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Chibchombian power in 2017 part 3: More colombian bands to keep an eye on

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Coucou, les! We're back with more colombian modern hardcore punk bands. I'm aware of the success of the two previous entries (in fact, they're the most viewed entries this year so far. Thank you so much), so I'm still gonna please you with more musical groups from this forsaken paradise of pure tropical anarchy. You can revisit the aforementioned entries here and here. Also, I'm trying to get physical copies of their respective material and I hope to upload them soon. Finally, I'm going to make a poll through our Facebook page next week because I'd like you choose the next special post for this month. I'll give you some options, you'll pick the one that pleases you the most and the most voted will be the winner. Stay tuned for the dynamic. With all that written, let's begin.

Restos Humanos
Restos Humanos is a superb Italy-based deathgrind band. Their main vocalist and guitarist is colombian. They've released so far 2 self-titled albums (2013 and 2017), one split with Cryptic Brood (2015) and Grindin' The Garage (2016). They also made a small tour in some cities of Colombia and Ecuador two months ago. Sadly, their bassist couldn't come to our country and was temporarily replaced by Mongolico's bassist. With him, Restos also recorded one live session for Pluteras Records' Cabina Del Terror, which is somehow the ecuadorian equivalent of the infamous BBC Peel Sessions. You can watch it here. Regarding the sound, the band has death metal and grindcore influences in the same vein as different spanish-speaking deathgrind bands such as Brujería, Machetazo, Asesino and Denak, among others. Their lyrics are in spanish (only a few in english and italian) and you'll find an exquisite display of gore and violence that can only be found in B-movies. Finally, I'm not sure but I think that there's a colombian special edition of their last work. When I get it, I'll upload it. In the meantime, click on the image and check their bandcamp out and, if you want to, support them. It's worth it. I hope to see them performing live soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   


Valium is an impressive female-fronted hardcore punk band from Ibagué (Ibahell for the friends). They have released so far one demo named Sarna Trinidad and Guerra Napalm EP (2016). Regarding their sound, the band has different influences, for example, crust punk, d-beat, and even some crossover thrash and grindcore. I think that their musical style ranges between Nausea and Disrupt, with an unique and personal execution. Pretty cool. Also, the lyrics are in spanish and are politically-charged treating different subjects such as war, poverty, corruption, among others. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account, where you can download for free or paying the right price you consider. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


This is one of the most recent surprises we've known this year so far. TRNCH is an Ipiales-based grindviolence and everyone here is talking about them. For the moment, they haven't recorded anything for a physical release but you can check out their Cabina del Terror session here and listen to one live track here. Regarding the sound, they have grindcore, thrashcore and powerviolence influences in the same vein as Chulo, Terco and ZEN/AKU (already featured here in the blog). I really loved their style which is full of relentless and ferocious violent execution. Yup, the way we do fuckin' love it. I'm also quite impressed with the sudden emergence of the hardcore punk scene in Ipiales because this kind of bands aren't really common there. I do hope they release something soon. I'm sure you'll love their auto-called raw and resentful fastcore. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  


SYLGN (also known as Soy Legión) is an outstanding band from Bogotá D.C. featuring members of other local hardcore punk bands such as The Tryout, Reacción Propia, Resplandor and Sangre y Fe, among others. They have released so far Pálidas Vidas (Towers Of Acre Records, 2013) and La Ceguera No Es Motivo De Piedad (Towers Of Acre Records, 2016). Alongside with The Tryout, they made an european tour last year and had a really good reception. Regarding the sound, they have modern metalcore influences. Think of different "ultra-apocalyptic" modern metallic hardcore bands such as Baptists, Gaza and Cursed, among others, for getting an idea of what material this auto-called "raw hardcore" band is made of. Their lyrics are also in spanish with abstract, uncompromising and defying stances. On the other hand, their most recent release is, in my humble opinion, their best work. Indeed, compared with their first release, they have a more refined and mature sound, even there's some sludge elements too. Also, this record was supossed to be in our best picks of last year but due to some logistical mistakes, they couldn't make it. Better late than never, right? Finally, when I get my physcial copy, I'll upload it. In the meantime, you can listen to their last work in their official bandcamp account. Get seduced by their overwhelming and unique style. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

