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Garanterat Mangel: Your unofficial guide to 80s swedish hardcore punk mini special post

Note: Nope, you won't read about this kind of MANGEL. Sorry if you wanted to. 

Coucou, les! We're back with another "unofficial guide to" special post but for this one, I'll only make one detailed (as possible) entry. Why? Well, the real world have recently demanded me more time and I'm quite busy than ever, meaning I can't update the blog as always. In fact, this entry was supposed to be published last weekend, but some logistical issues impeded me from doing so. Now, what can I write about swedish hardcore punk? I simply love it. And, that's all. Ha ha. No, seriously. I still remember the first time I get in touch with both Anti-Cimex and Mob-47's early recordings. It was such a blast. A new world opened up for me. Later, I also had the opportunity of getting in touch with 90s local monsters such as Refused and Abhinanda that definitely made me fell in love with swedish hardcore punk. But we'll only write about the 80s this time. 

As you may already know, in the early 80s, the emerging hardcore punk bands from Sweden were heavily inspired by Discharge's iconic sound known as d-beat. But alongside japanese bands, swedish hardcore bands took their influences to the next level developping an unique and, during almost a decade, unmatched ferocious hardcore punk style. Indeed, they were more aggressive, ferocious and outspoken than their Stoke-On-Trent-based masters. Some people also call it either mangel (Mangle in english) or kängpunk ("Boot Punk" in english). There's even people arguing that Shitlickers from Gothenburg was the first true d-beat band ever (although the first swedish d-beat song was Marquee by Rude Kids (1979)). A pretty bold statement, I must add but not quite far away from reality, though. 

Despite the heavy influence of Discharge's style, (Almost 90% of swedish hardcore bands were d-beat acolytes. Even today the style is still popular) some other local outfits also started to adding some american hardcore traits into their sound such as Mob 47, always admiring both Minor Threat and D.R.I., or even some others like Crude SS played songs reminiscent to Siege, one of the godfathers of grindcore subgenre. This trend of getting gradually more american influence in european territory was more evident during the second half of the decade and, of course, Sweden wasn't the exception spawning bands such as G-ANX and Filthy Christians, two influential bands for both grindcore and thrashcore subgenres. 

But this story of swedish musical influence within the hardcore punk spectrum doesn't end here. Oh no. There's also another interesting one about the first use of blast beat drum technique in hardcore punk. You know, there was a d-beat band named Asocial that released a split tape with local fellows The Bedrövlers named How Could Hardcore Be Any Worse? (Uproar Records, 1984). As a curious fact, the name is a clear tongue-in-cheek to Bad Religion's only decent hardcore punk release named How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (Epitaph Records, 1981). So, Asocial's tracks are fast as fuck, and unlike other local d-beat siblings, the blast beat drum technique was mandatory and the main star of the show. Pretty similar to american bands of the time like Koro, Deep Wound and Youth Korps. This is the only protogrindcore/thrashcore release of this band. 

In 2002, 625 Thrashcore, a well-known american hardcore punk record label, released Barbaric Thrash Demolition Volume 3 compilation, which included an special 7" containing Asocial's tracks from How Could Hardcore Be Any Worse? split tape. However, this record (also named as the split tape) was presented as a demo and also stated that the songs were recorded back in 1982. Everyone went crazy after this, because this led to some confusion and many satarted to think the first hardcore punk band using this drum technique was swedish and not american. Indeed, during many years it was known Beastie Boys (in their hardcore era) with their song Riot Fight  (featured in New York Thrash (ROIR, 1982) compilation, also available here in the blog). and D.R.I.'s first album (Dirty Rotten Records, 1983)
were the first ones doing so. So, what must we think about all this? Well, yes, Asocial was the first hardcore band using the blast beat drum technique but the official release didn't see the light until 1984. Indeed, the 1982 demo wasn't released back in the day (There's no even a physical copy) and the 2002 release has the exact same content as the 1984 split tape. So, you can always draw your own conclusions however...If you're a fan of 80s extreme hardcore punk such as Lärm (Netherlands) and Rapt (France), download this swedish jewel here. This is the 2002 re-issue (The link was provided by our friends of Old Fast And Loud blog. Thank you pals!) 

