can think of bands like Breakdown, Life's Blood, Sheer Terror and Underdog, among others. Their lyrics were fueled with hate, despair, violence, sarcasm and other negative and nihilistic attitudes. This characteristic made of them one of the few exceptions because german hardcore scene had high political and social consciousness.

Also, their first LP release, probably one of the best german hardcore punk jewels ever released, was controversial because of the original front cover. It featured a bank robbery in Germany in 1988, during which three people were killed and a womyn, who is in panic and not drugged, was taken as hostage. The next re-issues featured a blank image. There's also a 2007 re-issue that features a cartoon making fun of the aforementioned front cover, as well as the original artwork hidden inside the record.

Finally, click on the image for downloading Stay Where The Pepper Grows LP and Cut The Melon, a compilation that reunites early Hammerhead's recordings, singles, covers and the first two 7" tracks. You can also visit their official bandcamp, where you can buy some of their records in digital format. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Step Into Nowhere!D94w0BKI!ji__tDenra7tikLp8wdiD2tCBQ8Cn-rmXpJilEEH6rE

Step Into Nowhere existed between 1991 and 1995. This is probably one of the first 90s german hardcore bands and one of the few ones that started to gain international recognition. Even some of their records are hard to get today (at least a decent physical copy). During their lifespan, they released one split with local band Violent Arrest (1991), self-titled (Mugglewump Records, 1992), Blaue Meere Rotte Schiffe (Homemade Records. 1993) and split with Spit Acid (Per Koro, 1995), as well as some contributions to different hardcore punk compilations.

Regarding the sound, just like their contemporaries, Step Into Nowhere started drawing influences from USHC bands such as Antidote, Crucifix, Verbal Assault, Gang Green, among others, with polticial content. With the release of Blaue Meere Rotte Schiffe, and just like Ambush, they started to develop a more profound, mature and blunt sound inspired by the sludge subgenre, in the vein of Neurosis' early recordings and The Melvins, element pretty uncommon to their local scene because other hardcore punk-related subgenres, such as emo, metalcore and powerviolence, gained more importance.

Finally, click on the image for downloading both splits and some unsorted songs of Blaue...Sadly, I couldn't get this record. It's so fantastic. Another german hardcore punk jewel. When I get it, I'll post it. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    


Speaking of Ambush, this interesting hardcore punk outfit from Berlin existed between 1992 and 1999. During their lifetime, they released A Ocean Of Irrelevance, Zebaoth (1992), demo split with Hunger (1993), Lach! (1994), Amarcord, Pigs (1995) and Revue (1999), and contributed some tracks to different local and international hardcore punk compilations such as Andersen, PLOT and Kellercore, as well. There's also a cassette that compiles both A Ocean Of Irrelevance and Zebaoth records, but I think it's a bootleg.

Regarding the sound, just like early local hardcore punk outfits of the time, Ambush had early-90s USHC influences, however, unlike their contemporaries, they added some early-80's british hardcore elements as well. Also, most of their songs were in english with political consciousness but, curiously, some of the lyrics have grammar mistakes. I certainly hope that this was intentional because most of the non-english speaking european hardcore punk bands spoke and wrote in english correctly. In later releases, this characteristic disappeared.

Later, Tom Rusnak, former Rorschach guitarist, joined the band and with the release of Lach!, they dramatically changed their original musical style adding female vocals, sludge, noise, posthardcore and other experimental elements. Therefore, they created a more refined and complex musical structure, filled with a overwhelming, intense and fierce dark ambient. This is probably the first german experimental hardcore punk band and completely advanced for their time. Amazing.

