Wednesday, March 28, 2018

La Nouvelle Vague Du Punk Hardcore Britannique (NWOBHC en inglés, sumercé lind@) part II mini special post

Note: Fish 'N Chips forever

Coucou, les! We're back with one of the two mini special posts I've announced you last week. These two entries will be published throughout the week but I'll also upload some e-mail requests. Remember I'm always open to receive your material. Thus, don't forget to contact me and follow us on our Facebook fanpage too (in the "Disclaimer" section you'll find how to do it). You'll help us doing so.

We'll start this week off with an update of a previous entry we made almost 3 years ago (Wow, time flies): the New Wave Of British Hardcore (NWOBHC). This entry originally was made in spanish and we remarked some groups that belong to this impressive "new wave" and everybody is crazy about since almost a decade ago. If you're new into this, the name was coined by Adam Malik, from the UKHC band Insider and, in general terms, this vague perfectly mixes both 80s american and british hardcore alike, with some artists adding other elements such as oi!, thrashcore, metalcore, post punk, etc. as well.

Now, since the last time we wrote about this, I've seen a huge explosion of british bands, notably straight edge and female-fronted bands. Even in our best picks of last year we featured bands related to this NWOBHC trend such as Big Cheese, Vile Spirit and Game, Imposter and Payday. You can refresh your memory by clicking here and here. So, I'll feature some new bands that start appearing since our last NWOBHC dedicated post with the links to their respective bandcamp account for either getting their music for free or paying the price you consider right (Don't forget to click on the images).

Lastly, I'll divide the featured bands in their local cities and I'll also try another format, reminiscent to a common review column in any zine, for making things a little bit easier. Stay tuned for the next surprises I have for the rest of the week, as well as the next one. With all that written, let's begin!


Gutter Knife - Demo (Illegal Activity (UK), 2017)

This is the first demo from this Brighton-based hardcore punk band. Just like many of their NWOBHC counterparts, Gutter Knife draws influences from all-time classics such as Poison Idea (USA) and Discharge (UK) for delivering a short, fast and loud violent hardcore attack that surely will make your ears bleed with pleasure. We do also hope they release anytime soon their full-length debut album. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Never - Demo (Illegal Activity (UK), 2017)

If you already have enjoyed modern american acts such as Hoax and GAG, Never will surely please your cravings for uncomprising and straightforward hardcore punk. As you may have expected, this band delivers a simple yet satisfying short, fast and loud hardcore punk with defying lyrics and a punk as fuck attitude that will make you fell in love with. We do hope more surprises coming from this band in the next months. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

State Funeral - Tory Party Prison (Boss Tuneage Records (UK), 2016)

A declaration of war against the frightening british Tory Party released back in 2016. Just like NWOBHC veterans like The Flex and Violent Reaction (R.I.P.), State Funeral pays homage to USHC classics such as Youth Of Today, Bold and Warzone, for naming a few, for creating an unstoppable stompin' ground music for the pit. You mustn't miss out this outrageous political hardcore attack. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Rapture - I Glorify (Quality Control HQ (UK), 2017)

An outstanding female-fronted band that absolutely remind us that hardcore punk isn't just boys fun. Drawing influences from NYHC all-time classics such as Agnostic Front, Life's Blood, Floorpunch, Turning Point and Cro-Mags, Rapture plays fast and precise hardcore punk (sometimes teasing with thrashcore) with short songs, slow-paced and metallic breakdowns and outspoken lyrics that will undoubtedly please NYHC enthusiastics. I'm pretty sure they will release another record this year, so let's be patients. This is such a revelation for NWOBHC standards. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

The Flex - Flexual Healing Vol. 7: Perhaps The War Is Over? Perhaps It's Peace (Quality Control HQ (UK) / Painkiller Records (USA), 2018)

One of the masterminds behind this intriguing NWOBHC vague is back with the release of the seventh volume of their well-known Flexual Healing series. This time, the music is more frantic and violent than ever, taking their iconic US-influenced british hardcore style to the next level. There's also an excellent cover of Disturbing The Peace, originally made by Gut Instinct (This was a not so well-known 90s american band with an exquisite NYHC feel in the same vein as Madball, Supertouch and Breakdown). Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Big Cheese - NWOBHC FM Live '18 + Sports Day Demo '16 (Quality Control HQ (UK), 2018) 