Finally, for this mini special post, I'll feature 10 compilations containing the most important swedish hardcore punk acts in the 80s, as well as some unknown outfits. I think you'll have the best introduction to the fascinating world of this raw, violent and intense hardcore punk school, heavily influential for both crust and d-beat subgenres. With all that written, let's begin. 

Really Fast Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Really Fast Records (Sweden), 1983, 1985, 1986 and 1988, respectively)!Ll5kDRRJ!FpcZi50bGCzZ3CIgX7huieu7I8bNGnxn6y-Zq9hzQXA

These are the first four out of ten volumes of this impressive swedish hardcore punk collection. It contains mostly the best and most well-known outfits such as Anti-Cimex, Mob 47, Asocial, E.A.T.E.R., Avskum, G-ANX, Huvudtvätt, Discard, Disarm, Rövsvett, S.O.D., Filthy Christians, Sötlimpa, etc., as well as not so well-known acts such as The Krixhjälters, Nyx Negativ, Tatuerade Snutkukar, Dross, among others. As you may expect, you'll mostly find in here d-beat-oriented hardcore punk bands but you'll also get some early crust, grindcore and thrashcore outfits (notably on the last volumes). Finally, inside the file you'll find all four volumes. The remaining six are absent because they feature 90s-related hardcore punk bands. If I make another swedish hardcore punk mini special post, I'll upload them for sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


The Vikings Are Coming...2xLP (Uproar Records (Sweden), 1985 / New Face Records (Brazil), 1987)

Featured bands: Crude SS, Bizarr, Fear Of War, Cruel Maniax, Rescues In Future, Rasta Boys, Ugly Squaw and Bedrövlerz.

An impressive swedish hardcore punk band featuring some exclusive tracks for this record. Indeed, you won't find somewhere else (except in some bootleg discographies) these tracks. Most of the featured bands didn't have more releases than a demo or/and EP. Also, you'll find some pretty rare musical outfits, whose luster was definitively overshadowed by more popular and influential acts. Regarding the sound, it still does have the iconic swedish d-beat feel, for example, Cruel Maniax, Fear Of War and Bedrövlerz, but there are some experimental tracks too such as Rasta Boys', which has a weird mix of both punk and dub intro and later changing into a more fast-paced tempo, and Ugly Squaw, Bizarr and Rescues In Future with their more traditional punk approach. The best tracks are definitely made by Crude SS with their protocrust feel: overwhelming and deep basslines, straightforward d-beat drums and a more grave vocal style. Not bad. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Stockholms Mangel - (Not On Label, 1986 (original tape) / Swedish Punk Classics, 2000 (CD reissue))

Featured bands: Mob 47, Crudity, Agoni (original tape), Discard, Protes Bengt, some extra Mob 47 tracks and Röjers (CD reissue).

An outstanding compilation reuniting some of the best Stockholm-based mangel hardcore punk bands. Unlike the previous compilation, this one contains pure raw and violent d-beat with Mob 47 and Protes Bengt adding some american flavor as well. No more, no less. Also, you'll find in here some exclusive tracks for this record since most of these bands didn't have an official discography release until almost 15 years later. Indeed, note that the bonus tracks included in the 2000 CD reissue are part of these aforementioned collections. Finally, Mob 47 has two impressive covers to B.G.K. (Netherlands) and D.R.I. (USA) tracks. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Afflicted Cries In The Darkness Of War LP (New Face Records (Brazil), 1986)

