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La Mort d'un.e. Moderniste presents: Best picks of 2017. Chibchombian edition

Note: Yup, Toad. We already know you're the best. Can we stop now?

Coucou, les! We'll make a brief pause before finally completing our 80s and 90s american emocore special post. As I previously announced you, I decided to make this post before December ends. Also, unlike last year, I'll make one best picks of colombian records and other one more international that will be published before christmas eve. So, these lists won't be either as detailed as the previous one but I'll try to give you all you need to know about the featured records. Remember that these aren't definitive nor the final truth. We could have similar picks and I'd like you to share them with me and discuss a little about them. That'd be great. Finally, I have to admit that some bands didn't make it because either I completely forgot including them or I had to pick 1 or 2 of the same musical style. Don't be surprised if in the next few months I feature some of these discarded bands and say "This musical group could have been included in our best picks of 2017 but I completely forgot about them" or something like that. I've listened to more than 100 bands throughout the year and it's a little bit difficult to recall them all. I hope you like this entry. With all that written, let's begin!  

Ximena! Tenemos Que Hablar - self-titled (self-released, Colombia)

Yes, they final-fuckin'-ly released their long-awaited first album. Ximena! Tenemos Que Hablar is a post-rock-influenced screamo band from Bogotá. When my auto-exile here in Colombia started almost one year and a half ago, I saw this band performing live and was really captivated by their musical style. It's melodic yet powerful, with long epic and well structured songs, abstract lyrics and a really good screamed voice. There are also some references to Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the best mangas/animes ever created, which is definitely a super plus. And, if you know the local hardcore/punk niche, you may already know who is Ximena. Any guesses? He he. I hope to see more active this band the next year. For fans of Envy, Heaven In Her Arms (Japan), Bosque and Caminos (Chile). Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Final - Obsolescencia Humana (Byllepest Distro (Norway), Colombia)

This is the first LP of this amazing Bogotá-based hardcore punk band. We already have featured this band when we recommended some interesting local bands from this land of tropical anarchy, as well as announcing their successful european tour with fellow mates Muro. This record also marks the beginning of the norwegian/colombian hardcore connection since Byllepest Distro from Norway released a bunch of colombian hardcore punk records this year. Regarding the sound, Final has a more mature and refined sound, even adding more traditional post-punk and classical Oi! elements into their repertory but without leaving aside their unique and particular punk ibérico-influenced hardcore punk. This is the perfect soundtrack for smashing windows of buildings in gray and hopeless cities such as Bogotá. Don't miss out this record. For fans of Generación Suicida (USA) and Secta (Colombia). Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Muro - Ataque Hardcore Punk (Byllepest Distro (Norway), Colombia)

Yes, yes, yes. Muro's highly anticipated debut was an unexpected surprise for me. Before returning to Colombia, I was a little bit worried about how things were working in the local hardcore/punk scene since living in Europe had me a little bit disconnected. Fortunately, I've found bands like this one that still gives me a new hope. Regarding the sound, Muro mixes all the best elements of every single school of hardcore punk history. You dig all-time classic american, scandinavian and japanese hardcore alike? This band has that and more to offer. The musical execution and instrumentation is short, fast, loud and precise like hardcore should always be. Allow this band seduce you with their overwhelming and mesmerizing musical style. Your slams and circle pits (both inside and outside your head) won't ever be the same. EVER. I hope to recieve more surprises from this amazing hardcore punk band. For fans of MG15 (Spain), Rattus (Finland), Necros (USA), Human Gas (Japan) and Discard (Sweden). Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Primer Regimen - No Futuro/No Solución (Byllepest Distro (Norway), Colombia)

