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Amenazas - self-titled EP full review

Coucou, les! We're back with a new entry. I'm still sorry because I haven't yet published the long-awaited (?) 80s swedish hardcore comps special post, but I'm still trying to gather more information and releases for making it "perfect". I think I'll publish it before the next weekend. So, in the meantime, I'll start to publish some recent colombian hardcore punk releases that have been appearing lately. You must already know some of these have already been featured, so I'll delete the original entries and those aforementioned entries will redirect you to the most recent. Finally, mmm, what was I supposed to say? I don't quite remember ha ha ha. Enjoy (?). With all that written, let's begin. 

Amenazas - Self-titled EP (Ramón Discos Distro, Maldito Sudaca Records et al, Colombia)

Amenazas is a Bogotá-based hardcore punk band featuring ex-members of other local bands such as Anti-Diktatur, Future Is Black, Corinto and Amor & Rabia, among others. They also share one member with Muro and Exilio. After months in the making (you know, it's pretty difficult to release material here in Colombia), their long-awaited debut EP is finally here. So, for this release, they chose the flexi-disc format. It's transparent and features a pretty cool logo of the word Memoria (Memory in Spanish). Sadly, they couldn't get the special tool for cutting it, so it's squared. Nonetheless, this gives a more unique and personal touch since there aren't many "unorthodox" disc shapes out there. It still works perfectly on any disc player, so that shouldn't be a problem. Also, the front cover gathers a collage made of different local news about the inner armed conflict here in Colombia. 

Now, regarding the sound, Amenazas plays short, fast and loud hardcore punk à la swedish, drawing influence from all-time classics such as Totalitär, Mob 47, Disfear, Shitlickers, etc. and more modern acts such as Herätys and Katastroff as well. Unlike other local d-beat outfits, Amenazas excels with a more refined and well-elaborated musical instrumentation and execution. But don't worry, you'll still find the exquiste sonic rawness that characterizes the discore acts out there. Also, if you're not from Colombia, Amenazas will somewhat remind you of modern american d-beat-influenced acts such as Impalers and Sunshine Ward but these bands are slight different since they don't have the magical and visceral touch of latin american hardcore bands.

But, the strongest point of this band is undoubtedly the lyrics. Indeed, they're politically-charged, filled with lots of public denunciations for the injustices and crimes against humanity commited in the colombian inner armed conflict. It's well-known here in our land we have a huge problem with both state and illegal armed groups spreading that insane bloodbath. That's why the core element of the band is their auto-called Ruido y Memoria (Noise and Memory in spanish) stance lest we never forget this aspect. You'll find in the lyrics sheet a well done translation in both english and french for getting an idea of what Amenazas is singing about.

Finally, this is the digital version provided by the band itself but I added an extra. So, you'll find in there all the artwork, lyric sheet, insert and layouts of the record and a minizine as a bonus, since the physical edition, for a strange reason, doesn't feature it. It's in spanish but I took the liberty of making an unofficial english translation since I considered their words relevant for their Ruido y Memoria campaign. I highly recommend this record. Could we ever consider a New Wave Of Colombian Hardcore - NWOCOHC with this kind of releases? Maybe. I don't like so much the "new wave" stance but since we must be on the "hype", we'd answer affirmatively to the question. Click on the link below for enjoying this jewel. And, don't forget to visit their official bandcamp account ( where you'll find this record, their contributed tracks to Odio Sus Guerras and Fuerza Ingobernable - Punk Colombia 2017 compilations (already featured here in the blog) and a preview of their upcoming 4-way split with some sister bands that will be released anytime soon this year as well. We'll immediately upload it when it gets released. Enjoy and until tomorrow with more surprises. Kisses and Hugs!

Download link:!7hRFlRCQ!sjzw9YOjKodKAyZXGB1Yp3eep_WLLbdToVUOvfD7QNg 

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