Big Cheese, another NWOBHC revelation band, surprises us once again with a superb live session @NWOBHC FM (featuring sorted songs of both their demo and Aggravated Moppery EP, as well as a 10-minute interview) and you'll also find their fantastic 2016 demo as a bonus. This Leeds-based band draws influences from Icemen, Breakdown, and Cro-Mags for delivering an unique and top-notch NYHC-infused hardcore with catchy metallic breakdowns and other elements that made NYHC great back in the day. If you dig modern hardcore bands such as Trapped Under Ice (USA) and Higher Power (UK), Big Cheese is for you. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 


Unjust - Transparency EP (Quality Control HQ (UK), 2017)

This is the impressive debut EP of this Manchester-based hardcore powerhouse. They draw influences from both mid-80s UK and US hardcore for delivering a relentless and ferocious sonic attack. Indeed, you'll find most of the time slow-paced metallic breakdowns reminiscent of Breakdown and Confront but also fast-paced moments with healthy dozes of blast beats teasing with thrashcore à la Ripcord and Heresy. Pretty brutal execution that completely will satisfy your cravings for violent and non-sensical musical madness. I do hope receiving more news coming from this band in the near future. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Stand Point - Demo (Quality Control HQ (UK), 2017)

It's said by many that Straight Edge philosophy and lifestyle isn't relevant anymore for today standards. WRONG. Along with Payback and True Vision, Stand Point still keeps the faith alive with their outspoken and uncomprising youth crew-influenced hardcore punk. So, if you dig all-time classics such as Minor Threat, Uniform Choice and Youth Of Today, this band is for you. You'd probably think keeping the X in violent and troubled modern times is a difficult task but Stand Point will cover your back. Highly recommended. Enjoy.


Rancour - Banished (self-released, 2017)

This is the most recent promo single of this incredible Welsh hardcore band. Following the success of their 2016 demo, Rancour is back to the track with their superb 90s metallic hardcore savoir faire. Indeed, you'll find in here influences from Integrity, Ringworm, Disembodied and Rorschach with some subtle modern touchs, following the steps of NWOBHC veteran Blind Authority. Also, as the name of the band suggests, the lyrics are filled with hate, despair and lots, lots of rancour. We do hope to see anytime soon their long-awaited full-length debut album. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Farce - Demo (Quality Control HQ (UK), 2017) 

If you follow the blog, you'll know there's also an american trend mixing both american hardcore and d-beat.  Well, Farce does the same mixing Discharge's lessons (imparted more than 30 years ago) and the brutal execution of Boston hardcore legends such as Negative Fx and DYS. The result? slow, fast-paced hardcore punk with both d-beat and thrashcore sensibilities. There's also an incredible cover of Police Bastard, originally made by Doom, which is an all-time hardcore classic. Rad as fuck. I can't wait for their upcoming full-length debut album. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Arms Race - The Beast EP (La Vida Es Un Mus (UK) / Painkiller Records (US), 2018)

Following the success of their impressive New Wave Of British Hardcore LP released back in 2016, these NWOBHC veterans are back with this beautiful 4-track EP. Their sound is more raw and violent than ever mixing both Boston hardcore and d-beat styles. I do hope this is just an apéro for an upcoming LP that wll surely crush our ears and brains just like they did 2 years ago. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Subdued - Torment and Torture Demo (La Vida Es Un Mus (UK), 2018)

An impressive demo released by this stenchcore and anarcho punk-influenced hardcore punk band from London. For me it was such a surprise since I haven't heard lately bands drawing influences from Amebix, Rudimentary Peni and Icons of Filth like this one. So, Subdued's style is simply amazing: short, fast and loud hardcore punk mixed with the mesmerizing feel of anarcho punk and the gritty and gloomy sounds of stenchcore (the original crust punk sound). Even some songs have noise and statics. Also, the lyrics have peace and war tensions, depression, misery and fateful consequences in our fucked up world, just like old glory anarcho punk and hardcore bands did in their time. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Runt - Positions Of Power LP (La Vida Es Un Mus (UK), 2017)

A pretty neat release of this female-fronted hardcore punk band. Unlike their other NWOBHC contemporaries (most of the time limited exclusively to both old-school american and british hardcore), Runt manages an unique and personal powerful style with enough aggressiveness and energy to remark. Indeed, they do mix different hardcore punk styles and even add elements of post-punk, post hardcore and riot grrrl into their repertory. This record also includes some re-recorded tracks taken from their demo tracks. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Snob - self-titled LP (La Vida Es Un Mus (UK), 2017)