Finally, click on the image for downloading A Ocean Of Irrelevance 7" and Lach! and Pigs CD versions. I highly encourage you to get a physical copy of Lach! (above all the LP version that has some extra tracks absent on the CD release). It's one of the best experimental hardcore punk albums ever released, as well as an absolutely mandatory acquistion if you dig 90s german hardcore punk. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Yes, it's finally here. Age was a short-lived yet influential hardcore band from Wolfsburg. They only released self-titled 2x7" (Equality Records, 1993) and self-titled LP (Summersault Records/Love Records/Refuge Records, 1994), as well as contributing one track to Benefiz Tape Sampler For Huntsaboteurs compilation. As a matter of fact, Age wasn't only one of the first german vegan straight edge bands, but also was the first emocore band and an international reference to the subgenre at the time.

Regarding the sound, Age played fast and precise hardcore punk, inspired by both late-80s and early 90s american hardcore and emo bands. Even though its sounds wasn't as frantic as french emocore bands of the time such as Finger Print or Ananda, Age had its own superb sound. Also, some of the songs had slow and introspective interludes. And, their lyrics were exclusively in german (with some exceptions in english) with both personal and political content.

Finally, click on the image for downloading both Age's full-length albums. Sadly, the compilation track is absent because I've years trying to get the aforementioned collection and hasn't been possible. Also, remember that along with Abyss, Age made a collaboration song with french emocore band Shatter The Myth, available exclusively on their discography disc. Revisit here the second part of our infamous yet successful 90s french emocore special post to get it. Highly recommended. Their LP is one of my favorite 90s european emo records of all time. Enjoy!   

Nothing Remains!zwozQSZS!9EEHSR-juiPcbiG-f7mP-nJJpcokfkrOJ9hUczdLndM

This is an impressive short-lived hardcore punk outfit that released between 1992 and 1997 two 7" (Grey, 1992, Pictures, 1993 (?) and Où Sont Les Neiges D'antan? (1997). The first two were released through Homemade Records, whilst that the third one was released through Day After Records), and one LP ! Dream ? (Day After Records, 1995). They also contributed tracks to different local and international hardcore punk compilations such as Illiterate and Unter Den Brücken, among others.  

Regarding the sound, just like many of their contemporaries, Nothing Remains played fast-paced politically-charged hardcore punk, influenced by USHC bands like Rorschach, Born Against and Downcast. They also added some early-90s emo elements to their repertory. With the release of their first and only LP, Nothing Remains developped a more mature and complex sound, highly influenced by american posthardcore bands of the time such as Quicksand, Fugazi, Unwound and Into Another. I must admit that ! Dream ? is one of the best and completely forgotten posthardcore jewels ever created.  

Finally, click on the image for downloading all the albums that Nothing Remains ever recorded. Some compilation tracks are missing, though. I highly recommend you ! Dream ? album. You're gonna love it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Hypocritical Society!fxoXUKgK!17rAkTenF1LjA09GmxoVxHT2lmUTNnboqmgnYr0TYuc

Hypocritical Society was a short-lived hardcore punk band that only released one 2x7" named Pyre (Equality Records, 1993) and one LP named Failed And Loyal (Equality Records, 1994). They also contributed to different local and international hardcore punk compilations, notably Ebullition Records' Illiterate, that was the way of knowing the early stages of 90s german hardcore scene outside of their territory.

Regarding the sound, Hypocritical Society also had prominent early 90s american political hardcore influences but also added some slow and metallic breakdowns reminiscent to both crust punk and sludge subgenres. As the name suggests, the lyrics were poltically-charged criticizing different subjects such as capitalism, religion and the so-called "modern life", among others. I think that the sound of this band is the direct blueprint for Northcore style that would get all the attention within the german hardcore scene of the time.

Finally, click on the image for downloading Pyre, with artwork, layouts, inserts and lyrics in both english and german. All-in-one. Sadly, I couldn't get their LP. In the near future, we'll feature it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Luzifers Mob!vx5BUCgR!s18OPTi0udYrSuchzg1QW6lhUb2edOzwbtxfpa9DaZM

Ah!, this outstanding heavyweight couldn't be dismissed and it was about time to get the place they always deserved in our blog. Luzifers Mob was a short-lived yet highly influential band that existed between 1992 and 1996. They only released one self-titled 7" EP (Skuld Releases, 1993), self-titled cassette (self-released 1994) and Am Rande Des Urins/Sympathy For The Devil ‎LP, which is a split with local band Golgatha (X-Mist Records, 1995) and contributing tracks to different international hardcore punk compilations such as Whispers!, Die Human Race and PLOT (all of them available here in the blog), among others. There's also available a complete discography disc named Never Mind Hardcore Punk...Here's Luzifers Mob (Crucificados Pelo Sistema, 2007).