This is also the debut of this impressive Bogotá-based UK82 hardcore punk band. Along with Muro and Final, they complete the (un)holy trinity of the aforementioned norwegian/colombian hardcore connection and also had a short yet highly successful european tour last month. I'm glad that local hardcore punk bands can make it abroad and demonstrate the ungovernable force these outfits are capable of. Regarding the sound, Primer Regimen incorporates the best elements of all-time classic UK82 style, executed with the passionate and angry as fuck latin american hardcore punk savoir-faire. Yes, we've stated before that Primer Regimen is PMS-84 criollo version but with an unique and personal touch that shouldn't be missed out either. You think there's no future nor solution? Don't worry, Primer Regimen will accompany your frustrations with their music. For fans of Crux, Dead Wretched, Ultra Violent and, of course, PMS-84. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Revival / Raw Brigade split (self-released, Colombia)

This is an amazing split made by two Bogotá-based straight edge hardcore punk powerhouses. In fact, some of the few examples that the edge hasn't gone dull at all, as previously predicted by Chain Of Strength almost 30 years ago, and the flame still burns. Raw Brigade was already featured here but this is the first time for Revival. So, this split has something particular because both bands' tracks are in english, something new for Revival because they use to sing mostly in spanish. Also, both bands play fast-paced and straightforward hardcore punk, reminiscent of early NY youth crew acts such as Bold, Project X, Judge, and Youth of Today but I think Raw Brigade is a little bit faster. Finally, you can hear Revival side here and Raw Birgade side here. I'll upload soon my physical copy but you'll have to wait until next month since I'm not in town right now. In the meantime, love my way, it's a new world (ha ha ha what?). You'll find here passionate, sincere and solid hardcore like youth crew used to be before. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Mico - Segunda Vuelta (self-released(?), Colombia)

Holy fuck! This is one of the most amazing and solid colombian hardcore punk records I've listened to this 2017. There's no a way how to describe the intense display of sonical power of this Cali-based outfit. Mico, in my personal opinion, is Full Of Hell criollo version. I know this bold statement could be a little bit shocking but don't get me wrong, their musical execution and instrumentation is fucking amazing: fast as fuck, noisy as fuck as well. Indeed, there are elements of grindcore, powerviolence, sludge, mathcore, post-metal, post-rock, dark ambient, death metal, noise, and lots of noise. How life can be more perfect? If you're looking for some musical madness while lurking in the dark, Mico is for you. I hope more surprises from this band in 2018. For fans of Converge, Baptists and Full Of Hell (USA). Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

ZEN/AKU - Impureza (The Return Records (Colombia), Colombia).

Another exquisite violent hardcore band from Cali. ZEN/AKU comes from this new generation of grindcore and powerviolence bands that obviously got my attention. Following the success of their first album Plagas Modernas (The Return Records, 2016), ZEN/AKU strikes back with an overwhelming and high-value production. Yes, their top-notch grindviolence style is still intact but some elements of sludge and noise have also been incorporated in some tracks, as well as an unorthodox musical structure with unpredictible changes, for giving a more darker approach. Something like is done by their local counterparts Mico but a little bit different. Finally, I'll upload my physical copy once my vacations are over. For fans of Insect Warfare, Magrudergrind and Hatred Surge (USA). Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Chulo / Grinding "Nadaísmo" split (Narcosarcasmo, NOD records, Pochard Distro et al (Colombia), Colombia)

After aeons of waiting, two of the best examples of grindcore in Colombia finally made a split together. The name Nadaísmo comes from a fairly known existentalist and nihilist literary movement proposed by Gonzalo Arango, a colombian writer, in the first half of 20th century. Now, each band displays its own superb grindcore style. Firstly, Chulo with their relentless grindviolence style plays short, fast and loud music, seasoned with hate towards the unfair and miserable lifestyle here in Colombia. And, secondly, Grinding from Medellín has nothing to envy to Chulo's style because they display their own impressive deathgrind execution, reminiscent of all-time classics such as Terrorizer and Dahmer, filled with the visceral hate that characterizes south american bands. Lastly, each band makes a cover to each other with their own interpretation. I hope to see more active these bands next year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Política De Singularidad Cualquiera - self-titled (Demolición Barbárica Thrash (Colombia), Colombia)

