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"Make Emo Great Again": Your unofficial guide to 80s and 90s american emocore. Part 3: Chaotic Emo

Note: Yeah, baby! 

Coucou, les! We're back with the third part of our 80s and 90s american emo special post. I think everyone will love this entry (including grindcore and powerviolence fans alike) because we'll feature the most chaotic and dissonant emo offshoot: hardcore emo or chaotic emo (from now on we'll use this label), my favorite one. In fact, chaotic emo is an umbrella term for describing some San Diego-based (most of them affiliated to Gravity Records) emocore bands that played fast as fuck and some featured bands in previous posts such as Merel could also fit into this style. Nonetheless, this term has been widely accepted (or at least amongst the emo connaisseurs). And, since chaotic emo inspired both screamo and emoviolence, we'll feature some of these bands in the next post (Things are getting tougher again). Finally, we'll finish this special post before the end of this week because I'm finishing its last two entries. With all that written, let's begin. 

Heroin - Discography CD!DxwyDQIQ!cSyufchKqwu62iuFsv690Pr_U-00c9QPHHF7qzlQ930

Heroin was a short-lived hardcore punk band from San Diego, California that only released All About Heroin 7" (Vinyl Communications, 1991), Heroin 7" (Gravity Records, 1992) and Heroin 12" (Gravity Records, 1993). Regarding the sound, Heroin played short, fast and loud hardcore punk. No distortion, no slow and introspective interludes. Pure velocity, baby. However, the band still retained some emo elements like the vocal style and the use of deep and abstract political and personal lyrics. Among all chaotic emo bands, Heroin has a special place in my heart. It was the first one I knew and woke inside me my craving for more dissonant and frantic music. Finally, this is the self-titled CD (Gravity, 1997) that compiles everything that this band ever recorded, except two compilations tracks that will be featured later. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Honeywell - Discography 2xCD (unofficial)!Lp4jmCbJ!5vmZLhY5Oqxn0ERSzneaXbN4ZC-cieomvjA89hm_TNk

Honeywell was a hardcore band from Corona, California and active between 1991 and 1996. During their lifetime, they only released self-titled 7" ($ellout, 1992), Industry LP (Mollycoddle, 1993), split with Reach Out (Anomaly, 1993 / Kurt and Jason, 1996) and Electric Kool Aid 7" (Monotone Supersounds, 1996). Originally, the band meant to play as other popular straight edge bands such Manlifting Banner or Chain of Strength, but later decided to put Rites of Spring's influences and, not happy with that, they decided to combine all that and play like if there's no tomorrow. The result? Some of the best chaotic, dissonant, and frantic political emocore bands ever created. This is one of the first bands coined as screamo due to their particular musical style. Finally, this is an unofficial (I guess...) discography that compiles every single official release of the band, except their demos because these ones are really hard to find. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Mohinder - Everything!f8AFSbpI!Lxo-SV9yjWkS6Qbx68jJy2dj7qE3NpZwCD1zmVeOFfY

Mohinder was a short-lived hardcore band from Cupertino, California that only released O Nation, You Bleed From Many Wounds, 1896 7" (Unleaded Records, 1993), self-titled 7" (Gravity, 1994), split with Nitwits (Unleaded Records, 1994) and Transient Sequences (Unleaded Records, 1999), which is a compilation of two live performances and released when the band was already disolved. Regarding the sound, Mohinder also played hardcore punk fast as fuck with lots of guitar distortion, deep and overwhelming basslines, screamed yet audible vocals and random yet precise drumming. And, of course, the lyrics are both personal and political with abstract stances. Finally, this is the LP version of Everything (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2001) containing everything (duh!) that this band ever recorded without the extra CD containing 3 live performances as bonus (Note that the latter are different to the featured ones in Transient Sequences). Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Reach Out - split with Honeywell and self-titled 7"!vgoTjbjT!GRcOpitvs6-WYBE0ST5VLksAApGQvsfpIg_RkHzYLJc

Reach Out was a short-lived hardcore punk band from somewhere in Northern California that only released one split with Honeywell (Anomaly, 1993 / Kurt and Jason, 1996) and one self-titled 7" (The Great American Steak Religion, 1994). Their style is pretty similar to emerging chatoic emo bands from their time such as Clikatat Ikatowi and Angel Hair. Despite their short existence, this band was also a foundation for screamo style. Indeed, their split with Honeywell, along with the split of Portraits of Past with Bleed (Ebullition, 1994), is a reference to the offshoot. Finally, you'll find in the file both full split and their only 7". Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Antioch Arrow - In Love With Jetts/The Lady Is A Cat CD compilation!axBQxYxR!MKyC4rAxFJF0FW0FeblqG4NdQPiXjTppCheHSUkhkB8

Ah, another classic and all-time favorite is finally here. Antioch Arrow was a short-lived yet prolific hardcore punk act from San Diego, California. Among all San Diego-based chaotic emo outfits, this is probably the most influential and popular. During their short existence, they released In Love With Jetts 12" (Gravity, 1993), The Lady Is A Cat 12" (1993, Gravity), split with Candle (Gravity / Wrenched, 1994) and Gems Of Masochism LP (Amalgamated, 1995 / Three One G, 2003 (re-release)). Regarding, the sound, Antioch Arrow played fast and tight hardcore punk with early emo influences. They also added lots of distortion, noise, fuzz and weird space rock samplers, as well as having an unorthodox musical execution filled with violent tempo changes. Many people told me that their music was so intense that their presentations tended to be shorter than other traditional hardcore acts. And, with the release of their LP, the band opted for having an image and music more akin to goth rock and post punk, drifting apart a little from their original hardcore roots. Finally, this is the CD version (Gravity, 1997) that compiles all the works, previous to the release of Gems of Masochism, with some live performances and tracks from split with Candle as bonus tracks. Highly recommended. Enjoy!         

