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To Lie Is To Be Strong: 90s german hardcore punk special. Part 3

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Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with the third part of our 90s german hardcore punk special post. Featuring: Yacøpsæ, Kassiopeia, Metöke, Azure, Loxiran, Lebensreform, Zelot, Dawnbreed, Rusty James and Veil. Let's begin!. 



Yacøpsæ (sometimes Yacöpsae, Yacoepsae, Yacopsae, Yacøpsae, Yaköpse and other variants) is a Hamburg-based grindcore band formed in 1990, and also one of the first musical groups of their country playing our beloved cacophonic and ferocious hardcore punk subgenre. During more than 20 years, they released a bunch of LPs, EPs, singles, demos, splits and compilation tracks. Also, Yacøpsæ was an important european reference to the development of  both powerviolence and grindcore subgenres in the 90s. 

Regarding the sound, Yacøpsæ played short, fast and loud hardcore punk. In most of their work, grindcore is the main influence but there are also some thrashcore and powerviolence elements as well. Their Fuck Punk Rock...This Is Turbo Speed Violence 10" (T.V.G. Records, 1998) is one of the perfect registers containing the mix of the aforementioned extreme hardcore punk variants. So, unlike most of their contemporaries, this band wasn't really involved with the NYHC-influenced political hardcore nor the "screamy" metallic hardcore of the time. Indeed, they were more influenced by other musical groups such as Seven Minutes Of Nausea (Australia), Fear Of God (Switzerland) and early UK powerviolence and grindcore acts such as Electro Hippies and Heresy. 

Finally, I'll feature you the two volumes of their Discoregraphy compilation albums. The first one (Regurgitated Semen Records, 2006) contains their first '91 demo, some interviews, Krank Ist Normal, their first EP, tracks from splits with Active Minds, Inner Conflict, Tumult, Deep and Vaseline, as well as some compilation tracks, b-sides, outtakes, covers, rehearsals, untitled tracks and other rarities. And, finally, the second one (F.O.A.D., 2013) contains their first full-length albums Fuck Punk Rock...This Is Turbo Speed Violence 10" and Einstweilige Vernichtung 12" LP,  tracks from splits with Your Kingdom Is Doomed, Sanity's Dawn and Noiseslaughter, Tanz, Grosny, Tanz LP (some songs of this release were taken and added to the In/Memoriam split with colombian hardcore punk bands Res Gestae and La Vendetta), as well as some compilation tracks (including the cover to Napalm Death's Scum), an unreleased 2005 studio session (including the covers to Gang Green's Let's Drink Some Beer and Verbal Abuse's I Hate You that were released in the split with Massgrav) and live performances. Of course, their entire discography is still incomplete but with these two releases (more than 150 tracks. Holy fuck!), you'll have the essential records from one of my favorite german powerviolence/grindcore bands of all time. Click on the image for downloading both records. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    



Kassiopeia was a short-lived hardcore punk band. They only released one self-titled EP (Love Records, 1995), one split with Nothing To Grasp (Outlet Records, 1995) and contributed tracks to two german compilations: Turnitdown-Compilation Gegen Rechte Strukturen In Musik-(Sub)Kulturen and  Schnittstelle Gold. Their name comes from Cassiopeia constellation, named after the vain queen and Andromeda's mother in greek mythology, which is easily recognized by its W-shape in the sky.

Regarding the sound, Kassiopeia played emo just like local contemporaries Assay and Azure. However, unlike these aformentioned acts, Kassiopeia wasn't so frantic nor chaotic because their music was more melodic and introspective but they still had an impressive and enviable passionate touch. You can compare them with UK emo acts of time such as Bob Tilton and Baby Sharp Seal. And, Kassiopeia exclusively sang in their native language.  

Finally, click on the image for downloading their only EP because it's the only record I've got from them. Personally, their best ever recorded material is here. I really dig so much this band, it's really touching. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Rusty James


Rusty James was formed when Age disbanded in 1994. They only released one self-titled EP (Love Records, 1995) and Save The Last Dance For Me LP (Love Records, 1996). 