When I first reviewed this band, I couldn't believe their musical style. It's one of those bands that are somewhat difficult to review due to their eclectic and experimental nature. Política De Singularidad Cualquiera made me remember a new world within the local hardcore punk scene is undoubtedly possible. Regarding the sound, well, they somewaht reminded me of all-time classic 90s hardcore outfits such as Turning Point, Endpoint, Threadbare, Shatter The Myth and Groundwork with a pretty solid musical execution, mixing both melodic and fast-paced. There's even an interesting ambient, crust, screamo and post-rock feel in some tracks. And, lyrics are pretty well-structured with both personal and political topics.  The sound engineer behind this beautiful production is a friend known as «Guaritos», so the credit goes too for him. Finally, listen to this record. This is our choice for the best colombian hardcore punk record of the year. Well deserved. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

La Desaparición Del Miedo - Vivir El Desastre (self-released(?), Colombia)

Another interesting experimental hardcore from Bogotá D.C. that also impressed me, despite my initial skepticism towards new projects. I know my musical tastes are most of the time anachronic as fuck, but listening to these kind of new outfits give me more motivation to be aware of what's going recently. So, La Desparación Del Miedo plays that emerging mix of both post-rock with hardcore punk, pretty popular in some south american hardcore circles nowadays. Their music is simply amazing: well-structured with top-notch instrumentation and execution. You can hear that these guys put lots of effort and passion to this project. Also, the lyrics are complex with some abstract stances but coherent. Finally, this was also a potential candidate for our choice for the best colombian hardcore punk record of 2017 but, independently of the final decision, this band absolutely will amaze you. For fans of Vientos (Argentina), Caminos (Chile) and Vestra (Colombia). I hope to see more surprises coming from this band next year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

TRNCH - Crudo Y Rencoroso Fastcore (Demolición Barbárica Thrash (Colombia), Colombia)

Yes, yes, fuck yes. It's finally here. The first full-length album of this amazing Ipiales-based powerviolence band. When we originally featured it, they only had recorded one track and one Cabina del Terror live session (Pluteras Records (Ecuador)). Now, their superb and unique "raw and resentful" fastcore is compressed in one record. As I previously stated you, I really loved their style which is full of ferocious and violent execution. Yup, the way we do fuckin' love it. I'm also quite impressed with the sudden emergence of the hardcore punk scene in Ipiales because this kind of bands aren't really common there. I do hope more surprises coming from this band next year. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Terco / Gay Panic Defense split (Demolición Barbárica Thrash (Colombia), Colombia)

We already featured this impressive split with Terco from Colombia and Gay Panic Defense from Scotland.  The only thing that I can add is there's an alternate front cover of the record and Terco's Pero ¡Ni Mierda! track is probably one of the fastest colombian hardcore punk songs ever made. A pretty good and solid work. You can read the original review here. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

TRNCH - Ano - Terco 3-way split (Demolición Barbárica Thrash (Colombia), Colombia)

A superb 3-way split whose digital version has been recently uploaded and pretty soon will have its own physical edition. We've already featured TRNCH (Ipiales) and Terco (Bogotá D.C.) but we have not yet talked about Ano. This is a new grindcore band from Medellín and also released an interesting self-titled that can be streamed through their official bandcamp account here. Their style draws different grindcore, powerviolence and crust punk influences for creating their unique and personal fast as fuck sound. But I think for this 3-way split Ano's style is a little bit more refined than their self-titled and tease more with deathgrind in some parts. So, there you go. Three of the best grindcore and powerviolence that continue the legacy of local acts such as Chulo and Grinding. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Amenazas - self-titled (Ramón Discos, Maldito Sudaca et al (Colombia), Colombia)

UPDATE 02/10/2018: We have made an ultimate and definite review of this marvelous record which can be viewed here.