If someone asks me which is the definitive 80s swedish hardcore punk compilation, I'd definitely recommend this one. It contains Anti-Cimex's Victims Of A Bomb Raid EP (Along with Raped Ass EP, this is one of my favorite record of theirs), Crude SS' Who'll Survive EP and Rövsvett's Jesus Var Em Tomte EP. The featured Fear Of War's tracks were previously unreleased and exclusive for this record at the time. So, you'll also find once again the iconic kängpunk school with Anti-Cimex and Fear Of War (but this band also has some american feel in some tracks), Rövsvett also adds their own swedish interpretation of Poison Idea (USA) and The Fix (USA) and, last but not least, Crude SS' crusty style with some tracks reminiscent to Siege (USA). And, as a curious fact, the front cover of the record is the same as the one present in Amebix's No Sanctuary LP. I completely dig this record. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Egg-Mangel (Not On Label, 1987 (original tape), Your Own Jailer Records (Sweden), 1995 (LP reissue))
Featured bands: Disarm, Svart Parad, Raped Teenagers, Krunch, Rövsvett
This compilation was recorded live @ Järva Folkets Park in June 15th, 1986, featuring the bands performing that day. On the other hand, the original tape featured these bands but also Total Egon, Disaccord, Ur Funktion and Kazjurol that, for a strange reason, weren't featured in the 1995 LP reissue. Finally, I think I don't have to write more about these bands since they were already featured in previous compilations of this mini special post so far. This is the LP version. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Hard-Core For The Masses LP (Uproar Records (Sweden), 1988) 

Featured bands: G-ANX, Strebers, Tribulation, Martial Mosh, Asocial, Ugly Squaw, Nihilist, 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna, Kazjurol, Filthy Christians, Happy Farm, S.L.R., Totalitär, Dross, Libresse, Disaccord. 

An interesting record with the most horrible yet funny front cover I've ever seen in a swedish hardcore punk compilation. Don't get me wrong but who the fuck drew that? Is that an interpretation of the Beast from Disney's Belle And The Beast or what? But leaving aside the artwork, the contained repertory is fantastic. Compared with the previously featured swedish hardcore compilations so far, this one has a more varied sound. Indeed, we do not only find the iconic swedish d-beat but also some thrashcore, melodic hardcore, crossover thrash, crust and grindcore. If you already know other contemporary scenes like the british or japanese, you'll dig this one. Did you think I'd only feature disclones? Nope, you know I always try to present you some exquisite and rare jewels like this one. Many bands surprised me. I'd probably write about some of them in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy! (Fuck, I can't get over the front cover!)


All Hope Lost...Swedish Hardcore 1982-1993 bootleg (199x(?))

We finally conclude this mini special post with this superb bootleg featuring some swedish d-beat heavyweights. No american traits, no experimental approach. Pure mangel madness, baby. So, this record contains Anti-Cimex's Raped Ass EP, Bombanfall's self-titled EP, Svart Parad's Sista Kriget 1984-1986 discography, No Security's demo and unreleased tracks, Shitlickers' Warsystem 12", and Disfear's self-titled EP. Despite being a bootleg, this is a pretty solid record. Also, I found interesting the inclusion of Disfear since it was one of the bands that was ahead of the swedish crust movement in the 90s. I think I won't write anymore about this. Highly recommended. I hope you enjoyed this entry and see you soon with more surprises. Kisses and hugs!  

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Mohan, Sangrando Ruido, Miserere and Ansiax 4-way split full review

Coucou, les! We're back with another entry and this time we'll feature an amazing 4-way split containing some cool colombian hardcore punk bands. So, without more explanations, let's begin!

Mohan, Sangrando Ruido (Col), Miserere (Ger) and Ansiax (France) 4-way split (Ruido Total Records (France/Colombia). 

Our dear friend Esteban Meza (drummer of Dexkoncierto, Sinnaciön and owner of Ruido Total Records) notified me early last week that the digital version of this 4-way split was already available on his record label's bandcamp account. I knew the existence of the record since last year but I keep in secret this kind of information until a digital or physical edition gets released. If you knew all the sacred information I have inside my head ha ha. No, but seriously. I'm really pleased this record finally saw the light. The physical edition will be available next month and, of course, when we'll get our copy, will immediately upload it. 