Regarding the sound, Luzifers Mob played short, fast and loud hardcore punk with both crust and powerviolence influences, as well as some slight metalcore elements reminiscent to early Northcore bands such as Carol and Systral. You can view this band like Germany's answer to emerging and popular american crust-influenced powerviolence bands such as Man Is The Bastard, Capitalist Casualties and Dropdead. Also, unlike other local outfits, Luzifers Mob sang exclusively in their native language with dark, sarcastic and pessimistic lyrics.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their entire discography. This is not the aforementioned discography disc because I decided to feature the one made by our friend of Blogged And Quartered blog instead (Thank you, pal!). You'll find some extra surprises in there. I highly recommend this band. It's one of the first german powerviolence bands and their self-titled 7" EP is a reference to the subgenre as well. Enjoy!

ABC Diabolo!qxwQia5Y!gGuxuwfZCCykOob5ED3mc3SSdjRt82OJaj6bk5kiL-4

A Band Called Diabolo (or simply ABC Diabolo) was a band from Saarbrücken that existed between 1990 and 1995. Their first self-titled 7" was released in 1992 through Off The Disk Records and their first LP named Last Intoxication Of Senses in 1993 through Common Cause Records. And, their second and last LP named Give Rise To Doubts was released in 1995 once again through Common Cause Records. They also participated to different compilations, among them Whispers!.

Regarding the sound, ABC Diabolo played short, fast and tight hardcore punk influenced by USHC bands such as Rorschach and Citizens Arrest, as well as early american grindcore bands such as Siege, Psycho and Repulsion. Their sound was the perfect mix of speed, power, frenzy and chaos: not so loud, yet not so weak. On the other hand, maybe their last LP is their best work since we find a good mix of metallic hardcore and grindcore, with some sludge and even drone elements. There are also some dark, gloomy and slow-paced interludes that end up in a burst of energy. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading all of their records. You'll find two files: one made by our friend of Blogged And Quartered blog (Thanks once again, pal!) that compiles ABC Diabolo's early recordings (including two Germs' covers that appeared in a tribute album) and the other one contains the last LP. This is a pretty good underrated band whose luster was unfairly outshadowed by Northcore bands such as Acme, Carol and Systral and you must check it out. Give it a try. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Speaking of Northcore, we have here the first band that could be considered part of that trend. Zorn existed between 1993 and 1997. During this period, they released one demo cassette (1993), Heftig Aufflammender Unwille 7" (Equality Records, 1994), a split with german band Zelot (1995, Spring Records), and ...Denn Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit LP  (Maximum Voice Production, 1997). After their last LP, they changed their name to The Men Of Hell, released The Return Of The Gods 12" and disbanded after a while.

Regarding the sound, Zorn played an interesting mix of ultraviolent and soft music. Indeed, there are short, fast-paced metallic hardcore with screamed vocals songs combined with dark, slow-paced and introspective interludes. This unusual mix was the starting point for the whole Northcore style, that made so popular the 90's german hardcore scene. And, just like ABC Diabolo and Luzifers Mob, Zorn didn't have english songs and, unlike their contemporaries with a more established political agenda, their lyrics had a more abstract, personal and obscure touch.