A fantastic London-based female-fronted hardcore punk band that mixes both anarcho punk and hardcore punk pretty well. If I'm not mistaken this is their first release. Also, if you dig classic european female-fronted hardcore punk bands such as Nog Watt and Amsterdamned (Netherlands) and classic anarcho punk in the same vein as Icons Of Filth and Rudimentary Peni, you'll  be into Snob's frantic and energetic particular style. Pretty outstanding and punk as fuck. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Nekra - Demo (La Vida Es Un Mus (UK), 2017)

This is the debut EP of this awesome female-fronted hardcore band from London. They do mix both american and british hardcore alike for creating a superb short, fast-paced and violent style. So, you'll even find in here some Boston hardcore breakdowns mixed with british execution. If you dig american female-fronted bands such as Krimewatch, S-21 and La Misma, you'll fell in love with this one. I can't even imagine how great their full-length debut album will be. We do hope to see it anytime soon. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Permission - Contagious Life MLP (La Vida Es Un Mus (UK), 2017)

We finally conclude this entry with this impressive London-based hardcore punk band. Their style reminded me of a mix of different modern american hardcore bands such as GAG, Creem and Impalers, retaining a pretty solid mix of Boston hardcore, UK82 and d-beat styles. Even though they don't seem to be as tough nor violent as other local NWOBHC contemporaries, Permission do have a certain frantic and fast-paced hardcore punk style to highly remark. I liked it so much. Highly recommended. Enjoy and see you until next time. Kisses and hugs!   

Friday, March 23, 2018

A La Mierda Sus Fronteras LP compilation


Featured bands: Huasipungo, Anti Faces, DischakaTerror, Olor A Muerte, Agonía, Sei Toshi, Demencia Alkoholika, Anti Armada (USA), Coche Bomba, Sinnaciön, Ansiax (France), Indian Nightmare, Subverse, Miserere, Desemplead@x, Vida Podrida, Dozix, Aborígen (Germany), Herbisida, Infección Nekrotizante (Brazil), Raza Odiada, Retén, B.E.T.O.E. (Spain), Destruye Destruye (Ecuador), Niños Rata and Maldita (Canada).

Coucou, les! We're back with another quick update. This time our beloved friends of Ruido Total Discos have recently released the digital version of this impressive international hardcore punk compilation featuring different immigrant screams spread around the world. So, as you may have guessed, all bands feature members from different latin american countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Venezuela, among others. I really liked the concept of this compilation since immigration is still an issue for most of the "first world countries". Hence, the message is clearer than water: FUCK YOUR BORDERS, IMMIGRATION ISN'T A CRIME. There are two aspects I'd also like to remark. On one hand, you'll find traditional hardcore punk, crust, grindcore, d-beat and thrashcore with the superb passionate latinx flavor, and, on the other hand, most of the featured tracks are brand new, meaning we will eventually see new releases very soon. I like the fact classic outfits such as Huasipungo, Coche Bomba and Ruidosa Inmundicia are still in the game. Cool. Finally, click on the link above for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to this compilation, as well as downloading it for free or paying the price you consider right. The physical version will be released in June, so I'll keep you updated when I get my own copy. Highly recommended. Enjoy! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Fresh! Volume One tape compilation

Featured bands: Result Of Choice, Sin Cave, Bacchae, Body Pressure, Khiis, Krimewatch, Luxe, Screw, Subspace, Prison, Big Boss, Mace, Outskirts, Tosser, Flower (USA), Rapture  and Game (UK).

Coucou, les! We're back with a quick update since long time ago. We recently found this impressive hardcore punk compilation made by Teeny Tiny Records, a newly established New York City-based record label (I think the mastermind behind this project is Krimewatch's vocalist). So, this collection contains some of the best female-fronted hardcore punk bands nowadays. Indeed, you'll find here some of our best picks of 2017 such as Firewalker, Krimewatch and Game. This compilation also features new tracks that each band will eventually release this year. As you may know, here in the blog we do encourage and celebrate female pressence in hardcore. It's more needed than ever, so I hope this motivates more womyn to form hardcore bands and voice their opinion. On the other hand, I really liked the content since the bands explore different tunes like NY and Boston HC styles, d-beat à l'americaine, and riot grrrl mostly. And, the british musical outfits make two fantastic covers of Agnostic Front (USA) and Siekiera (Poland), two all-time hardcore classics. Finally, go and listen to this. If you're interested in, get your physical copy here. We'll be back next week with two brand new mini-special posts. Their content shares some similarities with this compilation. Did you already get the idea? I certainly hope so. Highly recommended. Enjoy!