Regarding the sound, Rusty James had emo and melodic hardcore influences. Some songs reminded me of some Descendents, All and Jawbreaker, whilst that others reminded me of Ethel Meserve, Braid and Sunny Day Real Estate. The music was melodic yet powerful. Also, their sound was a clear exception to the rule because german emo bands of the time were more political and tended to play faster. And, their lyrics were exclusively in english with deep emotional and introspective stances.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their self-titled EP because it's the only record that I've got. The file includes the artwork, inserts, layouts and lyrics. All-in-one. It's another good option for soothing the ears after long and relentless 90s german metalcore and powerviolence musical sessions. It has a particular magic. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Azure was a hardcore punk band from Helmsted, featuring members of Artificial Minds. They only released a demo (self-released, 199x), Misunderstood 7" (Honesty Records, 1995) and a split with german band Cerulean (SNC Empire/Coroner Records, 1997) and contributed one track to Erntesegen #3 Benefit Compilation Für Totale Kriegsdienstverweigerung, a german hardcore punk compilation.

Regarding the sound, and following the path of other previous german emo acts such as Age and Abyss, Azure played fast-paced music with some slow and introspective interludes. You can also think of some american acts such Portraits Of Past, Heroin and Mohinder, as well as french outfits like Anomie and Peu Être for getting an idea of what Azure was capable of. Also, their lyrics were mostly in english (with one or two german exceptions) filled with both personal and political content. 

Finally, click on the image for downloading their demo and their only 7", as well as the full split with Cerulean. The file includes the artwork, inserts, layouts and lyrics. All-in-one. It's one of those bittersweet and outraged 90s emocore acts you wouldn't want to miss out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    



Zelot was short-lived hardcore punk outfit featuring members of Zorn, Luzifers Mob and Diavolo Rosso. They only released the Z split with Zorn (Spring Records, 1995) and contributed one track to PLOT compilation.

Regarding the sound, Zelot played fast-paced metallic hardcore punk in the same vein as local contemporaries like Zorn and Golgatha. I don't have so much information about Zelot because in their official releases didn't feature lyrics. And, it doesn't help either that they sang exclusively in german because I don't quite understand so much their native language.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their split with Zorn. The file contains all the artwork, inserts and layout. All-in-one. Zelot is one of those cryptic bands that appear sometimes here in the blog. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   



Dawnbreed was a short-lived band that existed between 1995 and 1998. During their lifetime, they released two full-length albums Kiosk (1995) and Aroma (1997), as well as a split with Switzerland-based band Mine (1995 and three EPs: Unvollkommenheit 7" (1994), Amoklaufgefühl 7" ‎(1995) and Luxus (1998).

Regarding the sound, Dawnbreed started playing political-charged and intense metallic hardcore punk in the same vein as local acts such as Golgatha. With the release of Aroma, the band was experimenting with more emo, indie rock, alternative rock, jazz, posthardcore and other experimental elements. It reminded me of bands such as Monorchid, The Jesus Lizard, Garden Variety, Jejune and Refused's late recordings. Also, they fused with swiss indie rock band Monochrome, forming The Dawnbreed And Monochrome Collective and released one split with american experimental music band The World/Inferno Friendship Society (X-Mist Records, 1997).  

Finally, click on the image for downloading everything that this impressive german hardcore band released. The collective work with Monochrome and some compilation tracks are missing, however. Some of the records contain all the artwork, inserts and layout. All-in-one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   


Metöke was a short-lived yet outstanding hardcore punk outfit (probably from Bremen) that only released one self-titled (Into The Vortex, 199x) and Kalte Bauer (1996), as well as contributing two tracks to No More Heroes - DIY Tape compilation. It also had members of Mörser and is one of the first true exponents of the Northcore style.   