Finally, click on the image above for downloading their 7" and LP. I don't have their 12" as The Men Of Hell. Musically is less superior than Zorn's material but it's still cool to hear. And, their split with Zelot will be featured in the next entry of this special post. If you like different metalcore and screamo bands of the time, you'll like this one, above all their LP. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   
Day By Day!rkAQSaBZ!4pGl5MvRbk7hj2zaJozc6lCVsBy5AhAO4I-IMI4_UXk

Day By Day was a short-lived hardcore band from Göttingen and they only self-released Ganz Was Feines? (1994) and We Need More Than Your Compassion (199x). They also contributed some tracks to different local hardcore compilations, notably Agressions In An Emotional Way (that also includes other hardcore outfits from their hometown and outskirts). And, the only official release this band got, was Animal Abuse...Is Nothing Bygone, released in 2010 by Twisted Chords, that compiles almost everything that this band ever recorded during their short existence.

Regarding the sound, Day By Day was one of those few exceptions within their local scene. Indeed, they featured a female vocalist, probably the first local band of the time doing so, and their music was precise and fast-paced but with a particular melodic style. Their sound reminded me somehow Life...But How To Live It?'s. And, unlike other emerging melodic hardcore bands of the time, Day By Day's lyrics weren't exclusively deep and emotional since they also had more political content, above all advocating for veganism and animal rights.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their first record. It's a pretty good option for soothing the ears after long and ferocious 90s german hardcore punk sessions. Pretty cool.  Highly recommended. Enjoy!     
Spit Acid!npQTQCoD!zbK0jKaHrzIBFAdUivFZ5FFQo8RmdiBFRBYtWgQ3i1w

Spit Acid was a band from Göttingen and, along with Day By Day, was one of the first hardcore punk outfits of their local town. During their short-lived existence, they only released The Tragedy Of Reality EP (1994), self-titled (Per Koro Records, 1994) and a split with Step Into Nowhere (Per Koro, 1995), as well as contributing tracks to different local and international hardcore punk compilations such as Agressions In An Emotional Way and Break The Distrust, among others.

Regarding the sound, Spit Acid also had early-90s NYHC influences. Think of bands such as SFA, Citizens Arrest, Yuppicide and Rorschach, among others. But after the release of their self-titled, they started to develop an unique and particular melodic style: powerful and captivating. It reminded me some works of swedish hardcore outfits of the time like Refused and Abhinanda. Also, this band's lyrics were in both english and german with highly political content.

Finally, click on the image for getting their EP and some unsorted tracks from their self-titled. I couldn't get the latter complete, so in a next time I'll feature it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Golgatha was a short-lived band from the Rhine-Area. They only release Ich Weiss Nicht Ob Ich Weinen Oder Kotzen Soll 7" EP /Spring Records, 1994) and Am Rande Des Urins/Sympathy For The Devil ‎LP, which is a split with local band Luzifers Mob (X-Mist Records, 1995). They also contributed different tracks to local and international hardcore punk compilations such as PLOT and Illiterate.

Regarding the sound, Golgatha was one of the first german hardcore bands with a more refined metallic hardcore or metalcore sound. As many other local contemporary bands, Golgatha took elements from US political hardcore acts such as Rorschach, Groundwork and Born Against and created a ferocious and relentless sound. Just like Zorn, Golgatha also marked a starting point for Northcore style. And, their lyrics were in german with sociopolitical critics.

Finally, click on the image above for downloading their EP and the full split with Luzifers Mob with artwork, layouts, inserts and everything else. All-in-one. About the split with Luzifers Mob, there's a curious fact. The record comes with a poster which should have been the cover of the record but printers refused to press it on the cover. So, the aforementioned image is included and you can draw your own conclusions. These german hardcore punks always wanted to set the world on fire, right? Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Peace Of Mind!b9QXESjB!xhH3pv7MFiOQrH_AP-PyZ7rslxAFUPmxdWp_UfS5Sus

Peace Of Mind was a political hardcore punk from Bovenden (near Göttingen) that existed between 1994 and 1997 (with a brief reunion between 2002 and 2004). During their lifetime, they released: Love Your Friends! (1994), Competition, split with Anomie (1995), self-titled 7", split with Strange Fruit (1996), split with Upset (199x), All Set To Boogie And No Place To Go (1997), Reclaim Public Spaces (2002) and Values Between 0 and 1 (2003) and contributing tracks to different local and international hardcore punk compilations. Along with Age and Abyss, Peace Of Mind was one of the references to german emocore in the 90s.

