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Pandemonium compilation series mini-special post Part 1: Spain, Italy and Brazil

Note: The end is near. Credits: Pandemonium - John Martin (Musée du Louvre, Paris - France)

Coucou, les! We're back after a long, long time. I've been trying to find some answers to existential mysteries, i.e. conspiracy theories about ice cream sales in summertime (my vacations are always productive ha ha!), working on some big surprises and special announcements as well. I also must confess these entries weren't planned nor conceived as such. Indeed, they magically appeared in my head while I was drinking cheap beer of doubtful origin (or at least in the label was written "belgian". Dunno...) in some isolated corner inside my house (No joking, true story). You must already know my anacronic musical tastes (Still stuck in the 80s and 90s, homies) and these compilations are simply perfect. 

Now, these collections were released two years ago by Commodity Tapes (USA) and compiled some 80s and 90s hardcore punk, punk rock and post-punk bands around the globe, notably from Spain, Italy, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Ex-Yugoslavia, Mexico and the Philippines (!). I was lucky enough to find all these already sold-out compilations, except the chilean one (If someone has it, or at least the .mp3 files, I'd be thankful).  And, some bands of these countries have appeared in various entries here in the blog but there are a few surprises that, surprisingly, haven't been featured yet.

Finally, all the credits go to Terminal Escape blog since he ripped and uploaded his own copies that we'll be featured today (Thank you, pal!). Click on the images and you'll be redirected to his original entries. The other compilations will be uploaded later (probably next week) since I'm ripping yet each song individually because our "unknown helper" (Yup, s/he's still alive providing us some cool stuff as always) could get the .mp3 files but they're bundled in two tracks, both Side A and B of the original tapes. During this week, I'll also upload some entries I already made and some e-mail and FB requests. Stay tuned. Enjoy summer (while it lasts) and see you soon. With all that written, let's begin. 

Iberian Pandemonium

Featured bands: Cocadictos, IV Reich, MG-15, Ataque de Caspa, Larsen, Parálisis Permanente, Toreros After Olé, Esqueletos, Décima Víctima, La Broma de Ssatán, Espasmódicos, Máximo Volumen, Kangrena, Frenopaticss, Último Resorte, L'Odi Social, HHH, Attak, Código Neurótico, Las Vulpess, Eskorbuto, Eskoriatza, Zer-Bizio?, R.I.P., Vómito, MCD, BAP!, Escorbuto Crónico, Familia Real and Guerrilla Urbana. (The content of this tape reminded me somehow of Busca En La Basura!! Vol. 3 Punk Ibérico 1980 - 1983 (Bazofia'Zine (Spain), 1995) compilation. Hmmm...).

This compilation reunites most of the best hardcore punk, punk rock (we've exceedingly mentioned it before as punk ibérico) and post-punk from Iberian peninsula (except Portugal and Andorra). Also, if you know most of these bands, all the local hardcore/punk scenes inside the autonomous regions of Spain are represented here, i.e. Eskorbuto, R.I.P. (Euskadi (Basque Country)), HHH, L'Odi Social, Último Resorte (Catalunya), Toreros After Olé, Las Vulpess (Castilla), etc.

Regarding the sound, well, if you're from either Spain or Latin America you must already know the huge impact that punk ibérico had in our lives and I wouldn't need to write more about it. However, if you are not spanish speaker and live under a rock, these bands will remind you somewhat of classic UK punk and oi! acts such as Vice Squad, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, The Adicts, Blitz, Sham 69, etc.

On the other hand, you can also find excellent hardcore punk bands such as MG-15 (Undoubtedly the best spanish disclone ever conceived), HHH (Featuring here their early scandinavian d-beat hardcore influences), IV Reich, Último Resorte and L'Odi Social. If you remember well, we've already featured these bands when we reviewed Spanish HC (BC Tapes, 198x) and Thrash From Spain (Ripping Thrash, 1985). You can refresh your memory by clicking here and here (the entries are in spanish, though).

Last but not least, we have in here some post-punk representation with particular yet amazing exceptions such as Parálisis Permanente and Décima Víctima, two of the first and most remembered acts within "La Movida Madrileña", the first countercultural movement in Spain after the fall of Franco's regime. These bands draw influences from acts such as Joy Division, The Cure and Bauhaus, etc. managing a more goth-driven aesthetic as well but the iconic punk ibérico feel is also strong.