Regarding the sound, Metöke played vicious and relentless metalcore with screamed vocals and german lyrics filled with dark, pessimistic and depressive traits. Their style can also be compared with emerging canadian metalcore bands of the time such as Drift and Union Of Uranus. I even must admit that their style was as frantic and chaotic as "less emotional" Northcore acts such as Acme and Mörser.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their self-titled with all the artwork, inserts and layout. All-in-one. A not so well-known german act that you must check out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  



Loxiran was a band from Rendsburg that also was part of the so-called Northcore movement and existed from 1996 to 1998. They only released one demo named Kinder Der Zukunft (self-released, 1996), one self-titled EP (1997, Per Koro) and one self-titled 10" (1998, Per Koro). Per Koro also released another self-titled CD in 1998 that includes both self-titled EP and 10"s, as well as one exclusive live performance track. There's also one discography disc named Loxibang (Audiolith, 2012) containing everything that Loxiran ever recorded.

Regarding the sound, Loxiran magistrally fused metalcore and screamo and created a fast-paced, politically-charged and ferocious hardcore punk. Also, their lyrics were exclusively in german and treated different subjects such as veganism, straight edge, war, consummerism, technology, capitalism, revolution, among others. After Loxiran disbanded, some of the members joined or formed other groups such as Chispa, Enfold, Linsay, Tomte and Marr. The first three followed the Northcore style whilst that Tomte and Marr were in a more indie rock and experimental hardcore punk domain, respectively.

Finally, click on the image for downloading their demo and the self-titled CD. With these records, you'll essentially have everything of this amazing german outfit. One or two tracks from other hardcore punk bands compilations are missing, but there's nothing to worry about. Their only EP is one of the best german hardcore records ever released. Highly recommended. Enjoy!



Lebensreform was another Northcore-related band from Hamburg and existed between 1996 and 1998. They were born from the ashes of Better Tooth Organization, one of the first german straight edge bands in Germany. During their lifetime, they only released two EPs Licht+Luft+Leben (Per Koro, 1996) and Retor (Per Koro, 1997), as well as one split with Kindle (Desperado, 1998) and contributing one track to Wo Die Wilden Kerle Wohnen compilation.

Regarding the sound, Lebensreform played short, fast and loud hardcore punk with screamo, metalcore and powerviolence influences. Like Loxiran, they were vegan straight edge, had a political agenda and only sang in german. But they also had more intime and abstract personal songs. After they disbanded in 1998, members joined and or formed the same groups after Loxiran's disolution.  

Finally, I'll feature you Discographie (Audiolith, 2012), containing everything that this band ever recorded. I must admit that their two EPs are also two of the greatest german hardcore punk records. The first time I listened to them, I immediately fell in love with. Really good. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    



We finally finish this entry with this interesting Hannover-based vegan straight edge band. During their lifetime, they released a self-titled (1995), Time Will Tell..., The Burden Of Life and split with Drowning Room (1996), Words Against Nothing (1998), Out Of The Shadows (2000) and contributed tracks to different hardcore punk compilations as well. There's also a compilation disc named The Works, released in 1996 by Lifeforce Records that contains their first 7", as well as some compilation tracks (including one cover to Misfits' I Turned Into A Martian).

Regarding the sound, Veil played metalcore in the vein of american and european hardcore bands of the time such as Snapcase, Strife, Congress, Abhinanda and Refused. Their music wasn't really frantic nor chaotic compared with other metalcore bands of their country (notably the Northcore movement) but still had an overwhelming and direct approach. Also, they were sometime influenced by Krsna consciousness, something really uncommon in their local scene because any contact with religious movements was despised or not so well welcomed (at least in some circles). 

Finally, click on the image for downloading The Works and The Burden Of Life. I must admit that the latter has a pretty special emotional touch, slightly different of what we've been featuring so far in this special post. If you dig Abhinanda's Never Ending Well Of Bliss, Snapcase's Progression Through Unlearning and Culture and Kindred split, this record is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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