So, the record features 4 bands. Firstly, we have Sangrando Ruido from Medellín. They have already been featured here in the blog because they contributed two tracks to Estamos En La Sima Vol. 3 compilation (you can go and check it out again here). They play fast and tight hardcore punk, heavily inspired by the old-school colombian hardcore punk AKA punk medallo (we've exceedingly written about it) but they also add a modern twist with some slight crust and thrashcore toppings. Also, the lyrics are highly political dealing with topics such as mass media, direct action, violence and misery. They reminded somewhat me of some latin american bands such as Migra Violenta (Argentina/Colombia), Sin Apoyo (Chile) and Apatí@ No (Venezuela). Pretty outstanding. 

Secondly, we have Miserere. This is a Berlin-based hardcore punk band, featuring one colombian friend as bassist and support vocals (I won't reveal his identity ha ha ;)). I don't have so much information about them but they already released one demo through their official bandcamp account. You can check it out here. So, this record features the same demo songs and I don't find a relevant difference between them. Regarding the sound, they have both crust and d-beat influences and they sing in german, english and spanish alike. I completely dig their lyrics, also highly-political dealing with topics such as immigration issues (the infamous FRONTEX incident), class war, poverty, violence, etc. Pretty good musical instrumentation and execution. 

Next, we have a huge surprise. Ansiax is a Paris-based hardcore punk, featuring our friends Esteban (Drums) and Daniel Meza (Guitar/Bass) (the latter AKA El Mostro and also the mastermind behind the project) and Ivan Caballero (Vocals, also ex-vocalist of Ibagué-based hardcore punk band KRH and Bogotá-based grindcore band Bob Rozz. Currently living in Brazil). This band was formerly known as Disneax and contributed one track to Odio Sus Guerras compilation (once again, check it out again here). Compared with the aforementioned material, Ansiax has a more elaborated and overwhelming sound. Indeed, their crust and d-beat influences are more violent than ever and there was also a huge vocal improvement (the former vocalist was Carlos Julio, drummer of colombian hardcore punk bands such as Grito and Infesto). And, just like the other bands of this 4-way split, the lyrics are politically-charged filled with hate and despair towards our fucked up life. Don't forget to visit their bandcamp account here

Last but not least, we have Mohan from Ibagué, Colombia. I've always wanted to feature them sometime here in the blog but they didn't have released new material since 2 or 3 years ago. So, they're back with some brand new material for this record and I must admit that they did a fantastic work. Indeed, I found a better and more elaborated musical execution but without leaving aside their crust and grindcore influences. The sound is still short, fast and loud as always. I hope you enjoyed this record. See next time with more surprises. Kisses and hugs!          

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Amenazas - self-titled EP full review

Coucou, les! We're back with a new entry. I'm still sorry because I haven't yet published the long-awaited (?) 80s swedish hardcore comps special post, but I'm still trying to gather more information and releases for making it "perfect". I think I'll publish it before the next weekend. So, in the meantime, I'll start to publish some recent colombian hardcore punk releases that have been appearing lately. You must already know some of these have already been featured, so I'll delete the original entries and those aforementioned entries will redirect you to the most recent. Finally, mmm, what was I supposed to say? I don't quite remember ha ha ha. Enjoy (?). With all that written, let's begin. 

Amenazas - Self-titled EP (Ramón Discos Distro, Maldito Sudaca Records et al, Colombia)

Amenazas is a Bogotá-based hardcore punk band featuring ex-members of other local bands such as Anti-Diktatur, Future Is Black, Corinto and Amor & Rabia, among others. They also share one member with Muro and Exilio. After months in the making (you know, it's pretty difficult to release material here in Colombia), their long-awaited debut EP is finally here. So, for this release, they chose the flexi-disc format. It's transparent and features a pretty cool logo of the word Memoria (Memory in Spanish). Sadly, they couldn't get the special tool for cutting it, so it's squared. Nonetheless, this gives a more unique and personal touch since there aren't many "unorthodox" disc shapes out there. It still works perfectly on any disc player, so that shouldn't be a problem. Also, the front cover gathers a collage made of different local news about the inner armed conflict here in Colombia. 