Finally, click on the image and download this tape. If you dig some of these 80s spanish hardcore and punk acts, this is for you. I personally recommend you the more hardcore-oriented bands (kinda obvious, right?) but I cannot hide my fascination with Parálisis Permanente and MCD, for example. And, yes, you guessed right, The Vulpess' track Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra, the most infamous spanish cover to The Stooges' all-time classic I Wanna Your Dog is here. In fact, most of spanish hardcore and punk compilations feature it. Despite having unconditional love for this song, I must state that the band had way better tracks (IMHO obviously)...Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Italian Pandemonium 

Featured bands:  Negazione, Peggio Pvnx, Impact, Pedago Party, Bloody Riot, Ice And The Iced, Stinky Rats, Stigmathe, Underage, Cani, Rappresaglia, Vox Rei, Nerorgasmo, Wretched, Bed Boys,  SIB, Nabat, Kina, Indigesti, Satan '81, Declino, Reig, High Circle, Nighters, Fallout and Last Call.

If you're an avid follower of the blog (I certainly hope so ha ha :( ), you must already know I'm in love with 80s italian hardcore punk. Indeed, I've exceedingly wrote about it and, of course, couldn't hide my everlasting admiration of this powerful scene since it truly has taken its musical influences to the next level. You can refresh your memory by clicking here, here, here and here. (Wow, that's a lot of content!).

Regarding the sound, we do not only find some of the best ferocious italian hardcore acts in the 80s but also some other great post-punk and more traditional punk bands. For example, for only naming a few, Pedago Party, a female-fronted band, somewhat reminded me of an italian version of Parálisis Permanente (Spain) (although their only self-titled released in 1990 is more alternative rock-oriented), Ice And The Iced and Satan '81 are both the italian versions of Ramones, Buzzcocks and Television, and, Vox Rei explores new wave territory.

There are also some underrated hardcore acts such as Bloody Riot and High Circle from Rome, whose luster was completely and unfairly overshadowed by other italian powerhouse acts such as Negazione and Raw Power, which, as you may already know, had more international recognition than any other local band. Also, everyone inside and outside Italy was talking more about the hardcore scenes in other cities such as Torino (Indigesti and Declino) and Milano (Wretched) rather than Rome. In fact, this local hardcore/punk scene hasn't received yet the recognition that truly deserves...

Finally, click on the image and download this superb collection. In spite of my notorious obsession with the hardcore bands (ha ha!), I completely dig this album. There are many hidden jewels you definitely should be aware of.  Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Brazilian Pandemonium

Featured bands: Inocentes, Os Replicantes, Ratos de Porão, Cobaias, Não Religião, Doutrina Decadente, As Mercenárias, Repressão X, Stuhizapfchen Von N, Psikoze, Virus 27, Armagedom, RDP, Hino Mortal, Garotos Podres, Lobotomia, 3-D, Dose Brutal, Grinders, Cólera, DZK, Espermogramix, Olho Seco, Kaos 64, Lixomania, Restos De Nada, Fogo Cruzado, Tropa Suicida and Auschwitz.

We finally conclude with this amazing compilations containing some of the best powerhouses of the first and biggest hardcore/punk scene in South America. Some of them speak by themselves and made their own history, for example, Ratos de Porão, Lobotomia, Armagedom, Cólera and Olho Seco, but this record also contains some other cryptic acts that not everyone is aware of. We've already wrote about this fascinating hardcore scene but in the near future we'll make a more profound analysis. Promised. You can refresh your memory by clicking here.  

Regarding the sound, it's pretty varied. For example, the featured hardcore bands have both british and american influences but most of them display more affinity to the scandinavian side of things (notably finnish bands such as Kaaos, Riistetyt and Terveet Kädet). In fact, there's a myth about the brazilian influence on the finnish hardcore scene. This is something many people believes in but I'll try to either confirm it or discard it with the already mentioned eventual post related to these carioca acts. Finally, there also some bands with a more traditional punk, oi! and post-punk-inspired sound, but some of them still play fast and precise enough like any other hardcore band of the time and could be easily labeled as such. In the meantime, I'll leave you the work to identify them (ha ha!). 

Finally, click on the image and get this record. Pretty neat content. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!

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