Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mohan, Sangrando Ruido, Miserere and Ansiax 4-way split full review

Coucou, les! We're back with another entry and this time we'll feature an amazing 4-way split containing some cool colombian hardcore punk bands. So, without more explanations, let's begin!

Mohan, Sangrando Ruido (Col), Miserere (Ger) and Ansiax (France) 4-way split (Ruido Total Records (France/Colombia). 

Our dear friend Esteban Meza (drummer of Dexkoncierto, Sinnaciön and owner of Ruido Total Records) notified me early last week that the digital version of this 4-way split was already available on his record label's bandcamp account. I knew the existence of the record since last year but I keep in secret this kind of information until a digital or physical edition gets released. If you knew all the sacred information I have inside my head ha ha. No, but seriously. I'm really pleased this record finally saw the light. The physical edition will be available next month and, of course, when we'll get our copy, will immediately upload it. 

So, the record features 4 bands. Firstly, we have Sangrando Ruido from Medellín. They have already been featured here in the blog because they contributed two tracks to Estamos En La Sima Vol. 3 compilation (you can go and check it out again here). They play fast and tight hardcore punk, heavily inspired by the old-school colombian hardcore punk AKA punk medallo (we've exceedingly written about it) but they also add a modern twist with some slight crust and thrashcore toppings. Also, the lyrics are highly political dealing with topics such as mass media, direct action, violence and misery. They reminded somewhat me of some latin american bands such as Migra Violenta (Argentina/Colombia), Sin Apoyo (Chile) and Apatí@ No (Venezuela). Pretty outstanding. 

Secondly, we have Miserere. This is a Berlin-based hardcore punk band, featuring one colombian friend as bassist and support vocals (I won't reveal his identity ha ha ;)). I don't have so much information about them but they already released one demo through their official bandcamp account. You can check it out here. So, this record features the same demo songs and I don't find a relevant difference between them. Regarding the sound, they have both crust and d-beat influences and they sing in german, english and spanish alike. I completely dig their lyrics, also highly-political dealing with topics such as immigration issues (the infamous FRONTEX incident), class war, poverty, violence, etc. Pretty good musical instrumentation and execution. 

Next, we have a huge surprise. Ansiax is a Paris-based hardcore punk, featuring our friends Esteban (Drums) and Daniel Meza (Guitar/Bass) (the latter AKA El Mostro and also the mastermind behind the project) and Ivan Caballero (Vocals, also ex-vocalist of Ibagué-based hardcore punk band KRH and Bogotá-based grindcore band Bob Rozz. Currently living in Brazil). This band was formerly known as Disneax and contributed one track to Odio Sus Guerras compilation (once again, check it out again here). Compared with the aforementioned material, Ansiax has a more elaborated and overwhelming sound. Indeed, their crust and d-beat influences are more violent than ever and there was also a huge vocal improvement (the former vocalist was Carlos Julio, drummer of colombian hardcore punk bands such as Grito and Infesto). And, just like the other bands of this 4-way split, the lyrics are politically-charged filled with hate and despair towards our fucked up life. Don't forget to visit their bandcamp account here

Last but not least, we have Mohan from Ibagué, Colombia. I've always wanted to feature them sometime here in the blog but they didn't have released new material since 2 or 3 years ago. So, they're back with some brand new material for this record and I must admit that they did a fantastic work. Indeed, I found a better and more elaborated musical execution but without leaving aside their crust and grindcore influences. The sound is still short, fast and loud as always. I hope you enjoyed this record. See next time with more surprises. Kisses and hugs!          

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