Now, regarding the sound, Amenazas plays short, fast and loud hardcore punk à la swedish, drawing influence from all-time classics such as Totalitär, Mob 47, Disfear, Shitlickers, etc. and more modern acts such as Herätys and Katastroff as well. Unlike other local d-beat outfits, Amenazas excels with a more refined and well-elaborated musical instrumentation and execution. But don't worry, you'll still find the exquiste sonic rawness that characterizes the discore acts out there. Also, if you're not from Colombia, Amenazas will somewhat remind you of modern american d-beat-influenced acts such as Impalers and Sunshine Ward but these bands are slight different since they don't have the magical and visceral touch of latin american hardcore bands.

But, the strongest point of this band is undoubtedly the lyrics. Indeed, they're politically-charged, filled with lots of public denunciations for the injustices and crimes against humanity commited in the colombian inner armed conflict. It's well-known here in our land we have a huge problem with both state and illegal armed groups spreading that insane bloodbath. That's why the core element of the band is their auto-called Ruido y Memoria (Noise and Memory in spanish) stance lest we never forget this aspect. You'll find in the lyrics sheet a well done translation in both english and french for getting an idea of what Amenazas is singing about.

Finally, this is the digital version provided by the band itself but I added an extra. So, you'll find in there all the artwork, lyric sheet, insert and layouts of the record and a minizine as a bonus, since the physical edition, for a strange reason, doesn't feature it. It's in spanish but I took the liberty of making an unofficial english translation since I considered their words relevant for their Ruido y Memoria campaign. I highly recommend this record. Could we ever consider a New Wave Of Colombian Hardcore - NWOCOHC with this kind of releases? Maybe. I don't like so much the "new wave" stance but since we must be on the "hype", we'd answer affirmatively to the question. Click on the link below for enjoying this jewel. And, don't forget to visit their official bandcamp account ( where you'll find this record, their contributed tracks to Odio Sus Guerras and Fuerza Ingobernable - Punk Colombia 2017 compilations (already featured here in the blog) and a preview of their upcoming 4-way split with some sister bands that will be released anytime soon this year as well. We'll immediately upload it when it gets released. Enjoy and until tomorrow with more surprises. Kisses and Hugs!

Download link:!7hRFlRCQ!sjzw9YOjKodKAyZXGB1Yp3eep_WLLbdToVUOvfD7QNg 

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La Mort D'un.e. Moderniste presents: Best picks of 2017. Addenda.

Note: Yup, you got it right Mr. Aldrin. Image courtesy of FOX/Disney. 

Coucou, les! We're back once again and since the most recent special post about 80s swedish hardcore punk compilations is still baking in the oven, in the meantime I'll post some of the forgotten best picks of 2017. This will include both colombian and international outfits. You can refresh your memory for viewing the original best picks of 2017 entries here and here. Also, there will be featured some female fronted bands, so consider the previous entries as the Not Just Boys Fun 2017 edition (I'll promise to make another one this year). Finally, mmm...enjoy? HA HA HA what?. With all that written, let's begin!   

Firewalker - self-titled LP (Pop Wig Records, USA)


This amazing Boston-based all-female hardcore punk band was already featured in our successful Not Just Boys Fun in 2016. In the aforementioned entry, we remarked their impressive Boston-influenced style. So, for their long awaited full-length debut album, Firewalker still manages the ferocious, thick and uncompromising style of their first demo but I think their style got a little bit more "darker" with more mid-tempo breakdowns and more complex guitar chords. Also, the lyrics are defying and highly political, inspired by feminist activists such as Angela Davis and Judith Butler. Finally, the LP also includes their entire demo '15 as bonus. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

Exit Unit - self-titled (Deep Six / Draw Blank Records, USA)

Download: (Link provided by: True Punk and Metal blog. Thank you so much, pal!). 