Angel Hair - Pregnant With The Senior Class!P54EFRyQ!B9PdSHnIK7KaFinno2QkgyzLe73PjMM69qWIcPvMBwQ

Another chaotic emo heavyweight from San Diego that was active between 1994 and 1995 and released self-titled 7" (Gravity, 1994), splits with Bare Minimum (Gold Standard Laboratories, 1994), The Fisticuffs Bluff (Unleaded, 1994) and Kerosene 454 (Strict, 1994) and Insect Mortality LP (Gravity, 1995). Regarding the sound, Angel Hair played fast as fuck hardcore punk with noise, post punk and emo influences for creating their top-notch and unbeatable style. In fact, when I knew this band long time ago I couldn't believe that they were associated to emo. Also, their lyrics were both political and personal but also had Star Trek references. Why? Dunno, is it because it was so cool that many 90s emo kids looked like Dr. Spock? Probably. And, their LP is a huge and direct influence for screamo. Finally, I present you Pregnant With The Senior Class CD (Gravity, 1997), compiling everything that this band ever recorded, including a superb Bauhaus cover. It could sound funny but thanks to an emo band I knew that influential goth rock band. Yeah, cool. Right?. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Clikatat Ikatowi - Orchestrated And Directed By LP!aoZgTBTa!N9ZIVd_d4GzskkMRhplBhRW_sr4ngpnY8bcCwKK6pH4

Another great outfit from San Diego, California that only released one demo (Gravity, 1994), this LP (Gravity, 1996), Live August 29th and 30th, 1995 (Gravity, 1997) and Rivers Of Souls 12" (Gravity, 1998). Unlike other local chaotic emo outfits, this band was more experimental and added more math rock, noise and post-hardcore influences to their repertory. However, the music was still chaotic, dissonant and frantic like their homologues. This band is one of those underrated hardcore jewels that tried to surpass the natural musical boundaries of the most important punk rock subgenre, but without losing the grip, obviously. Finally, get this LP. It's fantastic. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Swing Kids - Discography!DlAiSATY!NCL_b1GELUjn07VA7wz4We4PuGpkoQYdlfEK1uaP9j4

Swing Kids was a short-lived hardcore band from San Diego, California that featured members of other local bands such as Struggle, Spanakorzo and Unbroken, among others. During their lifetime, they only released one self-titled 7" (Three One G, 1994) and one split with Spanakorzo (Three One G, 1995). Rgearding the sound, Swing Kids played short, fast and loud hardcore punk with lots of distortion, drastic tempo changes, screamed and whispered vocals and influences of different musical genres such as thrashcore, avant garde, and, even, some jazz tunes. Due to their guitarist's suicide (also guitarist of Unbroken), Swing Kids disbanded and many other bands were created, notably the loved/hated experimental grindcore outfit The Locust. And, in 2010, they did a brief reunion and recorded one single Situations On Mars/Fake Teeth (Three One G, 2011) with the ex-guitarist of The Locust and Guyver-1. Finally, this is the Discography CD (Three One G, 1997) containing everything this superb band ever recorded in the 90s. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Portraits of Past - Demo, Discography and split with Bleed!G4QABLAS!GxHXBYGNJQ1IewQcFuToaXGIKVcP2snhWvf-Fdw00Ds

Portraits of Past was an influential emo/screamo band from San Francisco, California that only released one demo (self-released, 1993), split with Bleed (Ebullition Records, 1994), self-titled LP (Ebullition Records, 1996) and Cypress Dust Witch (Excursions Into The Abyss, 2009). Like many famous artists, Portraits of Past wasn't really popular during their lifetime despite their superb musical projection. Indeed, after the commercial failure of their first LP, the group disbanded and it wasn't until many years later that this band would get the recognition that always deserved. Their split with Bleed is one of the most important records of the screamo offshoot. Finally, inside the file you'll find the demo, the Discography CD and the entire split with Bleed separately. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Guyver-One - Discography!60wDSIzI!qL8BenK2nOMUOIRP868w7RbUPO3AvjrNj-mBlA62DrM

We finally conclude this entry with this amazing band. Guyver-One (named after the infamous pilot of Mazinger Z) was a short-lived hardcore punk band from San Diego that only released self-titled 7" (*inchworm, 1996) and Obsessed With...12" (*inchworm, 1997). They also contributed one track to I Can't Live Without It compilation. Regarding the sound, Guyver-One  played noisy, distorted, outpaced and fast as a lightning bolt hardcore punk just like other local bands such as Heroin, Angel Hair and Antioch Arrow. In fact, this band was the last guardian of the original San Diego chaotic emo style because most of the aforementioned musical groups were either already disbanded or playing another stuff. Finally, this is the discography compiled and self-released by the band in 2008 and contains everything that they ever recorded. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs! 

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