Mongólico / Aputasos split (The Return Records, Colombia)

I recently got this amazing split from Mongólico (Colombia) and Aputasos (USA). The digital version was released on October of last year but until before the first half of 2017 the physical edition saw the light. Or that's what I understood. Anyways, Mongólico has already been featured here in the blog and their superb grindcore style is still intact in this record. On the other hand, Aputasos also plays grindcore but with more affinity to goregrind à la Carcass. Pretty good stuff. You can hear Mongólico side here and Aputasos side here. I'll upload next month the content of my physical copy. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Opaal - Krakatoa tape (Rat Trap Records/Perro Centinela/En Picada (Colombia), Colombia)

Opaal is an experimental band from Bogotá D.C. that features members of different local hardcore bands such as Incendiariat and Muro. They have released so far this tape and more recently Nadie Es Profeta En Su Tierra / Todos Son Farsantes Afuera 7" EP. I chose this tape over the 7" because it pleased me more but the latter is pretty cool too. Their sound reminded me of different 90s noisy post-hardcore bands such as Drive Like Jehu, Jawbox and Unwound but they also add some industrial, lo-fi and no wave elements into their repertory. Also, their music is entirely instrumental and all the music samples (including noise, static and distortion) are generated by a sound box made and programmed by one of their guitarists, which is pretty awesome. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Relatos E Historias: Amor Y Rabia / Incendiariat split tape.

What can I say about this tape?...Its physical edition has final-fuckin'-ly been released after almost 2 years of delays. You can read the original review here and we will upload in January our physical copy. It's a beautiful work. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Valium - Tierra Hirviendo (NOD Records, Pochard Distro et al (Colombia), Colombia)

The first full-length album of this impressive Ibagué-based hardcore punk band is finally here. We also featured them when we made the recommendations of different colombian hardcore outfits early this year. Tierra Hirviendo is a well-elaborated record and with more high-value production than Valium's previous works. I also think their music is a little bit more frantic and the female/male vocal duet is more relevant than ever. Their original crossover thrash and crust influences are still intact but I also detect some slight metal punk elements in some tracks. Finally, listen to this record. If you dig bands such as Toxic Holocaust and Concrete Sox, this band is for you. I hope more surprises coming from this band, as well as from other Ibahell outfits. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Es Mejor Solito Ke Contigo 4-way split (Disordera Records, Drugged Goat Kvlt Records, Me Importa Un Culo and Ruido Resiliencia (Colombia), Colombia)

A fantastic obscure and experimental split that contains 4 different one-man bands: Infernal Slut (Pereira), La Chusma (Santa Rosa De Cabal), Diserrör (Ipiales) and Ø))) A.K.A. Malparido (Bogotá D.C.). I absolutely fell in love with. You can read our original review here.  

Odio Sus Guerras compilation (Ruido Total Records (France/Colombia)    

This is probably one of the best colombian hardcore punk compilations released in the last 5 years with a high-value production (in terms of both artwork and sound). Featuring 20 bands from 10 different colombian cities. You can read the original review here. I'll upload my physical copy next month after my vacations. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Fuerza Ingobernable I - Punk Colombia 2017 (Byllepest Distro (Norway) / Fuerza Ingobernable (Colombia)).

Following the success of the aforementioned norwegian/colombian connection, both Byllepest Distro and Fuerza Ingobernable released this marvelous colombian hardcore punk compilation, featuring some exclusive material as a preview for upcoming records in 2018. You can read the original review here. I'll upload my physical copy next month after my vacations. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Colombia A Toda Mierda Vol. 3 (Disordera Records (Colombia)). 

Last but not least, this superb compilation released by our friend of Disordera Records, featuring different 40 colombian hardcore punk displaying puro ruido hijueputa. You can read the original review here. I really hope you liked this entry. I know some records are missing but some of them aren't available online and I don't have a physical copy yet. When I come back to Bogotá D.C. in January, I'll get some of these and upload them. In the meantime, enjoy this list. If you're in touch with the local colombian hardcore punk scene let me know which record could also have been included. Enjoy and until next time! Kisses and hugs!  

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