How could I forget this amazing LP? I must hang myself for that. Consider it a powerviolence "supergroup" since their members are Joe Denunzio (vocalist of Infest), Bob Kasitz (owner of Deep Six Records and ex-drummer of Low Threat Profile and Lack Of Interest) and Matt Domino (ex-guitarist of Neanderthal, Manpig, Infest and Low Threat Profile). So, if you know the names of all the aforementioned bands you'll know what this outfit is capable of. Yup, that's right. A relentless and pure display of 90s powerviolence magical style, in the same vein as Slap-A-Ham Records' catalog (We already featured most of their classical compilations, so check'em out again). Also, the side B of the record features one instrumental track with an interesting "sludgy" feel, reminiscent to Infest's all-time classic Sick-O. Mandatory download. Enjoy! 

Portrayal Of Guilt - self-titled 7" (Deathwish, USA/ Miss The Stars, Germany)


I know some of you would say "why did you ignore this band?. Everyone was talking about it". Know for me it was lost but not forgotten (no pun intended) and I'll finally redeem myself featuring them here. So, what's the hype about this band? Well, we could say it's one of those modern skramz revival that gradually appeared during 2017 and this band is completely amazing. Indeed, they have classic screamo influences such as Portraits Of Past and Swing Kids, but they also incorporate some metalcore and slight grindcore influences into their repertory with a modern twist. This band is pure chaos and dissonance. Their self-titled 7" has been repressed twice and both editions are completely sold out. There's also a tape edition which includes an interesting cover to Christian Death's Spiritual Cramp and guess what? Yes, it's sold out too. I highly recommend this band. Enjoy! (while you can). 

Neanderthal - A History Of Violence (Deep Six, USA)

The long awaited discography of one of the most influential powerviolence bands ever finally was officially. If you didn't know, Slap-A-Ham did a test press of a potential Neanderthal discography named Undisputed Fighting Music but never actually saw the light. Nonetheless, some bootlegs were made in the last 20 years under the name Complete Fighting Music. So, this record contains everything that this band ever recorded: Fighting Music 7", split EP with Rorschach (in fact, this compilation uses the same infamous front cover), Blllleeeeaaaauuurrrgghh! and Ham Slappin' Hits compilations tracks (already featured here in the blog) as well as an etched B-side. When I get my physical copy, I'll immediately upload it for you. For sure. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

S-21 - Operation Menu EP (Slugsalt / World Gone Mad, USA)


This is the second and final EP of this amazing Philadelphia-based female-fronted. They previously released one demo and Year Zero EP (2016). It's so sad that this band had to split-up just after the release of this marvelous EP. They had such a huge potential. As a curious fact, the record name comes from an illegal american operation in Cambodia in 1969. So, S-21 displays an impressive sonic force inspired by both Boston hardcore and d-beat, pretty close to other female-fronted hardcore bands from the U.S. such as Nosebleed and Törso, with short yet clever anti-war, anti-imperialism and anti-sexist lyrics. Finally, all digital proceeds will be donated to refugees, immigrants and displaced people. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Nosebleed - self-titled 7" (Grave Mistake Records, USA)


This amazing Richmond-based female-fronted hardcore punk band was already featured in our Not Just Boys Fun entry in 2016. Just like other american bands such as Törso, G.L.O.S.S., Glue, GAG, Sunshine Ward, etc., this one also mixes the best of both Boston hardcore and d-beat spectrums. I know most of the featured bands in these best picks of 2017 were from the U.S. but it's undeniable their recent impact with a new resurgence of the most important punk rock subgenre. Finally, check this band out: it's short, fast and loud, continuing their overwhelming and uncomprimising style of their demo. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Long Knife - Sewers Of Babylon EP (Beach Impediment Records, USA)


Oh yes, the most recent EP of this amazing Portland-based hardcore band is here. I remember I saw them alongside legendary Poison Idea in Paris, France almost three years ago and since then, I've always tracked them down. They have been featured in different compilations and it was about time to reward their efforts. So in this 5-track record, this PDX hardcore maniacs show who are the true 21st century "kings of punk". Indeed, their Poison Idea's influences are more evident than ever, adding some interesting classic rock'n roll riffs and synth tunes too. I completely dig this record. Highly recommended. Enjoy!      

