Tuesday, August 15, 2017

El Ruido De La Destrucción, Let's Thrash!! and Los Angeles y Santa Ana Punk Rock compilation tapes

Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We're back with three compilations I recently got in the last 2 months. Two of them were bought during Syndicate/La Equi (two bands from USA) colombian tour last month, whilst the other one I got it early this month in a local concert. I also made a coverage of the aforementioned tour that will be released soon in another colombian website. I'll keep you tuned through our Facebook fanpage when that happens. And, speaking of the devil, I did the poll and the next special post of this month will be "Make Emo Great Again: Your unofficial guide to 80s and 90s american emo". Thank you everyone for your vote. Stay tuned because the next week will publish the first entry of the special post. Finally, click on each image for downloading the compilations. With all that written, let's begin.

El Ruido De La Destrucción - Compilado Pvnk


This superb international hardcore punk compilation tape was released, I think, two months ago through different colombian distros and record labels such as Drugged Goat Kvlt, Disordera Records, Demolición Barbárica Thrash, among others. It contains the following bands: Koroishi, Aborígen, Glorious?, Doomsday, A.P.H., Bob Rozz, Crisiss, Fabrikando Kaos, Falxo Pozitivo, Putrido Sistema, Mala Visión, Mentes Destruidas, AKM, Mohán (Colombia), Agathocles (Belgium), La Última Especie Del Mono (Ecuador), Sinnaciön (France/Colombia), Infección Necrotizante (Brazil/Colombia), Napalm Raid (Canada), Rattus (Finland), Los Rezios (Peru), Mob 47 (Sweden), G.I. Joke (USA) and Terror Algum (Brazil). Regarding the sound, you can find d-beat, crust and grindcore influences. Also, all the featured tracks are available in other previous releases of each band. Finally, I really loved the concept: To reunite different colombian bands with some other international bands in one compilation isn't really common these days and we won't have to say something else because all of these foreign musical groups speak by themselves. The sound quality isn't top-notch but it's still audible. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Let's Thrash!! - 8 Band Compilation   

 Note: Nope, that's not my hand. Ha ha ha

This is an amazing compilation released by Flipped Up Records (Hungary) last year and it was distributed here in Colombia through Demolición Barbárica Thrash Records. It contains the following european hardcore bands: CxIxBx (Italy), Turtle Rage (Germany), Daniel Waxoff, Noise Complaint (UK), Topper Harley, Crippled Fox (Hungary), Boiling Point (Slovakia) and The Shining (Netherlands). Regarding the sound, we find thrashcore, powerviolence and crossover thrash influences. It's been a while since I listen to these kind of bands that make you break the asphalt with your skateboard and open the muthafuckin' pit up. It can also be your perfect OST for drinking beer, smoking weed and eating pizza while waiting an inminent nuclear holocaust. Pretty cool. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Los Angeles y Santa Ana Punk Rock - Ruidos Subterráneo Compilation


We finally conclude this entry with this superb Los Angeles and Santa Ana-based hardcore and punk bands. At first glance, I thought this compilation was a bootleg because it didn't have artwork, layout, inserts and lyric sheets properly done. Indeed, the front cover was a handwritten piece of paper and a list (with the featured bands with no name of the tracks nor additional information is included as well) and it doesn't have a number in Ruidos Subterráneo's catalog either. So, it's a bootleg made by the same guy(s) behind the L.A.-based record label. Anyways, the featured bands are: Tozcos, Fumigados, The Dark, Bombsplinter, Tuberculosis, Strönt, Examen, Macabre, Buster And The Haters, Criminal, Prision Postumo, Folleto, Deathly Eye and Sadicos. Regarding the sound, you'll detect traces of different styles such as old school hardcore punk, punk ibérico, post-punk, thrashcore, d-beat and crust. And, the featured tracks are available in other previous released material of each band (notably their demos or first EPs). Now, I had to listen to each track and search for the name of each track because they weren't provided. Also, I couldn't identify one track, so I left it as Unknown Artist - Unknown Track. And, last but not least, the aforementioned handwritten list mentions Asko, Rayos X and Poliskitzo but they're not really featured in the tape. Finally, I highly recommend this tape. It's not only a bootleg containing some of the best L.A. and Santa Ana-based hardcore/punk bands in the last seven years but also the sound quality is more raw and minimalistic than the original releases. Give it a try and bootleg it too. Ha ha. Enjoy and until next week. Kisses and hugs!       

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