Regarding the sound, Peace Of Mind had both early-90s american political hardcore and emo influences. Think of bands such as Downcast, Born Against, Heroin, Current and Policy Of Three, among others. The music was fast, loud and precise with some slow and introspective interludes in later releases. Like different european emocore bands, Peace Of Mind had both political and personal lyrics with an remarkable DIY spirit.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their first record with artwork, lyrics, layouts and inserts. All-in-one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Another influential german emo band in the 90s is here. Abyss was a short-lived hardcore band that only released a self-titled 7" (Summersault Records/Love Records, 1993, 1994(?)) and a split with american emo band Iconoclast (Old Glory Records/Love Records, 1995). Along with Age, Abyss was the reference to emo subgenre in both Germany and Europe. 

Regarding the sound, Abyss played short and fast-paced hardcore punk, very similar to american emo bands of the time such as Heroin, Merel and Iconoclast. This wasn't your typical emo band with  complex musical structure, this was your truly passionate and straight-to-the-point 90s hardcore band that you'll hear over and over again. Their lyrics were exclusively in english and had both personal and political content. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading their only 7". It's also one of the best european 90's emo records ever released. It's good, sincere and full of passion, just like emo always meant to be. Their split with Iconoclast won't be here because I'll feature it later in other 90's emo-related post I've lately been thinking of. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 
Gnezl Drei!z0Q0SSRL!udGYDQoFqToCILY_ErVvJn1rFAJqqpNZBLva4-SIIkc

We finish this first part with an outstanding yet short-lived hardcore punk band that existed between 1989 and 1994. They only released one demo (1991) and one self-titled 7" (1994). They also contributed the Ever track to Ebullition Records' Illiterate compilation and thanks to this, their self-titled had a pretty good reception in North America.  

Regarding the sound, Gnezl Drei had an unique and particular hardcore punk style. We find both late-80s and early-90s american hardcore and emo influences with an interesting and superb fresh, short and fast-paced execution, along with some slow and slight metallic breakdowns and spoken word. Also, their lyrics were sung in both english and german with highly-political content, denouncing subjects like sexism (notably rape), and introspective moments. And, all three members of the band sing each one one song, which makes you think that there are three different bands in one. Pretty cool.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their self-titled. The file includes artwork, layouts and lyrics. All-in-one. Sadly, I couldn't get their demo. So, if I find it later, I'll post it. For sure. If you dig early 90s american metallic hardcore bands mistaken for emo such as Groundwork and Struggle, this is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy and see you until next week for more surprises. Kisses and hugs!


  1. Check out Discogs for the Step Into Nowhere Lp. It's still avaible. Cheers

    1. Thank your for the advice. I'll do it when I can. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for your kind words on my old band Gnezl Drei. By the way, the Violent Arrest from the split cassette with Step Into Nowhere is not the UK band but a German band of the same name that later changed its name to Abolition and then eventually Stack.

    1. Hi. Thanks to you for the support and I already corrected the writing with your clarifications. Gnezl Drei has been one of my favorite 90s german hardcore bands of all time. Cheers!

  3. PS: Gnezl Drei existed from 1989 until 1994. :-)

  4. The Hammerhead "Stay Where..."-cover was controversial because it's a picture from a very startling bank robbery became hostage situation in germany in 1988. During which three people were killed, including said woman, who is not drugged but in panic.

    1. Hi. Wow,I have years trying to guess the origin of the front cover. Thank you so much, I'll edit the text with your clarifications. Cheers!

    2. You're welcome. I played guitar for tumult by the way. Thanks for your kind words!

  5. Please could you post the whole Step Into Nowhere "... Rote Schiffe" Lp. It would be awesome. Thanx