Errante - self-titled demo (self-released, Colombia) 


This the first demo of this impressive powerviolence band from Bello, Colombia (a small town near to Medellín). If you remember our colombian best picks of 2017, you may have notice the sudden smergence of powerviolence-influenced bands. So, this musical group is no exception to this trend and they play short, fast and loud powerviolence adding some metalcore breakdowns like Sex Prisoner, Weekend Nachos and Water Torture. If you dig these kind of bands, Errante will certainly please you. They'll soon have their debut in their local town late this month, so I hope to receive more news from this outfit. Highly recommended. Enjoy!     

BIB - Moshpit (Pop Wig Records, USA)


The most recent 7" EP of this impressive Omaha-based hardcore punk band is finally here. Following the good reception of their previous works (demo (2015), Pop 7" EP (2016) and The Face '17 tour tape, BIB surprise us again with their short, fast and loud hardcore punk style, drawing influences from classic NY and Boston hardcore styles. They also add some noisy and slower breakdowns into their repertory, for creating a good ambient of slow and fast-paced moments. I must admit that their tour tape truly caught me in, but this record is way more well-elaborated and produced. If you dig bands like GAG or Crazy Spirit, this one is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Komarov - self-titled (self-released (?), UK) 


You must know both screamo and emoviolence styles aren't really popular in the UK but we've seen lately some emerging acts that proves the contrary. This is the second official release of this band from Leeds and Newcastle and I must admit that it's really impressive. Indeed, it draws influences from all-time classics such as Jerome's Dream and Orchid but they add a more darker approach with some slow and long introspective interludes reminiscent of blackened crust acts. If you have enjoyed local outfits such as CADY and Cassus (already featured here in Emoviolence Generation Vol. 1 compilation), you'll love this one. Highly recommended. Enjoy!    

Bowel Fuck (Czech Republic) - Fragments (Rotten Roll Rex, Germany)


I completely dig this impressive czech grindcore band. You know, thanks to the annual Obscene Extreme Festival, this kind of bands are pretty popular in Czech Republic. So, with Bowel Fuck you'll find a pretty good mix of both deathgrind and goregrind that simply will blow your mind out. If you enjoy musical outfits such as Nasum, Regurgitate and Rotten Sound, this one is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

EEL - Night Parade of 100 Demons (Beach Impediment Records, USA)


This is the most recent work from this Pittsburgh-based hardcore freaks. Following the almost recent trend of american hardcore bands of playing d-beat, EEL is no exception either and they demonstrate it with a solid and vicious work. There are also some noisy and distorted moments paying tribute to all-time japanese classics such as GAI, Confuse and Lip Cream. If you have enjoyed similar acts such as Ajax, Impalers and Sunshine Ward,  this one is for you. Also, as a curious fact, the mastermind behind their beautiful artwork is Kazuhiro Imai, the original visual artist of S.O.B.'s all-time classic albums Don't Be Swindle and Leave Me Alone. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Katastrof (Sweden) - self-titled EP (Beach Impediment Records, USA) 


This is the debut album of this amazing swedish hardcore punk band. Born from the ashes of a short-lived project named Institution, you could consider Katastrof a hardcore "supergroup" since it features both the main vocalist of Totalitär, one of, if not, the most influential swedish hardcore bands of all-time, and Herätys' main guitarist. If you're a mangel/kängpunk enthusiast, you'll dig this one. But if, on the other hand, you're not really into this kind of bands, don't worry because next week you'll discover some of these in our 80s swedish hardcore compilations special post. Oh, I almost forgot. They'll be touring the US in the next few months, so stay tuned. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Øjne - Prima Che Tutto Bruci (Miss The Stars, Germany) 