La Desaparición Del Miedo
This is a really impressive recently formed experimental hardcore band from Bogotá. They have only released this year one EP named Vivir El Desastre through Towers Of Acre Records. Regarding the sound, it's a little bit difficult to identify because they mix different musical styles for creating their unique and involving music. For example, I detect some post-hardcore, melodic hardcore, screamo and even post-rock elements in their repertory. The musical instrumentation and execution is simply amazing. There are fast-paced moments with slow and introspective interludes. And, their lyrics are in spanish with pretty intime and abstract content. You can also compare them with other local bands such as The Outsider and Vestra, or even with other latin american bands such as WRRN (Argentina) and Caminos (Chile). This is one of the biggest surprises I've listened to this year so far and a potential candidate for our best picks of this year. We do hope to get soon one physical copy of their EP. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Destruye Y Destruye

This is an impressive grindcore band from Ecuador. One of their members is colombian too. They have released so far one demo (2015), Epifanía De Un Mundo En Ruinas (Pluteras Records, 2015), one split with ecuadorian band Daniel Pico (Pluteras Records, 2015), one 4-way split with 4-Vías A La Caverna, Cacasonica and Cum Sock (Canchis-Canchis Records, 2017) and they will release soon one split with colombian experimental grindcore project Satvrn Svnlight. There's also one compilation named Aplastando Oídos Virginales (Disordera Records, 2016) that compiles almost everything that this band has recorded before 2016. Regareding the sound, they have different crust and death metal influences but in some recent works, have also opted to implement noise and harsh elements in their musical repertory. So, you'll only find here frenzy music as we love. Finally, click on the image for getting redirected to their official bandcamp account where you can listen to some of their works for free. If you want to, support them. Oh, I almost forgot. They'll be touring Colombia along with ecuadorian crust band Disbrigade in October. Go and check'em out. Highly recommended. Enjoy!         


Vientre is an amazing Cali-based experimental hardcore punk band. They have only released Las Huellas Que Dejamos CD last year. This was also a candidate for our best picks of last year but, once again, logistical mistakes didn't make it happen. Regarding the sound, Vientre mixes different muscial styles such as screamo, post-hardcore, post-rock and ambient for creating a superb atmosphere of bittersweet controlled chaos. There are fast-paced moments, as well as slow and introspective interludes. Also, both the musical execution and instrumentation are simply top-notch with a high musical production value. It's one of the most well-elaborated colombian hardcore punk releases. Of course, 100% D.I.Y. I do hope more surprises coming from this band. I'll get my physical copy soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy.  

Sad Affleck
Sad Affleck is an interesting Medellín-based hardcore punk band. They released early this year their only EP named Helio. And, yes, you must already know whom they're refering to. Regarding the sound, they have screamo, post-hardcore, post-rock and math-rock influences. In general terms, the music is frantic and fast-paced with screamed vocals but there are also some slow and introspective interludes with much clearer vocals. I was quite impressed with their musical execution and instrumentation and their style is pretty unique and personal. And they have also somehow reminded me of bands such as City Of Caterpillar and Envy, but a little bit less chaotic. Finally, they will play mid-August here in Bogotá, so don't miss out the opportunity to check'em out. If you have enjoyed this new wave of latin american screamo bands we've featured in different compilations early this year, you'll surely love this one. Highly recommeded. Enjoy!   

Stephen Hopkins

This is an impressive grindcore band from Santa Rosa De Cabal. They have released last year one live session EP named Noise Hardcore Garganteado through Pluteras Records and also have contributed some tracks to different local compilations such as Colombia A Toda Mierda Vol. 3 (already featured here in the blog). Regarding the sound, Stephen Hopkins plays a low-fi and minimalistic form of grindcore, pretty close to Agathocles' mincecore style but not as frantic. In fact, compared with other local grindcore acts we've featured so far, this band could sound slower and less attractive but I must admit they have an interesting force and deserve to be considered. Also, following their "simplistic" and nonchalant trend, the lyrics are abstract and sometimes a little bit funny and sarcastic. Pretty cool. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Finally, we conclude this entry with this outstanding Ipiales-based grindcore band. It was previously featured here in our blog in different compilations such as Histeria Colectiva, Colombia A Toda Mierda Vol. 3 and most recently Bestial Noise. As far as I'm concerned, they have only released one demo last year through Pluteras Records. Regarding the sound, A N I T A has grindcore, powerviolence and harsh noise influences. The sound is short, fast and loud and there are also some lo-fi, minimalistic and unorthodox musical executions. They're an interesting cross between Agathocles and Spazz I must say. If you enjoyed colombian grindcore acts such as Chulo, Stephen Hopkins and Perro Con Kancha, you'll surely love this one. The Ipiales hardcore scene doesn't stop to surprise me everyday. I hope you really enjoyed these bands. We'll keep updated with more future releases of these impressive acts. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and Hugs! 

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