Monday, April 9, 2018

Primer Régimen - Último Testamento

Coucou, les! We're back once again with another quick update. We've recently found that our friends of Primer Régimen released the digital edition of their second and last album Último Testamento. It will be available soon during their US west coast tour this Spring (I'll leave you the dates below) through Discos MMM on tape format and Byllepest Distro (Norway) will release the LP version in June. 

Now, Primer Régimen is back with this brand new record, which I found surprisingly far superior to their first EP No Futuro, No Solución (One of our best picks of last year. You can refresh your memory here). Indeed, the music is faster and angrier than ever. I also detected that their unique UK82-influenced hardcore punk was pushed to the limits with subtle d-beat elements and guitar solos reminiscent of Charged GBH and English Dogs' crossover era (well, kind of). Also, the lyrics are more defying and straight-to-the point than before dealing with social and political issues such as terrorism, prisons, media lies, war, among others. And, finally, there's a cover of You're No Exception, originally made by Dead Wretched, but sung in spanish and with a more advanced and faster musical execution.

Lastly, click on the image above for visiting their official bandcamp account where you can listen to this impressive record or even buying the digital edition. When we get our physical copy, I'll upload it. For sure. Don't miss out the last testament of this band, which legacy and contribution to the resurgence of the colombian hardcore punk scene won't be forgotten, and their final concerts in the US either. Another potential candidate for our best picks of 2018. For fans of: Crux, Dead Wretched, Broken Bones and PMS-84. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

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  1. Saw them last night in Eureka, CA. Great old school presence (I was there in the 80's) would love to get some lyrics translations.