This is the most recent record of this amazing Milan-based screamo/post-hardcore band. I really have no words for describing this excellent work. They perfectly mix screamo and post-hardcore with screamed vocals, slow and fast-paced moments, long length songs, crescendos and an excellent instrumentation. I enjoyed so much this work. I hope to know more news from this band throughout the year. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Imposter - self-titled demo (Quality Control HQ, UK)


In our best picks of 2017 international edition entry, we featured some of the newest emerging New Wave Of British Hardcore - NWOBHC outfits today and Imposter shouldn't be ignored either. This Brighton-based band mixes the best elements of 80s Boston Hardcore style adding some british flavor with some Oi!UK82, and also some of Voorhees' crushing and relentless thrashcore sound. If you dig UK bands such as The Flex and Arms Race, Imposter will definitely blow your mind out. It's short, fast and loud like hardcore punk should always be. What a huge surprise. Highly recommended. Enjoy!   

Payday - Second To None demo (Quality Control HQ, UK)


An impressive London Straight Edge hardcore band featuring members of well-known NWOBHC heavyweights such as Blind Authority and Arms Race. I must admit that since I'm not SxE anymore, I've lost track to some of these outfits. But we're recently writing about "new waves" of different international hardcore scenes, this one couldn't be ignored either. Payday draws influence from all-time late-80s Cleveland (AKA Clevo) hardcore bands such as Confront, Ringworm and Integrity (early years) for making a crushing and straight to the face violent and relentless metallic hardcore. You must think SxE isn't relevant these days, but this band will make you think twice about it. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Fury (USA) - Promo 2017 Tape (Quality Control HQ, UK)

Since some years ago, american hardcore punks have been paying attention to this impressive Orange County-based hardcore band. They haven't had the opportunity of being featured here and I feel a little bit ashamed of that since I can't ignore it either. Fury draws influences from all-time classic NYHC acts such as Burn, Outburst and Beyond but with a modern touch. Their style is fresh yet overwhelming and I must say this is one of the most impressive american hardcore bands out there nowadays. So, this promo tape has two versions: one american and the other european and all proceeds from this record will go to Planned Parenthood (USA) and WAR (Women Against Rape) (UK) and BWRAP (Black Women's Rape Action Projects) (UK), three non-profit organizations that fight for better conditions for discriminated minorities and sexually abused people. Go and contribute to a good cause while enjoying this powerful outfit. Highly recommended. Enjoy!  

Vivre Sa Vie/Young Mountain/La Petite Mort (Sweden) 3-Way split (Miss The Stars Records, Germany)   


We finally conclude this entry with an outstanding 3-way split featuring screamo bands from Sweden. In their native country, screamo hasn't been really popular but you know times are changing and since early-00s this kind of bands are more common than ever. I remember last year reading somewhere on the Internet that this split was the magna opus of the so-called swedish skramz mafia (ha ha ha wtf!) and I really enjoyed it. Firstly, we have Young Mountain, an impressive act from Gothenburg that mixes screamo with post rock and ambient sounds for creating a mesmerizing aura of both calmness and chaos. Pretty good musical instrumentation and execution. Secondly, we have Vivre Sa Vie (sadly, they have recently disbanded). Their musical style isn't as complex as the previous band but they add their own chaotic and dissonant interpretation that really reminded me of a less blackened version of Celeste (France), as well as classic mid-00s european skramz revival like Suis La Lune (Sweden) and Amanda Woodward (France). Note that this band also had trans and queer individuals and their lyrics were pretty political-charged. Compared with their '16 demo, they have added more slow and introspective interludes, as well as better musical instrumentation. And, last but not least, La Petite Mort also has a musical style no different to their other two counterparts with a pretty outstanding musical execution, not as chaotic as you may expect but it still has an impressive tune. They reminded me of Life At These Speeds (USA). I think I'll give further information about this brand of skramz mafia in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!